Stocks in Midsummer_(1)

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Author’s note: This story is set in a small late-1700s American town, the name of which has been lost to time. There are a couple minor gay (male on male and female on female) scenes. They’re not too detailed but I thought I’d warn y’all. All similarities to people places et cetera yadda yadda complete coincidence. You all know the shtick, now get to reading!

The charges against her were trumped up. She knew it, the judge and jury knew it, hell the whole town knew it. The trial was a farce from the very beginning, with the prosecutors showing mounds of clearly falsified evidence of her accused crimes. Her lawyer somehow managed to fail to debunk a single one of the charges or even a sole piece of evidence, despite the gaping holes in the prosecution’s case. She thought it was too good to be true that this well-respected attorney would come forward and offer to work her case pro bono. Apparently it was in fact too good to be true.

The gavel came down and her sentence was announced. Three days in the stockade followed by a week of solitary confinement. Technically, the judge had showed leniency given the crimes she was just convicted of, but she was clever enough to realize what the town’s plan for her was. She considered making a scene, but that would just give the judge an excuse to extend her sentence, and three days wouldn’t have… lasting consequences.

In this small town punishments were handed out swiftly. Moments after the judge had announced her sentence, a bailiff had her hands cuffed behind her back and was walking her out the door towards the town square. Strictly speaking, the bailiff didn’t need to walk so close behind her that their crotches ground together, but she knew the next few days would be far worse and resigned herself to the humiliation.

In the square, the bailiff began to lock her into the full stocks – ankles, knees, waist, hands, and neck – while the judge read the detailed rules of the stocks to the gathered crowd, which appeared to consist of every male townsperson not engaged in vital activities, and most of the more lascivious female townspeople as well. Nearly everyone already knew the rules, but the judge continued in the reading to maintain an appearance of fairness.

“The rules of the stocks are thus: The punished is to be held in the stocks at all times, except twice daily when they are removed for personal relief to be fed and by a court-appointed bailiff. With the exception of those times, the punished is never to be removed from the stocks. The punished is not to be maimed or killed. Unless it interferes with those rules, her true punishment is left to the men of this town. No person may speak out against a man’s choice of punishment, and each man is to be allowed to fully punish her as he pleases. The hours of her relief will be set at sunrise and sunset. Gentlemen, you may proceed.”

The judge walked away and her bailiff took a seat on a bench in the noontime sun, waiting to watch the spectacle to come (and to enforce the rules if he felt like it). Three men, brothers, stepped onto the stocks’ plinth and walked around her, regarding her like a piece of meat. All three brothers were influential and powerful in the town and probably were the main conspirators behind her predicament. She was thankful for the small blessing that the stocks held her knees in place and prevented them from shaking in shameful fear. One grabbed the back of her rough woolen prison shirt and yanked hard on it, ripping it apart at the frayed seams. She hadn’t been issued underclothes and thus her breasts bounced freely in the summer air. Fingers started to grasp at her breasts and she bit her lip, hiding any reaction as her large tits were grabbed, twisted, and teased all at once. Another hand grabbed roughly at the waistband of the prison pants and those were ripped off as well, fully exposing her lithe form to the crowd. Bent over as she was, she knew that her nether regions were on full display to all inquiring eyes, and a little cheer went up from the gathered men waiting their turn.

A finger slid down the crack of her ass, pressing on her rosebud before sliding over her slick pussy. The man sucked the taste of her off his fingers and taunted her about how wet she already was. In truth she’d been psychologically trying to get herself wet in an attempt to make the inevitable intrusions less painful. Almost in unison, the men reached into their trousers and pulled out their hard or hardening shafts, and she resignedly opened her mouth to entice one to take her there. Her silent invitation was accepted, and the day’s first cock pushed into her mouth while a second got into position behind her. It earned her more taunts, but she performed fellatio as best she could on the cock that was shoved into her mouth. Struggling wouldn’t help – and she didn’t want to know what horrible punishment would lie in wait if she bit – so she sucked sakarya escort and licked at the shaft, trying to bring him to orgasm and get him to leave as fast as possible. She couldn’t help but moan slightly as the second cock entered her pussy and started fucking. Hands on her head and hands on her hips pulled the two men closer together and cockheads pushed deep into her, one pushing into her throat and one rubbing into her cervix at the same time. They started thrusting in time – one pushed in as the other pulled out and they laughed above her.

