Tennis Anyone?

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I first learned about the joy of cocksucking with one of my older brother’s friends one summer years ago just after I had turned 18.

I was a tom-boyish, athletic Tennis player, but shy and quiet and I was often jealous of the attention the boys showered on the “hotties” and cheerleaders in school. I had an athletic figure with small breasts, long legs and a firm athletic ass but I wore my blonde hair in a just a short little bob and didn’t wear make up. I didn’t really try to look pretty, and certainly never thought of myself as sexy. I was kind of always just kind one of the guys with my brothers and their friends. I had kissed a couple of kind of cute, quiet, nerdy boys at camp, making out awkwardly a few times but never had done anything more than that until that fateful year.

My oldest brother had a couple friends who were hanging around our house a lot that Spring. We lived near a park and the guys would sometimes go play basketball and Tennis there. I was on the Tennis team and would sometimes go hit the ball with them. Most of my brothers friends were hacks on the court but the cutest one, John, was pretty athletic and was decent enough so he and I started to play some games which over time became more and more playfully competitive. He was tall and blonde with blue eyes and was a soccer player so he had great legs, but he was dating a very pretty, popular Senior girl from school so I never dreamed he’d have any interest in me. Fortunately she was never around when he came over to hang with my brother though, so our tennis games meant his attention was focused on me.

Usually when John and I played I was just in shorts and a T-shirt but one day as I was walking into the house from practice still in my little white skirt, the boys were just heading out the door to shoot baskets. John, saw me and made a special point of inviting me to come play even as the rest of the guys headed off down the path through the woods. “I need to get you back for that last game!” he joked. “Come on!”

“I really ought to go change…” I stammered

“Why? You’re dressed for Tennis and that skirt is super cute on you!” He looked at my legs admiringly.

I felt my face go hot as I blushed a little.. really? John thought I looked cute? “Okay, but I’m warning you, I am pretty warmed up from practice… I’m going to smoke you!”

“Pffff.. no chance! Let’s go!” and we headed off down the path together. John walked slowly letting his friends go on ahead as he hung back with me as we talked about the end of school and summer plans. My heart raced a little just to be walking alone with him. It sure felt nice to have him all to myself.

We got to the park and the guys were already on the basketball court so we headed right over to the tennis courts and started to hit it around until after awhile he challenged me to a another match. “You’re going down!” he joked as I agreed to play him.

“Dream on!”

He played well for a while as he always did. He hit the ball really hard but he made a lot of errors and I played steadily, frustrating him more and more. I also noticed him checking me out several times. My tennis skirt was really short and while it came with panties to wear under it I could still feel his eyes on me as we played. I have to say I liked the feeling though, and started to show off a little for him, bending over deeply from the waist to pick up balls and hiking my skirt extra high when I would tuck a ball away up under the elastic hem.

After awhile my brother and his friends said they were leaving and called for John go with them but to my utter excitement he told them to go on without him.

“I’ve gotta finish teaching your sister a lesson!” John joked as he wiped the sweat from his brow.

“Awright, whatever” My brother said with a wave of his hand. “We’ll see you back at the house.”

We must have played for another 30-40 minutes or so, and now with everyone gone I really gave John some good long looks up my skirt, bending over repeatedly to pick up balls, or my racket I had intentionally dropped, pretending to tie my shoes. For the first time in my life I felt sexy. Knowing this cute guy was staring at my ass made me excited and my pussy felt all tingly.

Finally, I won the set on another unforced error and jumped around with my hands in the air exaggeratedly celebrating the thrill of victory while knowing it was making my skirt fly up enticingly for him.

“Arrgh!” John groaned and laughed, “I guess I’ll need another rematch!”

We headed back through the wooded path to my house, it was dusk now and the woods were getting a little dark. At one point I tripped a bit on a root in the path and stumbled but John caught me and steadied me in his strong arms.

