Switching Bodies with My Sis Ch. 01

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I was sitting on the couch watching TV when my twin sister, Britney, came bouncing into the living room. Britney was absolutely gorgeous. She was pretty short at 5’2. She had long brown hair with blonde highlights in it. Her skin was nice and tan (partly from the sun, partly from the tanning bed).

We were both 18 years old and finishing up our senior year in high school. Britney played volleyball for the varsity team, and had the body to match. She had thick thighs and a big juicy ass. But all the training and working out kept her tummy nice and toned. She also had a huge pair of amazing DD tits that she had to keep in a specially made sports bra when she was playing sports or working out.

Britney got right in front of the couch blocking my view of the TV. She had on a black pair of super tight leggings that showed off every bit of her curves. The leggings were very thin and sheer, and I could see a pink triangle of light shining through the crotch area, which was obviously one of her sexy little pink thongs.

On top, she had on a tight neon green tank top that showed an incredible amount of cleavage. The top of her lacy neon-pink bra cups were peeking out from the top of the tank-top. Her huge boobs looked like they were bursting to break free from their restraints. She looked so fucking sexy. I felt my cock get hard in my jeans. Good thing I had a pillow over my lap so she wouldn’t notice.

She stood their staring at me with her hands on her hips.

“Are you evening listening to me bro?”

“huh?” I responded. I was too busy focusing on her incredible body to hear what she had just said.

“I said I’m about to head out. Do you need anything before I go.”

It was Spring Break. My parents were out of town all week visiting my grandparents. My sister was going on Spring break to Daytona Beach with some of her highschool friends. She and her super hot friends were gonna spend the whole week laying out in the sun in their skimpy little bikinis, getting drunk, and partying in the clubs.

Even though they were only 18, my sister and her friends never got carded. What idiot bouncer would turn away a sexy girl like my sister with huge tits like that? They’d spend every night that week in their little micro dresses that barely covered their asses, grinding their butts against the hard cocks of a bunch of drunk and horny frat boys.

Daytona Beach didn’t sound like it would be quite as fun for me. Being a guy, I got carded everywhere, and I didn’t have a fake ID. So I convinced my parents to let me stay home alone, where I could hang out with my friends and just chill out for a week. Id have the house to myself.

“Nah, I think I’m good.” I said. “Have fun!”

“Thanks” she said. “I’d say the same to you, but I don’t how you could possibly have fun laying around the house all day.”

I have a couple of ideas on how to pass the time, I thought to myself.

Then, a car horn honked from outside. Her hot friend, Allison, who was driving them all down to Florida, was here to pick up my sister. Britney giggled with excitement, spun around, and headed to the door where her suitcases were. Her ass looked unbelievable in the leggings.

When she bent down to pick up her bags, her tank top ran up her back a little bit. The whale tail of my sister’s sexy pink thong had come out the back of the leggings and was fully exposed. I could see the tiny little strings of the thong gripping her sexy tanned hips on both sides. My cock was throbbing painfully in my jeans. Moments later, Britney grabbed her bags, ran outside, and closed the door. Then,


I was home alone. I knew exactly what I wanted to do first. I ran to the bathroom that my sister escort ataşehir and I share and went straight for the little closet where we keep the laundry hamper

I opened the door, got down on my knees and started sifting through the dirty laundry. It didn’t take me long to find exactly what I was looking for.

I pulled out one of my sister’s dirty, crumpled little thongs. The sides were made out of a very thin light blue lace, probably about an inch thick. The main part that covered her ass and pussy was white. Well, at least it used to be. It was hard to imagine something so small being wedged up my beautiful sister’s thick juicy ass all day. I brought the panties closer to my face for a better inspection.

I could already smell the pungent scent before even bringing it to my nose. . It smelled like a beautiful mixture of sweat, pee, and her delicious pussy. The panties were still damp in my hands. This must have been the pair she wore all day during her volleyball practice. She didn’t get home from practice till late last night, and I didn’t hear her take a shower until this morning (I pay attention to this kinda thing because I know there will almost always be a fresh pair of panties to sniff after her shower).

