Straight white guy first bbc becomes reality, true

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Straight white guy first bbc becomes reality, true
Straight white guy first bbc becomes reality, true story

How it started.. I watched a lot of bbc cuckold videos on Xhamster, then it slowly became apparent that I was mainly enjoying the hung black guys and how big there cocks were, I loved watching amateur girls sucking black cock.

It quickly escalated, I for whatever reason switched to the gay Xhamster, I searched bbc wank, huge bbc, bbc cum etc etc. My cock always told me it was the right thing to be watching as it dripped pre cum and looked bigger and harder than ever. So I continued watching for several weeks along with the bbc cuckold videos aswell.

Id never ever touched my ass in a sexual way nor had anything gone up it. I experimented with random things from around my home. It felt different but I wasn’t sure, I wondered if something bigger and cock like would be any better.. as in a dildo.

So again things progressing, all the time I knew I was straight and still am to this day. I ordered online a 7 inch realistic brown/black dildo and some lube.

Now this is where I became a complete sissy without at the time realising. I ordered online again heels, thongs, stockings, crotchless wet look panties. Different colours and materials.

A few days past and the orders both arrived together. I was like a c***d at Christmas. My body was in overdrive and my cock was huge and fat and was dripping like mad.

I quickly un wrapped it all, dressed my myself in the stockings a thong and heels. I could hardly walk properly, so I took them off and went round the house closing all windows and curtains. There’s no way anyone could know about this whatsoever. I went back and un wrapped the bbc dildo, it was massive and thick, and felt as real as it was going to get. I did question if I could take it inside my tight ass. I laughed I think..

I’d already the day before shaved my cock, balls and all round my arse, I was smooth and once the heels were back on I felt something I’d never felt before. It was weird, I looked in the mirror and posed for myself. It was definitely what I wanted so I knew I had started something serious from that exact day. I took pictures and went on to watch sissy bbc training videos on Xhamster. I was holding the dildo and watching the videos. I got some of the lube on my fingers slid 1 then 2 fingers in and out of my tight ass hole. The dildo was in front of me so I thought right I’ll try it, but before I did and before it got lube on it I squatted, opened my mouth and began sucking and licking the dildo whilst watching the videos on Xhamster.

I squatted above the toy wearing heels stockings and the tong pulled to the side. It was covered in lube, I began slowly lowering myself onto it, this went on for 5 minutes but i couldn’t get past the head which, I carried on and with some force and a little pain managed to get 2 inches inside me. I just paused and thought I can’t take more. I sat up and knew that I had to train myself so I carried on and to my surprise managed to get it back inside but still needed force. canlı kaçak bahis I felt like I was being stretched apart and abused. I slowly slid squatted up and down on around 3-4 inches, it was big and fat and was stretching me wide open. I stopped after 5 minutes cleaned my self and had a wank. I came loads and had strong hard pulsating pumps of cum up near me neck, never has that happened before..

Over the next few weeks I carried on being a secret bbc sissy, I was taking all of the dildo and went on to order a 9 inch ultra girthy black realistic dildo, and again in time I was easily taking 7-8 inches of it.

I went on to watch white guys sucking and being fucked by black cocks, I was enjoying myself and now everything was about to change.

I went about my days as usual, checking out women in public etc as blokes do. But without realising I found myself noticing black guys as I passed them, I was looking for bulges and muscles, they black guy had to be in good shape and not old. I thought to myself what is going on.

One night I think a Friday, I thought can I actually meet a hung black guy, would I let him fuck me and would I suck his cock? I wasn’t really sure what I wanted. The same night I googled bbc gay escorts rent. A couple of sites eventually came up after re wording the search.

I found sleepyboy and went on to look at guys that we’re available. There were around 30-50 black guys in the country, I filtered on minimum cock size 8 inches. This left 12 or so. I read the profiles and pictures and some had videos. I was actually surprised that these men were actually out there. There cocks were what I’d watched and if I wanted it for real then I could.

After a couple days I made the next life changing move in bbc sissy life. I text a black guy who was young, toned and had a 8.7 inch black cock. The pictures were there it was what I always watched and fantasised about.

He text back saying he was available but late on around 1am, it was now 7-8pm. He wanted to speak so he called and asked about me and why and what if etc etc. He was bi sexual and told me that I wasn’t alone in wanting a bbc. He told me that if do this then you do realise you will want more and more. He was deadly serious as he told me, I was nervous and didn’t say anything, he told me he would call me later when he was travelling to my house.

I had a few vodka and cokes, the time seemed to stop and I was clock watching. Eventually he rang, he asked if was sure I wanted him to come, I said yeah come, ring when your outside I’ll come to the door. He did just that, he was tall and broad, good looking and dressed smart casual.

I wasn’t wearing my women’s lingerie, I had shorts and a t shirt on. I was absolutely frightened and was in a little shock as to what was going on. He went through to the back room and asked if he could sit down, i said yes course, he took his jacket off and said we can talk for a bit you look nervous, I said yeah and sat down next to him leaving roughly half a meter gap between us. He asked why I wanted this and the reasons, perabet giriş I told him what I have wrote so far in this story. He told me saying honesty there are other straight guys good looking and in shape like you that want the same thing, there are older guys too, fat guys etc. But he was speaking softly and calmed me down. He reiterated that I will want more back cock once I start. I responded I know and laughed.

