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It’s not surprising that I grew up a tomboy. My mother died from complications while giving birth to my younger brother, leaving me the only female in the family. Still, my father did a wonderful job of raising the four of us—my two older brothers, my younger brother and me.

Of course, growing up on a ranch didn’t help in that regard either. It took all of us to work the place, especially after our father’s legs were crushed beneath his falling horse. I was seven at the time. I had to learn to cook at an early age.

Our father was a very Christian man, and we rarely missed church on Sunday. He raised us to be respectful, and how to conduct ourselves in ways that would bring honor to him and our family. When off of our ranch, we all made sure to do just that. On the ranch however, and when out from under his watchful eye, we were just normal kids.

When we would camp out, which we did a lot, we would take beer and sometimes pot, and have our private family parties. We would get drunk and high enough to puke, smoke cigarettes, curse, shoot things we weren’t supposed to, and skinny dip at every opportunity. We’d done that all of our lives, so we didn’t think anything about it.

The closest we ever came to being physical with each other was when someone would deserve a good tickling and the other three would hold them down and give it to them. If we were all naked at the time, no one thought anything about it.

This is all by way of explaining how I came to be so prim and proper at school and in public, even when alone with my friends, but not being that way inside. That was an act, not who I really was.

I forced myself to giggle when my girlfriends would talk about boys and sexual things. The truth was that I didn’t think it was a big deal at all. I’d seen just about every animal on the ranch breed. I’d spent hundreds of hours totally naked with my three brothers. I’d seen their cocks get hard and teased them to no end about it.

When they needed to masturbate, they were gentlemen about it. We all drew the line there. They would find some excuse to go off somewhere, or get me to go off somewhere and leave them alone. And yes, I peeked many, many times and took care of myself while watching them. They knew it, and I knew they knew it, but we just didn’t talk about that.

The only time any comment was made about it was on one occasion when Elliot was particularly drunk. When I came back to join them, he said in a serious tone, “Sis, I don’t think we ought to let you go out there by yourself anymore.”

“Why?” I asked.

“A few minutes ago, I could have sworn I heard a couple of wild bores fighting out there. We wouldn’t want them to get you.” And then he burst out laughing.

Okay, so I had always found it difficult to stay quiet when having an orgasm. That’s how they knew what I was doing, and how I knew that they knew. But none of us had made mention of it prior to that. Eddie immediately backhanded Elliot across the chest and shook his head at him. That was the last time it was mentioned.

When they were done, they would come back, or call me back, and I would return and tease them about their boners having magically disappeared while I was gone. They weren’t shy about telling me that I was responsible for them needing to do it, after my body started developing, of course.

Even peeing was done openly in front of the others. The only time that even garnered a tease was when it took too long. Most of the time, we didn’t even feel the need to turn our backs for that, especially when we were all naked around the campfire drinking and smoking pot. It was just part of life. No big deal.

* * *

I was twenty-eight and very close to getting my Doctorate degree in Animal Husbandry from Texas A&M when dad died. The twins, Edward and Elliot were two years older. They had both graduated from the local junior college, but couldn’t abandon the ranch to go past that in school. Randy was three years younger than me, and he was never any good in school. He did make it through High School, but just barely. He didn’t go to college.

By then, Eddie and Elliot had both been married for a short time and divorced. They were typical country boys who had just never grown up. Wives and girlfriends couldn’t take being third in line behind rodeos and the ranch. The twins were six-one, long legs, short dark hair, blue eyes, and each sported a “farmer’s” tan.

Randy stood a little less than six foot, but resembled the twins in most other ways. He had a serious girlfriend, but had no intention of marrying her. He was the practical joker of the family and kept us all laughing when we were together.

I looked like what I was, a five foot ten-inch cowgirl. If you want to turn on a cowboy, long slender legs and a tight ass that look good in jeans will do the trick. I had both. Of course, big brown eyes, long dark brown hair, and a pair of thirty-six Ds don’t hurt either hehe.

There’s something else though—something that seems to turn on the boys just as much, if not more. A girl escort kartal who is comfortable being just one of the guys seems to excite them. I learned that during my first year of college.

I had my share of lovers—no more—no less. I wasn’t a slut, but I wasn’t opposed to giving it up after a few dates either. Hell, I loved sex, and the boys I dated didn’t have to pretend to be in love with me to get in my pants. They just had to date me enough times to let me get to know and like them.

