Springbreak with My Brother

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Author’s Note: All characters are purely fictional, this is an incest story if that offends you stop reading now. This is my second submission suggestions are very much appreciated!

It had been years since I had seen my brother, so long that I was doubtful I would recognize him if I saw him. We parted ways when I moved away from our home. Freshly out of college, I remember feeling desperate to escape the small town of Ossipee, New Hampshire, a place no one seems to know exists. The last time I saw him was when I was hugging him goodbye.

Now here we are four years later, my brother was in the middle of college and I am living in a different state and was not expecting to find a voicemail from my little brother.

“Hey sis, I know we haven’t hung out in a few years, but since you live out in Florida now I was hoping to have spring break down there. I would stay for about a week. Call me back when you get a chance and let me know, I want to book tickets soon to get a deal.”

I think about it on the way home from work, reminiscing about the good old days when we would vacation in Florida as a family. Part of the appeal of moving down here was all those memories I had.

As soon as I got home, I gave my brother a call and was slightly disappointed to receive his voicemail. Sighing dramatically in the voicemail, I let my brother know that “I guess it would be fine” drawing out the word “guess” to add emphasis in a teasing nature.

I never heard back from my brother and soon the weeks flew by and I had pretty much forgotten his request. So when I see this startlingly attractive man standing at my front door as I make my way up the path, my brother visiting was the last thing on my mind. Thinking this man was lost I approached cautiously, never knowing who’s gonna be a nice guy or not.

As I approached I gave the man a once over, and boy was he smoking hot.

He was wearing tight athletic shorts and a casual t-shirt but I could see the muscles rippling underneath his clothes. The man was so focused on his phone he didn’t notice me approach as he went to press the phone to his ear.

I was about ten feet away when my phone starts ringing, alerting the man by the door of my presence.

Answering the phone I’m startled to hear my voice distantly coming from the phone of the man by my door.

Suddenly nervous about the identity of this mysterious man I stopped walking and studied the man.

The man holding the phone squints at me before smiling and running over to me, scooping me up in his arms and swinging me around before setting me down, “Hey sissy! I thought I would surprise you and just come down!” My mind seemed to short circuit and all I could focus on was the hard muscles under his shirt.

Clarity came back and quickly worry faded from my body, leaving behind excitement to see my brother after all this time, “Hey little brother, or should I say, big brother, jeez you’ve grown like two feet.”

His booming laugh seemed to send heat across my skin. “Yeah well, what can I say I guess puberty finally caught up to me,” he replied.

I just could not believe this tall 6’4 man, thick with muscles, a trimmed beard and bronze skin was my awkward little nerdy brother. Clearly, I could still identify the similarities between him and myself, we both had the same chocolate-brown hair and ocean blue eyes and thin lanky bodies we inherited from our parents.

“So are we gonna go inside or are you gonna keep gawking at me,” Kristian asked.

I ripped my eyes from searching his body for the nerd it once was. I could feel the blood rising to my cheeks as he caught me looking at him.

Laughing awkwardly, I walked past him; my arm brushing his as I reached to unlock my apartment door. I jolted when I felt the electricity run across my skin where his arm had touched me. It had been too long since I had had a man whose touch had sent electricity.

“Wow sissy this is great!” Kristian said as he brushed past me into the house, heading straight to the living room windows, which delivered a modest view of the ocean in the distance.

“Yea better than all those trees we had outside our windows back home,” I paused, “so how are mom and dad doing?”

It had been a while since I had called home and now seeing my brother, homesickness set in.

“Ahh they’re okay, they seem to have adopted a new lifestyle and are taking on life with a creative purpose.”

I scrutinized Kristian’s face for clarification, “What do you mean, “new lifestyle.” Kristian paused, “well let’s just say they have taken an unusual direction in life, but I don’t really want to talk about it now.”

Curiosity raced through my body, but I resisted the urge to keep pestering him for information.

After giving him a tour of the house we settled down to chat, “So how do you like living down here?” he asked.

“It constantly reminds me of being here with you guys, there is this place by the ocean I just know mom and dad would love to see.” I smiled, “I’ll have to bring you there canlı bahis before you leave.”

“Okay that sounds fun,” He paused and looked down at his phone.”Oh wow, my friend is like 3 blocks down the road from here.”