“You ok?” He smiled at me

“Yes, sure, I’m fine” but my heart was absolutely racing at the feeling of his hands on me. I looked up into his face to assure him I was ok and at that moment our eyes met in that second of understanding as he brought his face down to mine and kissed me. I was tentative for a second escort dikmen and then, suddenly, we went at each other with that indescribable electric passion you feel when kissing someone for the first time. He pulled me against him as our tongues danced and probed into each others mouths, my head was spinning as his hands slid down my back, over my ass and then down my thighs, sliding back up under my skirt to massage and squeeze the soft, supple skin of my ass cheeks. My God it felt amazing and I would have done anything for that moment to last, for us to kiss like that all night and who knows what else I thought, but suddenly we heard the sound of the boys voices yelling in the distance back at the house, snapping us out of the moment.

John broke our kiss looking down into my eyes deeply for a second and then gave my hand a squeeze. “C’mon, we better go.”

My heart pounded as we got back to the house and John rejoined his friends as I headed straight for the door sure they’d be able to tell we’d been kissing. As I walked away I heard the roar of laughter and teasing as John told them I had beaten him again.

“I just need another rematch.. you hear that Sal, I need a rematch!”

“I’m ready whenever you are!” I kidded back from the porch door and I meant it. Our rematch couldn’t come soon enough for me!

Fortunately it only took two days. The guys all came over to hang out and play video games and I kind of hung around the TV room watching just to see John. He got killed or whatever right away in the game, tossing his controller down in disgust

“Fuck dudes.. I suck!” he watched them for a few minutes but I caught him sneaking a few quick glances at me gauging the timing until finally he looked over at me nonchalantly “Hey, Sal! This game blows, how about that rematch?”

“Sure!” I jumped up maybe too eagerly. “Let me just go get my racquet!” I ran up to my room and changed into my tennis skirt but decided to “forget” to put on the under panties that went with it, instead just leaving on the little florally pink ones on with the lace trim I was already wearing.

I bounded down stairs then collected myself for a second before I strolled, cooly I hoped, back into the TV room. No one even turned their eyes from the game but John was ready.

“See you guys a bit later”

“Yaw” “Whatever” “Don’t get your ass kicked again” they chuckled and we headed out down the path to the courts.

John walked close by my side and our hands brushed one another’s a few times but much to my dismay he never took it, even though I desperately wanted him to. I yearned for him to kiss me again right then and there but there wasn’t a moment that presented itself and we chatted nervously until we got to the court.

We started to hit to warm up and immediately I made a point of picking up a ball by bending down slowly with my left leg kept perfectly straight, flashing my little flowered panties at him. It must have made an impression on him because he couldn’t hit the ball straight at all after that and a few minutes later he launched a mis-hit over the fence into the woods.

“Aw damn! My bad! I’m sorry, I’ll go get it” he said leaning his racquet against the net post.

“I’ll come with you, I think I saw where it landed” and I followed him out the back gate into the thick woods that surrounded the court. “I think it is out here, this way, you hit it quite a ways!”

“I’m sorry, I was a little distracted.”

I turned back to look at him, innocently “what do you mean distracted”

“Come on… you know Sal.. my God! I mean I have thought you were cute for the longest time, ever since we first started hanging out over here, but now in that little skirt… you look so sexy I can’t think straight, much less hit a ball… it’s not fair!”

I felt myself blushing deeply. It was one thing to tease and flash him a little but another to be called out for it and my heart raced as I reddened. He stepped towards me, then, leaning in he brought his face down to mine and our lips met in the electric ecstasy of our second kiss. Our hands were immediately all over each other this time as our tongues connected and sparks fired through my whole body. His hands again found my firm tight ass and he pulled me tight against him.

His strong hands felt incredible on the warm soft skin under my skirt as our tongues passionately probed each other’s mouths in the sexiest, most intense kiss I had ever felt. My heart was pounding and my body was alive with the excitement and arousal of undirected teen lust. My pussy was wet and tingling but I was still a virgin, and while I liked John and was incredibly turned on by kissing him, I wasn’t even thinking of having sex with him. I was however wildly aware of the stiff bulge of John’s cock pressing and rubbing against my belly as we made out and it felt amazing!

I had never seen much less touched a boy’s penis and it was a little weird that this was my brother’s friend, yet, it felt so good to have him there with me that at that moment I wanted escort elvankent nothing more than to see it and feel it! My mind was racing and I felt dizzy with all the emotions and thoughts swirling around in my head even as my teenage body yearned for him.