Her body was tight and their detailed plans for her had caused quite a pressure to build up, and the men didn’t take long to push in hard and shoot their loads of cum inside her. They stepped away – no doubt to return later in the day for another round. The third brother, waiting so patiently, took his turn and shoved into her pussy. His cock was curved differently, and in so doing happened to push against her g-spot. As much as she hated it, her body reacted to that spot’s stimulation and she came around the invading member, involuntarily groaning loudly. When she’d finished there was a moment of silence in the crowd, followed by a roar of laughter and renewed taunts, accusing things like “the slut likes it!” and “she’d fucking cum around any man’s dick, wouldn’t she?” Her third assailant pulled out of her pussy before he came, and jerked a load of cum onto her asscheeks, giving her a slap on the cheek as he merrily hopped off the plinth.

There was a bit of a surge to get at her next, but two men who approached caused a bit of a gasp in the crowd which allowed them space. Two tall blonde men with somewhat effeminate features and their hands around each others’ waists. The town’s one openly gay couple was here to fuck her. They were only tolerated in this town because one was the town’s only doctor, and the other a vital accountant. They’d never been cruel to her like many men were, so she worked up the courage to ask simply “why?” To their credit, one knelt before her while the other wiped semen off her ass, gently explaining that just because they loved each other very much, they also did find her very, very beautiful. And who could miss a chance like this?

Her mouth was again filled, but this time a pressure someplace new sent warning signals and the gay dicking her mouth gently stroked her cheek and told her to relax. For the first time in her life, a cock pushed into her ass, and she was lucky for it to be a gentle first time. He applied pressure slowly, pushing until he fit just the head in and then gave her time to adjust before gently pushing in and pulling out, filling her deeply and leaving an empty feeling as he pulled back. When his hips pushed against hers the cock in her mouth began to move as well, matching each others strokes as both pulled out, leaving her empty, and pushing in to make her feel absolutely filled. They leaned forwards and kissed one another as they gently fucked the town’s most beautiful woman. Many of the men watching were torn between finding the kiss disgusting but the fucking mesmerizing, and some of the women present were all but openly frigging themselves at the sight of two pretty-boys making out while making love. They grunted and groaned, and the man in her ass groaned that he was cumming. His shuddering as he unloaded in this beautiful woman’s ass was too much for his lover, who came on her tongue, advising her to keep it there. The gays kissed again as they pulled out and each walked around her and crouched down. The man who just took her anal virginity began to French kiss her, his tongue seeking his partner’s cum from her mouth, while the man who made love to her throat licked at her ass, doing the same. They commented about how wonderful the others’ cum tasted as they walked away from the stocks, but were accosted by a group of the town’s women, who were very interested now that their true secret was out of the closet.

The rush she had been expecting finally came. Dozens of men began to take her. They were not gentle like the gays were or quick like the conspirators, they were rough and mean. They stayed true to the rules and once a man was inside her he got to stay there until he was finished, and some were desperate enough to fuck her in highly unusual places. Cocks were stuck in the crooks of her elbows and underarms, seeking pleasure from her body in any way possible. At one point the judge even made an appearance and took his pleasure in her ass while spanking her roughly, leaving her ass red and sore. Roughly an hour before sundown a man broke the rules, and held his cock in her throat far too long. She twitched and shuddered as breath left her, and her screams were barely audible to her. Darkness began to gather at the edges of her vision while a load of cum was dumped into her ass and another cock promptly filled her pussy, and she glanced up into an evil grin as she passed out, fearing for her sakarya escort bayan life.

