Tempted By A Chubby Teenage Slag

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The company I work for recently branched out into China, and any employee who wanted to was given the option to learn mandarin to degree level, completely free of charge.

Having “Fluent in Mandarin” on my CV would be great, so I signed up straight away.

Most classes were in the evenings at a local college, but a once every other month, I had to travel to a large university and spend a week in a hotel while I attended proper university classes.

At 31, I stuck out a little amongst the 18-19 year olds but I was quite young looking and I looked after myself, so I’d like to think people thought of me as that “good looking older guy” in their class.

Of all the kids, I made one friend, a girl called Kim. She didn’t really fit in with the other kids who were mostly the children of wealthy families who viewed university as a rite of passage rather than something they had worked hard for and had had to actually struggle to earn her place.

My wife was the jealous type, but I suppose returning from a week away surrounded by attractive young girls talking about my new female friend would ring alarm bells in anyone’s head, so I kept this friendship to myself.

To be honest our sex life had pretty much ended, following the unfortunately-for-me-true myth that marriage somehow managed to delete pretty much any woman’s interest in sex. Gone were the sexy figure-hugging clothes in blacks and reds and other eye-catching colours, gone was the confident, sexual woman I married, and here was a conservative, pastel-colour wearing, flesh-hiding, television-addicted wife. I still love her, and our relationship is still a happy and affectionate one, but any element of lust vanished when the honeymoon ended.

Kim had a boyfriend at home, the whole high-school sweetheart situation, so her and I enjoyed our platonic friendship.

Eventually, she offered me the sofa in her bedroom so I wouldn’t have to spend a fortune booking a hotel for the week.

Kim wasn’t really my type, she was slender and shy, and I’m an unashamed chubby-chaser, so while she made a good friend, I wasn’t worried I would suffer too much sharing her room, I never felt any lust toward her. I had seen photos of her boyfriend as well and he was a lovable-looking skinny boy, so myself being a stocky-built guy, I was doubtfully her type.

What I wasn’t prepared for however, was Kim’s best friend, Lisa.

After a couple of nights on Kim’s sofa, staying up late, watching tv and so on, Kim said her friend Lisa was going to come and visit. The plan was they would share her bed and I could remain on the sofa.

I assumed Lisa would be like Kim but was I wrong.

I took Kim in my car down to the train station to pick Lisa up and holy shit.

Off the train stepped the sluttiest, cheapest looking fat girl I have ever seen; long bleached hair, too much make-up, a vest canlı bahis şirketleri too small for her with her enormous fat tits spilling out of the top and a pair of jeans that hugged her meaty arse and thick thighs. I guessed she was probably a size 20-22 with her tits at least in the F range, possibly even G.

She strutted toward us both, her tits jiggling twice for every step she took, the other departing passengers shooting her disapproving looks.

She and Kim hugged and Lisa turned to me. “Fucking hell, this is the mate you’ve been on about? You didn’t tell me he was fit!” She declared. Kim laughed bashfully and I’m pretty sure I blushed.

“She wanted to surprise you.” I said with all the confident charm I could manage.

I led them both back to my two-door car, and watched Lisa clamber into the back seat, her tits nearly falling out of her top.

Driving back to Kim’s flat, I adjust my rear-view mirror to look at Lisa. She kept catching my eye and smirking. She licked her lips one of the times we met eyes and I almost ran a red light.

How the hell was I going to survive staying in the same room as her?

As she and Kim caught up, Lisa mentioned a boyfriend a couple of times, and that made me both sigh in relief and tense in jealousy.

We returned to Kim’s room, and Lisa took a bottle of vodka from her bag.

She and Kim cheered. I’d never seen Kim drink, she never went clubbing with all the other students.

We all three sat on Kim’s bed while they caught up, chatting and giggling. Despite the differences between them, they had been friends for years and remained so. Eventually, Lisa asked “So how late is your mate staying?”

Kim said “I hope you don’t mind but he’s staying on the sofa, he only comes up once a month or so.”

Lisa raised her eyebrow and nodded. “You wanna swap with Kim and stay in the bed with me?” she teased and laughed. I laughed back nervously.

“Oi, he’s married!” Kim snapped. I think she actually sounded a little jealous.

“What she doesn’t know…” smirked Lisa.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her all night. This fat 18 year old girl and her huge tits, which she constantly adjusted in her top to the point of almost flashing me her nipples.

Eventually, the girls decided it was bedtime, and changed into their pyjamas. “You can watch if you want, I don’t mind.” said Lisa as she changed. Kim snapped “but I do, so shut it!”

I just stripped down to my boxers and got under my single duvet on Kim’s sofa.

The girls got into bed, and out of sight, I started masturbating, the pace I had to keep was agonizing and just about pointless in order to keep silent.

Then, when I heard the sound of Kim sleeping, I heard a body rise from the bed and Lisa came and stood in front of me in her nightwear; a damn thong and a tiny vest over her bra.

“I’m still wide canlı kaçak iddaa awake and bored, can I come sit with you?” she asked. Her voice was so common and vulgar, like everything she said had sexual undertones.

I sat up and scooped the duvet to one side for her.

She sat down and leaned toward me, her huge cleavage jiggling as it came to rest facing me.

