T or D part 3 (revised)

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NOTE: Sorry about the other part 3 thought I’d make it up to you guys and see if I can take the criticism and make a part 3 more fitting for this series.

Bryce and Ace lay in a pile with sweat and cum running down their bodies. The eyes of Ace’s shocked father stared at them and he felt his cock twitch.

“You guys are coming back to our house right now,” commanded Ace’s father, Craig.

Bryce and Ace managed to get to their feet and dressed themselves despite the pain in Ace’s ripped asshole. They filed out of the room with Craig following and they were soon out in the car. The ride was silent and Bryce and Ace felt very awkward about what Ace’s father just say. Bryce was getting a dirty thought in his head that his friend’s father would have an experience with them.

“Stay in the car,” said Craig as he got out and walked off.

Bryce and Ace thought out loud about what would happen to them as they rubbed each others hard-ons through the jeans. They saw Ace’s father approaching the car with a bag and they stopped rubbing. Craig entered the car and he started to head toward Ace’s house. He parked and told them to go inside and wait for him to tell them what to do. Craig went upstairs for a little while and returned and told them to come up.

“Keep these blindfolds on until I tell you to take them off,” commanded Craig as he led them into a room.

They heard a lock click and they were told to remove their blindfolds. They saw Craig’s bedroom with a set of handcuffs on each side of the bed and two sets of handcuffs on the wall.

“What one of you wants the bed?” asked Craig.

“I guess I will take it,” said Bryce.

“Ok then take off your clothes and lay face down on the bed and Ace you take off you clothes and stand by the other sets,” said Craig.

Bryce removed his clothes and he walked over with his hard dick swaying back and forth before collapsing on the bed. Ace walked over and stood sakarya escort next to the wall. Craig strapped the handcuffs around Bryce’s wrists and ankles before going to strap Ace in so he was hanging by the wall backwards.

Craig returned to Bryce and took his rough hand and spanked Bryce’s ass hard. He looked at the red mark of his hand and slapped again. He pounded each ass cheek back and forth until his whole ass was a bright red. Bryce’s eyes were full of tears and Craig slapped with a chorus of “you like that bitch” and “take it you little slut”. He stopped his assault and he pulled off his pants and underwear. He lined his fat 10-inch cock up with Bryce’s virgin little ass. He slowly pushed in causing Bryce to scream in pain. He pumped the cock in and out of the hot ass.

“Damn Bryce your ass is tighter then my wife’s,” said Craig as he pumped.

Pain ran through every bone his body every time Craig’s large member was shoved in. The cock was flying in and out as his heavy balls slapped Bryce’s every time he was fully in. Craig felt his first sensation to cum, but he held it back until he pulled out. He unchained Bryce and told him to get on his knees.

“Tell my penis that you love it and that it will always be the best and kiss it,” said Craig.

Bryce repeated what Craig said in a choked voice as he tried to get over the pain in his gaping asshole.

“Now open wide,” said Craig.

Bryce’s mouth opened and Craig shoved his cock down Bryce’s throat. Bryce could hardly breathe as the large penis was roughly pounded into his mouth. His hairy balls slapped Bryce’s face leaving sweat all over the kid’s face. He slurped and choked trying to regain his breath as the large cock slammed his mouth. He shoved his cock to full hilt and Bryce could fill it down his throat as it began to spasm and shoot its thick cream. He pulled out the cock and it sprayed its cum over every inch of the face.

“Leave that on there escort sakarya and lie face down on the bed,” said Craig as he chained Bryce up and stuck a 10-inch dildo into his ass.

He turned around and headed toward his son. He grabbed the whip he had bought and he lashed it against his son’s poor ass. He continued letting the sweet, little ass have it.

“Hey son now you’re going to meet what made you,” whispered Craig into Ace’s ear.

He stuck his used penis up his son’s asshole that was still gaping a little from Bryce. He shoved his fat, veiny cock into his son and felt the sensation of the inside of the ass. His large cock was rubbing right against the walls of his son’s ass. This sensation was driving him mad as he fucked faster and faster. He should’ve lasted longer than the first time, but this sensation was just too great. At about the same time for Bryce he felt an urge to cum, but this time he kept fucking his son before pulling out and shooting thick wads of white cum all over his son’s abused ass. He shoved a dildo up his ass before putting him in his room on his bed still handcuffed.

He called Bryce’s parents and told him he was staying the night…


“Hey Mike later do you want to go work out at the gym?” asked his stepfather, Sean as they drove back from the doctor.

“Sure then just tell me when,” said Mike.

He sat relaxing and looking at some porn before his stepdad told him to get ready. He threw on some shorts and a t-shirt before they headed out. There were a couple dozen people working out when they arrived at the gym. They began doing their thing as others left and Mike needed Sean to spot him. Mike lay back on the bench press and Sean stood behind the press. His shorts were over Mike’s head and as Mike began he saw the outline of his stepfather’s cock. He finished the set and when he looked around there was only one other person beside them left. They decided it was time sakarya escort bayan to go home so they went to the showers.

They got to the showers and slowly shed their clothing. Mike’s cock couldn’t help, but grow as he saw his father’s skin come into view. He stared at the sweat-covered six-pack completely bare of hair. Mike and his stepdad were down to their boxers and soon they were peeled off. Mike’s fully erect cock came into view as he saw his dad’s large, soft dick pop out. This was the first clean-shaven cock Mike had seen in real life. He followed his father into the large gym shower, noting the smooth ass his father had.

They reached the shower and the water poured out of multiple spouts. Mike felt the warm water streak down his body and all over his 6-inches. Sean saw his son’s little cock and his cock began to harden and soon he was at a very thick 9-inches. He couldn’t take it anymore and he walked over to his son and grabbed his cock. He stroked up and down a couple of times while Mike tried to get over what was happening.

“I need to feel that cock in my mouth,” said Sean as he got on his knees and engulfed the head of Mike’s cock.

He tugged on Mike’s slightly hairy balls as he sucked on the head. He slurped his way down the cock until his nose was down in his son’s pubes. Mike moaned loudly as his cock was exposed to the warm jets as his father sucked on his balls. He licked the saggy nut sack before engulfing the cock again. Mike was thrown over the edge as his father slurped loudly he saw the buff man enter the showers. His cock spasmed as his father grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him close and the first shot hit the back of his throat. He felt the sticky cream in his mouth as the salty taste spread throughout his mouth.

Sean let the cock slip out of his mouth and he stood up.

“You wanna join us?” asked Sean as he looked at the hard cock jutting from the buff man’s body.

“Sure what do you guys wanna do?” asked the man.

“Well how about I fuck my son and he can suck your cock?” asked Sean.

“Ok let’s go,” said the man as he walked toward them…

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