He turned his phone around to display the maps on his phone.

“Oh cool you should go visit him, I know you have a hectic week here maybe you should go visit him tonight.” Even though I was enjoying his company, I didn’t want to impede on his spring break.

“Are you sure? I feel like I just got here,” he questioned.

“Yea, of course, you’re going to be here all week. We will have plenty of time to catch up later.” I insisted.

“Ok yeah, I’ll head over and see if he wants to get dinner with me.” Kristian got up and grabbed his shoes and headed out the door.

Knowing I would have a few hours to myself I realized I had to take a shower and get changed for the night. Living in Florida required constant showers to wash away the grime of the heat.

As I was getting in the shower, I swore I heard the front door open and close, but as I paused listening for footsteps I didn’t hear anything and realize it was probably the neighbors.

Turning on the water speaker, I put on my quiet jazz music, knowing it would help me unwind for the day. Unclipping my shower head I sat down on the convenient built in seat, the perfect place to sit and masturbate. I turned the stream to a single steady stream and leaned back. I could feel the warm tile against my back as my eyes automatically closed as my brain instantly envisioned a sensual scene of a girl in the shower with a man observing her from the door. I slowly started twisting my nipples, pulling on the tips feeling the pulse of pleasure go down to my core.

I lazily moved the stream of water across my skin, thoroughly enjoying the heat it provided. My hand moved on from my nipples and crept south spreading my pussy lips with my fingers.

I turned the heat of the water towards my clit, circling around it, adjusting the flow of water to be a bit softer. I grabbed the dildo I keep on the rack and rubbed it around my opening, teasing myself. Even with the water stream, I could feel myself growing wetter.

Pressing the dildo against my pussy lips I could feel the pressure of it’s thick head waiting to go inside, slowly I pressed the tip inside. As I was moving the stream of water to my clit I heard ragged breathing coming from outside the door. Opening my eyes, I looked to the doorway and saw my brother standing in the shadows of the cracked door.

His mouth was slightly open, and his hand was gripping the door frame, his knuckles white. I couldn’t help but glance down and noticed a bulge in his shorts. Somehow instead of feeling repulsed by being caught by my brother, I felt a renewed heat settle into my core.

I locked eyes with my brother as I gently pushed the dildo further feeling it spread my pussy, and moved the jet of water fully on my clitoris. The haze of desire taking away any reservations I had.

I could feel the tightening in my stomach creep over me, I watched as my brother slowly came closer into the bathroom, his hand disappearing underneath his white athletic shorts. His face flushed with color, I could almost make out a bead of sweat forming on his forehead.

Neither of us spoke; all that was heard was the low jazz music, water, and our heavy breathing. The heat spread down my stomach, my core tightening and contracting. I felt a wave of light-headedness hit me, my eyes closed heavily and I sagged against the warm tiles of the shower moaning loudly. My heart racing and limbs tingling with the orgasm as it rocked through my body. My pussy clenched around the dildo and I couldn’t help but wish it was my brother’s cock instead, causing me to moan in pleasure.

I opened my eyes when I heard a grunt and looked over to see my brother grasping the countertop, his eyes squeezed shut and his hand not moving. A slight darkening of the fabric of his shorts alerted me to my brother’s orgasm as it ripped through his body.

Suddenly, what felt like a cold bucket of water, dumped over me. I could not believe I just willingly masturbated in front of my little brother. Not only did I do it willingly, I wanted it.

My gasp must have surprised my brother as he jumped and seemed to realize what had just happened himself. His whole face flushed red and he quickly exited the bathroom.

I quickly rinsed off dropping the dildo to the floor of the shower and exited the shower, wrapping myself in a huge bath towel as I had not grabbed clothes before getting in thinking I would be home alone when I exited.

I peeked out the door and not seeing my brother, I raced into my bedroom. I could feel my heart pounding, what had just happened.

My mind was racing and all I could feel was the heat rushing through my body. Fantasies played in my mind, imagining my brothers cock back inside my empty pussy.

Pausing my thoughts, I rushed getting dressed, still damp from the shower my clothes bahis siteleri stuck to my skin. My long wet hair drenched my white tank top making my perky breast show through the fabric. Just as I was bent over drying my hair there was a knock on my bedroom door.

