Terrible Terry Ch. 01

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I’ll start by giving some background here. I was in college at the time and dating a very special girl. Her name was Theresa, but she went by Terry. This is the story of how we met, but not how we fell in love. That is a long and disastrous story with a lot of insane encounters. I honestly have a hard time even believing it and I fucking lived it. But to start, I’ll tell you about me.

I’m about 6’1 and 175 pounds. I’m not a huge muscular guy, but I played soccer at our little D-II school on the West Coast and so I didn’t have a single ounce of fat on me (if only that were still true). I kept my hair short on the sides because of the heat, but I kept the top long so I didn’t look like I was trying to join the Marines or something. I studied Digital Media and harbored some pretty intense ambition at the time, that I’m still working on, so even then I studied my ass off.

I had just turned 21 and as anyone who has ever turned 21 in the States knows, once you turn 21 you have to buy for all your underage friends. I admit it. I served alcohol to a minor. On numerous occasions.

I didn’t really go out a lot, between practice and trying to be an academic all-american, but I did have one girl *space* friend, Catherine, whom I talked to every so often. We had tentative plans to hang out and enjoy my new found liquor license that evening. She had spent the spring semester studying in France and then interning in San Diego so it had been a while since we talked.

I was expecting to hear the typical girl spiel about how amazing it was in Europe and how everything was perfect and about all her favorite wines and dinners and the amazing connections she made with local men, so I suggested she meet me after practice and I’d take her with me to get some alcohol. That way I could at least make this bearable.

As I walked off the practice field with my bag over my shoulder she ambushed me from behind.

“It’s been so longggg!” she squealed as she threw her arms around my neck. Her feet were hanging off the ground as she put all her weight on my back.

“Agh! It’s too hot for this!” I swung her off me and as I did I caught just a tiny peek of her nipple through the side of her tank top. She wasn’t wearing a bra, but she wasn’t exactly the type of girl that needed one. She was very slim and short, maybe just at 5’2 and her breasts were small, but exquisite. The kind that just seemed to fit right on her frame. Smooth and supple and she wore them well, like a fashion model almost.

She’d changed a lot since I last saw her. Her ash brown hair was cut short, just above her shoulders, and it seemed like her face had finally made that change from teenager to young adult. Everything about her was…sharper. Her eyes, her jaw, her nose. Everything seemed livelier and demanding. Maybe it was the haircut. She was wearing a dark purple tank top that draped loosely around her shoulders and frayed white denim shorts.

“You cut your hair.” I said to her to prove that I actually noticed that sort of thing.

“Do you like it?” She asked as she ran a hand through it and struck a goofy pose.

“It’s better.” I smirked and ushered her towards the car. She slapped my back lightly.

“Don’t bully me, stinky.” She retorted. I threw my bag in the trunk and stepped into the driver’s seat.

“It’s not my fault you couldn’t wait till later. I would love a cold shower right now.” I called through the window as I turned the car on and plugged the auxiliary cord into my phone. Catherine was a music junkie and I knew she would bug me to play some song or another. She fumbled around with her purse behind the trunk before throwing it in and slamming it shut.

She strutted up to the passenger door and as she swung it open I once again got a glimpse of her chest. I felt myself get a little stiff. She was my best female friend here and I’d had some close encounters with her before, but I’d never acted on them. Sure, I’d had a fap or two with her making an appearance, but I really didn’t think of her that way.

She slid into the car seat and snatched my phone to start playing music. Some indie funk electro non-sense that I couldn’t understand. Then it began. She gave me the spiel. Her time in Europe. The weekend trips. The food. The culture, the art. I’d heard it before from each one of my sisters. I nodded my head and responded at the appropriate times with an “oh wow” or “yeah that’s crazy”.

I’ll never know what prompted her to bring this next part up, but it really threw me way off. I don’t know if she noticed I wasn’t really paying attention or what, but she just threw it out there.

“I gave two guys head at the same time.” My jaw about hit the floor. She wasn’t an angel, but that was something I didn’t even consider was in her realm of possibility. I guess mainly because I didn’t even know that was a thing that happened. Consider me naïve.

“Uhh. What?” I didn’t know what else to say.

