Taming Her Master Pt. 02

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Staring down the length of her new Master’s very erect cock, poised threateningly at her lips, Elise looked up at his face, and recognizing that crazed look in his eye, she knew she had to do whatever it took to talk him down, even if she was naked and helplessly bound with her hands tied over her head.

But somehow the irresistible pressure of his cockhead at her lips had her slipping her tongue out and licking all around his slick crown, lapping away the pre-come she found there. It might be crazy, but she couldn’t seem to help herself. He just looked so tempting naked and aroused. Watching his eyes close and hearing him moan, laving all around him with her tongue, she sucked him deep into her mouth, moaning almost as loud at the exquisite feel of him, so smooth and so hard. Finally letting go of him with a pop, she promised in a sultry voice, “You know, if you untie me, we could both enjoy this more.”

Lost in the moment, opening his eyes and curiously studying her face, Nicholas tipped his head and said, “But why would I want to do that, when you just look so beautiful, naked, bound and at my mercy. Which only makes me that much harder. Couldn’t you feel how hard you’ve made me when you had me in your mouth? And it is you who does this to me, Elise. When I woke and saw you lying naked next to me, looking so unbelievably tempting, I just had to have you. And now I think I might have to sketch you like this. Capturing how you look right now, tied up with your hands bound tight over your head, those pretty lips damp and parted, breasts heaving, rosy little peaks sharp as diamonds you’re absolute perfection. And if I spread your legs I’m sure I’d discover that you’re dripping wet for me, too, and your hot little pussy will be the most delightfully aroused shade of pink, just begging for my cock to plunder it. And that’s something I’d really love to sketch, the delectable sight of your pussy, wet and swollen and waiting to be fucked.”

She blinked listening to him, unable to tear her eyes away. At least she’d discovered why the subjects of his paintings all looked so aroused.

Her heart kicking up a notch with every kinky word he said, as incredibly hot as that all that sounded, Elise didn’t love the fact that he’d gone back to his dark place again, the one she’d already begun to recognize as a little scary. And since she’d hadn’t been with him a day yet, she had no idea where all of this might lead. Of course being the adventurous type, this wasn’t the first time she’d been restrained, and the few other times when she’d agreed to be tied up, she’d even enjoyed it – but it had never happened without her consent. So, if this was going to work, then he’d have to realize he couldn’t just tie her up and do what he wanted to her any time he was in the mood, especially when she was out of it, still asleep.

So she told him, “Nicholas, of course you can sketch me like this if you’d like, but then I want to be untied.” Then as an added enticement she said, “And if we’re going to enjoy each other, I’d like to be able to run my hands over you, too, and feel the heat of your skin under my fingers. Wouldn’t you like that?”

With a slow thoughtful nod of his head, he reached his hands down and circled her breasts, tweaking her nipples between her fingers. “Yes, since touching you feels utterly amazing, like running my hands over warm silk, only so much more inviting.”

Then without warning, his eyes suddenly narrowed darkly on her breasts. And crawling up the bed, cupping them in both his hands, he pressed her breasts together and inserting his rigid cock between them, he groaned as he began to flex his hips and fuck the tight little valley between her perfect mounds, telling her as he rode them, “Fuck, every inch of you just feels so damn amazing. And I think I could live with my cock buried right where it is. Do you have any idea how alluring you look right now tied up while I’m using your tits like this for my pleasure, like my own personal little fuck toys?”

Shaking her head, her breath hitching in her chest at the erotic sight of his cockhead pushing up toward her face through her breasts, she breathlessly whispered, “No.”

Chuckling he said, “Well, on a scale of one to ten, I’d say right now you’d be about a twenty. You just look so damn hot.”

Unable to resist, on his next thrust, she lashed the tip of his cock with her tongue, and seeing her hot little tongue stroke his cock almost undid him, making him growl and ride her that much harder. “Oh fuck, I’m going to come soon,” he warned as he continued to pump his hips, “all over those beautiful breasts. And I can’t wait to coat them with my seed. Do you see what you do to me? You drive me insane. I have no control when I’m with you.”

“But can’t I touch you, too, and really be a part of this?” she dared to ask.

Heaving a weary sigh, slowing his thrusts, looking down at the pleading look in her eyes, he finally did what she asked, reached up and unhooked the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri gold silk ties that hung from the top of his canopied bed.