She awoke a couple moments later, to the screams of the man who had been too long in her, as the bailiff brutally beat him senseless for endangering her life. It was known that the penalty for breaking the rules of the stocks was far worse than the stocks themselves, and that man had to be dragged to the doctor’s home. By the time the bailiff had finished with that man, the sun was setting and she was to be taken out of the stocks. Her legs were shaky and cum literally dripped from every hole, and the bailiff practically had to carry her to the constable’s station. Inside the station her hands were first tied to the ceiling while the bailiff sprayed her down with a hose. The temperature and pressure were not rough, but neither were they gentle, a trend which continued as he toweled her off, spending no doubt more time than was strictly speaking necessary drying her breasts. She was given a moment in a privy before she was fed a sparse dinner. Since there was but one chair, naturally she had to sit on the bailiff’s lap while she ate. She felt his hardness and knew there was a price to pay for the tiny services he’d done for her, and she decided to pay the price willingly and well in hopes of getting better treatment in the future. Her meal was eaten in silence, but his dinner was accompanied by the slurps and slops of a blowjob underneath the table, until the bailiff could take no more and a hand forced her down while he came.

Any hopes of the bailiff drastically helping her were dashed when she was taken back outside to the stocks and affixed into place. The night’s constable relieved the bailiff of his duty and wasted no time in relieving himself of sexual pressure. She heard an argument with the constable about the lantern by the stocks. Apparently one of the men wanted it to be dark for her punishment, but the constable wouldn’t allow it for her safety. Eventually a compromise was reached and a thick blindfold was wrapped around her eyes, making the night pitch-black for her. The blindfold wasn’t removed when the man finished, nor when the next man shot cum all over it. The blindfold remained while suspiciously feminine fingers pushed into her pussy and ass, and while what was undoubtedly a pussy was pressed to her lips for oral pleasures. She wasn’t a lesbian by any means, but she did her best to please the unknown woman, and that woman was replaced by another, and another, and she eventually reflected that she must have made a pretty good lesbian because the steady work for her tongue kept up for several hours.

Eventually, she was simply too tired to remain awake, especially without visual stimulation. Sleep took her as one of her nighttime visitors took his time in her pussy, and when she regained consciousness a different cock was in her ass. Eventually the blindfold was pulled off and the first rays of the morning sun shined on her cum-stained body as the bailiff relieved the night’s constable (who had just finished relieving himself again) to take her out of the stocks. Her second break was much like her first, except that the bailiff had already eaten, so instead of blowing him under the table, she was laid back on the table and he pushed into her throat, telling her how lucky she was to be getting this “second helping of breakfast.”

The morning of her first full day of punishment was almost pleasant. Nearly every man (and a good portion of the women) had taken their pleasure from her in the past day, and she had few “visitors.” That is, until the three brothers returned, leading a completely different group of people. They were the slaves from local plantations, who must have worked especially hard to get this kind of reward. Or perhaps the brothers were just bored and thought it’d be funny. The difference was largely academic to her, because the slaves were certainly looking at her body with relish. The youngest of the brothers whispered into her ear as the slaves were commanded to strip. They’d chosen the most… virile of the workers, he explained. Who hadn’t been allowed to breed, to fuck, in six months. She tried to remain detached, but those slaves scared her. They were certainly virile, each boasting a shaft that looked downright painfully large and fully hardened. She didn’t know what kind of depraved things they’d do to her, never having owned a slave.

Perhaps it was a mercy that these slaves were also incredibly submissive to their masters, and did exactly what was ordered. Perhaps it made their treatment of her worse than it’d be otherwise. But when one was ordered to push his “big black fucking nigger cock balls-deep into that tight fucking white ass” he obeyed, and the only thing that muffled her screams of pain was the cock usually forced down her throat. Their supply of slaves seemed limitless, and their cum voluminous. Each and every one was ordered to not finish escort sakarya except in her ass, and they obeyed. The sun had almost set when the last one finished, and the brothers took turns in her pussy, rubbing at her stomach and commenting at how all the cum from those slaves made her stomach visibly stretch, and how they could see the slave cocks stretch her throat wide open. She hoped the dirty talk helped them, but the last one didn’t cum until the sun was just barely over the horizon, setting mere moments later.

