Summer of Love

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Stepping out of the shower, only John’s smile and twinkle in his eye remained dirty. He was so looking forward to that evening – his party, his chance to impress. He’d bought new clothes for the evening, had his hair trimmed, pampered himself more than normal when showering. John had never been a ladies man, although streetwise and handsome, he had never taken the opportunities that had presented themselves, he had not yet lost his virginity. But tonight would be different.

With their parents on holiday and the college summer holidays looming, John and his sister had organised a party at their home. There was never any fear of the party getting out of hand, at 23 John was quite mature and picked his friends carefully. Karen, younger than her brother by just 14 months, was always a little bit of a wild child, but was unlikely to ruin anything for John. Karen had too much respect for her older brother. Both had found difficulty in their younger years as their father’s profession involved much upheaval, the family never really settling in one part of the country until John was 15, Karen 13. They’d remained close, sharing interests and a large circle of joint friends.

It was one of those within the large circle of friends that John had his eye on, and the feeling was mutual. One friend of Karen virtually threw herself at John everytime they met, and John had made sure she’d be at the party.

Soon the evening was upon them, the party in full swing. And then there she was, Lauren. John felt a tremor run through his body. He didn’t want to appear too keen, but didn’t want to waste the chance either. As John drank and chatted to other friends he went over in his mind just how he was going to make love to this beauty. But John’s heart dropped as he watched Lauren flirt with other guys, he got another beer, tried to talk to her, failed, and got another beer. Then Lauren made her move.

Leading John into Karen’s bedroom, Lauren seductively closed the door behind her and leaned back. John needed no more invitation and they began to kiss, and explore each others bodies, pulling off what clothing they could. Semi-clad, they jumped into the bed and kissed wildly, John began to finger Lauren, as much for his own education as her enjoyment, she showed him just where she wanted to be touched and he rubbed and fingered happily. But John wanted more, but his cock wouldn’t play ball, it just wasn’t hard, he tried to force it into Lauren’s pussy. Lauren protested, John tried again, and Lauren told him to stop. Lauren persuaded John just to finger her, kiss her for now – John obliged, he rubbed furiously upon her, kissing her neck, her chest, feeling her tits, and pulling at his own cock to make it hard, but nothing! John and Lauren both fingered and rubbed Lauren’s cunt, panting, smiling, sweating. Reaching her climax, Lauren’s body buckled, she groaned, smiled and kissed John – and John just lay there limp. After both had tried and failed to spark some life into John’s cock Lauren quickly got up, dressed again and left John with his thoughts. The feelings of embarrassment and guilt gave way to the exhaustion and drink induced tiredness and John drifted off to sleep.

Becoming aware of a presence in the room John awoke. His first reaction was to be startled by the surroundings, of course it was his sister’s room. Karen was the presence he had felt. She was checking that he was OK. He assured her he was fine and apologised for being in her bed. Karen told John most of the guest had left now. John asked if Lauren had said anything, Karen told him she had said he was “really cute”. John told Karen what had happened, without detail.

Karen placed a hand on her brothers shoulder and kissed his forehead sympathetically. John almost got a facefull of Karen’s chest as she leaned over, then got a flash of her legs as her skirt rode up. “Oh Great” cried John in a sarcastic tone, “What?” question a puzzled Karen, “Now I get a stiffy!” John dryly stated shooting daggers at his sister, then laughed. Karen joked that she’d get Lauren back if he wanted and left John to get dressed again.

With their guests gone, the house tidied, Karen went to bed. John sat canlı bahis watching some night-time show on the television, running over his experience in his mind time and time again. Filling up his glass with another brandy he slumped down in the chair and looked at his watch, “Karen’s room” he thought has he realised it was missing. He sipped his drink, flicked through the channels and settled for some very soft porn film – usual crap, it did nothing for him. John left his drink and headed for his room.

Going up the stairs he saw the bathroom light go on and door close , with Karen in there he’d pop in to her room and pick up his watch. As he went to open the her bedroom door he thought “why is it closed?”, if Karen was in the bathroom, why was her door still closed. He went to his parents room, no-one was there, nor the spare room and no-one was downstairs, he’d checked that before going upstairs. He went into his room, Lauren lay asleep in the bed, John was confused. He was considering his options when he heard the toilet flush and bathroom door open – John braced himself for an argument with who-ever this was, then out walked Stevie, Karen’s ex-boyfriend, he patted John on the shoulder and whispered “She’s mine” as he walked past John towards the awakening Lauren.