That means, she probably wore this dirty, sweaty little thong while she slept all night as well. Just thinking about the dirty, stained little panties wedged in between her sexy ass cheeks all night made me want to explode. I hadn’t even realized that I had been aggressively rubbing my steel hard cock over my jeans. Still crouching over the dirty laundry basket in a catchers position, I unzipped my pants and pulled out my hard dick, which was already oozing with precum.

I began to jerk it with my left hand, as I help her soiled panties in my right hand. I turned the thong inside out and looked inside. The gusset had a dark yellow stain in it, where my sister must have peed herself a little bit. During those long volleyball practices, there often isn’t time to go to the bathroom, so it isn’t uncommon for the girls to let loose a little of their hot pee into their little thongs underneath their tight spandex volleyball shorts.

On top of the yellow pee stain, there was a white crusty looking stain. That must have been the discharge that leaked out of my sister’s pussy as she slept. Or maybe she had masturbated in her panties at some point last night? I could only guess. I then looked back at the tiny little thong string that would have been resting against her sweaty asshole all day. It was stained a faint brown color.

While continually stroking my hard dick, I brought the soiled, damp panties to my nose and inhaled. God, the smell was unbelievable. I could smell all the sweat, and pee, and pussy juice that had poured into the flimsy little panties that she wore for almost an entire day without changing. I could smell her dirty, unwashed asshole.

I just thought about how sexy she must have looked last night when she got home, sliding off her tight black volleyball shorts in front of the mirror, till she was only standing in these little blue and white panties. How sexy the thong must have looked stretched around her thick, tan hips. How the panties were so small, that she must have had a camel toe in the front. How with every movement she made, she could feel the back of the thong string pressing up against her dirty, smelly, unwashed asshole.

What did she do when she saw herself in the mirror? I mean, she was absolutely, stunningly beautiful. Did she get turned on just by looking at herself? I certainly would. How could she not?

When she let her massive, DD tits out of her sexy little bras, and let her breasts hang down in front of her, kadıköy escort bayan did she feel compelled to give them a little squeeze? To play with her hard erect nipples? How could she resist constantly sliding her hand down her tan tummy and into the waistband of her tiny, dirty little thong? How could she resist sliding her finger into the wet folds of her tiny little pussy? Or rubbing her finger around on her little clit?

God, I would do anything to be my sister for a day. To have my brain, but be inside her body. I wouldn’t stop touching myself for a second. I would love nothing more than to just feel every inch of my sexy, juicy, gorgeous teenage body. Would I ever stop masturbating? Feeling my tits? Sniffing my own panties? Probably not.

Just the thought of being my sister for a day was getting me more and more turned on. I was jerking my cock aggressively while shoving her dirty little thong into my nose. How was she not constantly aroused? She always wore the sluttiest little outfits that got a lot of attention from men of all ages. She had to know that guys were looking, right?

Did she get turned on knowing her teachers were constantly trying to sneak a peak at her panties up her skirt while she was in class? Did she love the feeling of a hard frat boys cock pressing up against her tight-dress, thong-clad ass when she was dancing in the clubs, covered in sweat?

Did she have any idea that her brother would listen outside her bathroom door while she was taking a piss, hoping that she wouldn’t wipe properly so that some of her pee would end up in her panties that he would be sniffing and jerking off too later? I wanted to be my sister so damn bad! Even if it was just for a day.

The dirty panties, the smell, my imagination. It all became too much for me to handle. I was gonna cum. I could feel a massive orgasm approaching. I was still crouching over the laundry basket like a catcher behind home plate. I took one final whiff of the soiled, stained little thong, and then I Started to cum.

It was the biggest, most intense orgasm of my life. Thoughts of being in my sister’s body were swirling around in my head. The force of the orgasm was so strong, that it made me lose my balance, and fall backwards hard, slamming the back of my head against the hard bathroom tile. Then, everything went black.

I woke up the next day with a head-splitting headache. I kept my eyes closed, because my head was hurting too much to even open them. I felt soft sheets underneath my body and warm blanket on top. Without being fully conscious, I might have taken myself to bed. That was good. Even though no one was home, I’m glad I didn’t spend the night on my bathroom floor with my sisters dirty thong on my nose, my dick out, and my body covered in my cold sticky cum.

