Step sis secret pt 4

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Step sis secret pt 4
6:30 am I was laying in a hospital chair, family by my side. The surgeon walks in .
All ready Veronica? Yes sir. Ok just about time . Another Dr. walked in a tall black man. He shuts the door after him. Hello Veronica I’m Dr. Williams I’ll be assisting Dr. Smith today. They pull my sheet back exposing the naked body. My tiny cock shriveled by the cold air. Dr. Willams put my feet into the stirrups. He grabbed my hips and slides me down. Putting on a latex glove and pouring some lube in his hand. He started fingering my asshole. I looked at him like what are you doing?

Dr. Williams says” you look confused Veronica? Sandra said we could fuck you for a discount… your getting a discount honey!
Sandra agreed.
I spoke I thought it would happen when I was asleep?
Dr. Smith put a mask on my chest, yeah Veronica you will be out but Williams wants to start while your awake.
Oh ok! I said

Dr. Williams pulled out his cock from underneath his scrubs. It was long and black. And fat like Sandra. His head pushes into my ass, I squealed. He slid in for what seemed like minutes. He looks at everyone confused.
Sandra says “what you think she was going to cry?”
She reached in her pants and pulled out her massive cock, laughing , she doesn’t cry anymore!

The Dr. looking in shock started pounding away at my asshole. He felt really good in me, so good! He started getting rougher, I was moaning harder! Then my cock started spraying.
Dr. Smith put on my mask and gave me a needle. I slowly drifted, getting pounded by the big black man.
Hours later I woke up in a room, Roxi by my side holding my hand, babe you ok she says?
I feel like I got hit by a bus! Yeah babe your going to be in pain for a while. I drifted back asleep.

The next thing I remember was waking up at home. Roxi waited on me hand and foot for weeks of my recovery. I couldn’t have sex for weeks. It sucked.

Finally recovered. Roxi took me to see Dr. smith. I stripped naked. Wow Veronica you look amazing. The hormones really helped didn’t they? My hips more defined, my ass plumped. You really took shape. Your good to go! My tits were perfect! Nose job and my pouty lips, Roxi took my hand as we left.

Baby I’m so proud of you! You look amazing. Roxi whispered as she softy kissed my lips.
I have a surprise for you! She smiled
Oh what’s that? We’re not going home, we’re going to the beach!

We jumped in her car and drove to the coast, she rented a bungalow on a private beach. The inside had linen white walls, the bed was a king with a plush yellow and white comforter. canlı bahis siteleri It had a great big window over looking the beach and ocean. The bathroom just had a toilet and sink. The shower was outside. It had a teakwood floor and white washed wood walls on 3 sides, it had multiple sprayers and 2 rain heads. You looked right at the beach. Inside it had a small kitchen, I knew this place wasn’t meant for cooking. It was a romantic destination. I sat on the bed over looking the beach while Roxi got stuff from the car.

She came in throwing a bag on the bed. Sat down and pulled out bikinis. Handing me a yellow one, she loved me in yellow. She pulls out a green bikini.

We stripped naked. Her big cock hanging soft, damn did it get bigger I was thinking. My little cock and tiny balls don’t even move. All the hormones really killed my cock, but I don’t care, I rather be fucked. My cock could only grow to 2” hard it was worthless. But it was cute.

Your cock is so tiny Roxi sadly said.
She reached in her bag and pulled out a strap on and a double dong for later she giggled. I just laughed. We got dressed you couldn’t even tell I had a cock I looked like a natural girl. Roxi was tucking her cock.

Roxi just let it hang ! I love your bulged bottoms! She giggled but what about other people? Who gives a fuck? Not me ! I replied. Ok baby… her big bulge made my mouth salivate. She took me by the hand and we ran to the beach. After swimming in the ocean we laid in the sun awhile.

It was 5:30 when we headed back to the bungalow. We took a quick shower and went to get dressed. She pulled out of her bag a long yellow of course flowy dress for me. And a yellow thong. The dress was spaghetti strapped it showed my new clevage nicely. It hugged my tits and was tight down to my stomach, then it got loose. I slipped into some strappy heels. My nipples popped through. I did my makeup now she likes dark eyes, yellow highlights and pink glossy lips.

Roxi was wearing a almost identical dress in Kelley green, we were hot! She drove me to dinner at this sexy restaurant, then we went to a club by the house for drinks. After a few drinks we went home. Kissing outside the door, we could barely get inside. Inside we ripped each other’s clothes off. Falling on the bed.