John closed the door, smiled to himself about Lauren and went to tell Karen straight away. Karen appeared to be asleep, John crept over and picked up his watch and crept back to the door. Karen said “Wait”. “Hold me” she pleaded as John walked back in. He closed the door and sat by his sister in the dark. Karen told John that she knew her ex was sleeping with Lauren, she began to cry and John just held her. Composing herself, Karen wiped her eyes and said Lauren was welcome to Stevie, “He was crap” she laughed “A cave-man would have had a better idea of what a woman likes”. They sat back on the bed, shoulder to shoulder, “Tell me everything about you and Lauren tonight, in detail” Karen demanded, John was keen to relay it again.

John whispered his story to his sister, Karen sat back, eyes closed and smiling as she listened, pulled her night-dress over her knees as she drew her legs into her body cradling herself. Karen yawned, John said he’d leave, but she insisted on hearing the whole story. Karen made herself comfortable, head on her pillows, lying on her side, back to John. Continuing his tale John lay beside his sister, put an arm around her, and placed a hand on Karen’s stomach. Karen didn’t stir. Through the night-dress John began to circle his fingers gently on her stomach, illustrating his sexual experience. He froze, realising what he was doing. As he stopped, Karen moved, took John’s hand in her hand and showed him just exactly where she liked to be touched.

Karen pushed her night-dress up a little, her pussy now being massaged by her brother, his breath warm on the back of her neck, a warm hand on her shoulder, feeling his cock hard in his trousers as he pressed into her small body. Karen bucked her body against John’s, she took John’s hand and guided it to the crack of her pussy, and moaned as his fingers explored her moist hole. A kiss was planted on the back of her neck, his tongue flicked behind an ear. Karen gasped at the attention she was receiving, it had never been this lovingly before. John’s fingers worked inside and outside Karen for several minutes before she began to pant more heavily, John’s fingers increased in pace , delved deeper and finally Karen drew her legs up to her body and gently moved John’s hand from her sore, wet pussy.

Karen turned to her brother, he had a broad smile on his face, she responded by mirroring the expression, tucked her hair behind her ears, sat on her knees and began to unbuckle John’s belt. John eagerly slid his trousers and boxer shorts off, Karen pulled her night-dress off to reveal to her brother the small but perfectly formed breasts. Childlike, John cupped one of Karen’s tits and gently played with it in fascination, circling the nipple with a fingertip time and time again. Karen watched her brothers face as she straddled him, John’s eyes were drawn to his cock being taken in Karen’s hand, as she lowered herself bahis siteleri onto his cock. The cold, uneasy feeling that John was trying to suppress was drowned in the sticky heat that came over him as his cock slide up the warm, damp velvet-like hole. John grabbed Karen by the waist, Karen placed her hands on his chest. she rode him, he lay there in fascination, wanting to thrust his cock deeper and deeper but not wanting to ruin the moment for Karen. Karen lowered her upper body over John’s, he grabbed her back, feeling her from the crack of her ass to the back of her neck, running his fingertips all over her, catching one of his sister’s tits in his mouth and sucking on her. Moaning and panting, Karen reached back and squeezed on John’s balls lightly, wriggled on him and closed her pussy muscles around his shaft. John had been desperate to come since the first second, finally he tensed his body, gripped the sheets and came inside Karen. She slumped over him as they both panted and began to kiss.

Karen pulled the covers up, right over them, she remained straddling her brother as his cock remained hard, they giggled, kissed gently and touched each other. Their hearts and pulses raced. John whispered he should go, Karen agreed, then shit! The door opened slowly on them, John grabbed a pillow to obscure his face, Karen lay right on top of him. It was Lauren “Shit! I thought you were alone -I’m off, a taxi has just arrived” and the door closed. Karen and John lay perfectly still, they heard two voices fade downstairs and the main door close.

Grabbing her dressing gown Karen rushed to her parents room to see Lauren and Stevie climb into the taxi and leave. She rushed down to lock the door again. Upstairs, John once again checked that no-one was remaining before going down to join his sister. They looked at each other and fell about laughing. Together they headed back to Karen’s bed to catch some well earned rest.

Saturday morning was almost gone by the time Karen got up. John was already up, as he ate breakfast he felt full of guilt, not regretting what he and his sister had done, but worried about Karen’s reaction in the cold light of day. Eventually he heard Karen upstairs and waited for her reaction. There was nothing to fear. Karen sat beside John and drank her coffee. He raised his head and saw the beautiful young woman that his sister was. They sat facing each other, John and Karen held hands as they discussed what they’d done and what their next moves would be, both wanted to keep this illicit affair burning. Feeling comfortable with her brother, Karen was eager to experiment sexually, John on the other hand just wanted to fuck!

