Summer Of Discovery Ch. 03

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“Mark and Sheri have just had great sex in his bedroom and passed out afterward. Melanie is in the adjoining room; also passed out after feeling both her friend and brother getting it on so near her. Mark and Melanie are twin brother and sister. Since the Ferris Wheel/lightning incident a week earlier, they had discovered that they could feel what the other twin was thinking about themselves, and what other people were feeling toward their twin. At least, they could feel sexual thoughts, and they found that they were both suddenly very hot for each other. Both seemed to be normal when they were apart, however, when they were together sex was foremost in their minds. Sheri is Mel’s best friend. Jim is Mark’s best friend. (See “Summer Of Discovery 1 & 2” for more details of these events.) Enjoy!

“Mark! Wake up. You’ve got to take me home!” Sheri said as she was shaking Mark awake. They had fallen asleep in each other’s arms after their hot lovemaking earlier in the evening.

“What? Oh, Good morning Sheri,” smiled Mark as he kissed her big, full lips. “What time is it?”

“Almost 5am. I have to get home before my parents wake up. What would they think about me staying out all night on a first date?” asked Sheri.

“Wow, ok, let’s go. I don’t want you to get into trouble. I want to do this again. Don’t you?” asked Mark.

“Yes, I do. I had a wonderful evening with you, Mark. It may have started a little slow but it sure ended with a bang!” Gushed Sheri.

They both hurriedly went to the bathroom and got dressed, then off to the car to drive her home. It was still dark out but the day was beginning to break. Sheri slid in close beside Mark and put her left hand on his right knee. Mark threw his right arm around Sheri’s shoulders, his hand grazing her big, soft boob through her sweater. He turned his palm toward her and held it with his fingers under it. It was very soft and full. She had not put her bra back on!

“You like?” she smiled up to him.

“Oh yes. Very much!”

Without a word, she raised the front of her sweater up, allowing his hand to caress her boob directly, then lowered the material over his hand. No one could see what he was doing now. Hell, there was barely anyone out on the roads to see anyway, so who cared.

She put her head on his shoulder and rubbed his leg. About half way up from his knee to his crotch, she felt a lump with her little finger. Wondering what it was, she moved her hand higher over the lump.

“OMG, Is that YOU?” she exclaimed.

“Yes. You turn me on so much Sheri. Can I help it if I’m hard again?”

Sheri HAD to feel it again. Using both hands, she unzipped his pants and pulled them down enough to reach inside and pull out his big long cock. He hadn’t bothered to put on underwear either, so she got it out easily from his loose pants. It stood up long and tall, growing ever harder in her hand.

“Oh, Mark, I hope you don’t mind. I just HAD to see and feel it again. Is it OK if I play with it a little?”

“It OK with me. I think I can still drive if I take it easy. I’ve never driven with someone holding my cock before, but it feels really good. So, don’t stop.”

Sheri stroked it with her hand, up and down, all around it, loving the feel and sight of it.

Sheri’s short tan skirt had ridden up her legs, barely covering her pussy. When he had a chance, Mark admired her long white legs shinning in the moonlight. He had to feel them. Besides, he still had her other boob pressed firmly into his chest. Reluctantly removing his hand from her boob, he lowered it to her right leg and caressed it. She spread them a few inches when his hand felt the inside of her leg, near her crotch. He moved higher to feel her panties, but there WERE NONE! Only her hot, wet vagina and soft red pubic hair were there.

“I didn’t see any sense in putting on underwear when I’ll just have to take them off again when I get home.” Explained Sheri.

“I’m not complaining.”

She raised her right foot up to the seat on her right to give him more access. Her skirt naturally raised up to her hips now. He felt her juicy box and got his fingers nice and wet, then moved them straight to her clit. He rubbed up and down, around it, then quick, light strokes on it.

“Ahhhh, That’s so good. Keep playing with me.” She said as she stroked him even harder.

And he did, playing all over her clit and pussy lips, bringing her to higher excitement with each stroke.

“Please, finger me now. I need something inside me.”

Mark rubbed his middle finger down through her engorged lips to her hole, then easily slid in the finger up to the second knuckle. She squeezed his finger at the same time she squeezed his cock, imagining back to the night before and how good it felt inside her. He slowly pulled the finger back and started fingering in and out of her at a leisurely pace. She matched his strokes with her own strokes on his hard cock, moaning with every canlı bahis one.