When she was stood up for her break, a veritable deluge of cum poured from her ass and spattered on the ground. She was hosed off and her eyes were dead as she relieved herself and ate the meager dinner, and she couldn’t even muster the care to try to please the bailiff when he took her pussy, lying back and staring into space as the man took her. Her second night was busier than the first, since the day’s slave treatment had largely excluded the white folk of the town. She noticed that the men were less likely to take her ass now, preferring to fuck her pussy or fill her throat. They must not have wanted to share a fuckhole with slaves. The gay couple gave her a very special treatment; the doctor fucked the accountant’s ass while he fucked her throat. They came in unison once again, and made out with each other as they left.

Her true, final punishment didn’t arrive until the afternoon of the third and final day. By now her body is soaked with cum as every man of the town gets one or two last shots at her. Her brain is fried and her body exhausted, the thousand-yard-stare setting in. She feels utterly broken and destroyed, and thinks she can sink no lower.

Hooves clop across the cobblestone behind her, and she feels the breath of a large mammal. Horror starts to set in and fear fills her. She expected the days of rape but not this, and she truly struggled at her bonds for the first time. There was a sniffing at her crotch as the animal figured out what was going on, and the horse reared up and put its hooves onto a crate that was placed for it. The animal’s massive cock slapped at her stomach and a handler started to guide the cock to her pussy. For the first time she started to beg, to plead to be released. She promised to spend every night for a year pleasuring the brothers if they’d just call off the horse. Only laughter replied to her and she felt the horse’s flared cockhead rub against her pussy. A thrust – a scream – and she passed out as the animal rutted inside her. The animal hadn’t stopped by the time she reawoke. With every thrust in, her stomach visibly expanded to fit the massive member, and the horse neighed it’s dominance as it thrust deeply into her, filling her with animal semen. She almost passed out again as the horse pulled out, and she heard the spatter of cum hitting the ground. As she watched the animal was led away, she recognized the judge’s prized Arabian. Being led in at the same time as the Arabian was led away was a massive Clydesdale stallion, a foot taller than the Arabian. The Clydesdale was already aroused and she got a good look at what was in store for her as the horse’s cock bounced between its legs. It was nearly as thick as her thigh and as long, and her fear redoubled.

No handler helped aim the horse’s cock this time. It thrust at her and missed several times before the gargantuan head found a hole. Unluckily for her it was her ass, and tears streamed from her eyes as she screamed out her agony. The people still watching gasped and the women cringed in empathic fear, but no-one was allowed to intervene since no permanent harm appeared to be done. The horse didn’t understand why she screamed so, and couldn’t care either. It cared only for it’s own genetic imperative to deposit semen and rutted and raped at the tiny body beneath it. By the time it was done, the only ones still smiling were the three brothers who’d caused all this.

When the doctor removed her from her bonds a few hours early, nobody was willing to argue, and the week of jail time was served entirely in the infirmary recuperating.

Three bodies were found marred beyond recognition outside of town a month later. Oddly, no-one bothered to question her. No charges were brought and the town simply tried to forget the lines that had been crossed.


Some notes about the characters I had while writing it: The three brothers who set her up are two older identical twins and one younger brother who always tried to match the other two. The “gay” couple aren’t strictly speaking “gay,” they’re bisexual in a committed two-male relationship. In my own mind they look rather like high elves of fantasy, long straight blonde hair. I referred to them as gay because as far as the town knows they are. The day’s bailiff is a big, burly guy, while the night’s constable is a thin, hawklike fellow.

The ending… wasn’t really what I had planned. It kinda just flowed like that. Sorry if I killed any boners there. Also: Another story when I don’t name my characters! Hooray! Names are for wimps!

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