Summer’s Dream

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Rex stood looking at his new boat, they were just putting it the water.

“What are you going to name it Daddy?” His daughter of 19 years ask.

“I’m naming it, ‘Summer’s Dream’. What do you think?” he ask. She told him she thought it was great. They left shortly there after, looking at his watch he saw that they had an half hour before dinner. Him and his wife weren’t getting along well. She was always running off to work early or staying late, except on Wednesday’s. She came home at 5. With five minutes to go, they made it home in time.

Dinner was stressful as usual lately. Brandi couldn’t take it anymore today, she went to her room. Rex and his wife went into his Study to talk.

“Beth, we need to take a vacation, we have to work on our marriage.” he said.

“I don’t have time for this right now Rex, The company is in the middle of a hostile take over, and I have to leave on Friday to meet with the people in Boston.” she told him.

“WHAT! We due to leave on our Family Vacation then.” he said.

“I’m sorry, you can still leave I’ll join you on Monday.” she said. He told her Okay.

The next morning he got up late. Still half asleep he walk out into the bathroom and froze, his daughter was taking a shower. He stood there looking at her.

“Hey Daddy, go ahead and use the tolet, I’m going to be awhile.” she said. In a daze he pulled his pants down and Brandi was treated to a view of his enormous hard cock. She went back to her shower, and he watch. He followed her soapy hands running over her wet body.

“Daddy would you hand me that bottle there?” she ask. His foggy brain clear and he gave her the bottle and left quickly.

He sat on his bed and look down to see he was still holding his cock. That made him think about what had happen. He closed his eyes and jerk off, pretending his daughter was sucking his cock. He was on the verge of cumming, when a picture flash in his mind of her laying on the floor with her legs spread. His cock erupted, and his cum wet everywhere. When his shuddering body subsided, guilt set in.

The car was pack and ready and ready to leave. He was just getting in, when his daughter ran out. They stop at the Hotel, and left the bags. Once in the store, he went to pick up his order. Brandi pick up blankets and sheets for the beds, Grabbing the food too. She was on her way to checkout, when she spotted bikinis. Stopping she look thru them. Among them she found a sexy little number, putting it her cart she wet to checkout. At the checkout, the lady told her that the bikini when wet was sheer.

“That’s even better.” she told the clerk.

Loading everything on the boat, ad wet back to the hotel to eat. After eating he ask her if she wanted to go dancing. Later o the dance floor, they dance to fast tunes. When a slow tune came on she ask him to dance one last time. Dancing tightly together, their bodies rubbing together, he was in ecstasy, having her close. Walking back to the Hotel they wee stop.

“Would you allow me to draw you and your wife sir?” a man said. he was getting ready to say something when she stop him.

“That would be wonderful.” she said. They sat for about 10 minutes.

Back in their room she look at the picture and was shock to see she was naked, sitting on his lap. She look at the paper she had pick up when it fell.

“When I notice your husband’s hard bulge in his pants, I thought he would like a picture of you naked.” she read. She left the picture laying on the bed and went to shower. The picture was gone when she came out. canlı bahis

“Your turn.” she said coming out. Trying to sleep she toss and turn for hours, getting up she went to get a drink. Walking by his room she saw that the sheet had been kick off, and his cock was laying on the bed.

Wanting a closer look she went up to the bed. Sitting on the bed she lean over to see better. Her tongue came out and she lick his cockhead.

“What, Brandi, we can’t, it’s incest, it’s wrong.” he said.

“Everybody here thinks I’m your wife, who’s going to know. I’m not telling.” she said. ‘That doesn’t matter, your my daughter.” he said.

“Yes, I’m your daughter, and I want to suck your cock, and I want you inside me.” she told him.

She walk around the room naked, laying on the bed she spread her legs giving him a view of her pussy. When she walk up to him to hug him he close his eyes.

“Baby you have to stop, it’s been a long time for. Have mercy Honey.” he told her. She kiss his forehead and went to dress. They check out of the Hotel and went to the boat. They sail along the coast, stopping at a private cove to have lunch. In the afternoon she decided to sun bathe. Up on deck she went looking for her Dad.

“Daddy come swimming with me?” she ask. They swam for an hour.

