Sweet Melissa Ch. 03

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Mel’s alarm clock woke me at 7:00 AM. She was still sleeping soundly. I shook her awake and said, “Mel time to get ready for work.”

Mel mumbled something got out of bed scooted into the kitchen while I headed for the bathroom. King Dong was wide-awake with my typical morning piss hard-on. Upon returning to the bedroom I saw the object of my desire was back in dreamland.

I put on my jockey’s and went to the kitchen and started brewing some coffee. While waiting for the coffee I decide to explore Melissa’s casa. The furniture Melissa owned was modest but tasteful nothing extravagant but not thrift shop either. Her sound system was very nice especially the Dual 3-speed turntable; which meant I could play my Dad’s 78’s on her turntable, if I ever got them down here from Jersey.

I returned to the bathroom and opened the medicine cabinet. No drugs except for aspirin, birth control pills and vitamin C. There was the typical make-up, eyeliner and eye shadow some blush and lipstick. There were some first aid items and a razor with extra blades and shaving cream. Plus the normal hygiene products: deodorant, mouthwash, and toilet water.

There was a Dixie Cup dispenser next to the washbasin. I got one of the tiny cups and filled it with mouth wash and gargled.

Once back in the bedroom I shook Melissa, “Come on or you’ll be late for work.”

“When I got up I called Mr. Thompson at home to say I wouldn’t be in today. So we have all day to run errands and fuck, and then maybe fuck again and then who knows maybe fuck some more.”

“Mel I’ve never seen you bring a guy here. Why?’

“I don’t bring guys to my residence because when it comes to lust and love some men are very boorish and some even scary. You, my uncle and Mr. Owens are the only men who have been here. A select few guys get my phone number but none get my address. If some one needs to get in touch with me, I have a PO box. Of course my parents and my brother Berti have my address.” “Why don’t you have anyone special? Hell you’re as good looking as any girl I’ve seen around here with a dynamite body and a terrific personality even if you are somewhat pushy and maybe you get drunk to often.”

“I got carried away last night because I was feeling foot lose and fancy free. Yesterday was the most fun I’ve had with a guy in a long time and I trust you not to take advantage of me. I enjoy my work and I do have real orgasms, sometimes, while I’m working but yesterday was fun not work. I even did some things to see if you’d bolt but you’re still here. When you swallowed Pierre’s sperm I knew you cared for me.” She said.

“That’s how I meant it, Mel. But I’m not going to become a cum eater unless sex is involved. But why did you choose me and why now?” I replied.

“Robert I’ve admired your butt and bulge since I got here and I waited for you to make a move, but when you didn’t. I made one for you. I truly want you for a lover but I’ve been hurt. I’m lonely and I need love and even more friendship, but I’m scared. I don’t ever want to be hurt like I was before.”

“I’ll try not to hurt you. I do have feelings for you. For today I love you and maybe forever. But who can predict the future. But I’m pissed, too. Look at all the good sex we missed out on because you didn’t make a grab for my dick before yesterday.”

“Is that all you want me for is sex, Robert? Even if I didn’t have feelings I’d still want that fabulous cock. I’d settle for sex and you’re a guy, all guys are sluts and would fuck anyone who had a cunt and had her legs open… But don’t let me fall for you if it’s only sex.”

“Hell you couldn’t wait to show almost every one I met yesterday how big my dick was.”

“Yeah, but did I hear you say ‘Mel please don’t I’m shy’. Maybe I going deaf but I missed any protests. Now Robert, I’m getting older by the minute and I haven’t been fucked yet today. So get your ass over here pronto and I’m going to need some help, I’m not wet yet.”

Getting into bed I started caressing her breasts. Her nipples stiffen and I rolled them between my thumb and forefinger. While I was kneading her breasts Melissa cupped my balls in her left hand and softly ran one finger up and down the vein on the underside of me cock it felt heavenly. I said, “Mel I’ve always used my finger to help a woman get wet, I’m not sure how to help you.”

“Robert! Why do you think god gave you a tongue? And I didn’t mean you couldn’t use your fingers. I meant I don’t want your fingers probing into my pussy.”

“I’d love to eat you,” I said as I shifted my body to position my face over her cunt I gave her the sealed condom. “You show me how to use my fingers to please you. You can fondle me but don’t stroke me continuously or I’ll cum before we fuck. When you’re ready put the condom on me and I’ll know you’re ready to fuck.”

“Robert position yourself so I can suck your cock?”

