Straight married couple… turn Swingers… pt 01

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Straight married couple… turn Swingers… pt 01
When I first met my wife, Drea, we were completely open with each other. We both had very conservative backgrounds, but that didn’t mean that we were subject to our own fantasies. I was a regular, hot blooded male… so of course it wouldn’t come to be a surprise that I always wanted to be with two women. As I told her this she rolled her eyes and giggled saying, “Yeah, that’s about right. But it will never happen with me because I’m not into girls.”

Famous last words as it were…

Fast forward a few wonderful years, our relationship grew, our love deepened… our sex life was fantastic… we ended up getting married and being rather happy. To this day we still are, but we never could have imagined where our lives would have taken us in the first couple years of our marriage.

“Hey Martin,” It was my friend from back home Jason. “I’m going to be in your area for a few days next week. Would you mind if I popped by for a bit?”

A smile spread across my face. Martin and I were on the All Star baseball team back home. He was a real talent. A specimen of a young man. I got by with sheer will power and desire… but it kindled a lifelong friendship. “Of course Jason, I would love to have you over and hang. Do you mind that Drea will be around?”

“Not at all. I have always hoped to spend more time with the two of you since the wedding.”

So it was set up. A harmless meeting with an old friend, that would lead into a great many new adventures..


It was about dusk when we heard the knock at the door.

“Hey Jason man! How was the traffic?”

“Man the city, you know, it’s hell as usual. Had to stop for dinner to wait out the rush hour.”

“Good thing is that you made it man. Welcome!”

We welcomed Jason into our home. As I gave him our usual bro hug I noticed that he certainly had been still active in the gym. It seemed Drea did too as she seemed to slow into his hug, and allow her hand to graze across his shoulders on the departure. Neither of them seemed to mind.

The night went as those types of nights go. Laughing, a few six packs…. cards came out with the bottles of rum and tequila. Just a harmless night of drinking and teaching Drea to play Jason and my favorite card game… Texas Hold ‘Em.

Drea was an exceptional card player in general, but had never played Hold ‘Em. As we all got further bahis siteleri canlı down the tipsy end of our bottles… Jason and I started conniving… no words were said, but Drea’s chips were starting to dwindle.

“Full House!” Drea said.

“Awww, I’m sorry Drea!” Jason stammered. “But, your full house has 9 high… I have three of a kind Kings, which wins!”

Drea’s face flushed with bewilderment… but she couldn’t put the pieces together that she had three of a kind AND two of a kind for the full house, that beats any three of a kind alone. After a few moments, she pushed her remaining chips to Jason. She had gone all in for a hand she was sure would win.

“Well.. I guess I’m out then… but I’m not ready to go to bed!” Drea whined.

“Yeah don’t go to bed! We’d have a sausage fest then!” I replied.

Jason’s face filled with mischief and the empowerment of liquid courage. He took a sip, seeming to flex his bicep at the top of his mouth pour… “Y’know…” He paused and smiled at me… “There are other things you could gamble with!”

Drea look puzzled, and darted her eyes to me..

“Babe, you know he is right. You can wager, lets say your jacket to match our next bet.. and if the stakes get too high, maybe your shoe too…”

Drea looked uncomfortable…

Jason immediately picked up on her discomfort. “Don’t worry about it, don’t want to make anything weird. Just stay here for the conversation!”

“No… no… that’s a great idea… just took me, well..” She looked confusedly at me. “by surprise…. Martin, are you sure you are okay with this?”

“Babe… Jason is my boy. We’re cool.”

So onward the card game went. And so did the drinks… we kept lying that she lost when she would win… of went her jacket… then her shoes… then her belt… She kept questioning that she thought we were cheating… of course we were… but we couldn’t let her know that.

Finally… she was left in her victoria’s secret red thong, and a black strapless bra. This time, she lost for real.

“No.. I’m not taking anything else off!” Drea exclaimed.

“Awwwww.” We groaned.

“I’m not comfortable with your friend seeing me naked honey!” She almost sounded sober…. almost.. “But I will tell you what… turn the music up, I will dance for you guys….