He inserted a second finger with barely a pause. She accepted it eagerly, pressing her hips up on every stroke of his fingers.

She held her own boob with her free hand, squeezing and rubbing her nipple to hardness. “Oh, you’re making me cum! Yes, don’t stop. Fuck me hard.” She moaned.

He rubbed her firm little clitty with his thumb while fingering her furiously.

“AHHH, Oooooo, Mmmmmmmmnnnng” as she came hard, hips quivering and bucking like a horse, riding her big stallion. Of course it was only his fingers, but her hand on his cock made it feel almost like the real thing. Slowly she came down and he removed his fingers with a pat for her pretty pussy.

“That was so incredible that I almost wrecked. You cannot imagine how beautiful you are when you cum. And I caused it! That makes me feel good to be able to turn you on so well.” Said Mark.

“I have never been so turned on before with a guy. You do something special to me, Mark. Who would ever have thought that after all these years of knowing each other, I’d be making love to my best friend’s brother and loving it!

“We can thank Mel for that. If it wasn’t for her help we may never have gotten together.” Said Mark. He knew it was still way too early to explain just what that meant exactly. He didn’t want Sheri knowing that Mel had been reading her mind, and reading Mark’s thoughts too. Mark realized then that he and Sheri seemed to have figured out what to do with other without Mel’s help any more, not that it wasn’t welcomed last night! Without Mel’s help in guiding him, they might still not realize how hot hey were for each other.

“Yeah, thank her for me until I see her again.” Said Sheri. “Oh no. I’m almost home. We’d better pull ourselves together. It wouldn’t do for the neighbors to see us like this. I feel bad for you. What are you going to do? This thing is still as big as a hickory stick!”
She still had her hand firmly on his member, admiring it with those big, pretty eyes.

“Let’s get it back in your pants.” And she leaned over and took the whole head in her mouth, kissing it as her lips let it slide out. “I’ll make it up to you later. I promise, ok?”
And they managed to bend it back into the leg of his pants and zip them up right before they pulled into her driveway.

Mark walked her to her door and gave her a deep kiss goodnight, or was it good morning?

“Goodnight. I had a wonderful time. Let’s get together again soon.” Said Mark.

“Good morning! And, the pleasure was all mine too, you know. Yes, we will get together soon, for sure.” Said Sheri as she patted his ‘leg’.

Mark hurried home, tired but satisfied from the wonderful first date with Sheri. He went straight to his room and undressed, planning to get some more sleep in before morning. Then he felt it. Melanie was thinking of his hard cock fucking her! What was she doing? How could she be thinking of him right now as if they were doin’ it? He had to find out. Going through their connecting bathroom into her bedroom, he approached her bed. She was lying on her side with a hand between her legs, sleeping.

He stood there looking at her lovely face and long blond hair falling all around her pillow. She was on top of the sheets and the covers were pulled back away, giving him a nice view of her tanned legs right up to the short satin nightshirt that came only a few inches below her butt. She was DREAMING about sex with HIM! That’s what he was feeling. He blocked out everything except her thoughts and his own as he felt her making love to him in her dream. When she was feeling his hard cock inside her, HE began to feel her warm sheath around him in his thoughts. When SHE felt his hand on her breasts, HE felt her nipples in his own hand. The more he felt from her, the more turned on he got; and then she sent even more sexual feelings for him to sense.

He was hard again and felt his member with his hand. ‘I’ve got to do something’ he thought. So, he made sure the door was locked, then stood by her bed again, stroking his cock. She was having the hottest dream about him. No wonder her hand was between her legs. She was imagining him there, spooning her from behind, not her hand. He got excited to learn that he could sense her dreams too. And he wondered if she could feel any of his thought when she was asleep and dreaming? Could she know how much he wanted her right now?

