Supergirl Saves the Planet

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Supergirl Saves the Planet

Yes, I wrote this from scratch

It was just a normal weekend day. About lunch time I asked her if she wanted anything to eat. She suggested we order some subs. I got online and ordered them and then left to pick them up. When I returned I called to her that I was back. What I saw appear is nothing short of phenomenal.

She walking down the hall in a cute little Supergirl top and short shorts. Hanging from her hips was our Kong dildo. OMG! I think my cock got hard instantly.

She grabbed me by the collar and said, “Come on slut! We need to have a discussion!”

She dragged me back to the bedroom and demanded, “Take off your clothes!”

I did as she said and she commanded me to get on the bed on all fours.

“Now,” she said. “Reach your hands around the back of your legs.”

Of course as I did that I could hot support my upper body. As soon as I did she grabbed my hands and started tying them with something.

“Ok,” she said. “I am going to let you in on a little secret that only a handful of people know. I am actually Supergirl and my name is Kara, not Tammy. I was sent here to protect this planet and that’s what I am going to do!”

“You’re who?” I pleaded

“I told you I am Supergirl!”


O crap! She has the paddle out.

She continued, “We have been watching you for a while and intercepted a message from you to a planet very far away. Let me tell you what we know and then you are going to finish the story. We know you are from a planet called Orgasmatron and that you are planning some sort of invasion. So what have you got planned?”

“I’m sorry,” I reply. “I have no idea what you are talking about.”




“Now tell me and all this will end,” she demanded.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you are talking casino siteleri about,” I whimpered.

“This can be all about pleasure,” she says as she grabs my already throbbing cock and pulls it straight backwards. She starts stroking it as I moan in pleasure.

“Does that feel good?” she asks.

“O God yes!”

“As I said, this can be all about pleasure,” as she strokes it harder.

“Or pain!”


“So, what will it be? All you have to do is to tell me what is going on”

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what you are talking about,” I plead.


“Pain it is. I guess we will have to move to phase two,” she replied. “This can end anytime you want. All I want is to know what the plan is, when and where is it going to happen.”


I feel her getting on the bed behind me, grab my hips and starts pushing into me. I immediately know she is going to fuck me.

She starts to push it in me and I can feel myself being stretched.

“It’s too big!” I plead.


“I told you this can end anytime!” She replied. “I want answers!”

She started thrusting in and out of my ass, slowly at first but then picked up the pace.

“Answers!” she demanded.

“I can’t,” I wimpered.


Note: I’m leaking J

“If I tell I will be banned from Orgasmatron forever,” I plead.

“Well, that’s just too bad.”

She keeps on for a couple of minutes demanding I tell her and every time I say no, she thrust a little harder and smacks my ass.

She continues to hammer me and yells at me, “Tell me bitch! What’s going on!”

“I can’t. I’ll never be able to go home,” I plead.

My begging just seems to make her fuck me harder. By this time I am so stretched out it doesn’t hurt anymore.

“Please fuck me harder. Please stretch me!” I scream.


“You are canlı casino enjoying this way too much,” she sneers. “I guess we will have to move to phase three

I hear her go into our closet. A few seconds later I hear her come out and she says, “I think I’ll shove this big black cock up your ass. What do you think about that slut?”

O Crap! She has our big black BAM dildo out.

“It’s too big,” I say. “It won’t fit. Please don’t.”

“All you have to do is to give me answers,” she demands.

“I can’t.”

“Oh well.”

She puts the tip up to my asshole and starts to push it in. I can feel my ass being stretched to it’s limit.

“Almost in,” she says.

“No, please stop,” I plead.

She pulls it away. “Answers!”

“I can’t.”

She put it up to my asshole again and shove a little harder and I can feel it starting to go inside. A few seconds later I feel it pop it.

“It’s in,” she says. “I knew it would fit.”

She then pushes it in a little farther then pulls it out and my asshole relaxes a little but not for long as she shoves it back in.

Finally after she does this a few more times I plead, “Please stop. I’ll tell you everything.”

She pulls it out and says, “Ok, what’s going on.”

“Our planet is dying. The females of our race are butt ugly and the males refuse to have sex with them so we are dying off. I was sent here to scout your females and report back.”

“That’s pretty shallow of your men,” she replies.

“They’re men,” I reply.

“Good point.”

“And what was the plan?” She demands as she shoves it back in and out of my ass.

“We were going to and take some of your pretty females back with us to have sex with our males and re-populate the planet.”

“And when and where was this to happen?” she asks.

“I was going to report to them in a few days. I was going tell them to start in Miami kaçak casino and work their way north until they filled their quota. You could go with me. You would make beautiful children.”

“That’s not going to happen,” she sneers as she shoves the dildo back into and out of my ass. “You really think I am going to give you a generation of children with my powers?”

By this time my ass is so stretched I can take the whole thing without any pain.

“Now that I know the plan you know I will stop them, right?”

“Yes,” I reply. “I know.”

“You are going to have to look somewhere else,” she says. “Here is what you are going to do. Send a message that the females here are uglier than on your planet and they need to look somewhere else. That way they will think you have fulfilled your mission and can go home. If you agree to that I will stroke you and make you cum and then after you make that call you can go home. Agreed?”

I nod in agreement. She unties my hands and starts gently stroking me. She pulls my cock straight back and continues to stroke me, switching between fast and slow and playing with my cock shaft and head.


“Why did you do that?” I ask.

“Didn’t you tell me that pain heightens the senses?” she replies.

She starts stroking me again.


Her stroking becomes very hard and fast.


“Cum and this will end!” she demands.



It doesn’t take long for me to feel my orgasm coming and with a loud, “I’m cumming!” asI spurt a load of cum.

“Very good,” she coos. “Now get up, clean yourself off and send that message,” she says as she leaves the room.

A little later I emerge from the back of the house.

“Did you send the message?” she asks.

“I did,” I replied. “Now, may I go home?”

“You know what,” she says. “I’ve changed my mind. I had way too much fun. I think I’ll keep you for myself.”

She grabs the collar of my shirt, starts dragging me and says, “Let’s go. Round 2!”

Mmmmm. Maybe this planet’s not too bad after all.

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