I didn’t have many girlfriends. I couldn’t stand hanging out with them. The silly games they played drove me crazy. Looking back on it, I’m sure that having to pretend to be like them all those years finally just put me over the edge. Once away from our small town, I didn’t have to do that anymore, so I didn’t. I had a lot more platonic male friends than girlfriends.

* * *

Saturday, the day of dad’s funeral and the several days before it were difficult on all of us. I could tell that all three of my brothers felt the same as me. We all wished that people would just leave and let us grieve in private. But the house was constantly filled with aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and friends.

Before leaving the cemetery, Randy got the rest of us aside long enough to tell us that he was going for beer and ice—a lot of beer and ice, and that he was going to our campsite by the small lake on the other side of the ranch from the house. “They can have the house to themselves.” He said, “I can’t take it anymore.”

I whispered to my favorite aunt that we were going somewhere to be alone, and not to worry about us if we didn’t show up in time for church the next morning. We met back at the house, changed clothes, and headed out. The twins and me went on horseback, and Randy brought the food and refreshments in the jeep.

We’d been at the campsite for almost an hour and each had a couple of beers, when the silence became overwhelming. Finally, I stood up, and for the first time since graduating high school, began taking off my clothes in front of my brothers. “Sit here and cry in your beer if you want to. I’m going for a swim.” Sixty seconds later, we were all in the water.

After that, the mood was lighter and more relaxed. It was just like we were teenagers again. I took great pleasure in pretending that was the case, and it wasn’t difficult. We were older, but not much else had changed. Eddie did notice one change though. “Tess, when did you start trimming your puss?”

I looked down and giggled, “When I went off to college and didn’t have to wear those gawd awful old-lady swimsuits anymore.”

“I like it.” Randy said, his words followed by a loud burp.

I giggled again, “I can tell.” And then I gestured toward his boner with my beer bottle.

When the twins started laughing, I looked at them in turn and said, “What are you two laughing at? You’re flagpoles were waving before I even got to the water.”

“Some things never change.” Eddie, spoke up.

“Thank god.” Elliot added.

Something had changed though. We weren’t teenagers anymore. We weren’t virgins by a long shot—none of us. The fact that things weren’t the same hit me the hardest when I got up and walked a few feet away and squatted to pee. They were all watching me with interest. They had never done that before, at least not so blatantly—with so much interest.

“What? You guys are acting like you’ve never seen me pee before.” The instant I said that, the three of them diverted their eyes and made a lame attempt to start up a conversation between them.

When I was finished, I walked over and stared down at them, “I’ll get dressed if it’s bothering you that much.” My comment was followed by total silence. “Guys?”

Finally Eddie got up and went to the ice chest, his beautiful hard cock waving in front of him. “It’s not your fault, Tess. It’s ours.”

“What the fuck are you talking–“

Elliot broke in, “We’ve been out here a lot of times without you, and . . .”

“And what?” I asked, not being able to imagine what he was talking about.

Eddie finished what Elliot was trying to say “Men talk. You weren’t here and we talked about you a lot. Do you understand now?”

“What we’d have done if you weren’t our sister—that kind of talk.” Elliot confessed.

I was shocked, but then I immediately began feeling stupid or naïve for being shocked. I had simply never considered that possibility. I knew looking at my naked body made them hard, but that was to be expected. A teenage boy can’t see a naked girl without getting a boner. That’s just physiology. It’s not intentional. But I never dreamed that they had imagined doing sexual things with me. And even now that we were older, I never considered that they were actually thinking those things—because of me yes, but not about me.

“You’re kidding, right?” I asked, but again, there was total silence. They just sat there and stared at the ground between us. Finally, I decided to meet it head on. I got my beer and sat on the ground right maltepe escort in front of the three of them. “Okay then, out with it. Tell me. When did that kind of thinking and talking start? Before I left for college or after? I want the truth.”

Randy spoke up. “Before.”

I looked right at him, “Before . . . I see. You mean, when we were still coming out here—when I was still coming out here with you. That’s what you mean, isn’t it? You were talking between yourselves about fucking me. Is that what you’re saying?”

“Yeah, and other things.”