“No I just want to concentrate on eating you.”

I spread her lips and kissed her then thrust my tongue deep into erotik film izle her. She yelped. I pulled my tongue out and started exploring the folds of her tasty lips. I think I paid attention to every inch of her cunt that my tongue could reach. She tasted divine and her smell kept King Dong at attention. I attacked her clitoris, which she had been massaging with her fingers. She started moaning and yelling fuck me now, fuck me now Robert. By now she had put the condom on me but I wasn’t finished eating her. I wanted her to squirt all over my face again. She shuddered and I knew she had had an orgasm but she hadn’t squirted.

“Robert get you cock in me now,” she said “Please enter me at once and fuck me hard.”

I guided her onto her knees and positioned myself at her pussy lips and thrust my cock all the way into her. She was moaning and as I started pounding her. After a few minutes I sense she was close to cumming again and started pounding her even harder. She screamed and collapsed to her stomach pulling my cock out of her.

She turned and crawled down until my cock was poised before her lips she removed the condom and took me into her mouth and worked the head with her lips and tongue, she then took me deep into her throat she sliding her lips and tongue up and down my shaft a few times she then return to working the head. I warned her I was close. She took me out of her mouth looked up and winked. Opening her mouth wide she started working her way down my shaft. She didn’t stop until all 9 ½” were devoured. Then she started swallowing, constricting her throat around the head of my cock. I came straight down her throat.

“Wow, if everyday is going to be like yesterday and today, I want to marry you immediately. That was the greatest BJ ever.”

“Thank you Robert, but you are equally adept, you eat my cunt better than anyone, ever. And I had another orgasm with you in my pussy. That doesn’t happen very often. Every time we’ve fucked I’ve had an orgasm and when you eat me you’re both gentle and rough, incredible. But we are lusting after each other now.”

“Yeah you’re right I was only kidding. Stay in bed and I’ll serve you breakfast.” I told her.

“Didn’t you say today was your birthday?”

“Yeah sweetie.”

“Then I should be the one serving you breakfast in bed.”

“I don’t mind.” “Okay I’ll have a ham and cum omelet and put two teaspoons of cum in my coffee no sugar.”

Blushing I mumbled, “I think maybe you better make your own breakfast after all.”

Melissa got out of bed and got a robe from her closet. She then grabbed my hand and dragged me to the bathroom. She pointed to her razor and guiding me to an unused toothbrush in the cabinet under the sink as she was sitting on the toilet pissing and when she was down to a trickle she let loose with a long loud rumbling fart.

“Holy cow Mel. Don’t you have any manners?” I said between laughs.

“I always fart with the first piss of the day so get used to it.” She told me after she stopped laughing.

“Now you shower and shave while I fix breakfast.”

“No ham for me Mel. I just want a cheese omelet and I’ll pass on the cum, too.”


When I was done in the bathroom and got back to the kitchen an omelet with toast, coffee and juice was sitting on the table awaiting my ravenous attention. By Melissa’s plate was the condom I had just filled. As I watched she squeezed out the cum into her coffee and stirred. I could also see a substance that didn’t look like cheese oozing from her omelet.

“Mel did you really put cum on your omelet?”

“Sure, there’s no better way to start the day then with a cum omelet and coffee laced with somebody’s cream. When I’m finished I’ll be good to go and we have lots to do today. Did you take your vitamins today?”

“Nope, forgot all about it.”

“Take them before we leave. Did I puke last night? I think I remember puking. And I think I remembering telling you I loved you. Did I?”

“Oh yeah you did but I didn’t take it too seriously.” But my response was serious, I thought.

“Eat up,” Melissa said. “We have stuff to do.”


“Where are we be going, Mel?” “First we’ll be going to Greenberg’s Pharmacy to pick up a razor and other male hygiene products for you to keep at my place and then we head for Tampa.” “Wait a minute. It sounds like I’m moving in with you.”

“Not necessarily. But whenever you want to spend the night you can honey.”

“How about if I want to move in with you?”

“If you want to you’re welcome to move in Robert.”

“I think I do Mel. I’ll bring my stuff from the Owens’ room and move in here.”

“Not so fast Robert, just the bare essentials here until we are sure we fit together. Let’s not rush anything except today’s errands. So let’s get moving honey.”

