Summer Switch Ch. 05a

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Series works best if you read it in order but here are some “catch up” details:

Basic plot:

A group of 4 best friends head up to a cottage for the week to celebrate their high school graduations and kick off the summer. They confess their fantasies which leads to a whole ton of exploration and re-evaluation of sexual orientations!

Chapter 1 – Jake and Cole masturbate together thinking the fantasy Cam has confessed.

Chapter 2 – the mutual masturbation session is repeated as a foursome with a little bit of touching. Cam encourages the guys to give her a tiny sample of the guy-on-guy action she craves seeing.

Chapter 3 they’d been too exhausted from their new adventures in guy-on-guy sex to care what mess they’d made of each other before passing out. And of course, shower time quickly turned into exploring-each-other’s-bodies time…

* * * *

Down the hall in the primary bedroom, Cole lay on his back with Cam curled up against his left side. He woke to discover she was already awake and looking up at him. He found that first-thing-in-the-morning Cam made him grin widely in amusement – her auburn hair with shaved sides and bright pink highlight was sticking up every which way.

“I knew you would hog my bed!” was the first thing she greeted him with. But she was smiling up at him as well, enjoying how warm he was. Cole couldn’t help but grin as he made a show of stretching and yawning, extending his arms and legs to take up even more space in the king-sized bed.

“What can I say? I’m a big man.” Cole made sure to place an extra suggestive emphasis on the word “big”.

“Now that, I can’t argue with.” Cam retorted. Extending her top arm across his chest, she slowly trailed it down his hairy chest and followed the happy trail to its conclusion. With a casual grip around his morning wood, she added, “Nope, definitely no argument…” She paused a beat, moving her hand the slightest bit before asking, “can I have some?” with her typical laid-back grin.

Cole wasn’t about to turn down that request; Cam may have been brand new at sucking real-live cocks, but her ex-girlfriends’ dildos had given her some practice, and she was a natural. Her enthusiasm seemed to make up for her lack of finesse and skills. Wanting to have his mouth on her again as well, he suggested trying a sixty-nine position, wiggling down to create more space between his head and the headboard. Cam eagerly accepted and climbed onto his large frame, arranging herself carefully with knees on either side of his head. He gripped her hips with his muscular arms and pulled her pussy right down onto his mouth, immediately diving right in.

Enjoying Cam’s taste as she gripped his thick cock to line it up for herself, he gasped when he first felt the sensation of her lips around him. Even just having his cock head in her warm mouth felt so amazing. Her tongue continued to work as she took more and more, swirling around the head. When she pulled back to breathe, she would lick the tip, playing with his foreskin and even slipping her tongue into his slit to grab as much pre-cum as she could.

Cole’s orgasm rushed at him all of a sudden with Cam’s attempt to take as much of his cock as she could take into her mouth and throat. He was unable to pull back from the brink and his first blast went right down Cam’s throat before she pulled back to be able to eagerly taste the remaining volleys as his fat dick twitched and jerked in her small hands.

Cole kept his grip on Cam’s pelvis and she remained on top, hand still wrapped around Cole’s softening dick as he ate her out with his considerable skill. He was the one who had years of practice with hetero sex. He suspected Cam would win if they ever had an oral sex competition with pussies. Her orgasm – or perhaps even orgasms – hit fast and were very intense, with Cole’s talented tongue keeping her going for a full minute.

If Nolan and Jake hadn’t been in the shower, enjoying their own sexy fun, they surely would have heard her screams from down the hall.

* * * *

Once the friends came together to enjoy a late breakfast, they shared some extremely interesting conversations eryaman genç escort as each pair caught the other up on what had transpired behind closed doors. And in hot tubs. And showers.

Cam was of course delighted to get all the details of Jake and Nolan’s explorations. “I have so many ideas for tonight!” she gushed.

“Are you going to tell us any in advance?” Jake wanted to know.

“Nope. I think I’ll save them for a surprise. But I will tell you what to buy when we go shopping.”

Today was the day – the best friends had planned on acting out a scene of Cam’s creation that would have them enjoying even more of each other’s bodies than they had the night before. It would also would bring all four friends together into their for a lot of firsts – first gay sex for all three men, first straight sex for Cam, first foursome for all of them.

Nolan had been the only man who had given a (conscious) thought to gay sex before. He had been coping with bi-curious thoughts during all of the friends’ Grade 12 year. His original plan had been to explore those feelings in September while away at uni. He wasn’t the slightest bit upset his plans had been moved up with Cam’s encouragement, though! And, since he’d done the research (including watching gay porn and reading erotica), he was able to share his knowledge with his friends.

