Teasing the Pool Boy

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Big Dicks

I’ve always loved my body. I’ve been naturally blessed with sexy, round, bouncy tits and pert little ass but I also train hard to keep in shape so I can wear things I like, particularly bikinis.

Every summer, my family and I, go to our Miami house. It’s big and open and has a great pool. This year, since i was 18 now, I decided to go up early and get a head start on my relaxation time.

I breathed a sigh of happiness as we approached the big wrought iron gates, marking the entrance to the house. It had been empty for a few month and the housekeepers had just left. My driver pulled up at the front of the house and opened my car door for me. I stepped out, admiring the big white house, glittering in the sunlight. He pulled my luggage from the back of the car and took them into the house. I followed him, taking in my gorgeous home for the next few weeks.

I tipped the driver and sent him on his way. I took my bag upstairs and decided to get changed to go out to the pool.

I unpacked a few items and stripped off. Rifling though drawers trying to find the perfect bikini top to hold my E-cup breasts. I finally settled on a thin, small white bikini top and matching string bottoms. I admired myself in the mirror, my nipples slightly visible through the thin, stretched fabric. I giggled to myself, damn I looked good today!

I headed downstairs to get a towel and some lotion. I set them on the kitchen side while I grabbed some water from the fridge. I jumped up on the counter and opened my water, looking down I noticed my nipples were erect and hard, straining through the thin material covering them. Oops, I though, smiling.

I found the multimedia system and turned the music on. I loved being home alone, I could do whatever I wanted without anyone moaning at me.

I grabbed my towel and headed outside to sunbathe for a while. I lay there listening to the music playing through the outside speakers, feeling the sun warm my skin.

Suddenly I heard the back gate unlocking and opening. I sat up, alarmed. No one is supposed to be here! I thought, as a young, muscular guy walked through the gateway.

“Oh! Hey I’m so sorry! I didn’t know anyone was here so early.” He exclaimed.

“And you are?!?” I said accusingly.

“Oh, yeah, sorry. I’m here to clean the pool. You hired me last summer?”

“Uhhh… yeah sure, I remember now.” I said, relaxing a little “Go ahead.” He smiled and nodded as he went into the small shed near the pool to get the equipment.

I put my sunglasses on and settled back down on my lounger, watching him work from behind my dark glasses. I caught him staring at me a few times, I smiled to myself, loving the attention.

I got up and wondered back inside the house, feeling his eyes on my ass. I grabbed the bottle of sunscreen and sauntered back out into the sun. I repositioned my lounger canlı bahis and sat carefully on it, sitting up now. I squirted some cream into my hands and began to rub it over my chest. I peeked through my sunglasses to find him staring at me again. I kept going, sliding my hand underneath my bikini top, rubbing my tits, teasing my nipples so they were hard. When I slid my hands back out, they were erect again, straining the see-through material. I squirted some more cream, on to my body this time, running my hands down my stomach and over my hips, making sure he was watching my every move.

He dropped the pool net and walked over to the shed again. He pulled his top off, revealing a strong muscular body from countless hours of manual labour. Everything about him was big… his muscles, his shoulders, his hands… his cock? I wondered to myself.

My pussy tingled at the thought.

I let him watch me some more as I seductively rubbed the cream into my body. When I grew bored of letting him watch, I called him over.

“HEY!… What’s your name?” I shouted across the yard.

He walked closer “I’m John.” he replied.

“Well, John, can you do me a favour?” I asked smiling sweetly at him.

“Sure, what is it…uhhh…?”

“Gaby, you can call me Gaby” I said, still smiling.

He smiled back, “What do you need, Gaby?” he asked, moving closer.

“Would you mind rubbing some of this on my back please?” I requested, holding the bottle of lotion in hid direction.

“Oh… ummm… sure” he stuttered, uneasily.

He took the bottle from me and I rolled over, pushing my hips up, showing my ass to him a little. I relaxed back into the lounger as he rubbed cream on his hands to warm it up. He pushed his hands on to my back, massaging me a little as he rubbed the cream into my skin.

“Mmm.” I mumbled appreciatively.

He lifted his hands off me and I felt the string ties of my bikini loosen and fall to the side. He slid his hands all the way down my back and worked his way back up my sides.

I could feel my pussy starting to get wet as his big hands worked over my body. Part of me hoped he might notice it through my tiny bikini bottoms.

He moved down my body, to my lower back and ass. I felt his hands run down to my legs, barely touching my ass.

“Don’t let me burn anywhere.” I reminded him, wiggling my ass a little.

He laughed as applied more cream, this time sliding his hands under my bikini bottoms, gently squeezing my firm little butt. I giggled quietly as he did so. He worked his way down to my legs, spreading them slightly to get to my inner thighs.

I gasped a little, feeling his fingers between my legs. He continued to massage cream into me, inching higher and higher until he was touching my wet pussy through my bikini. I moaned a little and spread my legs wider for him.

“What bahis siteleri is all this?” he murmured, sliding a finger under my panties, feeling the slick wetness beneath.

