Summer Heat Ch. 02

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Intro: This is a total work of my sick imagination. Any resemblance to the real world is just your imagination. Half siblings, Shelby (29) and Jason (27) have moved back in with their mother, Katherine (49). Several years have passed since Jason’s dad died in a tragic industrial accident. Now that saved about 10,000 words and we can get into the “action” quicker. I think my stuff runs a little long. Just keep reading. It’s worth it. This is really Ch. 1b.


Summer Heat Chapter Two

Burger boys.

Jason stood in the kitchenette making a grocery list. “How much vodka have we got?” He looked around. “Where is she?” he wondered aloud. He looked in the freezer. The bottle of clear liquor was almost full. Jason remembered his conversation with his mom and smiled. “She really has cut back on the booze. I thought I was lying for her.”

The sliding door opened and closed. “Geez, it’s hot out there. Bright too. Can you fix these?” Shelby held out her broken sunglasses to her brother.

“I doubt it” he said, inspecting the glasses. “I could put a big glob of glue or duck tape on them. It won’t help the scratches. Did I do this?”

“No, they’ve been fucked up for a… Uh, oh wait, Yes, you did it. It’s all your fault. You big jackass.” Shelby mocked a dramatic tone then laughed.

Jason dropped the glasses in the trash bin and went to his bedroom. He came back with a new pair of sport style sunglasses. He clipped off the tag and peeled away the “UV Protection” sticker. “Here you can have these.”

Shelby looked at him blankly and slipped on the glasses. “Are you serious? These are dark. What’s the catch?”

“No catch, silly ass. I bought them by accident. They are ladies or kids’ size. They are cheap polarized fishing glasses from S-mart.”

Shelby pulled back the curtains and looked outside. “Nice. Thanks, little brother. You might be worth a shit after all.”

“It’s all I wear. Five bucks a pair. At that price, I don’t cry if I break them. I keep a few spares.”

The AC in Jason’s Chevy truck finally started catching up when they got up to highway speed. It’s was a short run to Burger Boys. “We’ll pick up some grub then hit the grocery store. I’ve got a short list. Mom asked about your drinking. I told her you had backed off. I was glad to see the “vitamin V” bottle was still near full.”

“Well, aren’t you the Kitty-Kat’s little helper?” Shelby quipped. “I just haven’t felt like it. Probably have one or three later, though.”

Jason finally breached the subject. “This morning was fun. Do you have any regrets?” He held his breath and waited to see how his half-sister replied.

After a long pause, Shelby finally spoke. “I know it’s against the rules, but I really loved it. I think I’ve been wanting you much more and much longer than I was ready to admit.”

“Whew, man! I was sweating what you were going to say.” Jason responded. “For years, I didn’t let myself think about you sexually. But lately, I couldn’t help it. I’ve been getting over the Sheila breakup and you’ve been so sweet. You look hot as hell, but I think it was those little kisses that wore me down.”

Shelby giggled at his statement. At the next traffic stop, she unbuckled her seatbelt, crawled over to her brother and planted a big exaggerated kiss on him. They both laughed. She returned to her seat and buckled up. “Can you really tell a difference since we’ve been working out?”

“Oh, hell yes! You are toned and firm. You are really fit looking. Those shoulder muscles are sexy and you and mom both have killer buns now.”

“Kitty-Kat loves the elliptical. She gets on that thing for a fucking hour sometime. You should see the guys watching her.” Shelby smiled. “You should see her in the nude.”

“What? Mom, nude?” Jason was astonished. He dared not think of it. Bad enough he had just had crazy sex with Shelby.

“Yeah, we dress and shower together at the gym. She looks amazing. Her abs are beginning to show. She could be a swimwear model. You know she’s about to turn fifty, don’t you? Shelby asked.

“No, I thought it was forty-eight or nine. Wait! What? You and mom showering together?

“Oh, she’s been shaving off a couple of years, but I saw her driver’s license.” Shelby didn’t say anything for a few minutes. “I shaved her pussy last week.” Shelby said matter of fact.

“What?!” Jason gasped. He nearly missed the turn into Burger Boys, turning quickly and jamming the breaks in the parking lot. He stared blankly at Shelby. He was speechless. Then slowly rolling to the order console behind the burger place.

Shelby sat with a little smile, not speaking. At this point they usually made fun of the menu and silly item names at Burger Boys. The bomb that Shelby had just dropped on top of the morning’s depravity had silenced them both.

“What do you want?” Jason asked.

“Just get me a Skinny Boy and I’ll eat some of your fries.”