“I took a surfing lesson with this guy in Portugal when göztepe escort I was there for a weekend. We went out for drinks as a big group from our lesson later that night. I was definitely into him and I let him know at the beach, but that night he was being distant like guys do. I was out there dancing and then this other guy came up and got me some drinks. He apparently knew the other guy. They start talking. One thing leads to another and we are back on the beach.”

“Woah. Who are you!? What happened to my innocent Cat?” I glanced over at her.

“I’m right here! It was so hot. It was an awakening for sure. They finished at the same time too. Riiiight here.” She ran one hand down her tank top towards her chest and in doing so pulled it down dangerously low. The slight dip of her cleavage, however small, was burning into my eyes.

“Ugh gross. I don’t even know you anymore.” I rolled my eyes and pulled into the parking lot, trying to ignore the swelling in my boxers.

“You’re just jealous you weren’t one of them.”

“Can we talk about something else!? What do you want?” I motioned towards the liquor store.

“I’d like one fifth of Smirnoff and one fifth of Bacardi Dragonberry. I have a new friend I met over the summer that’s coming in tonight. You’re gonna love her. We are turning uuppp.” She tossed a couple twenties at me.

I went in the store and cooled off a bit. When Cat left she was that girl that only ever kissed a boy once in high school. Now she was braless, flashing her body at me, and telling me about how she let two guys cum on her. Once I got back in the car she tried to convince me to come out that night.

“What are you doing tonight? You need to get out more. Stop studying. You’re so straight edge.”

“It’s hot. I’m tired. Maybe tomorrow.”

“It’s always tomorrow with you!”

“Ugh but everything is so far from my house.”

“Ok. Easy solution. Come shower at my place and take a nap. I have to make some phone calls about that internship and turn in a couple assignments. We can pregame at my place then head over to Allen’s place. No problem.” She put her hand on my arm, leaned over, and looked me dead in the eye. Her tank top sank down in front of her chest and I knew from my peripheral if looked down now I could see both of her breasts fully exposed. It took everything I had to keep my eyes on the road. I could barely make out the light brown of her areola against her tanned skin. I knew better than to argue at this point. My dick was straining against my shorts. I just wanted to get out of the car without her noticing.

“Ok whatever. But I want a clean towel this time!”


It’s usually not a big deal. I shower at Cat’s place all the time. I live in my Aunt’s vacation house, which is way out in the woods, so I sometimes even spend the night at Cat’s if we are doing stuff in town. So I was pretty comfortable with the whole process.

“Are you sure there’s a towel in there?” I asked Cat as I began to pull my dirty clothes off at the door. Cat unlocked the door and stepped inside. I peeled my sweat-soaked shirt off. I’m naïve, but not retarded. If I couldn’t feel the tension before, I could now. I could feel her eyes raking over my body as my shirt came over my head.

“Uhh there’s a towel in there right?” I jerked towards the bathroom with my thumb.

“Mm? Oh, uh, yeah. Under the sink. Do you want me to wash your stuff while you’re in there?” She said trying to pretend she was busy examining the contents of her fridge. I don’t think she noticed she was doing it but one hand grabbed the crotch of her shorts and pulled it down as if to free it from something.

“Yeah if you don’t mind.” I pulled my shorts off and threw them at the foot of the laundry machine with my shirt and socks. I still had my compression shorts on which fit kind of like a European bathing suit really, so I didn’t feel too self-conscious. I walked into the bathroom and turned on the water. There was a wet towel hanging on the rack. I pondered it for a moment. That’s the towel Cat used this morning. It probably touched every part of her. The image of her running the towel down her legs as she bent over in front of the mirror flashed through my mind. Her standing exactly where I was standing, naked, with her nipples probably tightening and shrinking because of the cold air on her skin as she toweled each droplet off of her flat stomach… I shook the image out of my mind and checked under the sink for the clean towel. Nothing under that sink, but tampons and toilet bowl cleaner.

I opened the door to yell at Cat to give me a clean towel. I was going to give her a ribbing just to mess with her, but when I got the door all the way open I was once again flabbergasted. There she was, her face almost buried in my dirty shirt. I quickly looked away and turned to look at the shower, if she knew I’d seen her she would have died of embarrassment istanbul escort on the spot.

“Hey where’s that clean towel again? It’s not under the sink.” I slowly turned now to give her time to adjust.