I had won the hand… so she got up, and her hands ran down the sides of her bra, slinking down her ribcage and her waist…at her hips casino firmalari she played with her thong… this was nothing unusual for *us*… she gave me plenty of stripteases, and I always joked she was a stripper in a past life… but this time.. this time was different. A subtle pang of jealousy crept across me as I saw Jason’s eyes draw a line to my wife’s amazing ass as she shook it in front of his face… she was giving me, the winner, an amazing lapdance… but he was getting an incredible eyeful…

“Okay… next hand.” Drea exclaimed as she sat back down. “This one I got to win so I can get some chips back!”

Wouldn’t you know it… this time she had a small pair. I had two pair… Jason pulled four of a kind of 8s. He had pocket pairs, and didn’t hit until fourth street and the river.

He smiled coyly.. “Does this mean…. it’s my turn?” he looked at me and Drea.

“I think it does!” Drea said almost excitedly, but still looking for my approval. My tinge of jealousy grew and I wanted to say no… but for some reason, I couldn’t.

Now I was the voyeur, watching my wife’s amazing figure caress Jason’s body. She breathed on his neck… glanced deeply in his eyes before giggling.. turned around and rubbed her bare cheeks against his crotch… he snuck his hands to feel his hips, and she promptly put them back on his lap.. “No Touching!” She directed. She leaned back against him, grinding his ass on his crotch as she breathed and moaned in her ear… my jealousy grew… but as it grew, it now was growing in my pants… I was getting turned on…

It seemed like she was enjoying feeling Jason’s muscles, she kept grazing her hand up and down them.. he had be hard now, and now she slid her ass up and down his crotch.

I couldn’t take it anymore… I stood up… and kissed her navel, up her torso… buried my face in her cleavage… and her breathing deepened… she wasn’t sliding against his crotch anymore… she was writhing… my hands traveled down, and felt her wet through her panties… I felt like I was going to burst through my pants.. couldn’t imagine what Jason was going through… I kissed her collarbone… up her neck…. intensifying her breath and thrust. As I got to her face level I saw her thrusting… looking wanting into his eyes, and almost moaning toward him. Gently I pulled her chin towards me, and kissed her. Her tongue made love to my mouth casino siteleri as she shook on top of him. I almost thought she was orgasming right their riding my high school friend. I pulled away… “Oh fuck this is hot!” She groaned…

I don’t know what came over me… She was giving me the hardest fuck me eyes she has ever given… and I gently pushed her chin towards his face… she immediately took the encouragement, and put her mouth deeply into his, and thrusted harder, and faster, moaning into his mouth.

I couldn’t stand it anymore. I put my arms underneath each of her legs… and Jason instinctively wrapped his arms underneath hers… we carried her to the bedroom… as soon as we set her down, she threw her clothes off… and we followed suit. She layed down on the bed, grabbing at our crotches… pulling each of us into her mouth and grinding against the bed, moaning into us. She pulled our balls into her, taking us as deep as she could, one at a time… an evil though passed through her eyes, and she pulled us as close as she could, and did her best to fit both of our heads in her mouth at the same time.

She had an orgasmic giggle… and a playfulness.. She got up to her knees, wrapped her arms around Jason, and pulled her down on top of her… the jealousy pangs began to swell again… but not as much as my cock swole…

She was eagerly pulling up on his back, kissing me, kissing him… her body language begging him to enter her. I knew when she did, she moaned loudly, grabbing at his back and orgasming to the point of shaking on his body. His long, hard cock began thrusting deeply… rhythmically into her… She had my cock in her hand as he fucked her… her cheeks turning red, her nipples looking to cut glass… and her body totally in euphoria.

After a wrenching, powerful orgasm… she grabbed me by the back of my head, and said: “Oooh, ooh… fuck… ooh fuck.. babe… ooh fuck.. you… mmmmmm. You’re getting your fucking threesome!”

The rest of the evening we took turns pounding her pussy… I don’t remember where we came, or how many times it was.. but he stayed the weekend, and we stayed in the entire time, all rubbing each other raw with orgasm.

When he left, I asked her: “Hey, about what you said… am I really getting *my* threesome.”

She kissed me passionately, and naughtily.. “That was incredible. Yes, yes you are. I’m not into girls… but I’m going to do it for you.”

As for our next chapter… we will go into the search for a girl for a threesome… the ever elusive unicorn… and how my wife discovered her bisexuality, and we became out and out swingers. Hope you all enjoyed.

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