“Fuck no. You aren’t eating all my fries. I’m going to get mom one of those salads she likes.”

Metallic canlı bahis voice, “May I help you.”

“Oh, please do” Jason replied. The unexpected phrase caught Shelby off guard and she started giggling. The laughter spread to Jason and he got tickled while trying to order. “A Skinny Boy combo with a coke. A large Country Boy combo with a sweet tea and a grilled chicken salad. That’s all.” Jason covered his face laughing.

Metallic voice, “Did you say small?”

Shelby lost it. She laughed and turned red trying to get it together.

Jason, “No, That’s all.” The voice repeated the order as Jason tried to suppress his giggling. Mercifully the clerk had the order correct and quoted the price.

They rolled forward. “Thank God! If I had to repeat that, I couldn’t do it.” Jason looked at his sister. Shelby was calming down and wiping her eyes with a tissue. “I can’t believe I still this stoned.”

“What did Crazy Eddie say about this weed?”

“He just said it was really strong and the buzz lasted a long time.” Jason shook his head. They rolled up one more space. “Why were you shaving mom’s pubes?”

“Waxing hurts like hell and for both of us together, it was expensive.” Shelby informed him. “I don’t think we will do it again. We both got really turned on. I got all wet when mom did me. Then when I did her, her clit and labia got all swollen and she got wet too.”

“Just stop, OK. Shut it. I don’t need this in my brain.”

As the truck rolled up to the window, “Her pussy is so beautiful and pink, I wanted to lick her so bad.”

Jason snapped at Shelby, “It’s bad enough that I was jacking off thinking about my sister, I don’t want to hear about my mother’s pussy!”

As Jason turned toward the window he became aware that it was open, and a lady was standing there waiting to get paid and hearing every word.

Shelby futilely searched for a place to hide, a hole to crawl into.

Jason was calm on the outside and dying on the inside. He handed the lady a twenty, got his change, two drinks and a big bag of food. He let the truck roll forward slowly. He gave the lady a smile. She stared blankly.

“Please tell me that we don’t know her.” Shelby pleaded trying to compose herself. “What timing!”

Jason sat in his truck keeping the AC running while Shelby went in the store with the short list. He couldn’t risk another episode in the store like at the burger joint. Shelby could do better alone. Their humor seemed to feed off each other. “Just get me back home.” He thought.

Shelby cleared the list and came out of the store in record time. “Hurry home. I got ice cream.”

Jason drove quickly home and was glad to get there. The burgers went to the table and the yogurt and drinks to the fridge along with Katherine’s salad. Shelby got the ice cream into the freezer as it was beginning to soften.

The siblings sat at their dinette table and took a few deep breaths. “God, that was brutal. I can’t believe that little run got so out of hand.” Jason declared. They laughed together in relief, glad not to have had any more foolishness.

“That reminded me of the first time I ever went out intro the world stoned.” Shelby replied

They dug into the junk food meals and spoke little until the food was almost gone. “I’ll take mom’s salad and yogurt up to her fridge in a bit.”

Jason nodded. “I’m going to make her a drink and put it in there right before we leave.”

“Where are we going?” Shelby asked.

“Anywhere. Preferably with water to soak in. I just don’t want to be here and wasted when mom gets home.” Jason proposed.

“I’m doing better now that we ate. I think we’ll be fine.” Shelby said.

“But we have to have an after-dinner bowl.” Jason grinned.

“Oh, shit. Just a little, OK?” Shelby picked up her phone. “Go fix a little bowl and I’ll find us a pool.”

After preparing a pipe with a fraction of what they had that morning, Jason returned from the garage, sweating. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Sorry.” She said laying the phone down. “Got us a place to jump in a pool for a while. We’ll leave right before Kitty-Kat gets off work.”

“Come on. It’s about a hundred and fifty degrees in the shed. We’ll hit the pipe and get the fuck out of there.”

They did just that, then walked quickly back to the cool basement apartment. “That was a good recharge. We smoked way too much this morning. Eddie said just one or two hits and we had four or five.” They both laughed. As soon as the door closed them off from the world, Jason took Shelby’s little face in his hands and gave her a long slow sweet kiss that made Shelby feel dizzy.

“Did that fat bottomed girl teach you to kiss that good?”

“Yeah, that’s about the best thing she did.” Jason replied. “I was emotionally addicted to her, but I was ready to split up. It still burned because we were together so long, too long.”

“Let’s go freshen up, bong breath.” Shelby said with a chuckle.

After freshening up the kids reconvened on the sofa. With a quick kiss, bahis siteleri “So you’ve been jacking off to me, huh? I’m flattered.”