But something wasn’t right. I couldn’t put my finger on it. And then I realized, it was the smell. This did not smell like my room. It smelled totally different. It smelled, well…girly. I could smell female perfume, and female shampoo. Not overpowering. Just that smell that seems to exist in all girls’ rooms. A smell that is something that definitely does not belong to a boy’s room. Where the hell was I?

I opened my eyes and looked up. I was staring at a white ceiling. This was odd, because the ceiling in my room is light blue. I definitely wasn’t in my room. So where was I? All of a sudden, I heard a ruffling of sheets next to me that that startled me and made my hear start racing. Someone was in this bed with me! But who!

Nervously, I turned my head to the right, and looked over to see who was next to me. Lying next to me, with her back towards me, was a girl sleeping on her side. What the escort bostancı fuck?! Who the hell was she? Where the hell am I? The girl had long blonde hair. She was wearing a tight blue shirt that only came up about halfway up her back. She had pushed the blanket down to about her thighs, so her ass was fully exposed to me.

She must have been hot under the blanket, cause there were beads of sweat all along the girls lower back and ass. And what an ass it was! Two perfectly round but cheeks were laying just inches from me. The mystery girl was wearing a tiny black thong that completely disappeared into the crack of her ass. I looked up above the triangle of the little black thong, and saw a tattoo on the girl’s lower back. The tattoo was of a little blue dolphin.

Wait a second. I know this tattoo. My sister’s super hot friend, Allison, has the same tattoo. I know it because every time she bent over in front of me, I would stare at her ass and try to see if her thong was sticking out over her pants. I’ve stared at that little blue dolphin hundreds of time.

Once I recognized the tattoo, I started to relax and my heart beat started to slow down. I knew what was going on! I was dreaming! That hit on the head must have really knocked me out. And since the last thing I was doing before going unconscious was sniffing my twin sisters dirty, soiled thong, it was natural that my dreams would be perverted in nature.

Well, since I was dreaming, I might as well have some fun. I reached out to touch one of the beautiful tanned ass cheeks in front of me. It felt so warm and soft to my touch. And it felt so real! Still not fully awake, Allison reached her hand behind her and lightly swatted my hand away. Hey! This was my dream! I could touch anything I wanted. I brought my finger to the top of the triangle of Allison’s sexy black thong. And started tracing downward.

I had just slid my index finger into the top of Allison’s ass crack, when Allison quickly turned around, looked me in the eye, and yelled

“Britney! Stop fucking around! I’m trying to sleep!” With that, she turned back around.

I was frozen. What the fuck?! Did she just call me Britney? My heart started racing again and I started to panic. But this is a dream, isn’t it? I pinched myself, hoping to wake up. Nothing happened. I pinched myself again, a lot harder this time, to the point I was almost drawing blood. My nails felt so sharp in my skin.

But wait a minute; my nails aren’t long to hurt like that. I sat up in bed and looked at my hands. Except, they werent my hands. They were small, and tanned, and soft. They felt like hands that had been moisturized every day with good smelling lotions. I never moisturized my hands! And my nails weren’t my nails. Instead, my nails were long, and well manicured. They were painted pink! The blanket was still pulled up to my chin at this point. And I knew what I had to do next

Looking down, I slowly started to pull the blanket down. The first thing that came into my view was an amazing shot of cleavage. I was staring down into two huge, tan, round breasts shoved into a pink, lacy bra. My mind was racing. My heart was being a thousand beats a second. I kept pulling the blanket down.

The next thing I saw was a toned, tan, girly tummy. But I wasn’t done yet. I finally pulled the blanket down past my hips. All of a sudden, I was staring down at a tiny, lacy, pink thong that was hugging my girlish hips. Instead of seeing the cock that I usually see when I look down in that area, I just saw a smooth, panty covered mound.

And I recognized those panties. I had seen those panties hundreds of times. Not just seen them. I had held those panties, smelled them, rubbed them around my cock, jerked off into them, even tried them on a couple of times. Those were my sister Britney’s panties! And this was her body. The hit on my head had done more than just make me go unconscious! I had switched bodies with my sister!

To be continued…

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