Tanya 2.1.0: Family Fun

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Disclaimer : No incestuous sex. No heterosexual sex between biological relatives (parents, siblings and cousins), only between in-laws. Contains lesbian sex, but not gay sex. All characters are above age.



Jimmy: Tanya’s husband

Anita: Tanya’s friend.

Jacky: Anita’s husband and Jimmy’s twin brother

Zoya: Tanya’s friend

Charlie: Zoya’s husband and Jimmy and Jacky’s friend

Tanmay: Tanya’s brother

Priya: Tanmay’s girlfriend and Jimmy’s colleague

Swati: Tanya’s mother

Rohit: Tanya’s father

Rahul: Rohit’s brother. Tanya’s uncle

Seema: Rahul’s wife. (Aunty)

Arpan: Rahul’s elder son. Tanya’s cousin

Gargi: Arpan’s wife

Tarpan: Rahul’s younger son. Tanya’s cousin.

Candice:Tarpan’s temporary girlfriend. Australian exchange student

Tanya is a professor at IIT. Jimmy and Priya works in a software MNC.

Tanmay, Arpan, Gargi and Tarpan co-founded a technology startup. They all live in a city which is the in-universe equivalent of Delhi.

Zoya and Anita are actresses based out of in-universe Mumbai- equivalent. Jacky is a music composer for their films, while Charlie spends his time travelling the world as a consultant for petroleum refineries.

Rahul and Seema lives in the Bangalore-equivalent, however the city in the universe is located in place of Kolkata.

Rohit and Swati are retired in Delhi-eqvt too.


Tonight was to welcome Priya into the folds of the family. Priya’s entry has been most fortuitous. Tanmay has finally been clean for 6months now, getting back into his old job and clean life. She gave him the emotional stability he so needed.

The whole family was cramped into Rohit’s bungalow. It was actually a huge place, with a garden, outside the city. Nobody actually lived here, it was kept for these occasions. Sitting on the banks of river Jamuna, Swati nicknamed it as “Summer Palace” like the ones the Mughal emperors of the old times had.

Over the last week, Tanya and Gargi had helped Swati setup the place for the party. Infact, Jimmy, Arpan and Tanmay had pitched in too. Rohit had wanted things to do his way, but Swati shot him down with ‘keep your impractical ideas to yourself’. He was grumbling about the arrangements but agreed that the house looked beautiful as per his wife’s decoration. Inspite of their long journey by train (Rahul hated the cramped cattle class of flights) Seema had given her two bits of house -decoration creativity to her sister-in-law.

The men had stuck to mostly party casuals while the women had dressed up. Swati and Tanya stuck to sarees, Swati wore a wheatish cotton saree while Tanya’s was dark blue. Gargi being the least fashion-conscious woman, had a simple salwar-kameez. Seema being the suitable mother-in-law to Gargi, too was in salwar-kameez though hers was a bit more bold. Priya arrived, beautifully decked in a black dress.

It was 8pm when Tarpan waltzed in with a girl in arms. “She’s Candice. My date for tonight.” was all the explanation that he gave.

The party properly started once Zoya and Anita arrived. They were the leading actresses in the industry right now, but tonight they were just Tanya’s closest friends. In fact they were practically family.

Jack Daniel’s, a few varieties of wines, half a dozen cocktails (thanks to Swati) and a couple crates of Corona was the drinks menu with suitable fritters. Being an agnostic family mostly, no food was haram for them, unless it tasted bad.

Once everyone was under slight escort bostancı alcoholic stupor, Tanya asked for everybody’s attention. Rahul, expressing his seniority, shouted “Quiet, quiet.” All the attention turned towards where she stood, Priya beside her.

“This is Priya. Some of us know her intimately but we will all know her openly by the end of tonight.” The room burst into giggles that Priya and Candice felt was odd.

“She’s my brother’s girlfriend. I love my brother and he loves her and so I love her!”

Amid raucous laughter, Tanya lip locked with Priya. Priya had had lesbian sex with Tanya, but felt uncomfortable being so open in front of her to-be in-laws. She felt a pair of hands on her back pulling down the zip. It was Jimmy.

“What are you doing?”

“Didn’t you hear Tanya? That the family is going to get to know you openly.”

When Tanmay had asked her formally to introduce her to his family, this was the last thing in her mind. Who introduces his fiancee to his family by having her stripped naked?!