“We have to go.” he told her. He pull his self up and turning to help her up, he saw that her suit was nothing. He could see her big, dark, round nipples. As his eyes travel down he saw her hairy pussy. His eyes followed her as she walk away.

“Daddy put some sun screen on me please.” she ask.

She layed on her back and he pour some on his hand. rubbing it in at her shoulders. He slowly work his way down her body, when he reach her ass cheeks. Brandi pull her suit down.

“Get it every where I don’t want to get burn.” she said. His cock was rock hard, and he needed relief soon. Finishing what he was doing he went below and jerk off. He started the boat and sail to the port where they would pick up Beth. They needed this time to work on their marriage. He was waiting to come into the harbor, when his cell phone rang.

“Hello, Yes, What do you mean you can’t make it, I told you that you had better be here. Your sleeping with him, why you Bitch, you slut ass whore, forget you, and forget our marriage it’s over.” he said.

Looking over to see Brandi was still on the deck, and hadn’t heard what he’d said. He pulled away and drop achkor in a secluded cove. Sitting in his chair, he look at his loving daughter, his cock was getting hard again. Stroking his cock.

“Brandi, would you come here please?” he call to her. He watch her get up leaving her suit undone. He pull his hand away.

“Your mother called and said she wasn’t coming out. And she is leaving us for Bill.” he said, his eyes looking at her titties.

“Oh yuck, That’s almost as bad as the day I walk into her office and caught them fucking on her desk, last month.” she told him.

“Lets go below I’m giving in, and if you to suck my cock, I want you to.” he said.

“Why not here on deck?” she ask.

“Maybe later if you want to.” he said. She smile, her persistent was paying off. She went down the steps and he followed, she stops and turns around.

“Are you sure Daddy? I don’t want to get started, then you pull away from me.” she ask.

“I’m very sure, I’ve been fighting this for sometime. With your mother and I not doing it in the last six months, I’ve been jerking off more, and more to the idea of you sucking my cock.” he told her. bahis siteleri She step away from the last step and waited for him to sat down on the bed. As she walk over to him, she took off her bathing suit.

“Oh God Baby, your so beautiful.” he told her. She push his shoulders back, and he layed back. She crawled up his legs, nudging them apart she layed down with her face at his crotch. She lick his cockhead.

“Mmmmm, good.” she said. She kiss his inner thigh, using her tongue she lick circles, and figure eights, licking her way to his balls. His erection stood up, making it easy to lick, and suck on his balls.

“Aaaaaagggghhhh!!!! God Baby that feels so fucking good. Suck my balls Baby. OOOOOOOO, yes that’s it.” he groaned. She move away from his balls and lick her way up his cock. Not touching his cockhead, she gave his cock, and balls a wonderful tongue bath. Taking her time she waited for him to tell her he wanted his cock suck.


She took his cock in her mouth and push till he was at the back of her throat. He put his hands in her hair, holding her face.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!” he grunted. Slowly she move her mouth up and down on his cock. He held her face and stop her, and he move his cock in her mouth. With each move forward he move deeper down her throat. She felt his body stiffen, and she knew he was on the verge of cumming. She pulled his ass closer to buried his cock deep in her throat.

“OH GOD BABY, I’M CUMMMMMINGGGG!!!” he screamed.`Waiting for his shuddering body to subside, he watch her lay down next to him.

He roll over to his side.

“Brandi I’ve never had an orgasm that intense or as earth shattering. Now I want to give you what you just gave me. Put your head up to the headboard.” he said. He sat up, lifting her leg and placing it on his shoulders. He scooted over and she place her other leg on him too. Holding her ass he pushes his face into her pussy. using his long nose he rubs her her little nub, as his tongue licks and fucks her pussy hole. Working his tongue in and out, he slips a finger up her asshole too.

“OH YES DADDY I LOVE IT SUCK ME SUCK YOUR LITTLE GIRL, YES THAT’S IT, OH GOD YES SUCK ME.” she cried out shaking her head back and forth on the bed. Pulling her closer he buries his tongue inside.