And taking a look down at the footboard, Elise realized there were also ties designed to restrain her ankles. Deciding she was lucky she hadn’t woken spread-eagle with his cock already buried in her pussy, she shook out her hands for a second to regain the circulation in her arms, then reaching around him, clutching his ass, she grinned as she helped him to ride her tits, happy to join in the fun, now that he’d agreed to set her free. Because as wild as this whole thing was, how could she ever resist him?

Tugging his now smiling face down with one hand, she took his mouth in a kiss hot enough to stop him in his tracks. Then suddenly pulling back he looked at her and froze, as though seeing her for the first time. “God, you’re amazing,” he told her in a whisper. “And I know I’ve never enjoyed anyone more.”

Dropping his head again, he hungrily plundered her mouth. Holding him tight, Elise was thrilled, savoring the heat of his kiss, her tongue desperately dancing with his. And then she felt him kneeing apart her thighs, moaning into his mouth, delirious with need as he pushed his cock into her pussy and began to make love to her with both his body as well as his mouth, each trust of his tongue matched with a slow deliberate flex of his hips, god it felt like heaven. And when he finally sped up, his heart pounding wildly against hers, clutching her ass tight in his hands as he came, groaning deep into her mouth as she felt him fill her pussy with every last drop of his release, as frightening as he could be at times, Elise honestly couldn’t remember enjoying being with a man more. Nothing she’d experienced before had felt even close to what she felt with him.

And it seemed all he needed was to be shown some affection and his crazed side seemed to calm, replaced with a more profound sense of longing as he continued to tenderly kiss her mouth long after he’d satisfied his driving need for her. Clinging tightly to her, he lingered over her mouth, moaning as he ran his hands over her body, as though desperate to memorize every inch.

Pushing a hand through her hair, his other hand stroking her face, he pulled back looked in her eyes and told her, “I don’t want you to leave me.”

Not sure why he’d say that, smiling into his eyes, she cupped his face in her hand, running her thumb along his lower lip. “I promised to stay with you for a year, remember? And I won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, especially not after that.”

Blue-gray eyes locked hard on hers, he said, “But what if I want more?”

Realizing he was serious, she asked him, “More than just the year we agreed on?”

Holding her gaze, he nodded his head and said, “Yes.”

Blowing out a breath, seeing the expectant look in his eyes, she didn’t know what to say. With the unpredictable way his moods went up and down like a yo-yo, she hoped she’d last the year with him, but after only just a day, it was a little too early to be promising anything more.

But before she could even think how to answer, he was impatiently rolling off of her and getting out of bed. His entire demeanor quickly changing as he got back into boss mode and informed her curtly, “I’m getting a shower now. We’ll be having breakfast in the library. And since we’ve got a lot to do today, I wouldn’t dally if I were you.”

Silently nodding that she understood, as she watched him stride into the bathroom, Elise wished she could have said something, anything, just to assure him that she at least cared, and that she really had no plans to leave. But to promise him anything more, at this point would be a lie. And she decided the least she could do was try to be honest with him.

Somehow, she imagined that he’d been hurt, perhaps even scarred by someone that he trusted and probably cared for, which, if true, would explain a lot. Not only his need for control, and domination as well as his constant demand for sex, but even the brief flash of insecurity she’d just witnessed, could all be the result of some kind of trauma that had left him damaged. Although she was no shrink, she had a feeling that what he needed more than anything was to feel that if he were to let down his guard and dare to trust, that he wouldn’t be hurt again by someone he was growing to care for.

Which it seemed might be her.

Once Nicholas had showered, shaved, dressed and left the bedroom without bothering to say a word to her, heavy a weary sigh, Elise got herself ready for the day, taking care to look her best for him she wore a perfectly fitted soft white silk blouse with a raw silk beige skirt that hit just above the knee. Making a point of wearing the heels he seemed to enjoy so much, she decided at the last minute to put her blonde hair up in sexy French twist. Even if he was annoyed with her, she decided she could still try and look güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri attractive for him.

But once she’d gotten downstairs, instead of heading straight for the library, she went instead to the kitchen where she found Mary busy loading the trolley with their breakfast. Smiling as she strode in, Elise said, “Good morning, Mary.”