He was so horny that he decided: nothing ventured, nothing gained. So, he faced her face by the side of her bed and gently rolled her over onto her back. He didn’t know what he would do if she woke up. He could see her hidden hand was firmly grasping her breast, almost pinching the nipple between her thumb and forefinger through the material of her nightshirt. Her other hand was firmly on her pussy, also through the nightshirt. She didn’t wake up, but fit the new position into her dream. She bahis siteleri imagined his hand on her breast, so he decided to actually place his hand there and see what happened. He felt her pert little cone-shaped breast filling his hand. They were NOT really pert or small, but compared to what he had been seeing and feeling all night, they were definitely different: Firm and pointy, even on her back. He grasped it and rubbed his palm over her nipple. It responded, and her dream thoughts responded as well. She dreamed his mouth on her boobie, sucking it. So, he leaned over and covered it with his mouth, over the material still covering it, his hand still around the base of it.

Mel moaned noticeably now and arched her back up to meet his mouth. He placed his other hand on her stomach, feeling her breathing and the muscles contracting there from her arousal. He kissed her chest and neck, then boldly kissed her lips, which responded by kissing him back. He could sense her kissing him back in her dream. Then, he felt a warm hand touch his hard cock, making it twitch up from the contact. She was gripping it now, making it hard as could be, and stroking it. He wanted to put it in her so bad, but he didn’t want to rape her. He loved her!

He asked her out loud, at least he thinks it was out loud, “Do you want me to put it in you, Mel?”

She responded by raising both of her feet up under her legs, placing them flat on the bed, and spreading out her knees with the nightshirt falling to her waist. ‘Yes,’ she thought to him in her dream, ‘Please fuck me now. Can’t you see I’ve been dreaming about it all night?’

What man could refuse such an impassioned plea from so beautiful a young woman, a woman who was open and waiting and begging him to do it?
With that, he placed himself between her legs as she guided his hard cock right into her hot pussy with her hand. She moaned out load, and also in the dream. He filled her wet, tight pussy to the bottom and they started a steady rhythm, he pressing into her, her tilting her hips up to meet him. She was already dripping wet when they started and it slid back and forth with ease. He pulled down the straps over her shoulders and lowered the top of her garment below her boobies. They stood up invitingly to greet him. She arched her back in anticipation. He didn’t make her wait, planting kisses all over them and kneading them in his hands.

Sheri had left Mark very horny indeed. He wasn’t angry with her. What she had done to him in the car felt very good and he knew she wasn’t teasing him. She had liked holding him and wasn’t planning on leaving him with blue balls or anything. Any other time, he probably would have cum way before they got to her house. However, with all the sex the night before and having to concentrate on his driving, as well as helping her to a good orgasm while driving, he could last a long time. But now he was ready to cum, here in his beautiful sister. It was almost time to now.

They had been at it a good ten to fifteen minutes, doing everything the other thought about. It was amazing how one person just thought of something they wanted and the other automatically did it. It was like four people making love in two bodies, his body filled with her thoughts, her body filled with his thoughts! She was obviously very turned on already when he first walked into her room. And we know what he had been through in the last hour!

It started deep inside her belly, little ripples, and then waves rolling down over his cock, where he could feel every muscle. He grasped both breasts and kissed her lovingly on her mouth, pounding his cock into her with full steam now. She bucked hard with her first cum which set him off. He blasted his first squirt up deep inside her. She responded with another spasm and he gave her another load of cum. They kept at this for several minutes, until both were spent and their movements slowed to a stop. They were sweating and holding each other close, letting their heartbeats slow down.

He felt her stirring and raised his head to look at her face. She opened her eyes, kissed him deeply, and said, “I’ve just had the most amazing dream you could ever imagine, dear brother! I dreamed we were making love to each other. I wake up and here you are. Thank you for making my dreams come true.”

Melanie and Mark had both been hornier than they had ever been in the last week.

Mark’s cock seemed harder and bigger than ever. Mel and Sheri seemed to love seeing and touching it, among other things. It filled with blood every time Mel was around, maybe because she was thinking about it that way whenever they were near each other. And he had trouble keeping his hands off her whenever they were together too! Certain girls and women, who never even looked at him before, now smiled and said hello. He felt horny more often than ever.