“OH GOD DADDY, I’M GOING TO CUM, OOOOHHH, YES, HERE I CUM.” she screams. He climbs up and lays next to her pulling her closer, holding her till her shaking body stop.

Back on deck, they sat talking.

“What happens when we get back?’ she asks.

” Your mom and I are going our separate ways. Your choice will be who you stay with.” he told her.

“If I stay with you, can we still have sex with each other?” she ask.

“If you decide to stay with me, Baby you wont leave my bed for any other.” he said.

“I’m staying with you.” she told him. He looked at her, he saw the smoldering look in her eyes, he could feel his cock throbbing. Wanting to inside her again.

“Lets got in the water.” he said. She followed him into the water.

“Come with me.” he told her. They went on the beach, finding a secluded spot he told her to get on her hands and knees. With his knees in the sand, he spread her ass cheeks and push his cock in. He reach under her and squeezed her titties.

“Finger your pussy for me Baby.” he said. Holding her tits he plunge his cock in over and over again. He pull out and plunge into her pussy. She met him stroke bahis şirketleri for stroke. Their bodies were in ecstasy. He was pounding her pussy, nailing her body into the sand. He knew that the position she was in, she could get pregnant easyer. That thought alone, sent him over the edge.


Back home now they haven’t gotten together much. She hope that tonight that he would let her in his bed. The last three weeks have been rough. Mom move her stuff out. And now there is an empty room, When he left for wok this morning she redid the room and order a new bed. She move some of her nighties into the room. And got matching silk robes for her and him. She gave him a kiss when he came home.

“I have a surprise for you I hope you like it.” she told him. She took him upstairs.

” now close your eyes. good now you can open them.” she told him.

“Oh Baby you’ve wipe her out of this room completely.” he said. Walking around the room he saw that she had some of her things already in the drawers. That was good, she still wanted him. With his back to her he unzip his pants and pull out his cock. Stroking it.

“Go find the big picture of your mother and bring it up here.” he told her. She did as he ask.

“Here it is where do you want it?” she ask.

“Close your eyes. Good now come with me. Stand there for a minute.” he said. He place the picture leaning on the dresser.

“Now turn facing this way. Good now I want you to pretend your mother’s there, mmmm, you can open your eyes.” he said.

She saw the picture leaning there. He stood behind her.

“That’s right my dear slut of a wife, see how you much our little girl has grown, it’s she the most beautiful lady you’ve ever seen. Her titties are ripe, and oh they taste so good, and her pussy is the tightest hole I’ve ever fuck, not like yours. And her mouth, mmmm, she can suck my cock better than you ever could. Come here baby and suck Daddy’s cock, show your slut mother how good you can take care of me. oh good, yes suck me baby, suck Daddy’s cock, ooooooo, yes, take your mouth off baby I’m going to cum.” he said. He shot his cum all over the picture, then he took a knife to it and cut it up.

“Thank you baby for that.” he said.

“I kinda enjoyed that Daddy.” she told him. He told her he’d be back in a minute, and left the room.

“We have company, Baby I want you to go down stairs and bring him up here.” he said. She went down and open the door to find her the man who lives next door. His wife’s out of town for the weekend.

” Come in Daddy said for you to come up.” she told him. Locking the door she took him upstairs.

“Come in, come in Eddie.” he said. Eddie came in and stood at the foot of the bed.

” Come up here and sit on Daddy’s cock Baby, While Eddie watches. She slip her pussy onto his cock and Eddie watch her ass bouncing up and down. His cock was getting hard and he fish it out. When She saw Eddies cock she gasp.

“Oh wow Daddy he’s huge bigger than you.” she said.

“Yes I know baby. Would you like to ride Eddies cock Baby?’ he ask.

“Oh yes please Daddy can I?’ she ask.

“Eddie would you like her on top riding your cock?” he ask him. Eddie nodded his head yes. She ease down on his monstrous cock, and Eddie took her mouth in a mind blowing kiss, with their lips still kissing. She felt her Daddy’s cock slamming into her ass. Daddy pounded her asshole, not stopping till the three of them climax together. Just before Eddie went home She suck his cock, licking the last drop of cum. Her Daddy told him he was welcome to come over anytime his wife was out of town as long as he told no one what happen here tonight.

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