With nervous excitement my hand went down across his taught belly, then to the waist of his shorts, then slowly lower until my fingers brushed the hardness of his cock as it tried to burst through the fabric. Once there I began to rub it gently, feeling the outline of it with my fingers. John’s breath immediately quickened as did mine. It felt big, strong and manly and I desperately wanted to see it and even feel it, but what should I do? I rubbed it a little harder, still nervously and awkwardly, but even that drove John to pull me to him and kiss me even more excitedly.

After a few moments of my rubbing him aimlessly John clearly felt my confusion. I am sure he didn’t plan to take things too fast but he was also just a horny teenage boy who’s cock was now straining rock hard against me, threatening to burst out of his shorts as we made out. I wanted to see it and touch it, hold it even, but didn’t really know how to get there until John helped make up my mind. Reaching down he untied his shorts and slid them down, revealing the clear outline of his cock in his underwear. I looked up at him and he kissed me gently “You want to see it don’t you?” he cooed. “It’s okay, I want you to”

With that he slid his hand under his waistband and began to stroke himself there for a moment as I watched transfixed, then, suddenly, he pulled his hard cock out, 7 thick inches springing over his waistband.

Wow! What a thrilling sight it was! My eyes went wide as they took it all in; the thick bulging purple-pink head straining atop a long, thick, meaty shaft… It all looked so sexy and manly and I knew I wanted it! As if by instinct my fingers were drawn to it, brushing it cautiously. It was warm, almost hot, and the skin was so soft I couldn’t believe it! It felt so good and yet it was slightly scary to think that all that was supposed to go inside me. How could such a big dick ever fit inside any woman, much less my tight little pussy? I could hardly breathe as my pulse raced at the thought.

“Yes.. that’s it… touch it… stroke it” John urged “That feels so good Sally”

No one ever called me Sally but in this moment it made me feel incredibly sexy, like a woman instead of just the tomboy that everyone ignored and I let my fingers wrap around his meaty girth and squeezed it and stroked it a little making John moan.

“Yes.. that’s it…just like that.”

I looked up into his face and was thrilled by the look of utter bliss I saw there. I was obviously making him really happy and I wanted to do more, to keep him here alone with me. I began to stroke up and down gently, slowly, cautiously, a little awkwardly, not knowing how it would feel best for him. My fingers slid up over the ridge of his cock head causing him to shudder a little. Oh, he liked that I noticed, and so did I as my heart pounded with excitement.

“Oh yes Sally.. that feels so good” he moaned as my stroking continued “Oh baby.. yes… yes… get it wet… please get it wet for me.”

I was so naïve that or a second I didn’t know what he meant… how was I supposed to get it wet I thought? Like with my water bottle? but that was back at the court…? He must have sensed my confusion because he gave my head a subtle little push down and suddenly I realized what he meant.

Of course I had heard of girls giving head, even some of my tennis friends had done it and whispered about it. Jenny had even told us all about how her boyfriend had cum in her mouth and how gross that was and we all squealed in agreement, but all the same I had fantasized about what it might be like to one day take a boys penis into my mouth, what it might feel like to kiss his most sensitive private part and to feel it swell and harden in my mouth. It sounded kind of sexy and exciting but I had never, ever, been even close to doing it.

Here, lost in this moment however, with my heart racing and this hot older boy’s warm, hard dick in my hand I was overcome with nervous desire to please him, to keep him happily here in this moment alone with me so I let his hands guide my head down until I was just inches from his straining cockhead. I could see the tiny lines in the skin of the bulging head, the slit at the tip glistening with a little wetness and every tiny striation and vein in the shaft. I could not believe how beautiful and exotic it looked, and how sexy it felt to be so close to it. I could smell the heat coming off his body, a musky warm aroma of sweat and summer and masculinity and I breathed it in deeply as I moved closer and my tongue ever so cautiously, nervously, slowly licked the side of the head.

“Oh my god Yes” John moaned.. “Oh my God Sal.. yes.. that’s it… that’s it!”

The sensual warm velvety softness of it made my mouth begin to water and my breath felt escort emek light and tight in my chest, my heart absolutely pounded as the excitement of this moment washed over me. I had no real idea of how to give head but I sure was excited to try and John’s enthusiastic responses to my lick spurred me on as my lips now brushed wetly against his cock.

