Surprise Family Affair Ch. 02

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Summation of part One: Bob and Betty planned to be married. Betty’s parents, Susan and Sam wanted to test Bob’s sexual ability before the marriage. Susan lured Bob to her house for sex. After Bob made love to his future mother-in-law, she explained to Bob that their family shared sex. Their college daughter, Barbara, was included. After he married Betty, he could have sex with Susan, Betty, and Barbara. Of course, Betty would be available for her father and Barbara’s future husband, too. Bob was very surprised, but ready to be married and share sex with the family.


Bob and Betty were married and went away for the honeymoon. When they returned home, they were greeted by Susan and Sam. After dinner that evening while having a drink, the subject of sex came up.

Sam said, “I assume you two love birds are very sexually satisfied after being gone a week.”

Bob was a little cautious about commenting, but Betty quickly said, “Oh, Yes, we did enjoy our time together. How did you two get along while we were gone?”

Susan spoke up, “We didn’t do much. I think your dad was waiting for you to get back home. You know he really likes to be in bed with you.”

Betty then responded, “Sorry dad that I was gone so long. I’ll make it up to you tonight.”

That brought a big smile to Sam’s face. He was hoping he would have a chance to be in bed with his daughter. Sex with his wife was good, but sex with his daughter was always so invigorating and his cock seemed to get extra hard.

Bob then realized his bride would be fucked by her father tonight. However, he thought his mother-in-law was very sexy even though she was much older. It had been several weeks since Susan had tested him for his sex stamina and suitability to become a member of the family. He had been in bed with her only that one time and the thought of fucking her was now causing his cock to get stiff.

Betty got up and went over to sit down by her husband. They hugged and kissed.

Betty said, “Bob, I wanted to kiss you before I go to bed with dad. You are now in the family and you know our family shares sex. I love you very much and I love my parents too. I’ll be with dad while you and my mom enjoy each other.”

Bob responded, “That’s alright with me. I’m sure Susan and I will get along just fine.”

Betty got up to take her father’s hand and said, “Come on Dad, let’s go in my bedroom. They can have the master bedroom.”

Betty glanced back at Bob and blew a kiss at him as she and her dad went down the hallway toward her room. Bob blew a kiss right back to Betty. He watched them walk down the hallway and disappear into her bedroom. Bob knew her dad was going to get his thrills from her tonight. While on their honeymoon, Betty had told him her dad really liked the blow jobs she gave him.

Susan then turned to Bob, “Well, it’s us again. Help me carry these glasses to the kitchen and clean up a little before we go down the hall.”

Both Bob and Susan picked up the glasses and went into the kitchen. Bob could see Susan’s breasts jiggle and assumed she did not have on a bra. After depositing the glasses in the dishwasher, Bob took Susan in his arms and shared a very sexy kiss.

Susan said, “Your kisses are very sexy. I assume Betty enjoyed your kisses and sex all week long.”

From the sound of Susan’s voice when she said that, Bob thought she was a little envious that Bob and Betty had a good time while she and Sam stayed home and had routine sex one time.

Bob and Susan entered the master bedroom. Bob kept looking at Susan as they were undressing. Susan chuckled and said, “You keep looking at my breasts. Would you like to kiss them?”

Bob quickly responded and took Susan in his arms for a sexy kiss. Then he bent down to take a nipple in his mouth.

Susan took a deep breath, then said, “Let’s get in bed. You’re really turning me on.”

By now Bob had a very hard erection. Susan put her hand on it as they walked toward the bed.

Once on the bed, they kissed as Bob’s hand roamed over her breasts and body. Then Bob moved to nuzzle and kiss her breasts. After a little of that, Bob kissed her body all the way down to her pussy. Susan spread her legs giving him access. He could hear Susan lightly moan with pleasure as his tongue caressed her pussy. By now Bob’s cock was rock hard waiting for Susan’s caresses.

Bob turned around in bed so that his cock would be near Susan’s mouth. He rolled her up on top in a six nine position. Now his tongue was going up and down her pussy lips stopping each time long enough to suck on her clit. He could feel Susan’s mouth slowly going up and down on his cock.