Startled, I opened the door to see my little brother standing there, in the same soiled shorts. I felt a wave of heat flow down my body as I realized he could see through my wet shirt. I felt my nipples harden and press against the fabric.

“Hi Kristian, I uhh thought you were going out for a few hours…” I paused unsure of how to discuss what had just occurred in the bathroom. I could feel a blush creep up my neck and into my cheeks..

“Well I was going to, but I realized I’d rather spend my first night hanging out with you and came home.” he paused before continuing, “I… uhh heard the music and I thought it was coming from your bedroom and realized it was the bathroom… and the door was half-open…” Kristian trailed off seemingly lost on what to say. I knew what had happened, he saw his naked big sister masturbating.

“Hey it’s okay,” I reached out resting my hand on his arm and felt his body sag in relief. I wasn’t mad, hell I did nothing to stop it.

“Can we just forget it happened, I promise it won’t happen again,” he said as his eyes examined my face.

“Ya, of course, let’s just go get some dinner.” Try as I might, I couldn’t help remembering his eyes on me as I thrust the dildo in and out and the how hot my body felt as his eyes burned into mine.

“Oh ok let me just go change,” he said.

I ogled him as he walked into the bathroom, resisting the urge to peek as he had done with me.

When he came out, we both tried to stay casual as we both got our shoes and keys and headed out for dinner.

The rest of the night seemingly went by as if the bathroom incident had never happened, much to my disappointment. We ended the night and both went to bed.

I dreamt vividly, dreaming of my brother’s cock glistening above my pussy, my legs spread wide, my pussy lips dripping wet and ready for him. It was so incredibly vivid that I was for sure it was real, only when I woke up hot and sweaty with my pussy throbbing did I realize it was a dream.

My pussy ached for release, leaning over to the side of the bed, my hand rifled through my bedside drawer searching, feeling for the cool velvet tool I knew I had in there, sighing in relief when I felt it under my fingertips.

I briefly glanced at my bedroom door making sure it was shut and then listened hard for any noises. Hearing nothing, my hand slipped under the covers with my vibrator, thankful I had purchased a quiet one.

Pressing the cool toy against my pussy lips made me shiver, I turned on the vibrator starting with the lowest intensity. Soon the feeling of the vibrations started to make my hot pussy ache more than before.

While my vibrator was quiet, I was not, soon I had to grab a pillow as my moans and grunts became loud.

I savagely moved the toy across my clit pushing myself closer and closer to release. I could feel my nipples tingle and become hard. My skin was prickling with electricity. I could feel my back arching off the bed, my release was close, just a few more seconds…

My door burst open, startling me so bad that I twisted on the bed and fell off, tangled in my sheets. Before I knew it, a big man was towering above me. I went to scream only to realize it was Kristian standing there, in only his boxer briefs looking frantic.

“Oh wow, are you alright.” It seemed to take Kristian to comprehend the situation I was in as he went to pick me up off the floor. “Oh, you’re naked.” I stared at him my mouth gaping.

“What are you doing barging in here?” I yelled.

“I heard grunting and a lot of noise and thought someone had broken in.”

“It was just me ok,” I stated, beginning to get up off the ground.

“What were you doing?” he trailed off. I didn’t have to answer because his gaze went to the vibrator that was still quietly buzzing on the bed, now uncovered since the sheets were on the ground with me.

“Oh,” he whispered.

I got back on the bed, swiftly turning off the vibrator and sat there staring at him. “So are you going to leave or just stand there staring at me.” part of me didn’t want him to leave, little did he know he was the man in my recent dream.

Kristian continued to just stand there staring at me and I stared back, looking down I noticed a bulge forming under his briefs. “I…” he started but stopped not seeming to know how to continue.

I felt my heart quicken, “what? what is it?” I whispered, he seemed incapable to answer as I slowly leaned up on my knees and moved towards him at the edge of the bed. The haze of desire still fresh in my mind.

I rested my palms against his bare chest; he was so warm under my fingertips. I looked up at his face as his arms came around me. “This is wrong,” I whispered.

Without missing a beat, he whispered back “I know” bahis şirketleri and then he kissed me.

My whole body came alive in that kiss, the feeling of exhilaration at doing something forbidden crept up on me, quickening my breath. I felt naughty.