Looking a little surprised to see her, the other woman smiled back warmly. “Good morning to you, too, Miss Elise. I trust you slept well?”

Yikes. Trying her best not to look guilty, or like a woman who’d just been thoroughly ravished, she wondered if Nicholas’s housekeeper had any idea where she’d spent the night, or of type of life her master led. But since he’d had a succession of women before her, she imagined Mary probably had a pretty good idea of the type of things he got up to. So, doing her best not let the smile drop from her face, Elise managed to say, “Actually I did sleep well, thank you.”

At least until she woke up bound by her hands with her master’s erection poised at her lips.

Nodding, Mary looked into her eyes, wearing a bit of an odd expression, she said, “I’m glad.”

“I can bring this in for you, if you’d like,” Elise offered, taking hold of the trolley, once she realized it was loaded with everything they’d need.

Mary nodded again, and said, “Thank you, my dear.”

Pushing the trolley into the library, Elise noticed that once Nicholas saw it was her instead of Mary, he went right back to what he was working on at his computer without even acknowledging that she’d walked in. “Hope you’re hungry. Mary’s made us a feast,” she said, doing her best to break the ice.

When all he did was shrug, and give her a grunt, rolling her eyes at how childishly he was behaving, she filled a plate for him and set it in front of him on his desk, then asked, “What would you like to drink – orange juice, tea, coffee, ice water?”

Finally narrowing his eyes on her, he bit out, “What I would like is for my housekeeper to serve me and my assistant to finish her breakfast so we can get to work.”

Nodding at his little fit of pique, she said quietly, “Then I’ll eat as fast as I can.”

But instead of joining him at his desk as she had the afternoon before when they’d shared tea, she went to her own desk on the right of his by the large leaded glass window, now brightly bathed in morning sunlight, and put down her plate of scrambled eggs, toast, juice and tea and took her seat and looked out the window, deciding she could ignore him, too.

Heaving a sigh, feeling annoyed with himself, Nicholas finally muttered, “Don’t race. I’m sorry I’m being so rude.”

Picking up her tea cup, she told him again, “I have no plans on leaving you, Nicholas.”

Nodding thoughtfully once she’d said that, he picked up his fork and began to eat his breakfast. And after that, the rest of their morning was far more bearable.

But at a little after twelve, Nicholas got to his feet and said, “I don’t think I’ll have any lunch, but you go ahead. I think I’ll take a walk in the garden instead. And I’ll see you back here in an hour or so.”

Not sure if she should offer to join him, Elise decided to head back to the kitchen to have lunch with Mary, and let him enjoy his walk, hoping it would clear his head and do him some good. Edward, the dapper elderly butler she’d met the day before was finishing up eating in the kitchen with Mary, both of them looking surprised when she walked in. Mary quickly getting to her feet, nervously asked, “Is the master looking for his lunch?”

Shaking her head, Elise smiled and reassured her, “No. He’s not having any today, and has decided instead to go for a walk in the garden.”

Both Mary and Edward’s eyebrows lifted, looking at each other curiously when she said that. “Hmm,” Edward murmured, looking thoughtful for a moment. Since Elise would have no way of knowing that Nicholas never skipped his lunch, which was his favorite meal of the day that he sometimes even shared with them. Then after downing the last of his tea in one gulp, Edward announced, “Guess I should be getting back to work and leave you two to eat in peace.”

Once he left, Mary went into the fridge and got out more sandwiches, and after getting a tea cup for Elise, she joined her at the long wooden kitchen table. “So,” she asked with a smile, “are you enjoying working for Master Nicholas?”

Elise nodded as she picked up the tea pot and filled both their cups. “Yes. He seems fair. And he’s not too demanding.”

Unless she was naked, then he was pretty damn demanding. But she wasn’t about to tell her that.

Leaning close Mary said, “You know none of the others ever came into the kitchen to join me for a meal, much less bother to say a word.”

“And why’s that?” Elise asked, looking puzzled as she reached for a cute, yummy looking little pinwheel sandwich.

Mary shrugged as she picked up her cup. “From what I güvenilir bahis şirketleri could tell, none of them were too friendly; mostly just in it for the money, I think. And then in a blink of an eye they were gone, leaving him on his own.”