But before she could protest, Tanya and Gargi had slipped the gown off her. It lay pooled at her ankles. Gargi remembered her own revelation most vividly. It was embarrassing and tonight she would enjoy embarrassing the youngest woman to join the family.

“Priya! Daughter! We need to know you will be an obedient wife to my son. For that we need you to take spankings from us all to show your commitment. Are you ready?”

No, she was not ready to be touched like this. She felt sick to her stomach. But when she looked at Tanmay, he looked at her expectantly, asking her to go with it. Tanya and Jimmy too were encouraging her.

She knew if she consented today, it would be equivalent to consenting to her marriage. Did she love Tanmay enough to marry into this crazy family. She realized with a shock that the prospect of being stripped naked and spanked had wetted her panties. Touching she felt it was practically drenched. She hesitantly allowed Tanya to place her, bent over a small table. Her panty-clad bottom faced the audience, while the mirror in front of her displayed her bra-clad breasts and blushing face.

First up was her Tanmay. He roughly grabbed her legs and pulled them apart until she was forced to arch her back and buttocks protruded out obscenely. He pulled her panties up till the sheer material was pressed to her crotch. Then he spanked her twice on each cheek, cupping her breasts.

Then she saw Rohit and Rahul approach her. Rohit gave her a spank while Rahul awaited his turn. Tanmay gestured something and Rohit cupped her breasts with the other hand as he landed the second slap. Priya turned several shades redder in humiliation. But then she watched with relish that Swati was envious of her. Rahul followed her brother’s example and gave his quota of 4 spanks cupping her breasts too.

Swati and Seema was next. They decided to humiliate her as far as they could by pulling on her nipples rather than just cup the breasts. Then one by one, Tanya and Jimmy, Arpan and Gargi, Jacky and Zoya, Charlie and Anita, and finally Tarpan and Candice came in couples and gave her 2 spanks on each cheek, amid cheers and jeers. The slaps were mostly playful and light, though the audience sometimes cheered “Harder! Harder!”, but her buttocks smarted from so many spanks.

Tanya then told her, “Go and ask Tanmay to take off your bra and panties.”

She went and stood in front of him but Tanmay was busy chatting with Arpan. She grew frustrated and coughed. He paid no attention. Then Gargi whispered to her, “Ask! Politely!”

By ümraniye escort now Priya was starting to enjoy her own humiliation and said, “Darling! Please take off my bra and panties and pander my assets to your family.”

Everyone clapped and Jimmy wolf-whistled at this. Tanmay obliged her, as if reluctantly, and Priya, sarcasm thick in her voice, mocked “Thank you dear”.

Tanya was enjoying seeing that Priya had the ability to enjoy these situations like her and unlike Gargi. Gargi had started crying when she had to do this. Tanya had on other hand rubbed her wet crotch on Jimmy’s face and was promptly slapped hard there by her father as punishment.

Now Priya went back to her position, naked as the day she was born. To her surprise, Tanya and Gargi too joined her. Now the earlier sequence followed, starting with the three women getting their first spanks from their husbands. Finally Tanya spanked the other two naked women. The sight of one naked woman spanking another was divine to the men. There were much more catcalling and jeers this time. Then Gargi spanked the other two and informed Priya it was her turn to spank her and Tanya. Priya had no compunction punishing Gargi, but felt weird spanking Tanya. However she not only spanked Tanya but also cupped her breasts, just as Tanya had done, enjoying the flitting moment of control.

“Now Tanya, Gargi… guide your new sister to display herself to us,” Rohit told. Gargi blushed at this and even Tanya looked embarrassed. Priya was curious what it meant. Gargi squatted with her hands behind her heads, her legs spread apart. But Tanya kept on insisting her to spread it wider till Priya could see deep into her sister-in-law’s cunt. It was the very definition of splayed cunt. Then Priya had to take the same stance. She realized how exposed she was to her audience; her tits jutting out and her cunt splayed open. Then Tanya joined them effortlessly. After a dozen squats like this they then crawled in front of their own husbands. They repeated the squats, promising each time “I’ll be a good and obedient wife.”

Then they crawled to in front of where the older generation was seated. They again repeated the dozen squats, this time promising “I’ll be a good and obedient daughter-in-law (daughter in case of Tanya).”

Finally they had to squat in front of the other two in turns, promising to be ‘a good and friendly sister-in-law’. After so many squats, both heavier Gargi and Priya was feeling leg cramps and even athletic Tanya wasn’t comfortable.