I cannot tell you how magnificent everything felt at that moment as I fought to simply keep breathing, managing just short little light gasps as I was so excited to be so close to this beautiful cock. I was overwhelmed and lightheaded with desire to please him, to make him mine, to keep him with me as I opened my mouth and gently, gingerly wrapped my slick warm wet lips around the tip of his cock.

John’s deep groan of pleasure made my pussy flood with my own wetness. What an amazing thrill to take his most private part into my mouth and to make him feel so good! I worked my lips down until they popped over the thick fleshy ridge of his head. Oh my God! I thought.. His cock is in my mouth! It felt so right, the soft warmth of it filling me with an incredible primal desire. I felt naughty and slightly slutty and yet it was so utterly completely satisfying. This was where I yearned to be and I slid my slick wet lips a little further down the shaft and then slowly back up until my lips popped back over the ridge of his head. I twirled my tongue around him there for a moment as I swallowed some of the excess saliva that was flooding my mouth, then plunged back down wanting to get as much of his warm, hard, pulsing meaty dick inside me as I could!

“Oh fuck, yes Sal” John gasped as my hot wet mouth engulfed his cock “Yes, that feels sooooo gooood”

His hands grasped my head gently but firmly guiding me up and down on his cock as my overflowing drool coated him in slick warm wetness. I began to stroke the base of his shaft, my hand sliding in my own spit as he pressed me down on him, stuffing his meat into my mouth as I strained eagerly to take it in.

“That’s it.. suck that cock” he encouraged me “you’re so good Sally!”

I have to admit it all came to me readily and naturally, like I had found something I was meant to do, and I began to bob my head up and down on his long hard cock slurping and licking as I loved every meaty inch of it. I marveled at how it fit so perfectly in my mouth, like it was made just for me, designed perfectly to fill me. My lips wrapped tightly around his shaft as his thick head slid in and out, just barely probing at the back of my throat. The incredible manly, fleshy taste of it was intoxicating and my eyes rolled back a little as I slurped up and down on his cock, only vaguely self conscious about the sloppy wet noises I was making.

John’s hips began to thrust forward meeting each plunge down his shaft gently at first but growing more forceful until suddenly his swollen cockhead pushed too far into my throat gagging me, forcing me to let his sweet cock escape my lips for a moment as I gasped for air. I stroked his slick wet cockhead with my hand as I caught my breath then hungrily took him back into the warm wetness of my willing mouth.

Johns hands clenched and his fingers tangled in my hair now as he truly lost himself and he seemed to be hanging on to me for dear life as I sucked and slurped happily up and down on his straining cock. It seemed to have grown even bigger since I started, to have swelled up thicker, longer and if possible, even harder now as he guided me up and down more rapidly

“Oh fuck baby” he groaned.. “oh fuck! baby yes! Yes!” Suddenly his knees buckled a little and his hands clutched at the back of my head as I felt his cock strain for a moment and then with an incredible pulsing twitch it exploded, a hot stream filling my mouth with warm, tangy, salty-sweet cream! My head reflexively tried to jerk away as his cock blasted into my throat but John’s strong hands held me down firmly as his dick jumped and jerked again and again, pumping shot after shot of his creamy hot load into my mouth while he gasped and groaned in ecstasy.

There was so much cum flooding my mouth I had no choice but to try to gulp it all down but still some overflowed and ran down my chin.

He was so caught up in the intensity of his orgasm that I don’t think he knew he was holding me down, forcing me to accept every drop from his spurting cock, but it didn’t matter any more as after that first reflex to pull away I no longer needed to be held. I was already eagerly sucking him back deeper into my mouth, loving every second, reveling in every sexy warm creamy shot of his cum as it filled my mouth and I gulped it down hungrily!

I had never felt anything so incredibly exciting in my young life as this stiff cock erupting and filling my mouth with its luscious creamy goodness. My pussy was on fire, tingling and so wet my tennis panties were soaked, but more than anything I was overwhelmed with joy at making this cute guy feel so good. His hot cum spurting and filling my mouth felt like a glorious reward for a job well done and I moaned happily as his cock twitched in my hot cum filled mouth. The salty sweet taste of the thick warm load he had shared with me made me glow with happy satisfaction as I held his cock head between my stretched lips, feeling its loving masculine warmth pulsing there.

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