“Oops…” I giggled.

He plunged his finger inside me, and then added another. I moan softly as he stroked me. He slowly pulled them out, and I looked over to watch him lick my juices off them.

He finished off my body, rubbing cream into my legs, leaving me teased and turned on.

When he was done, I turned over and let my already loose top fall to the ground. My big round tits were exposed to him. I smiled up at him “Don’t tease me and leave me.” I joked. I untied the strings on my panties and pulled them off too.

I lay there, smiling and naked, waiting for him to make the next move.

“Are you sure?” he asked, curiously.

I rolled my eyes and before I knew it He was kneeing at the bottom of my lounger, pulling my legs, dragging me closer to him until I was sitting on the edge.

I gasped a little as his hand reached up and pushed me down. I lay on the lounger, his head between my legs, one of his hands resting on my thigh, the other teasing my nipple.

He bent down and began to lick, softly at first, tasting me, licking up all the wet sweetness my pussy had to offer. His tongue flicked across my clit and my body twitched in response.

I groaned as he did it again, harder this time.

“Mmmm, fuck…” I moaned, my hand tangled in his short dark hair, pushing him into my pussy.

He moved his hand off my leg and pushed it inside me again, his other hand still playing with my tits. My back arched and I moaned louder.

“I’m gonna cum” I groaned.

He slid his finger out of me and slid 2 back in, still licking me, teasing my clit with his mouth. He kept going as I writhed and wriggled, my breathing shallow and rapid as I felt my orgasm peak. I cried out as cum flooded out of me, spilling out of my pussy and on to him and the lounger. He licked it all up and stood over me when he was done.

“Thanks!” I smiled, still trying to catch my breath.

“Oh… I’m not done with you yet.” he said in a harsh voice.

I looked up at him, biting my lip. He pulled down his shorts and boxers, stepping out of them. His thick, long cock sprang out. I grinned cheekily, I was right, everything about his was big.

“Get on your hands and knees” he ordered. I did as I was told, and he positioned himself behind me.

“Ready, slut?” he asked, rubbing the tip of his cock against my aching pussy.

“Yess” I moaned, pushing back against him.

He thrust into me, hard and I cried out. He grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked my head back. He slammed into me again and again, holding my hair so tight I couldn’t move. He groaned with each thrust, his balls slapping against me.

I gripped the sides of my lounger as he bahis şirketleri pounded me harder, lost in ecstasy as I cam over and over again. His cock slid in and out of me with ease now, my pussy dripping.

I snapped back to reality when I felt his finger plunge into my tight asshole. I cried out in pain.

“Ouch!” I cried.

He removed his finger slowly and laughed. He slid his cock out of my pussy and leant down, carefully parting my ass cheeks. I felt his soft wet tongue dancing over my tiny hole before his fingers were back at it, teasing and pushing on my ass. His breath so close to my pretty little pussy made me shiver. A warm sensation hit my ass as he spat a thick blob of saliva straight on to me. He massaged my hole again, slipping his finger in, lubed with saliva. I moaned, in less pain this time. He stood back up, pushing his pole back into me, his finger still deep in my ass.

He resumed fucking me and I came hard and fast as he moved his finger gently in my ass.

He stretched my ass a little more and slid another finger in, I moaned louder, both my tight holes full now.

I lost count of how many times I came after that. His thick fingers in my ass felt amazing, my body twitching and convulsing with pleasure as waves of orgasms crashed over me.

“Where do you want me to cum?” he grunted, breathlessly.

“I…don’t…care!” I stuttered between thrusts.

A few seconds later, he was moaning, his fingers no longer in my ass as he held me tight to him.

I felt him explode inside me, his thick, sticky cum shooting out of him and into me. I moaned as I felt him filling me up with his hot load. When he was done, he released me and pulled out. I could feel the hot, thick liquid that was my cum mixed with his, leaking out of my used cunt.

He stood up properly and redressed while I finally caught my breath and sat on the lounger, my legs sticky from the cum running down them. He smiled at me, tossing my bikini top back to me. “Thanks, that was fun.” I smirked, hanging my top off the lounger.

“Yeah, it was” he winked at me.

I stood up, still completely naked, and walked back into house to clean up. He resumed cleaning the pool and was almost done by the time I came out. I had put on a new pair of bikini panties but let my bouncy tits stay exposed.

I walked back outside and he looked a little surprised to see me still topless. I grinned, loving the fact he was still staring.

He packed the equipment away and walked over to me.

“That’s me done for the day… unless there’s anything else that needs doing?” he asked, a naughty glint in his eyes.

“I think that’s all for today.” I replied, stepping closer to him, my tits almost touching him.

He looked down at them and bit his lip.

“Although… I think the pool might need cleaning again tomorrow,” I said with a cheeky smile.

He reached around and smacked my ass.

“Good.” He whispered “See you then”.

I watched him walk back to the side gate and leave, thinking about how much fun I was gonna have this summer.

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