Bob could feel Susan’s body begin to sexually surge and her breathing became labored. He vigorously used his tongue on her clit to assure she would have a good orgasm. She became very vocal as her orgasm came on strong. Bob’s cock was near an canlı bahis explosion in her mouth but decided to wait until he could fuck her. He had been fucking his bride so much during the past week, he didn’t know if he could cum twice tonight. He was able to control himself and held back an orgasm.

After Susan’s body began to relax, she rolled off of Bob and laid by his side. She finally had the energy to say, “That was very good. You did that so much better than Sam. I’ve been looking forward to having sex with you, although Sam is my husband and I love him. He is older and his sex drive is not as strong as it used to be. I think it’s wonderful for our family to share sex.”

Bob decided to comment about Sam and Betty, “I wonder how Sam and Betty are getting along. I know Betty had lots of sex last week, so she is probably trying to give Sam a good time and not be too concerned about herself.”

Susan cut in, “I think Sam has been waiting all week for Betty to return so he could fuck her. The last time he had sex with her was about two weeks ago. We three were in bed together. I watched as he fucked her. When his cock started gushing cum in her pussy, he was very vocal. He was loudly groaning and yelled some. Then when he pulled out, Betty quickly took it in her mouth and sucked on it until it was very small and plopped out of her mouth. He really enjoyed it.”

Bob began to feel a little jealousy. A description of how his bride of one week had sex with her father was a little upsetting, but he had agreed to share family sex. Right now he was getting the benefits of fucking her mother. He decided family sharing was not a problem but a good thing. So let his bride give her father sexual thrills now and in the future. He could have sex with Susan and with the beautiful Barbara sometime soon.

Bob could only say, “Sounds as if he really liked it. I wonder what they are doing now. I think their bedroom door is open and ours is open a little, too. Have you heard anything?”

“Yes, I’ve heard a little bit, but I don’t know what they have been doing. By the way, you still have a very stiff erection. You didn’t cum in my mouth, why?”

“I wanted to I fuck you.”

“I would like that. What position do you want?”

“I want you to sit on my cock and ride me.”

Susan moved up to straddle Bob’s body preparing to sit down on his cock. She held her hand on his cock to guide it in her pussy. Her juices had been flowing when Bob brought her to an orgasm with his tongue, so she easily sat fully down on his cock.

Susan softly said, “That really feels good in me. Sam’s cock never gets this stiff anymore.”

Bob started pushing up to her as she started small up and down movements. Then Susan thought she heard some noises from the other bedroom.

Susan stopped her movements and said, “Wait a minute, I think I hear Sam.”

Bob commented, “Yes, I think I heard groans. I wonder if he is about to cum.”

Bob and Susan stayed very quiet as they heard Sam’s vocal noises increase in volume.

Susan said, “I wonder if Betty is sucking him off or is he fucking her. Sam really likes his daughter to give him a blow job.”

Bob answered, “It’s difficult to know, but it sounds as if he is about to cum. No doubt Betty is giving him a thrill from the sounds he is making.”

Then Sam’s loud vocal sounds could easily be heard.

Susan said, “Guess Sam is finished for the night. I’m glad he had a chance to be in bed with Betty since he has been looking forward to it.”

Bob couldn’t help but comment, “You don’t seem to have any jealousy at all when he fucks your daughters.”

She responded, “None at all. This has been going on ever since our daughters became adults. They love their father so much they are willing to please him. I’ve been looking forward to having sons-in-laws to join in the sharing. Up until now, I haven’t had anyone else. Now I have you. Barbara will soon be married to a nice sexy looking guy and I’ll have another son-in-law.”

“Have you had sex with Barbara’s future husband?”

“No, not yet. But I’m going to test him like I did you a few weeks ago. Betty has volunteered to test him, but I told her I would rather do it.”

Bob was surprised to hear that his bride, Betty, had volunteered to test Barbara’s future husband. He was glad to know Susan would fuck him first instead of Betty. Once they were married, he knew the guy would be fucking both Betty and Susan. Susan seemed to be so pleased to have Bob and a future son-in-law in the family. There was no doubt in Bob’s mind that Susan really liked sex.

Bob and Susan decided to quit talking and start movements again. Susan leaned forward to share a very sexy, open mouth kiss with Bob. Bob thought her kisses were very good especially while his cock was deeply moving in her pussy. Bob wanted to hold back long enough for Susan to build up to another orgasm. bahis siteleri

After a little while, Susan said, “I’m not sure I can have another orgasm this quick, so go ahead and cum.”