He told me that I would be a slut for black men and stood up, he stood in front of me, I looked up at him and told myself i can’t do it, I sat back and told him I can’t I don’t feel it’s for me, he didn’t respond but started to un buckle his belt then his take down his jeans so he was just wearing white boxer shorts that were tight fitted. I was still sat back looking up. I was staring at his groin area, he wasn’t hard but his bulge was obvious. I’d watched videos of bbc bulge and it was practically the same, I could tell that if he let his cock out it would just fall and hang as I’d seen in the videos.

I didn’t say a word, I just watched as he pulled his shorts down, he was huge.. … without thinking or saying anything I reached out and felt his cock through his shorts. It was semi hard but tucked downwards. He asked me again are you sure you want this, I nodded looking up at him.

He took his T-shirt off which displayed his slim toned body, his shorts were still not fully down, I then wanted to see his cock, so I pulled his underwear down and as I did said oh my god, it was thick and long and wasn’t even erect. He told me kneel down and look up, I did as I was told. I was holding his cock and looking up, he told me again this will the first of many, I said I know. He now was holding his cock, he wasn’t wearing a condom but didn’t even realise or notice as I was in shock and amazement.

He slowly wanked himself as I watched, his cock grew slowly. I felt like a complete slut but at the same time it felt great and the right thing to be doing. I then stood up and told him wait, he said do you want me to stop. I said no give me a minute, I came back in wearing black stockings, black lace thong and heels. I went back where I’d left but dressed like a true sissy.

His cock was unbelievable, he was wanking, he told me to open my mouth which I did, he places his cock inside my mouth. I didn’t know what I was doing as I’d never even touched another cock never mind suck one. I began to lick and suck and with one hand wank him slowly. He began to push further in so I was gagging a little, I literally only had a quarter of his back cock inside me mouth. He told me to lick his balls which again big, I did without hesitation as he wanked off.

I wanted to prove I had actually done this, so I written my Xhamster username on paper and asked for photos, I for whatever reason wrote on myself aswell.. just holding his cock felt good, he was now semi hard but when I placed my cock next to his I realised how big he was. He dwarfed me and made me look ridiculous.

I just sat and held his cock, enjoying every second. perabet güvenilir mi I started sucking his head and licking up and down his shaft, licked and sucked his balls. He told me that I’d now started something I’d find hard to control, and that I was now a black mans sissy.

I wasn’t sure that what was inevitably going to happen next would be for me. I asked him if he had condoms, he smiled and told me to get up, he went to his jacket and came back, I watched as he put the condom on, I then lay on my bed and opened my legs, he said no get on your knees and turn around. I did as he told me, I told him to go and get lube, he came back and covered is cock with it. I rubbed some on my arse and slid s finger in, I was really tight.. I asked him to be careful and he was. He slapped his cock on my arse cheeks and told me to tell him what I wanted. I said I want your black cock to fuck me, he told me to call him back daddy so I did again saying fuck me black daddy.

My head was down facing sideways on the bed, I arched my back felt his hand on my lower back. I said slowly please and then I felt his pressing on my tight arse hole. He just pushed in and in and after around 20 seconds I let out a high pitch moan, I felt him inside and it felt a million times better than a dildo. He was slowly working himself deeper but, I knew he was deep as I had s certain feeling with my dildo when that was deep. He pulled out got the paper with my username on and placed it on my back, he then rammed his cock straight inside me, I moaned and said fuck, fuck me. He took pictures of his cock inside me.

He got rid of the paper and phone, grabbed my sides with both hands and fucked me. I was in a little pain so he put more lube on. It was a strange but good feeling as he fucked me. I was helpless and just remained bent over so he could use me.

He asked me if I’d like to suck another black cock as I fucked him. I told him yes. After a few minutes I lay on my back, legs open heels in the air. I sat up and watched as he fucked me, I couldn’t believe I was taking him like I was. He told me after a minute or 2 to sit up when he pulls out, he was getting quicker and tougher and getting noisier with his moaning. He was hurting me but I kept quiet.

Then he pulled out and stood up, I sat on the edge of the bed, he took the condom off and threw it, he wanked a little as I watched, I was wanking myself and I was hard now unlike when I was getting fucked.

I was close to cumming myself and then he moved closer lowered his body bending his knees, I had my mouth open, he said I’m gonna cum and he literally did, at first it went on my cheek but then he came in my mouth, I was shocked, he cum and cum, I had it running down my chin, I sucked him and swallowed, it didn’t taste good I’ll be honest. I wanked myself after he finished and came all over the floor. When I cum I felt guilty and wrong for what had just happened.

I felt used and abused, he then got dressed and left. As he was leaving he told me again that this was the first of many.

This all happened in around 20 minutes. I will honestly say that I’m glad I went ahead with it. I am due to meet another black guy soon via another site. He is local ish to me and I have told him that if he is what he says and tells me then I’ll want him to be my back daddy.

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