Summer Time

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It was the summer after the completion of high school. I hadn’t done too poorly at school and was excited for my move to college, but first I had one endless summer ahead of me. It was on the fateful day two days after graduation that I was driving to my girl friend Renee’s house.

I had spent the morning working out. I was proud of my body. Playing wide receiver had given me a body of almost no fat and tight, corded muscle. I stand at 6′ 3″ and am topped with brown hair and bright blue eyes. I always work out naked when my family isn’t home, and the feeling of the air on my body always give me a hard-on. It’s difficult to manage push-ups when you have a 7-inch steel rod attached to your crotch, but I wasn’t one to complain, my penis had made me rather popular with the ladies.

We didn’t live far from one another, but on days that we particularly hot or cold I’d drive down to her house when I wanted to see her. It was on this 15 minute drive that I spotted a jar sitting on the side of the road. Curiosity made me stop, as usually when you see glass on the side of the road it’s because the glass fell from a car and is shattered all over the pavement. I turned off my car and crossed the street.

In front of me lay a medium-sized mason jar filled to the cap with green vegetation. Not one to pass up opportunity, I opened the jar and took a sniff. I was immediately dazed by the strong herbal scent that can only be credited to marijuana. I’m not much of a smoker, generally I avoid the stuff, but to find it in this quantity made was too lucrative to leave behind.

I snapped the jar shut and finished the drive to Renee’s house. I pulled up to her lavish house. Renee’s father is old money, so, naturally, she has a massive house with 4 bedrooms, each with their own bath, as well as a huge kitchen, a pool, and a home theater that would put your local cinema to shame. I stepped out of my car and walked into their marbled entry way without knocking.

I announced my arrival with a loud “I’m here!”. Renee’s family was oddly forward and only asked that you make your presence known when you walk into their house. Renee came around the corner smiling the sly smile that I only see when she’s horny “Hey John” she said, greeting me verbally. Renee is about 5′ 6″ and weighs around 140 lbs. She carries most of her weight in her 32 D bust and her amazingly round, jiggling ass. She always wears her red hair short and has heart-stopping bright green eyes. She was wearing a new, purple with polka-dots string bikini and had obviously been planning to go out to the pool when I arrived.

“That looks nice” I said, with a sly grin as I pulled her in for a long kiss. “Why thank you” she said, with the kind of tone that indicates she already knew that the bikini looked nice on her, she just liked to hear me say it. “You’ll never guess what I found on the road today” I said, trailing off to let her know that it was a good surprise. “Really? What is it?”

“This” I stated, pulling out my new prize. Renee froze with a huge smile on her face. She wasn’t much of a stoner either, but we both knew that this could mean tons of money for ridiculous things we didn’t need. She popped the cap and took a sniff. I watched as she got just a little bit of a buzz out of just smelling the sweet aroma. “This is good” she said with a lazy smile, “but we have to make sure…”. With that, she darted up her hardwood stairs.

I didn’t need a prompt to watch her bouncing ass go up the steps and immediately follow. Her body had a way of hypnotizing me, and it didn’t take any suggestion from her to have me following close behind whenever she walked away. “Go wait in my room!” she called, from within the master bedroom, “I have to get something from here!”

“Okay!” I shouted as I walked down the long upstairs corridor to Renee’s room at the end of the floor. Her room was as massive. She had all the walls painted purple and a wonderfully soft tan carpet surrounding her Asian-style low bed and some matching furniture. I was only sitting on her white comforter for maybe canlı bahis a minute when Renee came walking in, breasts bouncing jubilantly, with something held behind her back.

She said “Tada!” as she pulled out a clear glass bong with water already in the ball. “Where’d you get that?” I asked. “From my parents room, duh.” She stated emphatically. Since her mother and father never had to work, Renee’s parents acted immaturely at times. They’d often let us drink in the house and would ask us if we were going to have sex so they would know not to disturb us. Therefore, it was no surprise that they had a bong hidden in their room.

Renee packed the bong and informed me that her mother and father would occasionally invite Renee and her older sister, Samantha, to smoke in their room with them. Renee sparked up first and drew a huge hit out of the weed. She couldn’t get all the rip into her lungs, so she passed me the bong and I was able to get a whole breath out of the pipe. We held the smoke for a long time and exhaled simultaneously. “Mmmmm” Renee softly moaned, “we can’t let any of this out” she said as she shut her door and stuffed a towel underneath it.

We each took turns smoking from the bong, enjoying some of the best pot I’d ever experienced. It was so good, that after about 5 hits each, we were extremely high. It was then that we heard the front door open, and Renee’s mother, Janice, come walking up the stairs. She’d seen my car, and knocked on the door asking “Are you two fucking?”

