Stolen Innocence

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Shielding her eyes from the sun, she looks out over the side of the huge ship that has been her home for the last 6 weeks. Her family has decided not to stay in the new world, but to return to the country of their youth. She watches silently as the ship slowly drifts into port, the muscular dock workers scurrying to tie the ropes at the moorings. It was not her desire to return to this land ofold customs. She much rather preferred the Americas. This country seemed so far behind the times now. She had grown used to her modern amenities.

“Gabrielle!” Her mother’s coarse shout brought her back to herself. “Oh, there you are!” Her mother peered out of the small door leading to the deck from their quarters. “You better come in here, and see to yourself before we debark!” Just past her eighteenth birthday, Gabrielle O’Malley felt like she should have had a choice to remain in New York with her relatives, rather than come back across the ocean to a land that held nothing for her. Sighing to herself, she went back into the small room where her family had spent the voyage home. Looking at herself in the mirror, she pulled a brush through her long blonde curls, seeing a look of resignation in her steel blue eyes. Her ankle length dress was worn and shabby, nothing like the finery she was accustomed to. She would be grateful to get off this ship, even if was to return to her family home.

Slowly making her way down the ramp behind her mother and her sister, she was careful to watch her footing on the slippery planks. Just as her feet touched the solid rock of the shipyard, she was jostled roughly from behind. Turning to shout at whoever was so clumsy, she turned her face into a damp cloth. Her body instantly went limp, and she felt herself being lifted, carried, bouncing across strong shoulders. The last thing she heard before she succumbed to the darkness was her mother’s incessant wailing.

Paralyzed. That is the only word she can think of to describe her current state. She is well aware of her surroundings. She can hear her captors talking, feel the warm bedding beneath her nakedness, smell the oil from the lamps. She hasn’t dared open her eyes, not wanting to make them aware of her alertness.

“She’s exactly what his Majesty asked for, no? The fair hair, the ample breasts, the long sleek legs. . . she’s perfect. Only one matter to look into, is she as virginal as she appears?” Gruff voices, Gabbie can only imagine the size of these men who hold her captive. “We must wait for the King and his loyal doctor to make that determination,” one of the ruffians says.

Gabbie is outraged at the thought of anyone doubting her virtue, but she is even more fearful of the King. Surely they don’t mean King Logan. The ruler of this whole land! Her fears are affirmed as someone announces the arrival of his Royal Highness King Logan. Gabbie’s heart is pounding, and she fights herself to keep her eyes closed.. “Remove yourselves to the next chamber and I will settle with you shortly!” The voice of the King, telling her captors to leave them in privacy.

“Alas, but she is a beauty!” She feels the thin blanket pulled away from her body. She lies there fully naked as she feels a rough finger glide over her cheek, from the corner of her eye to her chin. She flinches involuntarily, and the King grabs her chin roughly between his fingers. “A faker, eh?” He laughs roughly as her eyes open.. “Doctor, carry on with your examination.”

The doctor moves to the foot of the bed, and grasps her legs just above the knee and gently pulls them apart. He lifts them so her heels are touching the bed and then he gently spreads them, exposing her most private area. No one has ever seen this much of her before. She tries to cover herself with her hands, but the King will have none of it. He grasps her wrists and holds them firmly in his grip. “He’ll not hurt you, if you behave,” he whispers against her cheek.

Tears course down her face and she gasps as she feels warm fingers spread her pink folds. He touches her lightly, running a finger along each lip, and then gently forcing his index finger inside of her warmth. She draws her knees together at this invasion, and he slowly removes his finger. “Aye, she is pure, Your Highness,” the doctor makes his findings clear. The King releases her arms, saying “Good, good. I would have hated to have to turn this beauty over to the guards!” And then to her, “Rest now, for in a few hours, you will be meeting your new husband.”

Terrified, she jumps off of the bed as soon as the door closes behind them, only to find that she is locked in. There is one small window, too high for her to reach, and too narrow for her to fit through even if she could reach it. Succumbing to her fears, she curls up in the corner and cries herself to sleep. She sleeps fitfully for a few hours, waking when the door is opened by a beautiful dark haired woman. She kneels beside her and says “You must cry no longer. Your face will be swollen and red when it comes time to greet your groom.”

