Suppressed Desires

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She walked into his room quietly, making sure not to be heard. His back was facing her—he was sitting at the desk where he always sat, working diligently on whatever projects he decided to take on that week. Quietly approaching his back left shoulder, she bent down to whisper, “Hello big boy” in the sultriest voice she could muster up. Before he could turn to see her, she spun him around in his desk chair, now with their faces inches apart. He looked at her beautiful features, taking them all in at once. Her pink puffed lips, dazzling green eyes and flawless skin. Her beauty always took him aback. Knowing this full well, she stared into his eyes and plainly expressed her desires, without a blink.

“Now you listen to me, and you listen well. I want you to pleasure me with your manhood until I’m screaming out in pleasure, is that understood?”

Her seriousness made him smile.

“Tease me until I explode, giving me the most intense climax of my life. If I beg for you to stop—don’t. If I plead for you to stop teasing me—don’t. If I tell you I’m serious, pound into me harder than the previous thrust. Is this understood?”

Man, did he love a bold woman. He made it clear to her that he understood.

She latched onto his cheeks with her red nails, pulling him in for a kiss. canlı bahis Scratching down his neck, grazing across his shirt collar, she tore the buttons of his shirt from their corresponding holes. Grabbing his head of hair, she pushed his mouth onto her neck. There was nothing she loved more than having her collarbone and shoulders touched by his lips. As moans escaped her mouth, his erection grew harder against his slacks. He pulled out each of her large and supple breasts to lay naked on top of her blouse. She pushed his head down towards them, and he licked them to her pleasure.

“Pinch my nipples!” she commanded, “Harder! Harder!”

He followed her commands. It was so arousing to be bossed around by such a sexy woman.

She loved to have her breasts on display, for her man to see in all of their naked glory. He fancied them just the same. He stood up, gracefully sweeping her legs up and around his waist. They kissed deeply and passionately until he threw her upon the edge of the bed. Feeling up her legs slowly and tortuously, he inched closer and closer up. She began to quiver as he reached to touch the hot wet spot that had formed on her underwear.

“Do you want it bad enough, Bunny?”

“Make me want it more” She moaned.

He licked his way up her long bahis siteleri legs in the same fashion as he had previously used his fingers, giving little kisses as pit-stops along the way. As he nearly approached the spot, she began to squirm. He loved seeing this reaction from her, and wanted more. With a flat tongue, he gradually licked exactly where she was craving his touch, on the surface of her wet panties.

“Is that enough teasing for you, Bunny?”

“No, make me want it more!”

“Alright, but remember Bunny, you asked for it.”

She smiled flirtatiously at the thought of what he might do next.

He removed her undergarments and her heart skipped a beat. Sensually licking the inside creases of her thighs, he teased her to the point of no return. She bit her lip and turned her face onto a pillow. Her body’s responses to his touch made him grow extremely hard. He wanted to be inside of her just as badly as she wanted to feel him. He began to use little nibbles along her downstairs lips, his touch getting rougher. She loved this, and begged for him to be inside of her.

“No Bunny, that can’t happen yet, you will have to be patient.”

“Please, I can’t help it; I need to feel you, your warmth thrusting into me!”

“Nope, you will have to suffer through bahis şirketleri the torture.”

“Oh god please, just shove it in already!”

He grabbed onto her hair, pulled her up to face him, and then yanked her head to the side. Whispering into her left ear, he asked her who was in charge. She exhaustively responded, saying that he was. He praised her for recognizing this. Their lips clashed together almost violently, neither of them able to hold their composure much longer. She could not take it—her breaking point was finally breached. She flipped him over and quickly ripped his belt from the loops, tore down the zipper and flung his slacks across the room.

“Bunny, what on earth do you think you’re doing?”

She rolled off her skirt, and sent it hurdling through the air. She was ravenous, and she wasn’t going to submit any longer. He knew this, and smiled at the fact that his plan worked. All he ever wanted was to see her lose control. She had the same fantasy. They both subconsciously planned this from the beginning, and now it was all becoming real for the both of them.

“Give it to me! Now!” she screamed, without being able to restrict her urges.

“Come and get it.”

She lunged for him and he wrestled back with her, making her fight for her desires to be quenched. With all the strength she could muster up, she pinned him down, climbed on top, and slowly stuck himself inside of her. His warmth climbed up through her body and they both sighed with pleasure, and then relief.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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