“No mom, it’s okay to come in” said Renee, not lifting her head off the bed. I wasn’t listening, as I was too busy reaching my hand into Renee’s top to fondle her rather large nipples. Janice walked in and closed her eyes as she smelled the smoke-filled room. “Wow.” she said “Not even your father can get stuff this good”

“I know” said Renee. “Wait a minute…” said Janice, drawing her words slowly in mock suspicion, “are you two using my bong?”

Renee gave a mischievous smile and then promptly dropped her head back on the bed, as my nipple-play had started to get her very horny. “Well you know the rules” said Janice, “my bong, so I get free hits”

“Go right ahead” I said as I leaned in to give Renee an open-mouthed kiss with lots of tongue. Janice was slightly shorter than her daughter, but other than that she was a slightly aged version of my lover. There are a few laugh-lines around the eyes and she wears her hair much longer, about half-way down her back, but otherwise the two women could be twins. Because of this similarity, I’d often imagined Janice naked when I masturbated at home.

Janice began taking rapid bong hits while Renee and I quickly got in the mood to start fucking. My boner was showing through the fabric of my khaki shorts, and Renee’s pussy juice was flowing out the sides of her bikini bottoms. It was after Janice took a huge hit from the bong that she leaned in between us and locked lips with her daughter.

My cock throbbed and precum began soaking through my shorts as I watched the two women hold their lips together. It was obvious that Janice was tongue kissing her daughter as she passed smoke into Renee’s lungs. The broke the contact and Renee exhaled, then they both turned to see my reaction.

“What?” Janice asked, “Who do you think taught my daughter to shotgun in the first place? In fact” she continued “weed gets me so horny, I’m surprised you two aren’t already naked and on round three with stuff this good”. Renee again got her mischievous smile and said, “I was waiting for you mommy.”

I thought Janice may have been surprised by that, but instead she crossed the room and locked the door. “Well in that case” she said, “let’s get naked”.

Renee was undressed first, as she pulled the strings on her swimsuit and quickly removed the fabric. Her pussy was glistening in the smoke-filtered afternoon sun and she immediately began rubbing her labia, stimulating her clitoris in the process. She moved her other hand up to her nipple and fondled her huge breast while moaning softly. I met her green bahis siteleri eyes, the whites of which had turned a bright red that only intensified her irises. I was so entranced by Renee that it took effort to look over as Janice released her own 36 DD bust from her black bra. Her white button-up blouse had already been cast aside and I watched as she unzipped the side of her deep-gray pencil skirt to reveal the black thong underneath.

She noticed I was watching her and asked “Would you care to do the honors? You do deserve a reward, since you found the grass.” I nodded dumbly, too entranced to speak. Renee shifted on the mattress to get a better look as I stood up and walked behind her mother. In heels, Janice was still only up to my nose, so I knelt behind her as I pulled the thong past he expansive, rounded ass, and down her beautifully muscled and smooth legs. I unbuckled her heels while I was there, and couldn’t resist diving mouth-first into her snatch.

She moaned in ecstasy as her pussy began pouring juice down my throat. Renee couldn’t stand the arousal of watching her mother be eaten out by her boyfriend and began fingering herself hard. Janice bent down in front of Renee’s pussy and said “Move your fingers sweety”. Renee didn’t need to be told twice, and her whole body shuddered as Janice’s tongue penetrated her vag. I stopped tonguing long enough to spit on Janice’s brown little asshole and I stuck my two first fingers all the way in her ass as I resumed eating her sweet pussy. Both of the girls couldn’t take it any longer, and shuddered their way into their first climax of the day.

Janice stood up and let me slide my fingers out of her ass. Renee sat up on the bed and noticed that I still had my shirt and shorts on. “Looks like you missed out on that one” she smiled. “Let’s fix that” said Janice and she unbuttoned my pants. Renee lifted my shirt over my head and I head a little purr of pleasure as Janice discovered that I had elected not to wear underwear, as well as my 7-inch, veiny, and throbbing cock.

“Do you mind if I get the first taste?” asked Janice to Renee, “Oh why am I asking you? You get this all the time!” She teased as she plunged her lips down my shaft and deep-throated me. I smiled and my knees almost gave out at the wonderful sensation; Renee was amazing at giving head, but it was clear that Janice was the true master. Renee gave me a deep kiss and then slid down to her knees to join her mother in sucking my rock-hard penis. Renee couldn’t get any real-estate on the shaft, so she elected to shuffle around behind me and lean back so she had access to by balls and taint.