“First thing first” Karen said to her brother. She went to the sofa with John following. Sitting sideways facing each other Karen said “You kiss funny, you need some practise.” They joked about how John kissed and then Karen placed a hand on the side of her brothers face and showed him how she kissed. John was quick to pick this up, soon Karen was letting him know this was better by kissing her brother more deeply, letting her hands roam his body as he ran his fingers through her hair.

Karen let John ease her onto her back on the sofa and they lay kissing, touching, feeling. Karen’s lips were growing numb but the rest of her body was alive. She eased her skirt up, John kept kissing his sister but took his weight off her to allow her to do this, and then she eased her tights down a little. John placed a hand on the exposed satin knickers and cupped them, Karen clenched her legs together trapping John’s hand, forcing him to use his fingers on her. He didn’t fail to please. Karen unbuttoned John’s jeans and pushed them down, his cock was already firm inside his tight boxer shorts, she rubbed on his length before slipping it out. Karen then parted her legs sending her brother a message which he understood.

Only then did the kissing stop. John sat up and looked down on his sister’s small body and pulled her knickers down gently, gathered her tights his hands too and pulled both garments down to the ankles. John touched his sisters bush again, gazing at it as if it was a picture in a magazine. bahis şirketleri Karen held out a hand, encouraging her brother to come to her, again the brother and sister lovers began to kiss and John lowered himself to Karen. With John between her legs, Karen slid one hand to his cock, one hand to her pussy and guided her brother into her. They broke their kiss as they each gasped, and John fucked and fucked and fucked his sister.

10 minutes later, order and clothes restored they went on to more becoming behaviour for brother and sister. John went off to meet friends, Karen chatted with her friends over the phone. As was quite usual, the group of friends met up in a bar in the evening, knowing smiles were exchanged between Karen and John, but soon enough the normal pattern of events was seen. The boys being boys were trying to impress the girls with their lude suggestions and innuendo’s, the girls being girls, flirted but rose above their counterparts level. In front of the girls the boys said what their fantasy would be with each of the girls. At John’s turn, he eyed all 4 girls including his sister, nodded and said 2 words “School uniforms” – the rest of the guys all responded eagerly and agreed “especially Karen”. Closing time came, Karen and John resisted appeals from friends to have another party at their house, and made all began to make their way home.

Reaching home, John locked the house up, Karen made coffee. “You really are the most beautiful girl of all your friends” John stated as he joined his sister in the kitchen. “You really need to sober up” joked Karen, needlessly John protested he was serious. He was so turned on as he looked at his sister sipping her coffee. She sat seductively on the table, feet on chair, knees together but short skirt riding high, John was aware to was staring at Karen but could do nothing about it, Karen too became aware of John’s fixation and played on the fact.

Placing her coffee aside, Karen leaned back a little on the table and moved her legs slightly apart. John stepped over beside his sister and pulled the chair away, forcing Karen to pull herself further over the table. Coffee flavoured kisses were exchanged before Karen lay herself out on the table, her legs dangled over the side, John put his hands up her skirt, tucked his fingers into his sister’s tights and knickers and hauled them down and off. Karen was pulled into her brother, she wrapped her bare legs around him and watched as John dropped his trousers and boxer shorts. Karen sat up, parted her snatch and together they guided John’s cock into Karen’s wet hole.

Karen hung her arms around her brothers neck, he held his sisters small waist and fucked her on the table, Karen tried to thrust herself against John as the table creaked in rhythm. They kissed as the slowly screwed each other again, while doing so Karen unbuttoned her brothers shirt to feel his firm chest. John eased Karen from him and pulled her tight black top off to see those prefect little tits in her bra before removing that too. Now as he fucked his sister, kissing her, John gently fondled one of her tits.

But John wanted it all, he wanted to watch his cock slide up his sister’s cunt – he pushed Karen back on the table, in the stretched out position Karen’s little tits almost disappeared, he studied her face, panting, sucking on a finger, rubbing her clit. John found the sight of Karen like this, with only her skirt crumpled around her waist, highly erotic. He held his sister by the legs and watched as he fucked her faster, delighting in the view of his cock pushing into Karen. The panting, the groaning, the creaking of the table reached a climax along with John as he sunk into the chair to his side.

Karen lay panting, motionless, legs dangling, skirt crumpled. She turned to face John and smiled. “Family meals will never be the same again” she laughed as she slid off the table, fixed her skirt and pulled her top back on.

They headed off to bed together, cuddling each other as they went over the past 24 hours. John decided to get philosophical and question the rights or wrongs of what they done. Karen cursed her brother and told him now wasn’t the time for those thoughts and they’d talk tomorrow.

John joked that he wondered what tomorrow will bring, Karen switched out the bedside light, turned her face in the dark to her brother and whispered two words: “School Uniform.”

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