Sweaty Catcher

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Big Dildo

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“You played well, Angela,” I told the chubby girl as she leaned back into the car seat beside me, and as she reached her arm back to adjust the headrest I glanced over to try to look up the baggy sleeve as her slightly pungent aroma filled the car.

“Not well enough, Uncle Steve,” Angela said as she reminded me of the softball game score. “We lost.”

“You’ll get them next time,” I assured her, and her calling me Uncle Steve was a bit unsettling because I had just married her Aunt Effie, so I wasn’t a blood relative.

What was I? I was attracted to the pudgy girl in a very unsettling way I suppose, but the things that drew me to Angela weren’t exactly what one would call traditional. Angela was cute in her way, her cherubic face making her look younger than her 18 years, but she had the body of a woman. Large breasts and butt, a thick waist and rather muscular arms and shoulders with a healthy dusting of hair on her forearms. She had the rugged look of a catcher and I had a fondness for gals who were a little rough around the edges.

“Want to stop for an ice cream?” I suggested, and although Angela sounded like she was up for it at first, she changed her mind.

“Really need to lose weight,” she lamented.

“In my humble opinion I disagree,” I countered, and when I looked over and gave the teen a sly grin she giggled a little.

You see, I had gotten a very intimate look at Angela Lanza a couple of days ago when I passed her room and glanced in through the wide open door. Apparently the girl had just taken a shower and when I walked by her bedroom Angela turned to face me, making no effort to cover herself as she stood there holding a wet towel at her side.

A beauty? Most might not think so. They would see the little belly and the stubby shapely legs and shake their heads although many would approve of her full breasts that over-filled her 38C bra. As for the jungle of coal black pubic hair that overflowed her delta, that was what I loved. Given her hairy arms I suspected Angela would have an abundance of pubic hair and I was proven right.

I stood there frozen in the doorway, the two of us staring at each other, and I was tempted to walk in but the sound of her mother coming in the back door had me moving away, but not before I said softly, “You’re beautiful, honey.”

That was a couple of days ago, and now were in my car because I volunteered to drive her to her softball game and stuck around for the game.

“You tired? Want to go home?” I asked.

“Not really. You know the house will be hot. Mom doesn’t like to run the AC, as you’ve figured out.”

“We’re only here a week,” I reminded her, and almost half of that was over. “I can take it. Say, is that hiking ataşehir escort bayan trail near here?”

“Yeah, it’s the next right turn.”

“In the mood for a stroll? It’s not dark yet”


So I made the turn and drove to the little parking lot at the head of the short trail that went around a small lake. Thankfully no cars were there so we got out and went into the patch of woods, with my hand on the back of Angela’s moist neck. I rubbed the slick skin and Angela leaned towards me as we entered a little clearing.

“I’m all sweaty.”

“I know. It’s not a bad thing you know?” I suggested as I slowed, and after looking around I backed Angela up a very modest grade until her back was near a tree.

“There. We’re about the same height now,” I explained as I put my hand on the top of her short shag haircut.

“I am a shrimp,” Angela admitted.

“There’s a lot of woman in that little package,” I told her and then added, “You were kind enough to show me just how much woman you are.”

“Can’t believe I did that.”

“Take off your uniform top for me,” I asked, and although she hesitated for a second her fingers danced down the front of the jersey with CUBS across the chest.

Angela handed me the soggy top and I hung it on a low hanging branch. She was wearing a sports bra that was having the fabric’s strength tested by the voluptuous teen, and those breasts were heaving as she watched me put my hands on her round shoulders before letting them slide down. My fingers raked lightly over her furry forearms, and Angela shivered as my hands slid back up.

“Cold?” I asked, knowing that wasn’t it because it was was muggy back here.

“No. Nervous I guess.”

You aren’t scared of me, are you honey?” I asked.

“No, I don’t think so,” Angela replied and then said, “I overheard Mom on the phone with Aunt Effie, and after Mom asked how she was doing as a newlywed, a few seconds later Mom asked, “Steve’s kinky?””

“Guilty,” I said.

“A minute later Mom said, “He’s big? How big? And I guess Aunt Effie told her because then Mom giggled and said, “All that and kinky too?”

“But kinky in a harmless way. Here, let me show you. Give me your hands.”

Angela let me take her wrists and after I raised her hands to the top of her head, asked her to link her fingers. I tried to hide my disappointment when instead of thick tufts of hair I saw that the large caverns under her chubby arms were coated with dense black stubble.

“I shaved a couple of days ago,” she explained when she misread my reaction. “You should have seen me before that.”

“I did. Just a glance in your room, but I liked it – a lot.”


