Teresa , Her 3 Sons – Chapter 1

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Hiya – my name is Teresa. I’m 48 years old. I’m a widow. Jack, my husband, was hit by a truck while helping a damsel in distress whose car had suffered a puncture. I have 3 sons – Jack Jnr is 25, Dan is 23 and my baby, Lee, is 20. Although they each still have their bedrooms they have effectively left home. Jack Jnr works down south for a publishing company while my other 2 boys are at university – Dan in his masters year and Lee in his second year. Both are studying English Literature.

As the boys grew up and needed us less, Jack and I developed an adventurous sex life. Adventurous? Perhaps bizarre or even perverted was more accurate. Certainly some of the other couples we played with were very perverted.

My 3 boys came home for the last weekend in April. It would have been our wedding anniversary and they must have felt I needed their support. After a late evening meal on Friday we sat in the lounge enjoying a relaxing drink.

“Boys, I no longer mourn your Dad’s passing but I miss him emotionally and physically. Your love for me fills the emotional gap and maybe you can fill the physical one as well.”

As I spoke I rose and walked over to Jack Jnr. I bent down and kissed him full on the lips using my tongue for added intimacy. He’d get a good look at my boobs down the front of my blouse and the other 2 would see I was wearing stockings. I moved over to Dan, did the same and allowed myself to rub his crotch and the same with Lee. I then headed to the kitchen to wash some of the dishes. A babel of voices drifted from the lounge.

Within a minute I was aware of someone behind me. It was Dan. His arms went round my waist and he began nibbling my neck. “Mum, this is a dream come true. When bursa escort I was younger I would wank off imagining I was playing with your tits.” He undid my blouse and pulled them out of my bra. “Awesome!!!”

It was awesome for me as well. I had survived months without a man: relying on sex toys and porn. My nipples were hardening and Dan took advantage squeezing and pulling them. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my ass. “Fuck me, son.”

He didn’t need a second invitation. He pulled up my skirt, unzipped his trousers and slid his manhood between my legs. He rubbed himself against my cunt through the lacy fabric of my knickers. In no time I was soaking wet. “Take me.” My nickers were pulled aside and my son’s cock slid into my wet pussy. I bent forward over the sink to feel him thrust deeper and deeper. I was certain my other 2 boys would hear but I didn’t care. I gasped as my son drove his cock into me. I stretched by arms behind and pulled him as close as possible. My boobs dangled free as we fucked. It was heaven and I was ready to come. “Fill me.” I pushed even harder against his thrusts and felt his hot spunk gush deep inside me. I tingled all over. My muscles seemed to spasm throughout my body. My legs almost gave way as the ecstasy raced through me. “Oh fuck fuck fuck. Just delicious.”

He held me tight as my cunt squeezed the last of the juices from his cock. “Thanks Mum. I hope that’s the first of many.” Dan withdrew from me, kissed my neck and left the kitchen.

I took a couple of minutes to allow the ecstasy to subside as my son’s jism seeped from my freshly fucked hole. Time to tidy myself. I pulled my blouse over my boobs and slid my skirt back down and headed for my bedroom.

“Dan bursa escort bayan always was a randy beggar.” It was Jack Jnr sitting propped on my bed and on the bedroom chair my other son, Lee. Both only wore boxers. “Mum, you and Dad always tried to be discrete but we knew what you were up to. You had lots of evenings with the parents’ of our friends. We all knew our Mum’s were anal loving sluts. Other guys were jealous that their Mum’s weren’t involved. We also knew about the all-night session with Roxy and Aletta after my graduation prom. They showed me a few things when I fucked them the next night.”

As Lee spoke my hand wandered back into my blouse to play with my rock hard nipples. My boobs still stuck proudly out of my bra. Time for more action. I unfastened my skirt and slipped off my top. “Fuck Mum! What a gorgeous MILF you are. Come and see what we’ve got for you.”

As I crawled onto my bed, Jack Jnr pulled his impressive erection into view. Seconds later it slid down my throat as my fingers played with his balls. It didn’t take Lee long to move behind me, pull down my stained knickers and begin rubbing my pussy. I felt disgustingly excited.

“Oh well, sloppy seconds,” as Lee slid his cock into me. He felt good. Nice and hard and pretty big. He pushed himself deep into me. I sucked harder on Jack Jnr’s cock as my youngest son screwed me.

“Time for a change,” I suggested and rolled onto my back. Jack’s manhood replaced his brother’s in my cunt with Lee kneeling by my head offering his erection to me. What a delightful taste. A mixture of my own cunt juices and Dan’s cum. Lovely!

I was loving this fuckfest but wanted even more. “Jack, there’s a bottle of lub in escort bursa the bedside cabinet. Be a pet and use it on my butthole.” Seconds later I could feel the cool sticky gel being smeared over my butt. He began rubbing his fingers round my hole then slid a single finger inside. I’d not had an anal fuck for some time and gasped. A second, then a third finger stretched my ass. Lee withdrew his cock from my mouth and said, “Mum, let me help Jack.”

My sons had described me as an anal slut now they were treating me as one. I turned back on to my knees and thrust my willing ass in front of them. As my ass was teased open I could feel even more lub being squirted inside. I couldn’t be sure but it felt as though I had 4 fingers pushed inside. My boys were fingering fucking my ass. But not for long – a cock replaced the fingers – it was Jack Jnr. “Lee, come here and let me suck you again.”

I could feel Jack’s balls slap against me as he rode my ass and I was playing with Lee’s as he fucked my face. Absolute heaven!!! I’d tasted one son’s juice and now wanted another. “Come in my mouth son. Fill my throat with your cum.”

“On you go Lee – I’m gonna fill Mum’s arse with as much cum as I can.”

The 2 boys rode me like a seesaw as my boobs swung back and forth below me. Then it happened. Lee’s cock twitched and exploded his cum down my throat just as Jack filled my colon with his jism. I lost control as I was filled at both ends of my body. I came so hard as I rubbed my clit while taking the last drops from both cocks. I swallowed the salty spunk from Lee and let my body drop onto my bed as Jack’s manhood slid from my gaping butt.

My 2 boys high fived. “What a great fuck.” “Better than Tony’s Mum.” “Better tits as well.” “Good night Mum, see you in the morning.” They both kissed my forehead, my lips and my boobs and left me in my state of lustful satisfaction.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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