“I fought it for years, but since you’ve been back, it’s been different.” He paused. “We’ve been good. We don’t fuss or fight. Then I kept seeing your hot little body.”

“I’m sorry. I showed myself intentionally. I wanted you to look at me.”

“You little tart!” Jason chuckled. “One day you sat down there with your pussy showing. I sat here and stared at it for half an hour. I finally went in the bathroom and yanked my crank. I came in, like, four strokes.” They both got a good laugh.

“What kind of fantasies did you have about me?” Shelby asked moving closer to him.

“Well once I gave in to it, I’ve had all kinds of wet daydreams about you. I thought about you sitting on my face. I love to eat pussy. I guess it runs in the family.”

“Yeah, really. I love it too.” Shelly said. “We’ll do that anytime you want, but you better be ready. If we do it, I’m going to grind the hell out of your mug. What else?”

“If I tell you this shit, you have to tell me what you’ve been thinking about. I’ve thought of all kinds of sexy stuff. I’ve really wanted to touch you all over. I’d love to rub oil all over you. I’ve thought of that a lot since you’ve gotten so fit. I got to rub you in the shower this morning. I loved it. The one thing that’s really been stuck in my jack off dreams is this. On these mornings when mom leaves, and I start masturbating as soon as she leaves, I dream of slipping into bed with you and having a real sexy fuck, like a couple.” Jason was beginning to get horny as they talked openly about sex. With their new level of intimacy, he wasn’t embarrassed to reach down and rub and reposition his cock in his shorts.

Shelby noticed and was already well into an aroused state herself. “We need to do that. I’ve had that same fantasy. You wouldn’t believe how many of those mornings I was lying in my bed rubbing myself while you were. I wished you would just walk in, throw back the covers and take me, hard. A lot of women want to be taken, but by someone they trust so it won’t be scary just erotic.” She reached over and gave Jason’s growing erection a firm squeeze. “I’ve got another thing about being taken. I wanted you to take the hint and do me last Thursday. I stood there at the table wearing just panties and a cut tee shirt folding towels. I took a long time to fold those damn towels and you were too straight to do it. I wanted you to walk up behind me, pull my panties down and just throw it in me. I wanted you to so bad. I got soaking wet and had to go fuck myself.” She cleared her throat. “I want you to do that some time but don’t stick it in my ass.”

“You don’t do anal?”

“Oh yes, I love anal. I get off like crazy, but I have to prep. My ass is small. I have to get ready.

“Really?” Jason paused. “I’ve never done anal.”

“What? That girl has an ass that big and doesn’t use it. Oh, Boy! I want to be your first backdoor”

“God, I’d love that.” Jason said. “I remember. It crossed my mind to bend you over, but you know…” He was now so hard it was getting uncomfortable. Jason adjusted his position and rubbed his cock through his short pants. “When you went to your room and closed the door, I sat right here and jerked off. I pulled it out right here. If you had come back in here I would not have stopped. That little ass of yours drives me crazy.”

“You did it right here without hiding?” Shelby felt the crème flowing in her little pussy. “That’s so hot. I’ve always wanted to see you do that. I’ve wanted to watch that for years. I see you are hard now. Take it out and show me. Please, Jase.”

He was glad to hear it. He was needing to give his swollen cock and balls some room. The fact that Shelby wanted him to just made it ten times hotter. Instead of trying to fish his hard cock out of the treacherous zipper, Jason dropped his shorts and briefs to his ankles and sat back down. As he massaged his junk to comfort, Shelby slipped off her shirt and bra. She got up on her knees next her brother and watched as he eased back his foreskin to show he his glans. The head of his cock was now so engorged that it got slick and smooth.

Shelby passionately kissed Jason and gently rubbed around his cock. “I’ve often thought of giving you hand jobs and blowjobs in place of your masturbating.” Shelby leaned over and playfully licked and sucked the head of his cock. She sat back up and kissed him again. She offered up her tits to her brother’s waiting mouth. He began sucking her right nipple gently. “You know I had B’s until I worked out now they are between A’s and B’s. I like the shape of them though.”

Jason backed up enough to see both tits well. “God Shell, they are beautiful, perfect. I love them.”

Shelby hugged his head back to her chest and he kissed everywhere he could reach. “Jase, let’s go to bed. Fuck! I don’t have sheets on my bed. They are wet in the washer. OK, we’ll have go to yours.” She thought for a minute. bahis şirketleri “Do whatever you need to do then go get in bed. I’ll put that load in the dryer and join you. We are going to work off some of these fantasies while we are both single.”

