Spending Easter with Sister: Day 01

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All characters engaging in sexual acts are over 18. This story is based on actual events.


The rain pelted down the day I rode my Suzuki from across Melbourne to stay the four days of the Easter break with my sister Sarah.

I was much later than planned, but even though we’d not had much contact other than occasional phone conversations these few years, Sarah was already in her nightgown. I almost scared her to death appearing in full leathers and helmet at her window, knocking on it, probably looking like an axe-murderer in the light through the loungeroom window.

She’d been expecting her brother, not this apparition. But she soon recognised me and let me in.

I stood in the laundry dripping puddles. Sarah unzipped my leather jacket and helped me off with my helmet and gloves awkwardly. How I’d stayed upright on my machine with the bare minimum of muscle control was a miracle.

Now in just jeans and windcheater, I went into the shower fully clothed to warm up and undress simultaneously, dropping my clothes to the shower floor. Sarah left me to make some instant noodles to warm my insides. While the kettle boiled she got me a bathrobe and some tracksuit pants. Returning to the bathroom, she knocked and was invited in.

Fate took over. As she went through the door, she managed to tangle the bathrobe in her feet and lunged forwards just as I tangled my feet in the sopping clothes on the floor. I grabbed uselessly at the shower curtain which tore off in my hands, I toppled on top of my sister naked, my floppy cock resting wetly on the side of one breast. Sarah looked at it, then at her brother’s embarrassed face, then back at my cock.

Flaccid it was still impressive, five inches and uncut. Water dripped off it and my legs onto her nightgown, making it rapidly transparent. So there we were, brother and sister, she looking at my cock and me at her wet nipple. It was only a second, but the images were captured and stored in memory before we untangled muttering embarrassed apologies to each other and Sarah left the bathroom.

Two minutes later I was dry and dressed, Sarah had changed into another nightgown, and we sat in the kitchen while I wolfed down the hot noodles in the warm kitchen. I spoke: “Sorry about the stumble. I’ll fix the shower curtain tomorrow.”

Sarah smiled and chanced a joke: “That’s fine. So, little brother, looks like you’re all grown up!”

I looked at her quizzically, then seeing she was teasing responded in kind: “Yeah, you too. Impressively.”

“Mmm, impressive is the word! Pity you’re my brother really.”

“Oo you little fox. What would you have done if I wasn’t?”

“I might have looked some more. Maybe. But I had to get out of there quickly because I expect you were gazing at my near-naked breast inappropriately, in a manner not befitting a chaste young lady’s sensitivities.”

“Chaste? You still a virgin?” She laughed.

“Hell no. I root like a rabbit whenever I can. You?”

“Er, maybe not like a rabbit, more like a horny goat. Fun, isn’t it?”

“Mmm. Since my first time I have loved sex. I’ve had a couple of boyfriends, and I always enjoy as much as I can get.”

“I only had one girlfriend, and she was always up for it especially if I’d been working away for a few weeks.”

“Yeah, I bet…”

We fell silent. I was wondering whether my sister would notice the bulge in my pants, and how our first conversation in so long had been about each other’s sex lives. Sarah rose to take the empty noodle container to the bin. As she walked away I noticed her round bum hugged inside her thigh-length pink summer nighty which was one size too small and immediately saw she had no underwear on. The fabric nestled between her bum cheeks and around her curved thighs, hugging close to her ass cheeks right down to her shapely thighs. Now my dick was at full attention watching those orbs jostle together as she walked.

I tried to adjust my pants at the exact moment Sarah turned suddenly, part-way across the kitchen: “Oh by the way…” She stopped as she realised her brother was adjusting the front of his pants.

“Oh. Um, maybe you’re still growing in some ways, eh bro?”

“Oh shit Sarah. Sorry. My dick seems to have forgotten you’re my sister.”

She smiled wickedly: “No problem.” Then I noticed a change in her body. Her nipples were stiff. If she knew, she was making no attempt to hide them. She saw the direction of my gaze, glanced at her own chest, then giggled. “Looks like some of my bits have forgotten we’re related too.”

I swallowed and gulped. Our eyes met and the electric spark of lust ignited into desire. Sarah’s green eyes burned into mine as she flicked a lock of her short dark hair away from her eyebrow, then put her index finger in the corner of her mouth. Her nipples strained at the imprisoning fabric, she knew I was looking at them but didn’t move a muscle.

“Dave, you remember when Lizzie Armitage had you on a buca escort bayan promise for your 18th birthday party?”


“She teased you all night and left you alone and horny at the end. You remember who gave you a hand-job to get you off?”

“You did.”