“Shit. Sorry. It must still be in the dryer. Here.” She tossed the towel from the dryer into my hands. I nodded appreciatively and jumped in the shower. It was getting out of hand. I gave her the benefit of the doubt. There’s no way this is happening like I think it’s happening, I told myself. I turned the water to a freezing rain. I must have been in there a while because she came and knocked on the door.

“Did you fall in the shower? Where’s your Life Alert?”

“No, no, just uhhh making sure I’m clean… Sorry.”

Wow was I smooth or what? As if I couldn’t embarrass myself enough I followed it up with, “Your body wash smells amazing.”

“It’s the same I’ve always used…?” she said giving me a curious side eye, “I’m going to make those phone calls and fuck around on my computer. I’ll be in the living room. You can just nap in my bed.”

I hopped out of the shower and toweled myself off. I put on some spare clothes I keep in the car. Nothing special. Just some sweatpants and a dri-fit shirt form some soccer camp I went to a couple years ago. I couldn’t find the boxers I usually pack so I was going full commando in those fleece pants and it felt amazing. There really isn’t anything quite like soft fleece rubbing against your head as you drift off to sleep.

Cat’s bed was covered in pillows of all shapes and sizes. It was more like a pillow pit than a bed really. Though it did provide an extra degree of comfort. I slunk down between two large green body length pillows and stared at the ceiling. I wasn’t sure what I was feeling, but I was definitely turned on. My mind was still racing about what I’d seen earlier. Cat’s breasts flashing in front of me, her smelling my clothes. I wondered how many times she’d laid in this bed and got herself off. Did she lay here and touch herself and think about me? I bet she would lay down flat on her back and bend her knees up. Spread them just a bit and slide one hand down into her panties. She was definitely the type of girl who did it with them on. I knew that for sure, I thought. Slipped a finger between the wetness of her lips and twirled a finger around her clit. Her mousey moans slipping out of her lips…I couldn’t hold it any longer, I blame the sweatpants really, I put my hand in my pants and ever so lightly stroked my cock. I knew I couldn’t finish here, but it felt so good. This was rudely interrupted when the pillow next to me cleared its throat.

“What in the fuck?!” I tried to roll over to get a look at the noise I’d just heard, but I ended up completely thrashing my way out of the bed and onto the floor.

“Oh. You must be Cat’s soccer player friend. I’m Terry,” A girl’s face poked out from the top of the covers.

“God you gave me a heart attack,” I picked myself up off the floor. Cat had mentioned she had a friend coming over, but I didn’t know she was already there. Thanks a lot, Cat. I was filled with terror at this point. Did she notice me? Was she asleep? There was no way she didn’t know. I was practically on top of her.

“I got here when you were in the shower. I guess I should have said something,” She came to the edge of the bed. Her skin was pale, a rarity in this part of the country, her eyes, behind a hipster pair of dark glasses, were a pair of light blue eyes and her long hair was so blonde it was almost white. She had a round face and sort of elfish ears. I had never seen anyone that looked anything like her. On one hand she was odd looking, but on the other, her face was feminine, beautiful, and her lips were such an astonishing shade of pink that I couldn’t help but stare right at them.

“What is there something on my face?” She said rubbing her nose.

“No. Sorry. I’m just still in a bit of shock.” I sat down on the edge of the bed.

“Here you can have that half of the bed. We can even use this pillow as a divider,” Terry began to rearrange the cushions on the bed like a kid building a fort.

“I think I’ll just go sleep on the couch actually. Thanks though.” I stood up to leave.

“You don’t want to do that.” She said rolling her eyes around the room and giving me an impish smile. I froze. Looking back on it now, this was the moment I knew I was dealing with someone who could own the rest of my life.

“Why’s that?”

“Because if you leave now… I’m going to tell Cat what you were doing in her bed.”

Terry stood up out of the bed now and casually blocked the door. I finally got a full view of her body. She was wearing a 3/4 sleeve baseball cut Raider’s shirt and those tiny sleeping shorts that lingerie stores sell. I could tell from first glance her body was amazing. Her legs were long and toned. Her hips were wide and her breasts were large. She too was braless. I could tell from the kadıköy escort way they hung on her chest. Thick and full. She was insanely attractive and she fucking knew it. Every guy has had this feeling before. You meet that chick and you know she’s bad news. Your gut tells you to get the fuck out. To run, because this one won’t be tamed. But you never ever do. Because this one owns you the second it lays its eyes on you and part of you wants to be destroyed.