Renee put both my balls in her mouth and hummed emphatically as her mother gagged on my cocked. I shivered with pleasure and Janice pulled me out to stroke my shaft as she kissed Renee. Renee didn’t miss a beat, she tongue kissed Janice and simultaneously massaged my balls in one hand whilst running her index finger from the other hand between my scrotum and my asshole. I left out a soft moan, and they both realized that I was ready to burst. Janice broke off the kiss and began ramming my cock down her throat as Renee continued to work me with her hands and lean back farther to suck on her mother’s nipples.

Every muscle in my back tensed and I knew climax was close as I clasped Janice’s head on either side and began moving my hips in time with her head’s bobbing. I let out a savage roar as a slammed my cock down Janice’s throat one last time and began filling her mouth with hot, sticky cum. Janice moaned in delight and came to the taste of my giz. Renee put her hands back to support herself and broke her lip-seal on her mother’s nipple in order to hold her mouth open beneath Janice’s and make an “Ah, ah” sound like a baby bird begging for food. The load was too much for Janice to swallow at once, so she obliged Renee and spat about half of my sticky cum into her daughter’s mouth. She caught the strand between them with her finger and sucked it clean as they both swallowed.

“Mmmmm” Janice moaned, “Round two!” I wasn’t bahis şirketleri so sure about that, but the combination of the smoke-filled room keeping me high as a kite and watching mother and daughter tag-team my cock had my johnson spring to attention. I’m never one to argue with body chemistry. “Sounds good to me.” I said with a little chuckle as I laid down on Renee’s bed. Renee didn’t wait for Janice to steal my cock away this time, and she promptly hopped onto my steely rod, slipping it deep into her pussy until my head just brushed her cervix.

Renee came instantly, a loud, rushing orgasm that had her pussy squirt down around my cock and had Renee screaming loudly. Janice was already hot as well, and she knelt over my face, facing towards her daughter. My tongue began its work on Janice’s shaved cunt as I heard them exchanging a loud, wet kiss. The two each got another simultaneous cum and, when Renee’s screaming subsided, Janice politely asked “Can I have a turn?”

Renee was reluctant to give up her perch, but she agreed as long as Janice sucked it clean before she started. Janice had been planning to do so all along, and flopped down into a 69 position as soon as Renee moved. Janice’s tits were warm against my stomach as she began moving her wet mouth up and down my shaft with vigor. Renee came up to my head and got me to pull my tongue out of her mom’s cunt long enough to give her a taste of the sweet pussy while we shared a passionate kiss.

While Janice was busy getting every last drop of her daughter’s juice of my cock, Renee took another hit and passed the smoke to me to make sure we didn’t lose our high. While I held the smoke, Renee started tonguing Janice’s ass. I quickly exhaled and we double-penetrated Janice with our tongues until her pussy squirted the two of us in the face as a reward. This time Janice’s screams were the ones heard echoing through the room as Renee and I greedily mopped up the juice with our tongues.

Janice finally finished her clean-up of my dick and began riding my cock, fondling her pink nipples as she did so. To my great relief, I finally got to eat out Renee’s sweet pussy. Her mother’s cunt tasted great, but Renee’s was much better. I lost myself in the task of drinking up her juices as she moaned excitedly. I was hardly aware of Janice having multiple orgasms on my cock, and I could barely hear moaning that it was “bigger than her husbands”.

When Janice had had her fun, she graciously allowed Renee to finish my second cum off. “But I’m gonna get you back for the naughty trick you and your boy-toy pulled while I had that beautiful dick in my mouth” she warned. I had already forgot what she was talking about, but it quickly came back to me as Renee put me inside and Janice got on all-fours behind her daughter. I could feel Janice’s tongue flicking in and out of Renee’s asshole and Renee rode my cock. I was grateful to get to watch her 32 D tits bounce up and down with her motion as she slammed herself down on my cock. It was too much, I couldn’t hold back any longer, and I poured my cum into Renee’s cunt. Janice, who’d be working her clit, came to a big orgasm too, but both our cums were dwarfed by Renee’s massive, squirting orgasm. She screamed loudly and her body shuddered as she collapsed in a sweaty head on top of me.

I could feel Janice’s tongue lapping up the mix of cum that was seeping out of Renee’s pussy around my dick. She couldn’t possibly finish all of it, and climbed up next to me on the bed. Renee finally got herself together enough to roll to my opposite side, and we all lay there naked, one woman on each arm. “Welcome to the family” said Janice, “I wasn’t sure if you would be okay with the stuff we do here, but now that I know, we won’t be leaving you out ever again”

“That’s good to know” I responded, half asleep already. Renee was softly snoring next to my ear, and Janice settled her head onto my shoulder. We all drifted off to a great sleep. We woke up to order two extra-large pizzas. We never got our clothes back on, the delivery guy almost fainted when Janice greeted him at the door with no clothes on. We finished both pizza’s together, and spent the rest of the day fucking and hanging out by the pool.

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