“Im bahçelievler escort not getting married to anyone!” Gabbie shouts at her. She smiles kindly and says “Poor dear, you have no choice in the matter. Either marriage, or agony and shame until you die.” She stands up and pulls Gabbie to her feet. “Now you must allow me to help you make yourself presentable.”

Guiding her down several long hallways, they come to a beautiful sunken pool, steaming with warm water. “My name is Bethany. I am one of the Queen’s servants.” “If the King already has a Queen, then he can’t marry me too!” Gabbie says. Bethany smiles softly and says, “You are not chosen for the King, but for his oldest son, and heir to the throne, Prince Aerin.” This causes Gabrielle to laugh. “Prince Aerin? He can find his own bride! Why does the King kidnap me and force me into a marriage such as this?”

“Aerin so far has chosen not to marry, no matter how many perfect matches the Queen and King have arranged for him at the various balls and celebrations.” Gabbie laughs again “Well, perhaps then, he’s gay!” Looking terrified, Bethany pushes her backwards into the water and jumps in after her. Gabbie comes up gasping for air, and Bethany is immediately beside her in the waist deep water.

“You must never say such a thing about the Royal family if you want to live!” Gabbie asks, “Well, what makes them think he will want to marry me? I don’t have any royal blood in my veins!”

“You were chosen because of your appearance. Aerin has always seemed attracted to fair haired maidens with voluptuous curves. And besides, Aerin is a gentle soul, and his father will be giving him an ultimatum, either he marries you, or you will be given to the guards, and he will kidnap another, and another until Aerin agrees.” Silently, she begins to gently scrub Gabbie’s skin with a flowery smelling soap.

Bethany leads her into another chamber off to the side of the bathing pool and seats her in front of a huge mirror. She slowly combs through her hair until it is dry, then shows her to a closet full of beautiful gowns. “You may wear any of these that you choose.” Quietly, Gabbie looks through the vast amount of gowns and decides on a dark blue one with silver trim. Bethany assists her putting it on over her head, and takes her back to the mirror. Gabbie looks stunning in the gown, she must admit, but she is still frightened. She decides that she will go along with this charade long enough to plan an escape.

Beside her reflection in the mirror another figure appears. She turns slowly to see the Queen watching her with interest. Gabbie quickly remembers her manners, smiling softly, and curtsies. The Queen is beautiful, even for an older lady. “I want you to know that what you have gone through in the last days is barbaric. I had no idea of it, but we are all powerless to change his mind. Someday, I hope you will grow to be a part of this family, and bring my son great happiness.”

Gabbie is stunned by the Queen’s direct statement against the King, and she says “Your Majesty, I promise to try.”

The Queen smiles gently and walks toward Gabbie, opening her hand. “Please, wear these tonight. They will go beautifully with that gown. Gabbie looks into the Queen’s hand and sees sapphire earrings and a stunning sapphire and diamond necklace. The Queen helps her to put them on, then takes her arm gently and walks her to the door. They walk down several corridors, and down a majestic spiral staircase, into the main room of the castle. Gabbie can hear voices being raised in anger.

“It’s a travesty, father! I’ve no desire to wed, especially not to some innocent you’ve stolen from her family! I’m nearly three decades old, surely I can find my own bride!”

“Enough, Aerin!” King Logan’s voice booms loudly, “That is my point! You are thirty years old, and not even attempting to produce an heir to the throne! Your brother is married and already has two sons, and he is barely twenty! Have you ever even been with a woman yet?”

“Of course I have. Several actually, just none that I wanted to spend the rest of eternity with! And speaking of my brother, let HIM inherit the throne, it makes no difference to me!”

The Queen subtly clears her throat, and all eyes in the room turn to her and Gabbie. Momentarily, the Prince looks shocked as their eyes meet for the first time. He approaches her and drops to one knee.

“I apologize greatly for the trouble you’ve gone to, but there’s been a great mistake. You may return to your family now.”

The King shouts, “Aerin! It is not that simple. Either you take this girl as your own, or I give her to the royal guards, and then I present you with another girl. And if you reject that one, I will only find another. It goes until you agree.”

Aerin stood up to his full height and turned to face his father. In a deathly quiet voice, he grates out, “So be it. I will take this innocent as my bride, but I will never forget that you forced me to. balgat escort I am ashamed to have been spawned by someone so vile.” A collective gasp went out from everyone in the room. The King swiftly backhanded Aerin across the face. He staggered backward, rage in his eyes as he grabbed Gabrielle’s hand and led her to his chamber.