The job did pay well, which was incentive enough for Elise to sign the contract to work for her quirky new boss in the beginning. But the odd thing was, now that she’d gotten to know him a little, especially after all the crazy stuff they’d done together, she was already feeling differently about him. Not sure if protective was the right word, she wondered again what had shaped him into the unusual man he’d become.

Curious to know more, clearing her throat, she asked, “So, I’m guessing he never had any siblings?”

“Master Nicholas?”

Elise nodded, studying the other woman’s expression. “Yes.”

Looking down at her hands for a moment, Mary finally said, “I probably shouldn’t be telling you any of this, but if it helps you to understand him better…”

Giving her a chance to continue, Elise nodded encouragingly and waited, hoping she’d go on.

Heaving a sigh, Mary finally said, “His parent’s marriage didn’t last very long, and Nicholas was their only child. His mother was quite beautiful, dark hair and bright blue eyes and very young. And eventually she left his father for some man she met at a party, leaving the boy behind without a backward glance.”

Staring at her wide-eyed, Elise put down her tea cup. “His mother left him?” When Mary nodded, Elise asked, “And how old was he?”

“Poor little thing had just turned six,” Mary said quietly.

“Oh, my god, that’s awful.” Elise could imagine how he must have felt when his own mother walked out and left him behind, especially being just a boy.

“I know. And for the longest time, he cried himself to sleep. It was terrible to hear him. And not surprisingly, he grew so attached to his governess, after that, that when his father let her go, he was nearly inconsolable. And living here with the family, I saw it all. I realize the master can be quite moody, but considering what he’s been through, with his father also dying when he was barely out of his teens, I think he manages quite well.”

Wow. Elise had a feeling that Nicholas had had something happen to him, but she had no idea he’d had to go through so much, especially so young. No small wonder he was always fighting for control, since he must have felt pretty powerless as a child. Losing his mother, his governess and then his father – she was beginning to understand why he’d asked her not to leave him, since it seemed everyone he’d ever cared about in one way or another, had.

With a lot more to digest than her lunch, now she had to decide what to do about her new boss. Although she knew she couldn’t coddle him, she could really feel for him now, better able to understand where he was coming from.

After she’d finished her lunch, Elise decided to wander out in the extensive well-manicured gardens to see if she could find Nicholas. And when she heard a splashing sound coming from behind a wall of tall, neatly trimmed hedges, she made her way through an opening, surprised to find him doing the breast stroke in a beautiful long clear pale blue-tiled pool. Gloriously naked with his clothes carelessly dumped in a pile on the grass, she marveled at the play of muscles in his glistening arms and back and his gorgeous toned ass as he glided effortlessly through the water, like was he was born to swim, with the grace of a dolphin.

Then it occurred to her, being an only child he would have had to find ways of amusing himself, with no one else to keep him company or to play with. So, it was no wonder he swam so well, since it was something he could do alone.

Suddenly feeling daring, she doffed her clothes, too. Then silently slipping into the cool water, slightly shivering, she watched him touch the end of the pool before he flipped onto his back and did a perfect backstroke all the way to the shallow end. Finally getting to his feet, brushing the dark, wet hair off his face with his hand, he stared at her hard when he noticed she’d joined him in the pool. His expression unreadable, Elise took a chance and swam over to him.

Wrapping her arms around him, her bare breasts pressed to his chest, she smiled up into his eyes and said, “Wow, you can really swim.”

Nodding, he slipped his arms around her, cupping her bare bottom in his hand, but still didn’t say anything. And just when she was about to reassure him again, that she really did intend to stay for the entire year, just as she’d promised, he brushed a gentle kiss to her lips and told her, “I’ve made a decision, Elise.”

Deciding to let him speak, she just nodded and waited to hear what he had to say. But she sure as hell wasn’t expecting what came out of his mouth, when he said, “I would like you to leave today and not come back.”

Shocked, her eyes shot open, as what he said sank in. “But why would you want that? I already told you I’d stay. And I have every intention of fulfilling my contract for the entire year, just as I promised.”

Avoiding her gaze, dropping his gaze to a spot on the bottom of the pool, he said, “Don’t worry, I’ll pay you for the year. But you’re free to go.”

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