Her hands and mouth all over my new body, sucking my titts and rubbing my tiny 2” hard on. Make love to me I moaned. Laying on my back she spread my legs and pushed my ass to her mouth she started eating, I was moaning I need you in me…. she kneels between my legs stroking perabet giriş her big cock. Lubing her cock and my hole smiling at me.
Baby I’ll be slow it’s been a while she moaned.
Her cock pressed in, slowly she enters my hole, I squealed
Does it hurt babe ? She asked
Yeah but don’t stop! She pushed further. Tears run down the side of my face. Omg it hurts so bad! She starts to pull out. Don’t I cry! Just stop! We wait a few seconds ok babe in! She started sliding gently all the way in till I felt her balls on my skin . Come here I gasped.

She laid down on top of me, out tits pressed firmly. We kiss, our mouths open wide and we explore each other’s mouths, I feel her twitching her cock inside me. Yes I moaned in her mouth. Slowly she twerks her ass making her cock dance in my ass. I moaned. Roxi pulls away, I love you more than life itself… mmmmmm I moaned baby I loved you since day one, now show me! Her throbbing cock slides in and out slowly. I wrapped my legs around her waist. My nails dig into her back. She speeds up, my heart pounding, my body convulsing , my tiny cock spurting cum between our stomachs. Mmmmmm yes baby yes I moaned.

She stops what’s wrong?
Nothing, everything is perfect! Your perfect, our life is perfect. And I just came from us making perfect love!
So why you stop?
Making love is over!
Roxi was sad and confused… but
But nothing Bitch! Fuck my brains out! Now! I demanded.
She grinned, ok whore , gladly.
I put my feet flat on the bed she kneels up her cock still in me. Grabbing my shins she pushes my legs back. She slowly slides her cock out till her mushroom cap is still in . Her thick cock thrusts deep her balls slap my ass , I cry out yes baby use me! She pounded over and over, my cock spurted. She pulled out and rolled me onto my stomach. Sitting on my thighs she rammed her cock in . My body shaking with every thrust. I turned my head to look back and she has a wicked grin, she means business. After I raise my ass high in the air for maximum penetration. Her balls slap my taint with aggression. You like being fucked like my whore bitch? She yells
Yes baby I’m your whore! I moaned
Get on top bitch I wanna see your tiny cock flop! She pulls out and lays on her back, I squat above her and drop down hard. My cock leaks. Resting back on my hand I slam my ass on and off of her cock, my tiny cock flopping, she grabs it and jerks with 3 fingers. , it grows a mere 2 “ but I’m hard. Bouncing around on her cock . I begged for her cum!

She shoved me off and standing up grabs perabet güvenilir mi my hair and pulled me off the bed onto my knees. Slammed her cock In my throat. I gagged. She starts fucking my throat. Gagging and spitting up saliva all over. Your my bitch! She grunted. She pulls out and dick whips my face.

What do you want Veronica ?
Hurt me!!!
Reaching down grabbing ahold of my throat with one hand, she slapped me hard across the face with the other. Yes I begged
Another hard slap and another then she spit In my open mouth. Pulling me to my feet by my throat she slammed me against the wall.

She spins me around, my titts pressed against the linen lined wall, my nipples scratched against. She wrapped her forearm around my neck. Reaching down parting my cheeks she slipped 3 fingers in my asshole, then 4 and 5. I cry out from the stretching. Working her hand in and out of my ass, I feel her wrist getting closer. Omg she’s gonna fist me I think as the tears and snot pour down my face. She pushed deep and my asshole takes her wrist. I feel her watch at my asshole. Good slut she moaned in my ear.

Now for my special present. She pulls her hand from my gaped hole. And shoved me down on the bed. She grabbed the lube and lubes up her ass. Taking the double dong and sliding it in her self. She made me roll on my belly, she climbed on top and rammed her cock in me. Then shoved the opposite end of her dong next to her cock in my ass.

Double anal bitch she grunted… she pounded me hard I could feel both cocks sliding in and out my asshole so open. It wasn’t long and Roxi was filling me with her seed. I felt every spurt hit my bowels. Tired she fell off of me. Pulling her cock and the dong out. I straddle her stomach and let her cum drip out of me . After I was done I leaned down and slurped it all up then cleaned her cock and asshole. We passed out In each other arms.

Waking up the next day, Roxi still sleeping. I went to the bathroom to clean up, looking in the mirror I was heavily bruised all over my body, hand prints. My face was red from the slapping and my throat looks as I have been choked. I giggled. It was worth it. I grabbed a towel and walked to the beach. I was just wear a Long Beach shirt. I sat there watching the ocean having a coffee and a smoke. About a hour passed and Roxi came down wearing some shorts and a T-shirt. She sits down, Morning baby.

She looks at me, holy shit who kicked your ass? You did I laughed.
That was fucking hot! She grinned.
We sat there talking for a few hours.

She got up kneels In front of me and pulled out a diamond ring…
Veronica will you be my tranny wife? She said with A huge smile! I handed her my hand and she slid it on my finger, I cried yes at the top of my lungs. We made out on the beach for hours.

I was wondering what was next I laughed.

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