“I like this too though,” I told her as I moved my face into escort kadıköy the steamy hollow, inhaling the tart aroma as I let my tongue slide across the coarse moistness

The bitterness of her sweaty armpit sent shivers down my spine and when Angela didn’t recoil but instead writhed and ground into me, that made it even better for me. I moved to her other side and after devouring her other armpit and leaned back a little. Angela moved her face down to mine and kissed me hard.

“Don’t know what that was,” the red-faced teen said but then added, “I liked it though.”

“I want to eat your hairy pussy,” I grunted like an animal.

“Show me your cock first,” Angela said as she undid her uniform bottoms, and after I stepped out of my khakis my boxers went down.

My erect penis bounced wildly up and down, with Angela’s wide open eyes following the movement.

“You put that thing in my little Aunt?” Angela giggled as she peeled off her sports bra to release her full round globes and then stepped out of her uniform bottoms.

The chunky cutie was wearing what one might call Granny panties, but even their modest cut could not keep her bush from peeking out the sides, and the front panel was drenched so much that you could see the outline of the hair behind it.

“That’s not pee, is it?” I asked innocently while pointing at her crotch. “Not that I mind that either.”

“No. Kinda wet,” Angela confessed as she lifted her chubby legs out of the underwear, and before setting them down offered them to me and asked if I wanted to check.

“Sure,” I answered while taking the soggy cotton panties, and without hesitation put them right to my face, inhaling the sweet scent of a girl in heat who had been sweating up a storm under her catcher’s gear. “Nice.”

“You are kinky,” Angela said as she arranged our clothes to make sort of a bed. “Can I suck your cock first?”

“Later,” I said as I helped her down to our makeshift bed, and as I got down on my knees and parted her pudgy thighs, admiring the thick bush that went well down between her legs.

“Too scary for you?” Angela giggled.

“Not really. Haven’t see one yet that was too hairy for my tastes. Why?”

“Just curious. One of my lovers told me that I was so hairy it was scary,” she confided.

“Amusing. He sounds like a jerk.”

“She,” Angela corrected, and when I raised my eyebrows she explained. “Remember that little blonde that tried to bowl me over at the plate?”

“She was a lover of yours?”

“No, her Mom,” Angela said. “I attract older people.”

“We have more refined tastes,” I explained as I buried my face in that magnificent jungle, and it wasn’t tough to find the opening because I just followed the wetness.

I was already inflamed bostancı escort enough and when Angela told me about her being bi-sexual

I was almost out of my mind as I went down on her. Usually I’m a man with a little technique, but I found myself lapping away like an teenager with Angela squirming and whimpering under me. Angela’s pussy was as pungent as they come, and that was fine by me.

My intention was that I was make her cum first, but I was too crazy to wait so I got up on my knees and stuck my cock into her. She was tight so I tried to be gentle, but I’m not sure if I was. Either way I got no complaints, and as I started thrusting the girl grabbed my biceps and tried to wrap her legs around me while snarling very dirty talk at me.

Thankfully Angela came pretty quick, and cum she did because her pussy convulsed around my cock hard. I knew I was going to cum myself but then it struck me. Was she on the pill? I usually am careful about things like that but I screwed up, and this was no time to ask so just before I was about to cum I pulled out and jacked myself off, making a real mess over her tummy and tits.

“Wow. Like a porn movie,” Angela noted, and after I explained about not knowing if she was protected and added what I had done wasn’t foolproof she approved.

“For the record, Mom made me get on the pill a few years ago because she thought I would be the loose type like she had been,” she laughed. “I’m more into girls though.”

“Me too,” I added and then said, “I would love to be a fly on the wall when you and that girl’s mother were – you know.”

“She looks a lot like her daughter. Petite blonde with tiny titties.”

“You’re trying to make me crazy I assume?”

“You wouldn’t like her. She has so little pussy hair you could count them.”

“Not necessarily my type but I love the contrast between you and her.”

“I would suggest the 3 of us get together, but you aren’t here much longer,” Angela said as we tried to clean the mess I made on her.

“You would do that? She would?” I asked while we got dressed.

“She’s the type that plays the prudish Mom role, but she’s far from it.”

“Well I hope we can do this again before we leave,” I suggested as we went out to the parking lot. “I’m better in a bed.”

“You were fine on the ground, but a bed would be better.”

“I got a glimpse of another orifice of yours that I would like to explore,” I offered as we headed to her house.

“Don’t know if I could handle that,” Angela admitted. “You’re kind of big.”

“Cock – tongue. Either way.”

“Ooh. Never had a guy that was brave enough to do that to my big butt.”

“Or woman?”

“Well, my lady friend goes after my anus like a wolverine, but she’s petite and so is her tongue so she can’t really reach,” Angela explained.

“I have a tongue like a serpent,” I joked.

“I know, and by the way we just passed the house.”

“Oh yeah. Guess I have a one-track mind,” I confessed.



Thanks for reading.

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