I let that soak in a little and then glanced from one of them to the other, “And you were thinking about doing those things to me the whole time you were having your little circle jerks, weren’t you? Tell me the truth.”

“Fuck yes” Elliot said as he went for another beer. “What did you expect?”

I looked around at him, “I expected you to be thinking about what you’d like to do to Margaret Coleman, or Brenda Johnson, or anyone but me. That’s what I thought. Obviously I was wrong.”

Randy let out a nervous chuckle, “Ya think?”

My eyes just bounced from one of them to the other until I finally had to get up and go to the ice chest. When I returned, I stood staring down at them again, “And now?”

“Now what?” Randy asked, unsure of the question. “That’s what you’re thinking about now too, isn’t it?” Their blank stares answered my question. “I see. Why didn’t you ever tell me? We talked about sex a lot.”

“That’s not the kind of thing you tell your sister.” Eddie said. “You don’t just tell your sister that you want to fuck her.”

“If we’d told you that, you wouldn’t have come out here with us anymore, and we wouldn’t have gotten you see you naked anymore.”

After a few minutes of silence, I asked, “A minute ago, I said fucking me, and you said ‘yeah, and more’. What else?”

“Everything you can imagine.” Randy answered.

“And probably some things you can’t.” Eddie added.

I felt my face burn with a blush when I realized that I was allowing images of things to flash through my brain, and I was getting turned on by them. It wasn’t unusual for me to get turned on while seeing the three of them with boners, but I had never thought about what it would be like to do things with them—with other boys, but not with them.

Finally, I let out a sorrowful sigh, “I guess I should get dressed and head on back to the house so you can talk about fucking me and jack off, huh?”

“Gezz sis, we’re sorry, really. We didn’t mean to.”

“Yeah, we just—well shit, we couldn’t help it. I’m sorry I told you. I shouldn’t have. I fucked it up for all of us.”

“Oh, and why is that? Why are you sorry? Is it because you think I’m hurt or pissed, or is it because I’m thinking about covering up what you want to stare at and fantasize about fucking?”

Randy stood up and let out a nervous laugh, “All of the above.” He blurted out as he headed for the ice chest. “Especially the last part—the part about you getting dressed and leaving.”

I had to chuckle, “Well at least you’re honest.”

“Don’t be pissed, sis. We didn’t mean to hurt your feelings or piss you off, really.” Eddie said in a sincerely apologetic tone.

I looked at him, “I’m not pissed, Eddie, and I’m not hurt. I’m just surprised. You caught me off guard, that’s all. I had no idea. I just thought—hell, I don’t know what I thought. But I’m not pissed off—it’s not that. I think I’m just feeling a little stupid for being so naïve. But, now that I know—I don’t know—it’s not that bad, I guess. At least you didn’t rape me or anything. Some brothers might have.”

“We talked about it.” Randy blurted out.

“Shut the fuck up.” Eddie scolded him. “Why did you say a stupid thing like that?”

“Hey” Randy said, holding up his hands in surrender, “I thought we were being honest. We talked about that a lot of times.” And then he looked at me, “Sometimes you gave it up willingly, sometimes you didn’t. When you didn’t, we took it. Sorry.”

“I was a virgin and determined to stay that way, so I wouldn’t have given it up without at fight.” I don’t know why I added what I said next, but the words were out before I could take them back, “Other things maybe, but not my that—not my virginity.”

Total silence befell all of us and I felt my face and neck burn again. Finally, I said in an astonished tone, “Holy shit, I don’t believe I just said that out loud.” And then I concentrated on draining the last of my beer so I wouldn’t have to look at them.

* * *

I got up and went for a fresh beer, but when I started back toward them, they were all three still sitting there with blank stares on their faces, and of course, raging boners that they were now, for the first time, trying to hide from me. “Shit!” I said, and then I forced a chuckle, “I’ve never seen the three of you look as pathetic as you do right now, sitting there with your dicks throbbing and your tongues hanging out. You’d better say something before a bird shits on your tongue.” pendik escort bayan

“Fuck!” Elliot finally managed.

“I second that.” His twin added.

Randy was bolder, “Other things, huh? You would have considered . . .”

I shrugged, “How should I know. I didn’t know what you guys were thinking, so how am I supposed to know how I would have reacted. I’m not a virgin now, so my perspective has changed too much to know how I would have reacted back then. I may have just freaked out and ran away, but I doubt it. Who knows?”