Cole was still anxious about their plans, but he found Nolan’s matter-of-fact attitude calming. Besides, he trusted his best friends more than anyone else in the world. Maybe even more than his family, where he’d been in a “man of the house” role for a long time. His straight persona was important to him, something he’d been glad to have when immersed in the world of high school sports teams. He was a huge guy with muscles and tons of hair all over his body, definitely not someone who read as anything but cis and hetero.

As Nolan continued sharing all the info, Cole took deep breaths and kept remembering all the reassuring things Cam had told him. When he felt her small hand slip into his, he squeezed back gratefully.

“You OK?” she spoke softly, leaning up to speak right towards his ear. He nodded, resting his head against hers and enjoying their intertwined hands.

Nolan and Jake had been joking around and flirting with each other but they turned to face him when they noticed the pose of their other two friends. It was Jake whose calm voice grounded him, deep brown eyes serious in contrast to their usual humour-filled appearance.

“It’s OK to be nervous, man. Just remember we’re never gonna ask you to do anything you’re not comfortable with.”

Nolan nodded in agreement. “Yah, we’re just really glad you’re on board enough to try this!”

Cole was able to offer a weak smile in return. When he’d filled out the checklist Cam had found for them online, he had really tried to be honest with himself and open to what he might want. He had to admit that the past few days had brought up a lot of curiosity, with new thoughts coming into his head that terrified him even as they aroused him.

“Thanks guys. I trust you, and I trust Cam.” He turned to look at the short and curvy bestie beside him. She smiled up at him and rubbed his arm with the hand that wasn’t holding his.

“Good! ’cause we are gonna take gooood care of you…”. Cam’s sexy and suggestive voice was exaggerated enough to make him laugh and he felt his body relax again. She continued to hold his hand and rub his arm as they listened to the rest of Nolan’s information.

When he brought up condoms, the group discussed their latest STI test status and were happy to discover they had all had gone with their usual post-break-up health check-ups and had gotten clear results.

“Another silver lining of all of us getting dumped after prom!” Cam cheerfully commented, remembering the conversation that had gotten this ball rolling in the first place – an afternoon spent discussing their post-prom break-ups and calculating just how many months it had been since they were all single at the same time. “This is meant to be guys, I just know it.”

“Are the stars aligned? Chamomile, you are such a hippie.” ankara escort bayan Jake teased, getting a playful smack on the arm for his troubles. They all knew Cam hated having her full first name used – it was her parents who were the real hippies but they really couldn’t complain given all the perks they’d enjoyed from the Barrows, including having this family cottage to themselves so frequently over many summers.

“We’re not driving all the way back into the city are we?” Nolan wanted to know.

Cam shook her head. “God, no, thankfully we can avoid the long drive back. There’s a town about an hour away that’s big enough to have a store with like, sex toys and what not. Maybe they cater to all the cottage people!”

“OK well why don’t you and Cole hit that up and Jake and I can start at the pharmacy?” Nolan suggested.

Cam looked around the table and everyone nodded agreement with this plan. “Sure. Maybe you guys should pick up the lube, probably cheaper there.”

Cole leaned close to Cam and murmured, “You’ll have to let me do a little secret shopping with no peeking so I can grab a few things for tomorrow night.” Cam felt a new rush of arousal at that thought and hummed happily as she nodded in agreement. She looked around and was thrilled to find eager faces looking back at her. Even Cole, with the nerves underneath, was definitely giving off a vibe of being excited.

Cam stood up, practically bouncing with her energy. “OK, we have a plan! Shopping, come back, nap so we have lots of energy, set things up, and ya know, just have one of the best nights of our lives. Sound good?” Her grin was contagious, wide and genuine. She was in her bossy element and the guys both knew it and loved it.

Their agreement was enthusiastic as they all stood and hustled to get breakfast tidied up so they could hit the road. Each one of them was already aroused just from the conversation, especially from hearing about what the other half of their tight-knit group had been up to! They felt revved up, like they’d had quadruple the amount of coffee they’d actually consumed, an electric current humming through their bodies.

Cam couldn’t help feeling like there were tangible threads connecting her to her friends, golden filaments that looked as delicate as spiders’ silk but was even stronger. These connections had already been there for years and years, but now they hummed with new energies, a frequency of vibration that was breaking down old barriers and boundaries. Cam laughed as she shook her head, thinking that her Unitarian Universalist parents would probably be pleased that she was “living their principles”, even if she was connecting those beliefs to sex.

“What?” Cole stopped, juice in one hand and an open fridge door in the other.

“My thoughts are connecting sex with like, religious philosophy… I’ll tell you about it in the car.”