Mel had what looked like cum at the corner of her mouth. I went over and kissed her then licked the cum from her mouth.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ film izle After we finished eating we stacked the dishes in the sink. Melissa headed for the shower and I return to her living room to make a closer inspection of her record collection. She had a lot of the usual stuff some Beatles and Stones. About half of her records were Spanish flavored. Most of them were unfamiliar to me but some like Sergio Mendes and Mongo Santamaria I had heard of. She had a couple of Dylan, some Byrds, The Band’s first two, and Judy Collins “In My Life”. And some of the usual teeny stuff Herman’s Hermits and the Monkees. She also had “Hoboken Saturday Night” by the Insect Trust and “Tiny Alice” by Tiny Alice, two great fairly recent albums.

I took a stroll over to her bookcase and took a closer look at the titles. Most of the hardbacks were by Spanish writers Marquez and Llosa were the only names I recognized. I was familiar with the erotica. The only modern erotica I saw was Terry Southern’s “Candy”, no Robert Rimmer. The rest was mostly Victorian “Venus in India”, “Randiana” and similar stuff. There was also a couple current bestseller stuff and Robert Heinlein’s “Stranger in a Strange Land”.

“Did you find anything that interested you Robert?”

I turned and there was Melissa naked except for a towel wrapped around her head. “I have now, “I said as I walked to her took her in my arms and kissed her. “I’ve read some of your erotica.” I managed to get out. “I have a well-worn cum-stained copy of “The Pearl”. Maybe I can read your edition, it much cleaner than mine. I like most of your record collection too, but Herman’s Hermits?”

“We all have a childhood and I just couldn’t part with them. What did you like as a child?”

“Elvis and the group vocal stuff like the Cadillacs and Dion and the Belmonts.”

“Maybe tonight you can read me some of my erotica but you must promise no cum stains. The “Kama Sutra” is boxed in my closet. Maybe we could try some positions I haven’t tried yet. But it’s time to get ready you should have been getting some clothes from your room while I was showering, so get moving.”

“Can I put on my jeans first?”

“Okay but only because I’d have to tear you away from all the other girls if they saw you in just your jockeys.” Mel said and gave me a wink.

As I was walking to my room I was thinking about how much fun and how funny Melissa was and that I could do almost anything sexually with her. I guess I was daydreaming because I almost ran Mr. Owens over as I rounded a corner.

“Hi Bob, happy birthday.”

“Hi Mr. Owens, thanks. If you have anything for me to do I’ll be back in the afternoon. Melissa and I are going shopping and she’s going to show me one of her businesses.”

“I always knew she had to have an additional source of income to live here.” He replied. “You can have off until Monday Bob”. He slipped me a twenty, “Show Melissa a good time but keep the noise down your making the neighbors jealous and not just the guys. What’s business’ does she own?”

“You know The Stowaway on Katherine?”

“Oh yeah, me and the Mrs., looked into buying a self-storage place when we decided to move down here, but we didn’t think they were profitable enough for our needs.”

“And she also owns a boutique in Tampa. I think she said its name was La Petite Morde,”

“Do you mean La Petite Morte, the sex shop on Main St.”?

“Yeah that’s it. How do you know about it?”

“I might be old but I’m not dead. There’s this great looking gal named Jenna who works there. With a little persuasion when the stores empty she’ll lock up and take you in the backroom and suck your dick. She can really work the salami and when she’s done she spits into these cup sized plastic containers. I don’t get that. She also looks young enough to be jailbait. Bob thinking about her has Willie stirring.” He said as we entered his place. “Vera I have a problem that needs your attention.”

I headed for my room as Mr. Owens walked towards the kitchen.

I could heard Mrs. Owens say, “Bud, get that nasty thing away from me.” I don’t think she knew I was here. “I’m busy making a cake for Bob.” I didn’t hear his reply but she said, “I guess I can spare a little time.”

I waited until I heard their bedroom door close then started back to Mel’s.


I started walking towards Mel’s apartment. A horn honked to my left and there was Mel in her Mustang. I walked over and got in the passenger side. I was thinking about what Mr. Owens had said but was unsure how to bring the subject up. I didn’t have to.

“Robert first the pharmacy and then La Petite Morte I want you to meet Jenna and I need to talk to her.”

“Okay that sounds like a plan. I have to tell you I’ve heard about Jenna. I think you should know she uses the store for sexual encounters.”

Melissa laughed, “I know. She collects semen for me and believe me if it wasn’t for her I’d have a serious shortage of sperm. How’d you hear of her?”

“I believe Mr. seks filmi izle Owens partakes of her specialty on occasion and he told me about her spitting into a plastic container.”