Bob assured her, “I think I can hold it a little longer to give you a chance.”

She responded, “You sure are very stiff and it feels good. Maybe I’ll make it.”

A few minutes later, Bob could feel Susan’s body beginning to respond. She started faster movements causing him to nearly explode. Bob was able to hold back until he knew she was starting her orgasm and then he let go. His cock was gushing and spurting in her pussy as it jerked. Her gyrations on him became more violent as she became very vocal. Finally when her body began to relax, she fell forward on his chest.

They laid very still while their breathing was beginning to become normal again. Bob still had his eyes closed when Susan looked up. She saw Sam and Betty standing beside the bed.

Susan said in a startled voice, “Oh…. you startled me. I didn’t know you were in here with us.”

Sam spoke, “Yes, we just finished in our bedroom and saw your door open. We stepped in and have been watching you for a little bit. We didn’t say anything because we didn’t want to disturbed you.”

Betty then spoke, “I see you two had a good time. Dad and I did too.”

Bob and Susan got up. Susan headed for the bathroom to clean up. Bob went to his bride to hug and kiss her. When he kissed her, he thought her kiss tasted a little different. Did she suck off her dad? Maybe so.

Everyone put on their night clothes and gathered to sit in the living room.

Bob wanted to get the subject out in the open, “I hear Barbara may be getting married, and that Susan is going to test her future husband for sex.”

Sam spoke, “Yes, that is true. Barbara tells us that he doesn’t have to be tested because he is a good lover, but Susan insists. We have to be sure he will agree to share sex with the family. If he is willing to have sex with Barbara’s mother, then that will be the main test.”

Susan commented, “Betty thought it would be more exciting for him if she had sex with him. I am as old as his mother and he might not be as excited about sex with me.”

Betty said, “I still think I should be the one to test him.”

Susan then decided to compromise, “You have a good thought there, but let’s wait and ask Barbara. She is bringing her boyfriend, Bruce, home with her this weekend.”

Later in the week each night while Bob and Betty were having sex, Bob wondered what it would be like to watch Bruce fuck his wife. He intended to hide in the closet like Sam did. Before he was married to Betty, Susan enticed him to fuck her to test his sexuality. Sam had hidden to watch his wife seduce Bob. Now he was going to do the same thing.

The weekend came for Barbara and Bruce to visit her parents. Barbara had already agreed it might be better for Betty to test him, then maybe Susan could test him too.

Friday night Barbara and Bruce arrived at her parents home. After dinner they talked to get acquainted with Bruce. Bob keep looking at Bruce and tried to visualize Bruce pounding his cock in Betty. He was a little jealous, but he would go along with it. Betty was wearing a short skirt and he thought she was trying to give Bruce a show since her legs were not crossed and were pointing in his direction.

The next day, plans had already been made for Betty to seduce Bruce. Sam had gone to play golf and Barbara and her mother, Susan, wanted to go shopping.

Betty and Bob were in their apartment. Betty phoned for Bruce, “Bruce, why don’t you come over here while the gals go shopping.”

Bruce responded, “Guess I might as well, everyone here is gone. I’ll be right over.”

Betty opened the front door when he arrived.

Betty invited him in, “Bruce, have a seat while I fix a glass of wine for us or would you prefer coffee?”

“Wine or something stronger would be fine.”

Betty fixed a strong drink since she felt it would help make her calmer.

Bruce hadn’t seen Bob, so he asked, “Where’s Bob?”

“He went to play golf with Sam.”

Betty was still wearing the short skirt and gave Bruce plenty of chances to view between her legs. She noticed he was looking.

Betty finally got around to say, “Bruce, you need to know something about our family. First, I have a question. Do you find me attractive?”

“Yes very much so.”

“Do you think I am sexy?”

“Sure do, very much.”

“Would you like to take me to bed?”

Betty could see Bruce was a little confused. He said, “I don’t know if we should. It’s very enticing. What would Barbara say if she found out?”

“Barbara isn’t here right now. It’s just you and me.”

Bruce didn’t know what to say or do. Betty got up and urged Bruce to stand up.

She said, “Kiss me to see if you like it.”

Bruce bahis şirketleri couldn’t resist any longer and held her tight as their mouths opened and meshed in a long kiss.