Jason went to the bathroom and tried to piss while Shelby tended to the laundry. His cock was still hard enough that he had to sit to pee. He washed up and went back to his room. He shucked his cloths and slipped into bed to await his sister. He got to one side, making room for her.

In a few minutes, Shelby came into the room naked. “Now you have to take instructions from me.” As he smiled, she said. “Get right in the middle and move down a couple of feet from the headboard.” He complied. “Now when we do things that are forceful, we should have a safe word system. I’m about to sit on your face. If I get too rough for you tap me on the ass three times.”

Jason laughed, “I think I can handle your little ass.”

“OK, I warned you. I thought we would be romantic this afternoon, but I can’t be romantic in here. You just be quiet. I’m going to fuck your face and make it my bitch.”

Jason took his cock in his hand as Shelby stepped up onto his bed. “Stop that. This is all about me right now.” She walked up until her feet were on either side of his head. “Look at my pussy. You like it? You better like it. You better love it.” She squatted over his face. “Kiss that pussy, you big pussy.” Jason kissed her clit then tried to start licking, but Shelby pulled it away. She reached down and gave him a light slap on the cheek. Jason was a little shocked but couldn’t speak because Shelby was now almost yelling in his face. “You do what I tell you and not before. OK, you’re new around here.” She took her fingers and held herself open. “Look at that pink shit in there. Is that what you want?” She slowly lowered herself and planted her spread pussy right on his face. “Now you can lick, fucker.” Her hole was perfectly aligned with his mouth, so he began French kissing her pussy. Shelby began to squirm around. She worked her feet under his shoulders.

When they were in a good position Shelby began to unleash the part that she knew Jason was not counting on. She started scrubbing herself on his face. When she wanted her clit worked, that’s what she fed him. When she wanted him to suck on her guts, she put her vagina firmly on his mouth and pushed like childbirth.

Jason was amazed how the actions and gravity were pushing more of her tissues out of her cleft. He was able to suck his mouth full of her labia. He licked and sucked as hard as she would let him.

“There you go! Damn that’s good.” Shelby began to hunch and buck and scrub her pussy on his face. “You’re a good little cunt sucker. Yes. Yes.” She tensed up and shook as she ground herself on his face. A tiny amount of her sweet cum appeared from her pee hole. Jason locked his arms around her hips and kept her moving as he took control and scrubbed her pussy on his face. Her little orgasm was now building into big one. Shelby moaned loudly and began a series of convulsive pushing orgasmic spasms. Jason sucked as much of her into his mouth as he could. Her pushing orgasm suddenly put a hot salty shot of piss in Jason’s mouth. “Oh, God. Jase, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that.” But she didn’t move. Jason continued to gently lap and kiss her pussy. He flicked his tongue up to her clit, but she jerked it away.

Shelby slowly moved off her brother’s face. “Shit, I wanted to be in command, but you did so good I lost control. I’m sorry I peed in your mouth a little.”

“Oh, baby. No problem. It was just a squirt and hot as hell. I loved it.”

Jason just smiled and kissed her. His face was covered with her juices. She licked some of it. “You’re a mess.” They laughed and cuddled for a few minutes. Shelby’s hand found his cock. He was at half mast, but she began stroking it up. “You are too good.” She shucked his dick skin up and down as he got harder. Shelby took his cock in her mouth and stroked with her hand. “We need to be out of here in an hour. Can you finish soon like this?”

“Yes, I want to feel it inside you some.”

“OK, cool.” Shelby kept working his cock then got on top and took him in her pussy. “Uuuugh!” She said. “That’s such a rush when it goes in. I love it.” She rode a bounced on his cock. Let me know when you get close.

Jason began helping her and thrusting from under her. Her pussy felt so good. He reached between them and pulled his foreskin down hard. This technique gave him more sensations. He felt the beginnings of orgasm. “OK, OK. I’m cumming.”

Shelby spun around and inhaled his cock into her mouth. She bobbed and sucked until his load shot into her hot mouth. Things slowed down. Shelby savored the dollop of sperm in her mouth. She was thrilled to have Jason’s cum in her mouth. She had wanted that for a long time also. She swallowed it down and savored the soapy after taste.

She kissed him. “Can you taste your cum?” she asked, “Do you like it?”

“Yes, a little.” He said

Shelby saw a drop of pearlescent cum oozing out of his cock. She caught it up on her finger and flicked at her brother. “Damn, Jase. I wanted to be a dominatrix and make you my bitch.” She pouted.

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