“You freaked out now, so I’m pretty sure you would have freaked out even more back then.” Elliot said.

“I’m not fucking freaked out, goddamit! And I’m not pissed off. Like I said, you just caught me off guard. I’m not blaming you, I just didn’t know. I had no fucking idea. That’s all there is to it. I’m not usually that naïve—not with other men. I know how they think—what they think about when they look at me. That’s normal. I don’t know why it never dawned on me that you guys might be thinking the same thing. I don’t know why it surprised me so much, but I’m over it now—well, almost anyway.”

Eddie got up and walked past me to the second ice chest, but instead of getting a beer, he grabbed the handle and dragged it over to where we were sitting. When he was back and seated, twisting the top off of another beer bottle, he looked right at me and said, “Well, I think I can speak for the three of us—hell for that matter, the whole male population—when I say that our dicks only have one eye, and they can’t see out of that one, so they don’t fucking know that the hot babe in front of them is their sister. Then, the brain turns over control to the dick, and he does the thinking from then on. And believe me, he doesn’t give a shit who you are, he wants to fuck you—sister—no sister—doesn’t make a fuck to him.”

I started laughing, and then Randy joined in, and soon, we were all laughing until long after our sides started aching.

* * *

Laughing so hard for so long eased the tension and allowed the beer to work its magic. Before long, I asked them, “So, do you have a certain routine? Do you take turns on me, or fuck me all at the same time?”

“All at once, usually.” Randy offered.

“Hrm, who gets which hole, or do you trade off?”

Elliot spoke up, “We usually start off the same, then trade off.”

“Oh, and who gets what first?”

Randy said, “You don’t want to go there, sis.” But when I scolded him and told him we were past that—that I just need to know, he said with a sigh, “It’s always age before beauty. So I have to settle for your pussy. They usually argue over your ass and mouth. Eddie always wins, of course.”

I looked at Eddie, “What do you win?”

“Mouth. That’s my favorite.”

Then I looked at Elliot, “And if you won, you’d take my mouth too?”

He grinned, “Yep”.

So I looked back at Randy, but I didn’t have to ask. He blurted out, “Me too, ass comes in a distant second.”

I let out a silly giggle, “Well, I didn’t know how much fun blowjobs were back then, so I don’t know if I’d done it, but fuck, if I’d known then what I know now, believe me, you wouldn’t have had to ask me twice.”

My god, they couldn’t have cleared their throats in such perfect union if they’d practiced it for months. The next thing I knew, Eddie and Randy were following Elliot’s lead to take a pee. There were few things I enjoyed more than watching them try to pee with those beautiful boners, but they always managed. This time, it was even more endearing—even exciting. “God, that looks funny.” I giggled.

When they sat back down, Randy said, “It’s not funny when you do it.”

“Oh really, what is it then.”

“Hot” Eddie answered.

“You’re serious?” I asked Eddie, but the other two chimed in with “Absolutely and “Fucking A” at the same time.

By then, I was in a mood. That’s the best way I can explain it. I guess I was still a little numb from their confessions, and I was a little tipsy and a little horny. All of those factors played a role in my leaning back on my hands, spreading my knees, and peeing right there where I sat.

I was rewarded with a round of “Holy shit”, and “Fucking A” and “Hell yeah.” And that just made me hornier than I already was. So, I reached down and started playing with my pussy, which was still exposed to their unobstructed views. “So, you guys gonna join me, or what? I want to see some serious cock stroking.”

They did start stroking their hard cocks, all three of them. But within seconds, Eddie, asked, “So, you like giving blowjobs, huh?”

By then, I was too far gone to care about anything but cumming, “Fuck yeah! Come over here and I’ll show you.” Seconds later, I was sucking Eddie’s cock, while my other two brothers watched and continued stroking theirs.

It didn’t feel like my brother’s cock. It just felt like a long thick hard cock sliding in and out of my mouth and down my throat. When my tongue teased at the sensitive underside of his cock and over the engorged head, it was a cock—no my brother’s cock.

Of course, my other two brothers were quite verbal in their appreciation for how much of Eddie’s thick eight inches I was able to take in. That had never been a problem for me, and I loved doing it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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