Betty then said, “Come on in the bedroom with me.”

Bruce followed her to the bedroom where she started undressing.

Betty then urged Bruce, “Come on, get out of those clothes and get in bed with me.”

Bruce quickly undressed as he watched her shapely naked body gradually appear with each item of clothing discarded. His cock was very hard and could hardly wait.

They kissed some more before she moved on down to take his cock in her mouth. He started moaning and quickly exploded in her mouth.

Bob was peeking out of the closet. When he saw Bruce shooting cum in Betty’s mouth, he nearly cum without touching his own cock.

Bruce apologized, “I’m sorry, I just couldn’t hold back.”

Betty commented, “That’s OK, when you get hard again, you can fuck me and I’ll probably have my orgasm.”

Betty kept playing with his cock while they made small talk about the coming wedding and his relationship with Barbara.

A little later, Bruce was ready. Bob watched Betty spread her legs to allow Bruce to get on top, He watched Betty reached down between their bodies to guide his cock in her hole. Bob knew the feeling Bruce was getting as his cock slowly slid all the way in her pussy. Betty usually pulsated her pussy muscles on Bob’s cock when in this position. Now he knew Bruce was receiving the same thrills.

Bob watched as Bruce started back and forth movements. He could see Betty’s butt push up to receive his thrusts. Bob could hardly restrain himself from masturbating. However, he wanted to wait until Bruce finished. There was no doubt in his mind that he was going to fuck his own wife when Bruce finished.

Bob watched as both Betty and Bruce had their orgasms. Bruce had filled Betty’s pussy with cum.

Betty got up with tissues plugging her hole. She walked over to the closet door and opened it wide.

“Bob, you can come out now.”

Bruce panicked as expected. Betty looked at Bruce and gave him a quick kiss.

Bob said, “Don’t be alarmed. As soon as I get through fucking my wife, we’ll sit in the front room and talk.”

Bruce didn’t know what to say or do. He just stared at Betty as she sat on the commode to let the cum drain out. Bob went to her.

Bob said, “That’s drained enough. I’m ready.”

Betty could see that Bob was in dire need of relief. They both got on the bed. Betty laid on her back and spread her legs. Bruce was in a position to see directly at her swollen pussy lips where he had just fucked her. Now her husband was getting on top of her.

Bob plunged his cock into Betty’s very juicy pussy for sloppy seconds. After a few plunges, Bob added his cum to what was left of Bruce’s cum.

Betty cleaned up in the bathroom and then all three went into the living room to talk. Bruce was wondering what was going on.

Betty and Bob took turns explaining about the family sharing sex. Barbara’s father had sex with her in the past and would continue to do so in the future. Also, Barbara would have sex with Bob sometime in the future whether Bruce married into the family or not. Bruce could have sex with Susan, Betty, and with Barbara, his own wife if they married.

Bruce finally said something, “Sex with Betty was fantastic and I think my sex life with Barbara will be good too. I’ve never had sex with a lady as old as my mother before, but Susan looks and acts very sexy. I’ll look forward to be in bed with her.”

Betty then commented, “If you think you are up to it, I believe Susan will be willing to go to bed with you tonight before you leave tomorrow.”

That night the family gathered at Sam and Susan’s home. Dinner was prepared, served and eaten. Susan, Betty and Barbara where in the kitchen cleaning up.

Susan asked, “Betty, did you test Bruce today at your apartment?”

Betty responded, “Of course. He was like putty in my presence. I didn’t have to do much to entice him into my bed.”

Barbara looked up to say, “You mean he quickly took the chance to jump in your bed. I don’t know if I can trust him after we are married.”

Susan cut in, “Girls, it’s a good thing we share sex in this family. The men in our lives are just like many men, they want a variety. That’s what we will give them, a variety. They have the three of us to choose from. We will make them happy and that should keep them from straying.”

Betty looked at her mother, “Mom, I believe you are right. I don’t mind sharing Bob if that will help us all. The family that fucks together will stay together. Bruce is a very good lover and I fully approve of his marriage to Barbara. However, do you want to test him? If so, this is his last night here.”

“Yes, I would like to test him. Is that alright with you, Barbara?”

“Sure is. Once we’re married, you have a right to have sex with him.”

“OK, then lets go in the living room with the men and start some action.”

The three ladies went into the living room to join the men.

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