“You want another one?”

She was not teasing.

“Yeah. And this time I’ll repay the favour.”

Sarah walked to me, dragged a dining chair in front of mine and reached for my confined penis. I raised my butt and dropped the pants to the floor, releasing my flagpole into Sarah’s waiting hands.

She scooted forwards on her chair, slipping the hem of her nighty back as she did so. I couldn’t yet see her pussy but her open thighs invited my touch.

She stroked my shaft slowly and gently, while I ran an exploring hand up her thigh and towards her sex pushing the hem back all the way as I did so.

Then there it was, her smoothly-shaved split vee below a neatly cropped shock of jet black pubic hair. My index finger found the slick entrance in her slit and slipped inside.

At that moment we looked into each other’s eyes, holding our gaze while we pleasured each other with our hands.

Sarah smiled, let go of my cock and quickly pulled her nighty up and over her head. I had never seen my sister naked, not even in the bath as kids. I gasped. She was drop dead gorgeous.

In two seconds I took it all in. Short dark hair with a long fringe framed her round face. Straight shoulders presided above breasts that started our outward slope just below her collarbones to culminate in C-cup boobs capped with little light-brown nipples, hard now from her arousal.

A womanly tummy and delicate navel separated her buxom upper body from her slim lower half. Her hips were pronounced but not bony, spawning smooth athletic thighs and trim calves.

But her pussy had most of my attention. There was a narrow vee of trimmed black hair that ended an inch above the top of her bald slit. Her outer lips were almost non-existent, the inner ones just protruding wetly from where my index finger attested to the hot lava inside.

Sarah had noted too that my uncut cock was a full eight inches hard. She told me later that this was her first uncircumcised cock and she giggled at the sight of the hood covering the end and then retreating with her rhythmic strokes.

When she’d done this for me after the infamous party she had been a little drunk and fully clothed. It was kind of a mercy wank for her little brother after that bitch had made me mad with pent-up lust then left the party without a word. But this was different.

Both of us were sober, both knew what we were doing was an incestuous act. We didn’t care.

I looked longingly at my sister’s open pussy as we masturbated each other. In the early stages it was mostly about exploration and a bit of fun. Occasionally our eyes met, me smiling and Sarah giggling, but soon our lust rose in pitch and our breathing quickened with our heartbeats. As if we had reached the realisation at the same time, we were approaching a decision point. Was this it? Were we going any further?

Being a young male, I would have ploughed my sister’s pussy then and there, and with any other girl I would have had no hesitation. But with your sister there’s a whole line-crossing thing in play. Sarah took the next step as she bent towards my engorged cock making my hand drop from between her legs. With only a second’s hesitation, she took me into her mouth and began a slow bobbing with her head. The angle was uncomfortable with her chest on her own thighs, so she knelt.

Instinctively I placed gentle hands on the back of my sister’s head as she sucked at me. It was not the first cock in her mouth, I could tell. It was pure heaven. My groans and twitching thighs signalled the fact to Sarah.

After two or three minutes I burned to taste my sister and encouraged her up, then wordlessly positioned her so she had one foot on her dining chair, the other on the ground, and my head between her thighs. She leaned on the table for support as I marvelled at the little crinkle of wet flesh that surrounded her entrance, then parted the little lips with two fingers to probe my tongue inside and around.

Sarah squeaked and hissed a long “Oooh Yessssss.” Like my sister, I knew how to use my mouth. Licking up and down Sarah’s slit I could taste her creamy saltiness and could make her shudder in pleasure by direct tongue pressure on her tiny clit. It was no bigger than a split pea but the sensations it gave her were intense.

Sarah’s pussy was slick in readiness, so I put my thumb in there right up to my palm, causing a long low moan in Sarah’s throat: “Mmmnngaww.”

I wanted my sister to cum. My index finger joined my thumb in her pussy to be lubricated with her juices, then I pushed it at her puckered asshole. She flinched momentarily but did not try to stop me, so I worked it in there up to the escort buca second knuckle.

So, there I was. My sister had given me her mouth, I was licking her pussy with my thumb in her pussy and my finger up her ass. She was building slowly, I could tell. But I desperately wanted to fuck her, so turned on was I, but I did not want to ruin this night by pushing her someplace she didn’t want to go. So I maintained my pussy-worship, my reward being the knowledge that I was driving my sister batshit wild with my tongue.

Her hands were on the back of my head holding my mouth against herself. The occasional bucking and ripples of her thighs told me she was hot, as did the grunt-pant noises she made. Her legs began to buckle under her, so she pleaded with me: “Let me lie on the floor Dave. I can’t stand up!”