Rohit then instructed them to go and sit with their husbands. Finding no space, they sat on the laps.

“Swati! Seema! Do you think yourself superior to your daughters-in-law?” Rahul asked them.

“No Sir!” they replied together.

“Then promise to be good mothers-in-law,” Rohit instructed.

The two older women then stripped naked and came and squatted in front of their respective daughter-in-law. They did a dozen squats, promising like they will be good mothers-in-law, to be friendly with them, never show any dominance or superiority and not to interfere in their life. Priya was astound to see her mother-in-law-to-be Swati doing naked squats in front of her as she sat on her fiancé’s lap. Then Swati and Seema took the spanking position, and one by one each one of them spanked the two women. At the last it was the turn of Priya and Gargi to spank their respective mothers-in-law and they were cheered loudly. Priya caught Gargi’s eye just before landing her slap and the two women slapped hard, eliciting winces and moans from their victims. This only aroused the crowd and kartal escort bayan shouted, “Harder! Harder!” and they obliged. After 4 spanks while tugging their nipples, they exchanged their spankees and landed four more. Swati and Seema were left with burning butts and crying eyes.

Then all the women kneeled in front of their respective husbands, naked, holding their ears and legs spread apart. Even Zoya, Anita and Candice joined in. The men rubbed their big toe against the woman’s clit till they orgasmed. It felt so dirty that Priya couldn’t keep control long. Soon all the women had orgasmed from this nasty treatment. Then the women lay down upon their respective men’s lap, to get a butt spanking over the knee. The women were spanked to tears, their buttocks red and bruised. Soon a role reversal saw the women taking their men across their knees, after stripping them naked, and the men too were reduced to tears.

Now everyone was naked and had their butts reddened, it was time for debauchery. Priya and Gargi was made to kneel, where they first licked Swati and Seema’s cunt till they were rewarded with their juices released on their faces. Then it was their husbands’ turn to be serviced by their wives. All the other women too started servicing their husbands. The men had had no relief and soon each of the women was rewarded with shots of thick cum on their faces, stretching from their hair to their breasts. But there was no relief for Gargi and Priya. They were next choking on their respective fathers-in-law, who swapped before adding to their sons’ cum across the women’s faces.

On the other side, Jimmy, Jacky and Charlie were having a cock-sucking wife swap, but soon the women too were getting oral in a 69. Swati and Seema too were having a lesbian 69, while Tanmay and Arpan had joined Tarpan in triple-penetrating his Australian broad.

Zoya, Anita and Tanya was getting double ended by the three brothers and the three husbands. They were sucking Tanmay, Arpan and Charlie and was being doggy-style fucked by Tarpan, Jimmy and Jacky. Meanwhile Rahul and Rohit were double ending one of Swati and Seema in turns, while the other woman engaged Candice in a lesbian 69.

Gargi and Priya too got into a lesbian sisters-in-law 69, each one’s tongue penetrating deep into the other’s thatch. Priya had never thought she would have homosexual encounters except with Tanya, but she found a deeper bonding with Gargi. Sex with Tanya was almost like with a man; Tanya had to have the dominance. But now the two women shared their body with each other on equal terms.

But now both Gargi and Priya was hungry for some male organs in their holes. And they were filled in soon. Their husbands choose their arseholes, while Tarpan and Jimmy inserted their tools into their cunts. At the other end, Jacky and Charlie was taking turns with them. Zoya and Anita meanwhile was pleasuring Swati and Seema by licking their cunts while their husbands fucked them up their arsehole. Tanya was busy teaching Candice some tricks of cunt licking and getting paid back in the same by the quick learner.

While the men were mostly spent, the women still wanted more. Tanya inserted her fingers to the hilt inside her friends’ cunts. Anita and Zoya screamed in pain and pleasure as three fingers pistoned in and out of their vaginal holes. They in turn was fingering Gargi and Priya who was busy pleasuring their mothers-in-law. Closing the circle, the two older ladies were busy with Tanya’s pussy. Swati fingered her daughter with abandon with Seema backing her up. The circle of women glistened with sweat as they thrashed about from the ministrations to their cunts, their hands busy passing it on to the next person. They only stopped after multiple waves of orgasms sapped away their energy, exhaustion overpowering them.

The next day, it was time to leave for all. Only to be back later. Someday.

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