Slowly he pushed back against me, and I fell back on my butt, he crawled over me and kept kissing me, only stopping to kiss down my neck, sucking on the flesh of my collar-bone.

His hands pulled the sheet off my body and out from between us. He leaned back on his knees to look at me.

“See something you like?” I teased.

“I see one of my fantasies lying before me.” his tone was urgent and his eyes full of longing. Suddenly I realized I might not have been the only one with vivid dreams that night.

I reached up and jerked him back on to me. My nails racking against his arms and I felt his hands slide up my rib cage before stopping on my breast, pulling on my nipples.

I moaned into his mouth; he put his weight on me then, pressing his cock down on my pussy, only his boxers blocking his path. We both gasped at the feeling of his hardness and my wetness.

“Please…” I panted. We had just begun, but I was already soaking wet and ready for him. “Shhh…” he whispered kissing my lips.

“I have wanted this for too long to go fast.” he sighed into my neck.

Kristian continued his path down my neck and my breast, capturing one breast with his hand and putting my nipple in his mouth. The feeling of his teeth as the gently grazed my nipple sent shock waves directly to my aching core. I could feel my pussy clenching, begging to be filled.

His other hot hand slid down my stomach and danced around the edges of my pubic bone. Tugging on the landing strip of hair, I had left there.

I pressed my hips up into his hand, silently begging for more. Between his mouth and his teasing hand, I thought I was going to pass out from how good it feels. My breathing was loud, my moans louder.

Finally, his finger slipped between my folds and into the slick wet heat of my core. My moan was almost alarming it was so loud, pure pleasure radiated through my body. Sex had never felt like this before.

“Please Kristian please,” I begged. “I need you inside me.”

Kristian looked up from my breast and smiled against my nipple. He then inserted two fingers deep into my pussy and pressed his thumb against my clit, giving it a hard flick.

Electricity and heat poured through my body, my body arching upward and into him. He kept pushing his fingers in and out as my orgasm overcame me, making the orgasm hit harder.

After the shock waves had subsided, he slowed his fingers before pulling them out.

He then immediately leans back and puts the fingers he used into his mouth. He licks my juices off his fingers and then slides down and lays between my legs kissing my thigh.

“Wait, what are you doing now?” my head was still spinning from the waves; I felt like any more pleasure will surely make me pass out.

“Just relax,” he smiles at me and then very slowly licks from the bottom of my pussy to my clitoris making my hips buck up.

His muscular forearm moves up and lays across my belly thrusting me down. I melt against his tongue, he continues to lap up and down my folds.

I moan when I feel his fingers press against my throbbing pussy, swollen from the orgasm. He plunges one finger in and starts to suckle on my clit. Soon the heat returns to my core and I can feel my muscles tighten.

“I’m going to cum again.” I panted, straining to buck my hips forward but only to be pressed down again. Suddenly his tongue is gone and the impending orgasm subsides. Startled I look down and saw him grin at me before licking my clit again.

Gradually the orgasm builds back up and this time I feel a pressure against my asshole. A slight tickling sensation around the rim. I opened my eyes and looked down at him and see he’s looking right at me. My lips part and I sigh when I feel his pinky finger press into my asshole. A new sensation foreign to me tips me over the edge, and my muscles tense and heat rips through my core.

My vision blurred as I feel him slip out of my asshole, my body rocking with sensations. I feel his body leave my side as he gets off the bed. My eyes open to observe him bending over as he slips off his boxer briefs.

For the first time, I see my little brother’s cock spring free.

As he stands upright I see how thick his cock is, and a decent length at least seven or eight inches. His cock gleaming with precum all over his bulbous head.

I staggered to my knees and approached him at the edge of the bed, very eagerly I reached out and grabbed his thick shaft with my hands. Feeling the velvety hardness as it twitches in my hand. Kristian moaned and my hand slid up and down the first time. I tugged him back to bed with a firm grasp on his cock.

Once I had him laying down, I crawled between his legs and took his cock into my eager mouth. I had to taste him.

His cock tasted slightly salty as I lapped at the precum. One hand fondled his balls and the other continued to move up and down his shaft as my mouth followed. His cock is so thick my mouth barely fits around him.

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