Gabbie followed silently behind him, hurrying to keep up with his footsteps. As soon as he slammed the door to his chamber, he turned to face her. Noticing the servant standing near, he pulled Gabbie to him, and bent his lips to her ear. “As soon as night falls, I will help you escape,” he whispered.

She leaned back to look into his eyes and nodded silently. Gabbie noticed the small bruise forming on his cheekbone and walked over to the basin on his dressing table and soaked a small cloth. He was sitting on the side of the bed with his head in his hands as she gently moved his head so she could see the bruise.

“They didn’t hurt you, did they?” He asked as she pressed the cloth against his skin. She gently shook her head. He flopped back onto the bed and she followed, sitting beside him as his legs dangled off the end of the bed. Again, she pressed the cloth to his heated skin and he closed his eyes.

She studied him intently now, noticing the sandy blonde color of his hair, the shape of his full, soft lips. His eyes opened and they were inches apart, she noticed that his eyes, like hers, were a silvery-blue. His skin was very tanned, as though he spent a lot of time out doors. He turned to look at her and spoke in a soft voice, “I don’t even know your name.”

She smiled softly at him and said equally as quiet as he had “It’s Gabrielle. Gabbie. Whichever you prefer, your Honor.”

He sighed, “Please . . . I’ve never grown accustomed to that. Please, just call me Aerin, and I’ll call you Gabrielle. It’s a beautiful name. Gabbie is much too plain of a name for such a beauty.”

She smiled again, nodding. He rolled to his side, carrying her with him, and snuggled her head against his powerful chest. “I can’t apologize enough for the terror you must have gone through by my father’s guards. I am still having a difficult time acknowledging that my father could have been so desperate for me to wed that he would have caused your family so much grief. Your parents are probably worried sick about you, no?” Gabbie nodded, feeling sorry for her poor mother. Aerin continued, “We’ll have you back to them soon.”

As if on cue, Aerin’s chamber door burst open and his father stormed in, followed by three guards. “These guards will stay with you until after the wedding takes place. I heard of your plan to aid in her escape, and let me forewarn you, if you are caught, I will kill her myself. And furthermore, if the sun rises tomorrow and she is still pure, I will take her myself. Prepare yourself, the wedding is in three days!” At that, he directed two of the guards outside onto the balcony, and another to stand watch outside the door.

Aerin was trembling with rage, and Gabrielle sat numbly on the edge of the bed. “I won’t do it. I will not rape you in order to make my father happy.”

Gabrielle cried, “But don’t you see?! You must do as he says! I would rather lie with you than with him. Please Aerin, don’t allow him to be the one who spoils me. I would rather die!”

Standing at the foot of the bed, he gathered her gently in his arms. “Shh, sweet Gabrielle. I won’t allow him to touch you.”

“Please, Aerin, let’s just do it now so it is over with. Please, Aerin, lie with me now.” Gabrielle stood on her tip toes and gently teased his lips with her tongue. He groaned as he lowered her to the bed, gently lying beside her.

“Gabrielle, I do not want to hurt you. Please don’t ask this of me.”

“Aerin, if you don’t deflower me, he will. And he will not be so gentle.” Again, she raised her lips to his and sucked his lower lip between hers. His hands came up and held her shoulders, crushing her to him. She reached behind herself and loosened the strings holding her gown, and then lowered the bodice, exposing her breasts to him. His eyes fixed on her tight, pink nipples and her firm, creamy breasts. He groaned as he lowered his head and kissed her fully, tongue delving deeply into her mouth as his hands found her breasts. Squeezing them gently and rolling the nipple between his fingers, she gasped out loud at the new sensations coursing through her body. Her fingers flew to the strings at the throat of his shirt and untied them with blinding haste. He helped her get the shirt over his head, and her fingers softly brushed over the fine, downy hair on his chest. His shoulders were wide and muscular, his chest perfectly formed with just a smattering of light golden hair that tapered down to his trim waist and below into the waistband of his breeches. Lying on their sides, facing each other, she traced a single finger delicately down the trail of hair. He caught her hand just as she reached the waistband. Bringing batıkent escort her fingers to his lips, he gently bit them saying, “Let’s not hurry. We have all night, and I want to get to know the wonders of your body, and teach you the wonders of mine.”

