Sunday Evening Couples Massage

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I should point out that this was written just to share the experience with a friend in an email. Also, as way of background – both Michelle and I are married – just not to each other. I hope you enjoy – and I welcome constructive feedback of all sorts.


Recently things between Michelle and I have been enjoyable, but pretty tame. Until Sunday evening of all things. I’ve been burning the candle at both ends (tied up with work projects and local political issues over which I’ve I passion and where I invest time and money). Michelle knew I was wearing out and we’ve talked about doing something wild when we could – when her life and my schedule allowed. Sunday evening she made that happen.

She sent me a message asking if I was free from 6-10 or so on Sunday night (who isn’t?) Apparently, her husband caught a flight that afternoon and she must have known about it more in advance than I did. Anyway, she had me pick her up where she often leaves her car, then had me drive to a small spa in Uptown that is in an old house. It was 6:30 or so on Sunday and I don’t think the place is open on Sunday at all – but when we got to the back door, an early 30 year old young lady opened the door and let us in. Michelle then tells me that this young woman gives couples massages and that we should each shower, put on a robe and that we’d be getting a massage together.

I’ll admit, I was both thrilled and a tad surprised that Michelle would take the risk but she was clearly into it. We each showered, sat in a little “mood” room with drinks waiting – and as we waited for Kavya (the masseuse) to get us – Michelle tells me that its her understanding that Kavya will massage anything, but that we could touch one another and Michelle and I were free to play/enjoy each other during the massage without that bothering Kavya.

I should tell you that Kavya is probably 5’11 or so, black Jamaican or other dark skin and clearly not born in the US though her English was quite good. There is not another person in the place and she takes us to a room were two massage tables are side to side, legs tied together so they don’t move. She instructed each of us to lie on our stomach – head to foot, and doesn’t bother to drape either of us. As we lie there, she oils Michelle, then me – and takes her time massaging Michelle – from her feet upward – while occasionally reaching over to keep contact with me – but focusing on Michelle. canlı bahis When she gets half way up Michelle’s body – caressing her ass – parting her legs, she walks around and starts working on my feet and legs – and I start to massage Michelle’s feet for fun. Michelle reaches over and starts rubbing my ass and lower back as she lies there – and occasionally Kavya stops massaging my thighs long enough to touch Michelle’s back – just keeping us both stimulated a bit.

so I was oddly being the shy one at first – sliding my hands up Michelle’s parted legs, massaging, taking my time – well, we were all taking our time but I was still around knee high . .back and forth while Kavya and Michelle were massaging my ass, inner thighs – Michelle caressing my balls and then having Kavya do so while she swatted my ass playfully – both of them parting my cheeks and of so freaking slowly light touching my ass, down to my sac . . getting me hard. By the time I’d let myself slide my fingers up to tease and find Michelle wet, Kavya was massaging above my waist – working deep massage on my back while Michelle was alternating between playing with my balls and sliding a well lubricated finger in and out of my ass. I’d slid over and occasionally kissed Michelle’s calves (yeah, I am so very oral – will kiss and lick anything ) and most of the time am slowly sliding my fingers inside Michelle . .then teasing her ass. Kavya kindly provides some lubrication and her fingers occasionally entwined in mine as I explored Michelle. At times, Kavya was deeply massaging my shoulder with one hand, and slowly fingering Michelle softly with the other. It was FUCKING sexy.

Then Kavya walked back around and as kept just softly, slowly keeping Michelle aroused, Kavya gave her a full on back massage – nothing sexual but very thorough. Michelle nearly came – I could tell. I backed off a couple of times just to keep her on edge. She (Michelle) had slid her hand under me to take my cock (hard and the only thing uncomfortable at the moment) – and I bent a leg just to give her better access and give my cock someplace to go.

At Kavya’s request, we both roll over. Of course, I am straight up hard (nice of Kavya to say “impressive” and smile at Michelle). She continues working on Michelle – forehead, ears, face. . neck . .though some of this I have to take on faith because I slid Michelle a bit down the table, slid myself a bit the other way – lifted one bahis siteleri leg over my body, leaned on my side mostly and slid my tongue inside Michelle while Kavya gave her a breast/upper body massage. I could see Kavya watching me, clearly not minding at all – smiling as I licked, explored, fingered. Michelle had her first climax of the late afternoon as my tongue was inside her and Kavya was tugging on her nipples skillfully.