“Cheers, I’m proper bored. I love Kim to bits but she’s such a lightweight.”

“She does like an early night.” I agreed.

“You ever shagged her?” Lisa suddenly asked.

I spluttered. “No, we’re just friends. She has a boyfriend.”

Lisa shrugged. “So have I, wouldn’t stop me…” she said suggestively.

I hoped she didn’t notice me trembling with nerves and excitement. “She’s not really my type anyway, I prefer a bit more meat on my women.” I said. Lisa smirked and licked her teeth.

“Oh really?” she asked, looking down at herself. “You mean lasses like me?”

“You’re pretty much a ten.” I said.

“Aw cheers babe, you’re pretty fit yourself, I like fellas with big shoulders. Never had an older bloke before, I bet you’re a good fuck.”

Fucking hell I thought to myself.

“It depends, I imagine I’d be completely shit if I was with someone like you, you’re too sexy.”

“You really think I’m sexy then? Most lads think I’m too fat.” She asked genuinely.

I nodded. “Those idiots don’t know what they are talking about. Spend one night with a bigger girl and won’t look at a skinny one ever again.”

Lisa raised her hand to her chest and started trailing her finger across her cleavage. I couldn’t help but look.

“Do you wanna shag me?” she asked.

I swallowed hard, digesting what she had said before replying “What if we wake Kim up?”

Lisa shrugged and took off her top, revealing her black bra. She unclipped it dropped it on the floor and I caught the tag; 40GG. 40 fucking GG tits.

Her massive tits spilled out, full and round yet still almost reaching her belly button. She slid closer to me, pulling the duvet down from my chest. Her bare tits squashed against my chest and she kissed me, slipping her tongue into my mouth. I reached up and cupped her enormous breast in my hand. “Yeah, play with my tits, proper gets me going.” she whispered.

I kneaded her tits as we kissed and she slipped her hand into my boxers, wrapping her hand around my aching cock. She started wanking me but I stopped her, whispering “It’s hard enough, you don’t want me finished so soon, do you?”

Lisa giggled and I slid my hand into her thong. She was completely clean shaven, and I found her pussy, stroking her soaking wet slit gently. She whimpered as we kissed, rolling her hips against my fingers.

She slipped off her thong and I slid out of my boxers. She laid on her back and spread her thick thighs invitingly. I laid between her legs canlı kaçak bahis with her huge tits cushioning my chest.

“I don’t have any condoms.” I whispered as I kissed her neck.

“Do me bareback.” she replied with a moan.

Shit. I was about to have unprotected sex with this girl.

“Can I cum in you?” I asked.

“Yeah, you can jizz up inside me.” she said.

I steered the head of my cock against her shaven 18 year-old slit and pushed, her tight hole opening and letting my swollen head in with a gentle pop. She moaned and pawed at my back, rubbing my calves with hers.

I slid my whole length inside her until my trimmed pubic hair was against her bald pussy.

“Mmmm, your dick’s massive” she purred. I was adequately endowed at 6 inches and quite thick, but I think she just knew what to say to a guy.

I fondled her tits as I started rolling my hips, building up a gentle rhythm. I didn’t want to go too fast because I was already on a hair trigger in this girl’s pussy.

She moaned underneath me, arching her hips, her massive tits jiggling in my hands. I leant down and sucked her nipples alternately, provoking more moans from Lisa.

I laid flat on her and tucked my hands underneath her back, squashing her tits against my chest. Lisa’s thick thighs stroked against mine as I fucked her and we kissed roughly and sloppily, moaning into each other’s mouths.

I felt my limit coming and started thrusting hard, moaning “I’m gonna cum” into her ear.

She moaned and growled “Mmmmm, cum up me, cum up me, shoot all your jizz up my fucking cunt.”

I buried my cock to the hilt in her pussy and felt my orgasm ignite. My balls tightened and began forcing my cum in pulses through my length and into this 18 year old girl’s shaven cum hole. She lifted her hips and looked into my eyes as she took my jizz, milking my cock with her cunt.

“Fill me up babe, give me that spunk, mmmmmh, my boyfriend never shoots this much jizz up me.” she moaned sluttily.

My orgasm faded and I slipped my cock out of her cunt, a glob of spunk leaking out with it, dribbling down her arse cheek and onto Kim’s sofa. Lisa put her hand under her pussy, catching my spunk as it leaked out of her. I took her in, this fat 18 year old with her bleached blonde hair, cheap make up and huge tits, sat there with my cum leaking out of her cunt, the pale fluid pooling in the palm of her hand.

“Was that better than your wife’s pussy then?” she asked brazenly.

I groped one of her tits. “Hell yes.” and it was.

The guilt hadn’t set in yet, but I was dreading its arrival. This fat 18 year old slapper I had met about 7 hours ago was laid before me with two nut-fuls of my spunk leaking out of her cheap cunt.

She stood up and caught the last of my cum in her hand. She grabbed one of Kim’s towels and wiped all my cum onto the towel before throwing it into Kim’s laundry bag. She slipped on her thong, bra and top and whispered cheekily “Good night!” before returning to Kim’s bed.

I looked down at my cock, still slick with Lisa’s pussy juices. “Holy shit.” I mouthed to myself.

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