He softly kissed her on the lips as he worked the dress and her underthings down over her feet and off the bed. He stood then, looking down at her naked form, admiring her body, and she sat up, and gently went to work on his breeches. At once she had them undone, and he slowly peeled them down over his hips, revealing himself to her. He watched her reaction as his coarse golden pubic hair came into sight, and then lower, as his manhood sprung out, standing proudly erect. Her eyes widened in alarm, and she said, “Surely, you’re too large to fit!”

He smiled at her naivete and gently pushed her down on the bed, as he laid beside her. “No, my Princess, it will fit, in due time. It will not be comfortable at first, but I promise, you will begin to enjoy it.”

Gabrielle clearly didn’t believe him, but the alternative was far more frightening, so she allowed him to take her in his arms again and kiss her. He started by gently kissing her neck as his fingers toyed with her nipples again. He slowly worked his lips and tongue down to her collarbone, kissing softly. His fingers were lazily tracing circles around her navel, slightly tickling her, but distracting her just long enough for him to take a nipple between his lips. She gasped in shock as his lips closed over it and his tongue flicked across the sensitive tip. She cried out softly as his warm fingertips ruffled through her downy pubic hair. She had never felt so many things at once. He wrapped one strong arm around her as his other hand parted her wetness. He kissed her firmly on the mouth as he gently invaded her with one finger. She moaned loudly as he slowly worked it in and out of her. “Ah, my princess, you are tight. It will feel so good to enter you.”

With that, he added another finger and pushed them deep inside of her. His lips had worked their way down to her navel, and his tongue was delving in and out. Her fingers were in his hair, twisting, pulling as she panted. Finally his mouth was nuzzling her pubic hair and her hips were lifting off the bed. He slowly licked one side of her wetness, then the other, carefully avoiding the tiny bud that stood out, begging for attention. His fingers worked in and out of her, to the rhythm set by her hips. Just as he sensed she was close to the edge, he lowered his mouth onto her clit and sucked gently. She screamed his name as she went over the edge, the sensation of his fingers and his mouth being too much. She felt as though she were falling, grasping for him. He held her tightly around the hips, his mouth never leaving her center until she slowed bucking her hips.

She was trembling, and he joined her on the bed, lying beside her, holding her as she cried. Kissing her face and hair softly until she quieted. She turned her face up to him and he kissed her softly, allowing her to taste her essence in his mouth and on his tongue. She sucked greedily at it, enjoying the subtle flavor of her orgasm. He removed himself from her arms and knelt beside her on the bed. She gazed up at him and he smiled, “Don’t be afraid, my Princess. Here, just touch it.”

With that, he wrapped her small fingers around his manhood. It was too wide for her to fingers to go completely around it. He settled back on the bed, allowing her to explore his body. She squeezed a little more firmly, and he groaned. “Did I hurt you?” She asked, looking worried.

“No, but you’re going to drive me mad with your innocence!” He laughed and kissed her firmly on the mouth as his hand closed over hers and showed her how to pleasure him. He was groaning with every pass of her hand now when she asked, “May I put my mouth on it, like you did for me?”

He thought he would go insane with her shyness, in answer, he gently put his hand on the back of her head and guided her lower. She opened her mouth and took in just the swollen head, slowly tracing circles around it with her moist tongue. He unwillingly thrust against her, and she took about half of him into her mouth. It was out of his control now, and she quickly grew accustomed to the girth and the heat in her mouth, taking more and more of him in. He panted and groaned with every thrust, trying to be gentle with her, not wanting to terrify her. Her small hand found his heavy scrotum and softly squeezed and massaged it between her fingers. Saliva and pre-cum was dripping down over his sack and she traced her fingers through it, and lower to his sensitive anus. She felt his body jerk as she softly rubbed her tiny finger around the opening, and he moaned loudly. “Princess, I’m so . . . .” She traced back up to his balls again getting her finger slick with juices and gently found his opening again, this time she pushed gently inside of him. His hips lifted off the bed and he shouted incoherently as he filled her mouth with thick creamy cum. She kept her mouth on him until he calmed, cum dripping out around the corners of her lips. She carefully removed her finger from inside of him, and he shuddered. Softly releasing him from her mouth, she moved up beside him on the bed. He lay there, panting and smiling.

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