Step Brother Grows Up – 2nd Time

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I woke up early the next morning after the soundest sleep I’ve had in years. I went out into the kitchen to find my step father getting ready to leave for work. “Good morning Tori” he greeted me with a smile. “Good morning Steve!” I happily replied.

Just then, Kent walked into the kitchen. When he saw Steve and I both there, he got an embarrassed look on his face and blushed slightly. Then he headed straight for the refrigerator.

Steve said, “Tori, I hate to ask a favor of you, but do you think you could take Kent over to the car dealership this morning to pick up his car? I took it in for some work yesterday and it should be ready around 9:00am.”

I looked at him with a happy smile and said “Of course! I’d be happy to!” almost chirping with eagerness.

“Wow! Thanks! I owe you one.” He said, clearly relieved that I didn’t blow up like I normally do when he asks me to do things.

“No Steve, actually I owe you. I know I’ve been a real pain in the butt since you and Mom got together, but I realize you are not to blame for my parents splitting up. I’m sorry for the way I’ve been, and I’d like to start fresh with both you and Kent if you are willing.” I said as sincerely as I could.

He looked over at Kent, who was now smiling. “Starting fresh it is!” he stated as he gave me a hug and headed for the door, leaving Kent and I alone in the kitchen.

I walked to the kitchen window and watched Steve drive away, then I turned to Kent. “You sure made a mess out of my shorts and shirt mister!” I said in a devilish tone.

“Uh…sorry about that. You kinda…uh, caught me…” he stammered.

“I caught you alright!” I said stating the obvious. “Better get changed if you want me to take you to the dealership by 9:00am.”

Without another word, he went off to his room. Soon he returned, and we headed out to my car. “Why don’t you drive.” I suggested, tossing him my keys and heading canlı bahis for the passenger side of the car. We jumped in and he started driving to the car dealership. I was wearing a short little sundress that rode well up my leg as I sat in the seat. The top was cut low and I let it gap opened so my right breast was almost fully exposed. None of this was going unnoticed by Kent as he tried in vain to keep his eyes on the road. I kept looking down as his cock grew progressively hard. He kept trying to readjust his position in the seat to accommodate his bulge, but there was clearly no subtle way for him to hide it.

Finally, I leaned toward him and whispered, “You look miserable. Let me help you out!” as I reached down, unbuttoning and unzipping his shorts. He instinctively raised his hips slightly as I slid his shorts and boxers down, releasing his hard prick. I grasped it with my right hand and slowly stroked it. He gasped and pulled the car over to the curb, putting it in park while he pushed his shorts the rest of the way down to his ankles.

I leaned across the console and took the tip of his cock into my mouth, slowly circling the head with my tongue. “Mmmmm!” I moaned as I licked and sucked his beautiful cock. I continued my long, slow stroking as I fully enjoyed the thickness of his meat in my mouth.

I could feel my own juices flowing from my pussy. For a brief moment, I thought about pulling my panties off and straddling Kent’s hard on, but I kept sucking as my tempo picked up. He now had his hands on the back of my head and was thrusting his hips, pushing his cock into my mouth with growing urgency. This wasn’t going to take long, I thought as I got on my knees in the passenger seat, so I had a better angle to suck his prick.

Paying particular attention to the head, I increased my tempo and added pressure at the top, slurping loudly as I bobbed up and down, faster and faster.

Then his bahis siteleri cock swelled noticeably in my mouth as he came. I thought I was ready for it, but the first shot of his cum was not a normal squirt, rather a long flow that quickly filled my mouth as if I was drinking from a garden hose. Before I could swallow the entire load, he shot another wad that almost choked me. I swallowed again and again, then he shot another load. Thankfully the amount in his third squirt was smaller and I swallowed twice and regained control of his throbbing cock. I continued sucking until I milked every drop of cum from his prick, gently tonguing the head and lightly stroking him until he was empty. Once I was sure he had finished, I slowly released him and sat back up in my seat, smiling happily as Kent tried to recover and slowly pull his shorts back up.

We drove the rest of the way to the dealership in silence as both our heads were spinning from what had just happened.

As we arrived at the shop, Kent parked the car, leaving it running. “I’ll wait here just in case your car isn’t ready.” I happily said as he got out and went into the building. My pussy was in need of attention, so I slid my panties off and raised my dress to my stomach as I began to slowly play with myself. One of my straps had fallen off my shoulder, so I eased my top down and began squeezing my exposed nipples. It sent a chill through my body as the A/C blasted cold air across my tits. Oh, how I wished Kent was sucking them!

Just then, the door to the service shop opened and out he came, walking back towards the car. As he opened the driver’s door he said, “You were right, it won’t be ready for…”, then he froze as he saw my exposed body.

“Get in the back.” I said. Without another word, he closed the driver’s door and opened the back door as I climbed quickly between the seats into the back, laying down with my head on the arm rest of the bahis şirketleri passenger door and my legs spread wide open. Kent cautiously climbed in and closed the door.

“Fair’s fair.” I practically panted as I placed my right foot on the front console, fully exposing my wet pussy as my finger slowly stroked my clit.

He looked at my pussy, then at me, then back to my pussy, not sure what to do next. “Lick me damn it!” I commanded as I grabbed him by the hair and pulled his face to my muff. His tongue went directly into my hole as he slowly lapped my juices. It was obviously his first time having oral sex, so I guided him by moving his head with my hands. “Slowly…start at the bottom and come up…take your tongue over that part…hold it there on my clit…press firm…swirl across the top…oooohhh yes! Just like that! Do it again!” My legs were now wrapped around his head as he licked my clit over and over again. It felt so good! He kept working his tongue around my nub, faster and faster until my orgasm hit me hard. I ground my pussy into his mouth as my hips raised off the seat and jerked back and forth, riding his face. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming on your face! Oh fuck!!” I screamed and as I bounced wildly thrusting my hips upward trying to get more of his tongue into my hole. He lifted my ass with both hands as he ate my sopping pussy like he couldn’t get enough, devouring my juices as my orgasm shook my body. “Aaaaahhhhh!!” I moaned as the spasms peaked and I held myself tightly against his mouth milking every ounce of pleasure I could until I finally started to come back to reality.

Kent simply held his tongue against my clit until I was spent. He then slowly lowered my ass back to the seat as my legs relaxed, releasing his head. I looked up at him and smiled, “Thank you” was all I could manage as I lay exhausted, yet totally satisfied. Spotting my panties laying on the front seat, he picked them up and used them to slowly wipe my juices off his face. He then smiled and got out of the car, going back towards the dealership.

My head was still spinning from the past couple of days. What a summer it was going to be!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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