Melissa was laughing out loud. When she stopped she asked, “How did the subject of La Petite come up?”

“Well I told him you were taking me shopping and to see one of your business’ and he asked about them and I named them. I was bragging about my sweetie.”

“Did you mention the drugstore supply house?”

“No. You never told me the name.”

“Good don’t. I’m a silent owner. For some reason Rafe felt it would be easier if some lawyer fronted as the owner. I think it had something to do with my dual American and Columbian citizenship. I own the place but we don’t want that to be well known.”

That aroused my curiosity, but I didn’t say anything. “Why were you laughing so hard when you found out Mr. Owens was one of your donors Mel?”

“When I first moved here I though of approaching him both as a source of cum and to get a reduction of my monthly rent in return for sex. I decided not to because of Mrs. Owens being so close and because old guys can sometimes be a lot of work to get off.”


It didn’t take long for us to get to Greenberg’s Pharmacy. Mel parked and we walked hand in hand to the store.

Entering the store a buzzer went off and Mel yelled “Hello Saul.”

A portly man who looked to be in his late fifties came out of a backroom. When he saw Melissa his eyes lit up.

“Why Melissa you’re in early you’re not due for a refill until next Friday.”

“I know. This is Robert my new guy.” She said and put her arm around my waist and squeezed. “He’s going to be spending some time at my place and we need some stuff for him. Go-ahead Robert pick out what you need. But I get to pick out your cologne. First Mr. Greenberg and I have business to take care of.” Mel and the pharmacist went into the backroom he’d just come out of while I wandered the store picking up a razor and blades, shaving cream (Mel’s supply was low), a septic stick, deodorant, and some shampoo (Mel’s was too flowery smelling). They still weren’t back after I’d finished so I picked up a local newspaper and started reading the front page I then flipped to the sports and saw to the Phillies were home in Clearwater today playing the damn Yankees. The back door open and Mel and Mr. Greenberg emerge.

“Did you find everything Robert?”

“Yeah I sure did Mr. Greenberg.”

“Call me Saul. You know you’re a very lucky guy Robert. Melissa is a great girl. In fact she’s the greatest gal around these parts.”

“I know I’m lucky and you can call me Bob, only Melissa calls me Robert.”

Melissa had walked over to the cologne and I met her there. She picked up a small bottle of Halston’s cologne and opened it. “Does this smell okay Robert?”

I bent down and smelled. “That smells great.” on the way back up I gave Mel a kiss my tongue doing a tango In her mouth. She looked into my eyes with a impish smile then looked at Saul and grinned.

Saul’s return grin was salacious.

I walked up to the counter. Mr. Greenberg was bagging the items I had put there. Melissa handed him the cologne, he check that the top was secure and handed me the bag. I pulled out my wallet to pay. “No Robert, Melissa took care of that in the backroom.”

When we got outside I said, “I like not having to pay, but what did you do in that room? Is he one the guys you harvest and what was with the grin you two exchanged?”

“The grin was because Saul had just cum in my mouth. Couldn’t you taste him? No I don’t harvest Saul but I do teabag him whenever I go to the store and my purchases, usually only birth control pills, are free. We also go out to eat about once a month. I pick him up and we usually go to Harry’s on North Kentucky after eating we sometimes go to a movie or a concert and then back to his place to fuck. I have to refill my prescription monthly so once a month and on special occasions like today, I teabag Saul and we also fuck about once a month. Saul is my one mercy fuck. He’s lonely and I like him and it gives me pleasure to satisfy him sexually.”

We got into the car and Mel headed for Rte.4, a straight run to Tampa. I asked, “What’s teabagging Mel?”

“That’s Saul’s fetish,” she answered while concentrating on driving. “When we entered the room I asked him if I could suck his balls. He dropped his pants and drawers I knelt in front of him and placed his balls in my mouth. He started jerking-off and when he was ready to cum I took him into my mouth and swallowed his load. Next Friday I’ll be getting my prescription refilled. I get it refilled the last Friday of each month and since he knows to expect me he’ll have coffee brewing. He cums into a mug then I add coffee. We go out front and I talk to him and drink the cum laced coffee. It’s his ritual. He loves watching me drink the coffee, preferably in front of customers, while we chat. By the time I’ve finished the coffee he’s aroused again and MY ritual is to take him into the backroom and suck his cock. When the buzzer sounds, telling us a customer has entered, I start stroking his cock in earnest and he promptly shoots a load down my throat.”

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