Melanie’s labia and clit were definitely engorged and bigger, with her clit actually sticking out, which it never bahis şirketleri did before, when she got horny or made love. Her pretty little blond pussy had looked like a little girl’s before, but now it was a woman’s pussy with a woman’s desires. She started getting wet every time Mark was around, and she often wanted him. People looked at her differently now, especially boys and young men. She noticed them too; their looks, their bodies, their cocks! Speaking of cocks, she wondered what Jim’s would be like. How could they arrange it so that she could find out while Mark was nearby? She wanted him near to help her the same way she helped him with Sheri.

Later that day they went to church together in one car so they could go hang out later with their friends. They thanked God for them surviving the lightning the week before. And silently, they both thanked him for their wonderful little side effects they had developed, and their love for everyone, especially their sibling!

After church, the twins drove over to “The Hub” to get a hamburger and see if any friends were there.

While driving there, Melanie spoke up, “Mark, where can I go with Jim on our date where you can be nearby? He hasn’t actually asked me yet but I know he will soon. I really want you there to experience what it is like feeling our thoughts and helping us, just as I did last night for you and Sheri. That was an incredible experience for me and I want you to feel it too. Besides, I need your help to tell me what he’s thinking.”

“We’ll think of something. Don’t worry too much about it. It will happen, I know. Let’s get something to eat and see who’s there.”

They went inside, sat down in a booth by the window, and ordered a couple of hamburgers with fries and iced tea.
“The waitress thinks you’re cute!” Mel whispered to Mark with a smile.

When she brought the food back, Melanie felt HIS thoughts.
“Hey, stop thinking that about her! She’s too old for you.” Mel teased him, having fun with her new power.

“Hey, I can’t help my thoughts, you know.” Mark defended.

Just then, Jim drove up. They waved at him to come and join them, which he did.
“Hi, kids.” Jim said as he slid in beside Mel. “What’s up?”

“Hi, Jim. Not much. Same old stuff.” They lied in reply.

“Oh, I heard you had a date with Sheri last night. I saw you two here together. So, how’d it go, pal?” asked Jim to Mark.

“Man, there are no secrets around this town, are there? We had a really good time. All these years I’ve known her, and who would ever think we would start dating now? She’s really very sweet and we got along well with each other.” Said Mark.

“Yeah, Mark, I was wondering about your date too. I’m glad you two hit it off OK. So tell us more about the date?” Mel asked him, smiling, knowing he would never tell all the sordid details here.

“Oh, you know, we just went to see a good movie, had a snack here, then I took her home.” He said, leaving out many juicy details. He would have to tell Mel later about driving her home. Mel still didn’t know what led up to finding Mark in her arms after her dream that morning.

Jim’s knee touched Mel’s under the table. Mark felt their thoughts for each other. Both noticed it and felt a tingle inside. Mel wanted to touch his leg but knew she couldn’t. Jim was thinking about whether he should ask her out or not.

“Hey, Jim. You know it is working out OK so far with me dating my sister’s best friend. Did you ever wonder what it would be like if MY best friend dated my sister?” Asked Mark to Jim.

“MARK!” yelled Mel as she kicked him under the table. It wasn’t a serious kick, just the proper thing to do when your brother embarrasses you. She knew he was helping her.

“Well, she IS kinda cute. I wouldn’t mind taking her out sometime.” Replied Jim to Mark.

“Hello, I’m right here, you know!” said Mel. “If you are going to discuss taking me out, don’t you think you should be talking to ME, not HIM?”

Looking directly into her eyes now, Jim replied seriously, “I know you are right there! I’m well aware of you whenever you are anywhere near me. It’s just easier to talk to Mark than you. Melanie, I would like to take you out on a date. Will you go out with me?”

She paused, looking back into his eyes.
“Yes, I would like to go out with you too. See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?

The tension was relieved after that and they all chatted about everything and nothing while they finished their lunch.

“Jim, can you come over to our house this afternoon and hang out? We only have a few chores to do and you can hang with us.” Asked Mark.

“Sure, I’ll meet you two there.” Said Jim as they all left.

Arriving back at the farmhouse, the twins changed into more comfortable clothes, got a cool drink and sat in the den together, listening to music and chatting. Mel sat next to Jim for a change and they were talking more than they used to. Mark felt that they were really connecting with each other. Each minute, they were getting closer.

After a while, Mel said, “I’ve got to do a few chores. Do you want to come with me, Jim? I need someone to help me gather eggs.”

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