“And what was I doing in her bed?” I feigned ignorance. My eyes latched onto her breasts and I didn’t bother to try to hide it. My hormones were betraying me.

“Don’t play. Look at your sweatpants,” she laughed at me with her eyes. She was right. My sweatpants gave me away. I was pointing right at her at almost full tilt.

“Not the first time I’ve been given that salute… I wonder what Cat would say if she knew you were rubbing that thing all in her sheets,” she continued

“Please don’t say anything. She’s my only friend,” I conceded.

I really didn’t think it would be a big deal if she found out with the signals I’d been receiving lately, but part of me was already gone to this succubus. I wanted to know how this would play out. Terry just oozed mischief.

“I won’t,” She said as she retreated into the covers, “If you do what I say.”

“What do you want?” I knew where this was going. Or I hoped I knew where this was going.

“Come. I like your body heat.” She patted a spot on the bed next to her. I laid down on my side and faced her. Her eyes were a radiant blue. The more I stared the more beautiful she became. The way her hair pooled over her shoulder. I never would have let it go this far if I wasn’t edging already. All the looks from Cat and the gentle glow of her skin. I had to see where this led.

Ever so gently, she reached out her left hand and put it on the side of my head. She ran her hand down my shoulders and arms like a potter at her wheel.

“You’re hot,” She said as she lifted up my shirt and ran that same cool hand over my stomach. She bit her lip.

“Mmm,” She closed her eyes and ran her hand up to my chest. Her light touch sending electric signals through my body I’d never felt before. I don’t know how it happened, but the next thing I know her lips are on my neck and my eyes are rolling into the back of my head. I felt her teeth brush against the bottom of my neck. What the fuck was this? She has to be some sort of vampire, I thought. It was like a spell. I knew I could stop her at any point I wanted, but at the same time I couldn’t.

Her hand was running up the length of my shaft through my sweatpants and I felt like bursting. She was pushing every button, and she pushed it perfectly. Her lips were like velvet or cashmere. I couldn’t tell which because I was preoccupied with a handful of her hair at the base of her neck as I tried to pull her into me. I wanted to grind into her. She pulled away from me. Without missing a beat she pulled her shorts off and flicked them across the room.

“Here’s what’s going to happen,” She said as she took my hand in hers and guided it between her legs. It felt like a sauna. I could feel the warmth of her pussy radiating through her lace panties. I used the palm of my hand to just lightly rub the top to the bottom. She lifted her hips off the bed and pushed against my hand.

“I’m going to call Cat in here, and no matter what happens you won’t stop,” Terry’s cheeks began to light up with a pink hue. I nodded my head in agreement. She could have told me to eat her ass and I’d have buried myself neck deep in it.

“Hey Cat what’s the schedule tonight?” Terry called at the door. I could hear Cat’s footsteps echoing down the hall. Should I pretend to be asleep? Should I roll over and face the other way? Before I could decide she pulled her panties to the side and I felt her wetness for the first time. Soaked. Shaved. Smooth. Without a second thought I pushed a finger inside her. She squeezed her legs together and I felt the contractions inside her. She wanted it so badly and I was more than happy to give it to her.

Cat opened the door. There was just enough space between Terry and me to not arouse suspicion, but if she pulled the cover down an inch or two she would be able to see how my arm twisted towards Terry’s pussy.

“Oh shit, I forgot to tell you Terry was here.” Cat laughed as she realized her mistake.

“We’ve been chatting. He’s even nicer than you said,” Terry said, locking her eyes with Cat’s.

“Well just remember that he was my friend first!” Cat said. Terry was slowly grinding her hips down on my finger. I decided to add another one. She tilted her head up at the penetration. A light sweat broke out on her forehead. I could feel her dripping down onto my palm.

“So what’s the plan for tonight?” I asked Cat.

“Mmmm. I’ve actually been working on a little something on the balcony as a surprise…”

“I’m excited. I like where this is going,” Terry said. Her voice now a subtly higher pitch. I knew I had her on the ropes now. My fingers churning away at her g-spot and my thumb running slow circles on her clit. I pushed down with my thumb and curled my fingers up and slowly traced them across the soft wet bumps of the roof of her vagina.

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