Tales of a Hustler—All Good Things, PT 2

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Tales of a Hustler—All Good Things, PT 2
Tales of a Hustler—All Good Things—Pt 2—conclusion

“Yo lil bro—-what the fuck you so happy about”? Dustin was dancing around the kitchen slinging eggs and bacon, and minding biscuits in the oven like a pro, Pouring batter into an iron skillet for pancakes. “You know if you keep this up we’re all gonna gain 50 lbs—and say bye bye to all these abs. As I reached for the coffee, Hunter strolled into the kitchen as well, in his loose boxers, and while pausing behind me for the coffee, offered his own good morning–”what the fuck Dustin—all this fuckin noise”?

“Not really all that happy dudes, just tryin to stay ‘up’ these last couple of days, till we part” I raise my coffee cup, and we all do a light clank. “Today is work day, so I guess it’s just as well” I reply in a somber voice. BY now, Joey also has appeared from down the hallway. I didn’t even realize he had spent the night. His mom was comfortable with us now, that she let him sleep over any time he wanted.

Joey looked cute as well—that super flat belly, boxers, the growth of hair appearing on his lower legs, and that morning messed up hair made him sexy as fuck. He too reached for the coffee, which now was almost empty. Dustin grabs the pot and starts the re-make process—he was such a good waiter, lol. We all sit quietly at the bar, munching down on the excellent food. Dustin speaks up first “Matthew, what we gonna do with all this stuff—barely get our clothes n stuff in the jeep”? A jeep cj was one of the funnest vehicles you could have—but 2 bucket seats and a small compartment in the back, did not make it a moving vehicle. “I gave that some thought, and here’s what we gonna do. We are going to give the weight bench and weights, and that Jenn-Aire cooktop to Joey and his mom”. Joey lit up like Christmas, and replied with “Oh thanx Matt—you guys are soo kewl” I look over at Hunter and go on with “Also, I think the twins skateboards are still back there, and maybe some clothes too. Since Hunter got his job canlı bahis şirketleri at the lake, we will give him the 4-wheeler, and the grill” “Oh jeez Matt—you don’t have to do that” “Well sure I do dawg—you have been a good friend, and you deserve it. It would be too much trouble to move those back to Tyler” He just shook his head as he took a sip of his coffee.

Dustin jumps up from the bar, and snatches the dishes up and throws them into the sink. “I’ll run down to Jerry’s and borrow his pick-up so we can get started on this shit” I told him that he and his mom could come next week for smaller stuff—dishes, pots, n pans, etc. As he runs down the hallway to grab some clothes, and comes sliding back up, he starts dancing again, moving from side to side, clapping his hands, and stomping his feet. “What are you fuckin doing, dawg” asked Hunter, still sleepy from the morning hours. “Matthew” starts Dustin, Would you take us dancing tonight”?

“Dancing”? I respond sheepishly. “Ya bro—dancing–like down at the club where you worked” Hunter jumps in as well “dancing”? Dustin does a spin in the middle of the living room–”dancing fools—ya’ll know what dancing is, right”? Joey slightly chuckles at Dustin’s prancing. “You know, like when you and Kelso and Partrino and some would get drunk late night down at the skatepark, and get silly and start dancing”? Hunter chimes in again, “Matt, what the fuck is he talking about”? I put my hand on my forehead, and start shaking it back and forth. “A-what the fuck are doing sneaking out at 200 AM and leaving the house by yurself “?

“DUDES—you are looking at the best muther-fucker in all of Texas, that can take a simple cowboy line dance, and make it the most pornographic performance you ever seen”. Joey lits up a bit and grins, while Hunter places his elbow on the countertop, and hand on the back of his head. “Oh—please—pray tell” I jump in with “na na Dustin, don’t go there, serious” “Oh comm’on Matthew, don’t be a pussy. You know you do that better than anybody canlı kaçak iddaa around—now comm’on, and take us fuckin dancing”

“Serious dude—what does he do so great” ponders Hunter. “Oh dawg—you just gotta see—it’s hard to put in words. SO like—you slide to the left, and then turn and slide to the right ? Well, when he slides, it’s like his shoulder almost goes down to the floor, and that big ass sz 13 foot is still waaaay over ‘there’, then he slithers back str8 up like a fuckin worm or sompin. That 8 pack be poppin like fuckin pop corn. Then you do that turn, to slide back—-and then he puts his shoulder right on the floor, and does a roll, then jumps back up again for the ‘stomp’. And then, fuck I dunno—he’s on his knees, with his arms behind his head—showing those bushy sweaty pits, and then he leans backwards, and does another flip, and spins, and then, oh shit I dunno—it just makes ur dick hard just watching him”

Joey blushes as Hunter jumps up for more coffee. Smiling, he looks at me and just teasing says “well, what about it porn star, you gonna take us dancing, and make ur lil bro a happy lil shit”? “Sure bro—I’ll take you guys dancing—it will be our farewell party. I will give Jim a call, and ask if we can bring Joey—he will love it.

The day went perfect, as we got all the stuff moved in about 3 hours. The cook top was a plug in, so it was easy to swap out at Joey’s moms kitchen. She said he could go with us tonight if we promised not to get him into any trouble. I checked back with Jim and he said ok as well for bringing Joey—but I better be kewl and not let him get too noticed, being just 14.

We all went for a nap later in the afternoon, and finally arose again about 600. From the large breakfast that Dustin had made in the morning, no one was very hungry so we just snacked. I decided to give all the bois a few quick lessons on line dancing, and said we would recruit a few more once at the bar. We would make it epic.

We arrive at the bar about 10:00 that night. I immediately chat canlı kaçak bahis up with Jimmy, about recruiting some guys to join in the dance—promising an ‘after party’ , and a piece of my lil bro’s ass. Rehearsal would start at 11:30, and we would do the dance at midnight. Much to my surprise, 20 dudes showed up in the side room to practice for the dance. I think they all had eyes on Dustin’s ass mostly—but what the fuck, he would love it.

As the drinks flowed, and the dope lingered in the air, it came time. It went down without a hitch—perfect, just like Dustin described—he was so happy he started crying. I remember seeing Joey shaking his head back and forth, smiling—prolly thinking how truly silly we all were when having fun. Words can’t describe the fun—just imagine 30 or so young, slim, topless, sweaty white bois doin the dead—as dirty as they could.

After the ‘party’, we decided we had better get Joey out of the bar. So as promised, I offered free beer and ass to anyone that wanted to come back to the crib, for an ‘after party’ It was only a couple of miles, so directions were easy.

As the stereo blasted with disco music, it didn’t take long for clothes to come off. Most, within 30 minutes or so were down to just gym shorts, or boxers. After a short while, about four or so headed back with Dustin to his room. Joey flashed a big grin and said to me–”they going to fuck, huh”? I giggled at Joey, and just replied “ya—and don’t you repeat nothin that happens here tonight to your mom, or she will kill us all” Joey smiled again, and just said “OK—for a beer” I stare at Joey’s deep gray eyes, and without words, hold up one finger as I hand him the Bud. He pops it and chugged about half of it in one gulp. Not his first beer, I guessed.

After about another 30 minutes most of the other guests began departing, saying thanx for the great time, and they were looking forward to seeing Joey again after he turned 18. Joey flashed them a sexy smile and just said “see ya’ll bitches” I hope they understood that meant he was going to fuck them all, lol.

Hunter and Joey settled in to some movies, and I went to check out the orgy now going on in my lil bro’s room—or should I say his ass. As I step into the doorway, I see him chocking down on one dick, another up his ass, and two more over

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