He chuckled as he stashed the juice. “Can’t wait.” When she met his heated gaze, she knew he was thinking of more than just her ponderings. They all had a lot to look forward to.

* * * *

Although their evening started off with a routine that the friends had experienced probably dozens of times over the many summers spent at this same cottage, there was a new energy that was woven through every word and deed. They ate a light and healthy supper, shared a bottle of wine, and enjoyed a sweet dessert.

When the last of the spoonfuls clattered into empty bowls, the three men looked to Cam, waiting for her to take charge. Pushing up from the table, she stood while they remained seated. Although she had anticipated this for months, planning and fantasizing over multiple possibilities, it felt surreal that the time had finally arrived. She would be getting all that she desired over the next two nights; her blood hummed with a mix of anticipation and arousal, with a little dash of anxiety.

“So…” she began slowly, adopting the low and calming tone she had used with them before as she’d led them into places they had never dreamed of going. “I know your lists, I know your Yeses, Maybes and Nos. You will trust me to not push you farther than you decided sincan escort you wanted to go.” She waited until all three men nodded their understanding before continuing. “We’ll use stoplights for safe words – green is all good, yellow is caution if approaching your limits, red is stop what we’re doing to check in.” A chorus of nods, with her friends gazes’ serious.

Cam paced slowly over to Cole, who was visibly the most anxious of all of them. She rested her hands on his huge shoulders and he immediately relaxed a notch. She continued speaking in a soothing voice. “If, in the moment, you realize you would be open to more than you initially thought you would be…” she leaned over Cole, placing her mouth next to his ear and dropping the tone of her voice into a faux whisper, told them “just whisper your desires to me and I’ll make sure to script them in.”

Cole couldn’t help but shudder a little at her words, even as his mind continued to spin with possibilities that both aroused and terrified him. He was thankful for her comforting touch, her small hands now stroking against his chest. He reached one of his hands up to cover hers for a few seconds to silently express his gratitude.

“Tomorrow night I’ll be your slave,” Cam continued, “but tonight I am your Mistress. Unless you need to use a safe word, I only want to hear agreements to my orders. And of course you are welcome to exclaim your pleasure. In fact, non-language noises are not only permitted but encouraged.” Here, she gave a wide teasing smile and got answering grins from Nolan and Jake from across the table.

Taking advantage of her spot behind Cole, she alternated her gaze between her two more openly bi-curious friends while continuing to calmly massage the wide chest and shoulders of the friend who had held onto his straight identity with a desperate and sometimes panicked grasp. When she concluded her little spiel by giving him with the reassurance: “We will all take care of each other”, Jake and Nolan both nodded solemnly. Cole was placing his trust in them all and at that moment, they were vowing not to break that trust.

The friends proceeded to the primary bedroom, it’s king-sized bed making it the best choice for their foursome. Jake had taken charge of gathering up the hard liquor, this time with four shot glasses instead of two. He placed it on top of the wide dresser, right next to the doorway. Lining up the shot glasses, he poured a shot of whiskey for everyone but only Cole accepted his offer to enjoy his first right away.

Nolan was already helping Cam set the mood by lighting candles; they were whispering together excitedly as they worked. Jake brought his own and Cole’s glass to the small couch, where he and Cole tried to get comfortable. They sipped their drinks awkwardly, too nervous to make conversation. Jake at least had the excuse of looking around at this room, a place he hadn’t really seen much of.

Cam had left the overhead light off in favour of the two bedside lamps, which were casting a warm glow over the space. Their couch sat against the back wall, under the window that provided a view of the back deck and the lakeside beyond it. From this spot, Jake could see the bed and two night stands along the outer wall to their left, the dresser with mirror along the inner wall to their right. Directly across from them was the only other wall with windows – two of them, overlooking the front porch and driveway. Between those windows sat a chest of drawers with a small TV sitting on top. The room was quite spacious, stretching the entire depth of the cottage. The door immediately to their right led to the hallway and the door at the other end of the inner wall led to the en-suite bath. The floors were hardwood but there were several rugs – small ones on either side of the bed and a larger one at the end of the bed, covering the space in the centre of the room between the bed and dresser.

As Jake completed his perusal of the room, he saw that Cam and Nolan were coming towards them. “Ready?” he asked, making a move to stand.

“Yes, but you guys stay right there.” Cam instructed. “We’ll start with something easy.” She dropped to her knees in front of Cole and Nolan did the same on Jake’s side. Placing her hands on Cole’s thighs, she started to rub up and down his legs, with a smooth and relaxed pace. Nolan again copied Cam’s motions and ran his hands over Jake’s jean-clad legs.

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