Kavya hands worked their way to where my tongue was and she massaged Michelle’s inner thighs, spread her pussy lips for my tongue, played slowly with her clit . .we shared Michelle for a time, Kavya’ fingers, my tongue. Michelle is just lying there enjoying – one hand on my cock – occasionally stroking, occasionally playing with pre cum .

Then she stops working on Michelle, moves her bodily off me, has me lie back down, moves over and starts on my scalp line, face, ears, neck.. It takes very little time before Michelle is leaning over to suck on me. Fuck . .hard again remembering when FINALLY her mouth was on me. I’d been working mentally hard to stay focused on her – and now I was the focus and it was intense. I had slid my fingers back between Michelle’s legs, two fingers inside her (something she really likes ) . .teasing her clit with my thumb as she sucked me . .and I took the chance to reach over with my other hand . .had to reach up a little – to rest it high on Kavya’s inner thigh. She was by then massaging my chest and shoulders . .and she neither moved my hand nor said anything – so I slid my hand higher -and she let out air in a grunt, a groan – I wasn’t sure if it was arousal or exasperation that I was trying to break the rules – assuming those really were the rules. Michelle saw where my hand was and muttered (even with my cockhead in her mouth “fuck yes”. She was wearing short grey form-fitting but not restrictive gym or bike shorts, very short – and after she kept going, massaging me even when my hand was rubbing against her . .I slipped my fingers under the fabric, around her thong and touched her. When she laughed and rolled her hips a bit, I knew she was good with it. There I am, fingers inside two women when Kavya had not yet even touched my cock . . was only working my chest and arms – working her way down.

Michelle moves off my cock and draws Kavya’s hand to me – both of them playing with and stroking me – watching my reaction. I slip my fingers from bahis şirketleri inside Kavya and . .looking directly at Michelle, lick them. She laughs, knowing me so well, knowing exactly my mood .. tells Kavya . .”my boyfriend here wants to lick you. You ought to let him – he is really very good.” They have this conversation about it, Kavya seeming into it but wasn’t part of what this usually is, etc . .but it was like a game, we all knew she’d let me. And soon she does slip her shorts and thong off – I slide way up so my head is off the table – and she straddles my face – one leg up – and lets me lick her while Michelle is stroking me – and Kavya is back to rubbing my chest.

She was so wet, different and fuck . just exactly what I craved .And though tall, she is very thin, petite frame – and I easily lifted her up and slid down so she was more kneeling on either side of my face and riding my tongue. This let her stroke my cock into Michelle’s mouth – and soon – into Michelle who straddled my cock. I don’t see much from that angle but Michelle said the touched each other, laughed, admired – did not kiss . . Michelle sucked Kavya’s breast . .Kavya did not suck on Michelle’s but seemed to enjoy Michelle doing so. Kavya started building up – getting close to climax and as she got close, started masturbating Michelle’s clit while my cock was inside Michelle. They were both jumpy and riding – so damn intense.

Kavya came rather suddenly – less warning than I expected. As she cooled down, she quickly jumped off me and resumed massaging my legs while Michelle rode my cock. Michelle jumped off me and the both started working me of to make me cum. I’d been so close a couple of times but was right on the edge. I watched Michelle visually urge Kavya to suck me. Kavya didn’t resist, but didn’t . . didn’t . . stroking, teasing, Michelle sliding a finger into my ass . .occasionally Michelle licking or sucking my head . . telling Kavya to do so . .she doesn’t . .I am so close . .then suddenly Kavya DOES lean down and take just my head in her lips. She only sucks on me for a bit – then backs off and strokes me as I let go straight into the air . . over both their hands. Michelle licks my cum off both their hands . .some of it – then they wipe off the rest. Kavya gives Michelle and I each a soft open mouth kiss . .prolonged but not meant to lead to anything. And offers that we jump into their salt water tub while Kavya refreshed our drinks. We do that, naked . .relax for as long as it takes to finish our drinks, towel off, dress – pay for the massage, another kiss for each from Kavya, and Michelle and I leave back to my place where we were insatiable.

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