Susanna Francessca, stripper showing a lot of puss

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Susanna Francessca, stripper showing a lot of pussThis is a story about someone who saw her Susanna Francessca stripping in a club. What a sexy exhibitionist minx she is….“I photographed Susanna a couple of times at her studio in Warwick. Then one day I phoned her to book a photo-session with her the following Friday evening. She told me that she couldn’t do it because she was stripping in a club that evening. She said ‘Only topless, of course’, but there was something in her voice that made me believe that wasn’t true. I asked her what club is was, because I’d like to go there and watch, but she refused to tell me, only that it was in the Birmingham area (UK).I was determined to see her stripping, so I spent hours phoning dozens of clubs around the Birmingham area, asking if Susanna Francessca, and also using her real name which I won’t say, was booked to strip on Friday evening. Eventually I found the right club. The person on the phone said ‘Oh, yes, Susanna is one of the favourite strippers we have here. The guys love her’. He told me the time the club opened and when the strippers would be starting.I got to the club early. It was a reasonably smart place, with a long bar in a huge room, with a stage at one end. There  were steps at one end of  the stage and the girls’ changing room nearby. I went to the far end of the bar away from the stage. I didn’t want Susanna to see me. The time was going slowly, so I started to have a few drinks. Eventually a DJ came up on stage and started to play music that was more stripper music than was already on, and the door to the dressing room opened and a girl walked up the steps and on to the stage. It wasn’t Susanna. There were a few men gathered in front of the stage, but not too many. The whole club was now quite full, with lots of men talking and drinking, but there wasn’t the rush to get to stand adapazarı escort in front of the stage that I had expected.Then the girl started to strip and I could see why the men weren’t that keen. She was an okay stripper, but nothing special. The men must be regulars in the club and knew she wasn’t going to be that good. The girl stripped naked and then went off the stage, to polite applause. About ten minutes later another girl came out and there was a bit more movement to stand at the front, but not much more. She was another okay stripper. About 10  minutes after that girl had finished, the DJ announced ‘And now, guys, one of your favourite girls here, please welcome Susanna onto the stage’. Immediately there was a rush of guys getting right to the front of the stage and a loud cheer. The stage was at about shoulder height for the men stood there, so they were looking up at the strippers. Susanna walked out of the dressing room and up the steps onto the stage. She looked really happy and relaxed, and no doubt pleased by the reception she’d just had. Oh, wow, she was good. She really was excellent. She had a short dress on that only just covered her stocking-tops and transparent-heeled strippers shoes. She walked the length of the stage, letting the men look up her mini-dress, looking down at them and smiling. Then she moved back from the edge and danced around a bit, moving so sexily. After a few moments, Susanna moved to stand near the edge of the stage again, then she turned her back to the audience, moved her feet apart, bent forward, looked round behind her at the men’s facs, then she pulled the mini-dress up above her waist, hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her g-string and suddenly pulled it right down to her ankles, bending right forward as she did.The cheer that went up from all the men was so, so loud. escort adapazarı Most strippers take their tops and bras off to let the men see their tits before they take their g-stings off, but not Susanna. She showed them her pussy from right near the beginning of her strip. With her bent forward like that the men at the front were getting a good look at her pussy between her legs. I’d moved to the back of the crowd and I could see her pussy-lips from where I was, so the guys at the front were getting a great look at her between her legs, as she looked back and smiled at them.Susanna stayed like that for a moment, then stood up, turned to face the guys, caught hold of the hem of her dress and pulled it right up and over her head. Her feet were apart so that everyone could see her pussy. She had on a little black bra underneath and the thinnest suspender-belt I’d ever seen. She looked amazing. She danced around for a while with the guys cheering. Then she took her bra off. It undid at the front and as she opened it to release her tits, she shook her shoulders so that her tits wobbled. That brought another cheer up from all the guys. She danced around the stage for a few moments, her pussy on show and her tits bobbling about.Then, oh yes, she walked to one end of the stage, moved right to the edge, and squatted down in front of the faces of the guys there. The stage was at the height so that the guys’ faces were level with Susanna’s pussy. Then, she suddenly moved her legs wide open. She was looking down at the men’s faces, smiling as they looked at her between her legs, above her stocking-tops at her pretty pussy. She looked from face to face of the men in front of her, obviously enjoying seeing their eyes looking at her between her legs. She was really enjoying herself. After a moment she stood up, moved a bit further down the length adapazarı escort bayan of the stage and squatted down again and opened her legs wide for the next group of men. Then after letting them look at her pussy for about 30 seconds, she stood and gradually worked her way down the whole length of the stage, showing off her tits and pussy to all the different groups of men. Once she’d got to the end of the stage, she turned to pick up her discarded clothes and walked down the steps off the stage. The guys were cheering and clapping like crazy. Now I could understand why the man on the phone had said that Susanna was one of the favourite strippers. Susanna has put a lot of energy into the strip and by the big smile on her face, had really enjoyed showing herself off. She walked through the crowd of men at the bottom of the steps, not covering herself up at all, giving them a close look at her tits as she walked by them. I’ll never forget that night I saw Susanna stripping. More than any other stripper I’ve ever seen, Susanna loved showing her tits and pussy off to hundreds of men. Yes, Susanna, ‘only topless’ was it?.A couple of months later I booked Susanna for another photo-shoot at her studio in Warwick. Soon after I got there I said to her ‘You know, I went to a strip-club recently and I saw you stripping there. You looked amazing, up on that stage, stripping naked in front of hundreds of men’. I mentioned the club. Susanna hesitated for a moment, the said ‘I love it. I love being up on a stage, getting naked in front of hundreds of men, with them looking all over my body. I guess you saw me spreading my legs wide apart for them. I love doing that. It makes me feel so sexy, having so many men lusting after my body. Oh well, you’ve seen me showing it all. I might as well show you everything today, too. You’ve seen it for real, so you might as well get some pictures of me spreading my legs apart for you’.Oh, and hell, she certainly did. I got some lovely pussy-pictures of Susanna. She spread her legs really wide apart for me and my camera. What a lovely, naughty girl she is”.

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