I helped her down on the cool tiles quickly and put everything back into place – finger in ass, thumb up pussy and of course tongue on clit.

Now I could glance up from my position between her thighs and see her tits heaving with her panting breath. She was close. I did not relent.

“Ohmygod Dave. Oh yesss. Mmh Oh I’m gonna c- cumm!”

I pushed the finger in her ass as far as I could causing her hips to fuck up at my face, my tongue on her clit all the while. Her thighs gripped my ears and I felt the shudders in her muscles as her climax started. Her inner muscles pulsed on my thumb and finger as a flush of hot wetness spurted from her sopping cunt. My sister came on my face hard, rippling, pulsing. I saw her tits jiggling wildly over the flatness of her belly.

It lasted maybe fifteen seconds but my heightened sensitivities made it seem like a minute. Sarah was clearly lost in orgasmic fog for maybe two minutes after her orgasm faded and her pulsing pussy stopped its twitching on my thumb. I still licked and kissed at her labia, avoiding the maddened red clit in case it was oversensitive, literally drinking from her pussy.

Her hands on my head were no longer pulling me to her sex, she now began stroking my hair.

I lifted my head to see my sister’s glowing face looking back at me over her tits, rising and falling as they were while her body climbed back down from ecstasy.

“Oh shit Dave. I never had a double before. The first one was in-fucking-tense and so hot that I flicked straight into another one. You, my little brother, are the king of pussies!”

Then she laughed: “Oh man. Your face looks like it did when you first arrived! Poor Davey!”

I sat in the dining chair again while she rose and grabbed a damp towel to wash her juices off my face. As she stood before me, I took a nipple in my mouth and bit gently, rolling it on my tongue. Sarah dropped the towel and held me to her breasts lovingly. I switched between them, fondling and nibbling, and she cooed a while before pulling my head back to look into my eyes.

“Your turn. No fucking, but you must have blue balls by now”. She was right, they ached. “Cum any time, OK?”

I nodded. Then my sister kneeled again between my feet and her expert mouth went to work on my charged cock like a baby on a nipple. Her hand squeezed my balls as a finger slipped to the first knuckle in my asshole. That was a first for me, and it intensified the burning desire rapidly flooding my cock.

I needed release and it was very close. “Sarah. I’m gonna cum soon.”

She jerked me fast while she asked a simple question: “Tits?”

“Uhh Huhh. Mmm. Oh fuck. Now!”

My bolt boiled from my tight balls, through the base of my cock and jetted out my burning bulb to splash gob after gob on my sister’s tits. I watched in pure lust as she took a gob on one tit, the next on the other, then let it splash wherever it fell, all the time milking every drop slowly from my throbbing piece. If I hadn’t been sitting I would have fallen. I lost touch with everything except the sensation of my ejaculation and the sight of it covering my sister’s tits.

Some seconds later my senses returned to see my sister grinning up at me. I stroked the side of her face and she kissed my palm. Then she looked down at the jizz that was tracing a path down to her tummy and laughed. “Nice load, little bro.”

Then she used the towel to wipe it off and stood. Again I drank in the vision of her body. I had never wanted to fuck anybody as much in my life, despite having just had a mind-blowing orgasm and her being my sister.

She asked: “Wanna share the shower? There’s room…”

“OK. Cool. Come on.”

Naked together in the shower, we playfully soaped each other down. I shampooed her hair, and when she bent under the shower rose to rinse it my semi got wedged between her ass cheeks. I didn’t move. Sarah flinched momentarily, so I knew she felt it, but she didn’t move away even when she’d finished rinsing.

I urged her over to the shower wall, my cock still in contact with the skin between her legs. She was warm there, ready, I thought, so I went buca escort for it: “Sarah, I want to fuck you. Right now!”

“No. No! Jesus you’re my brother!”

“Yeah. And I licked your pussy and you sucked my cock.”

As I spoke I thought I felt her ass push back ever so slightly. An idea flashed through my mind – maybe she wanted to be dirty-talked into it? Worth a try, and my cock rose in agreement. I whispered into her ear as I reached up from behind her to fondle her breast with one hand.

“And you came, Sarah. You came big. On my mouth.”

“Mmm, yes I did, but…”

“And I splashed all over your tits…”

No doubt this time. She pushed back a little and my cock was right at the entrance to her pussy. I felt her wetness there and continued.

“I’d like to splash inside you now. All the way up. As far as I can push it.”

“Push it where?” She was breathing harder now, I could hear it even over the shower.

“Up inside you.”

“Up inside what?”

“Up inside your pu… Up inside your cunt”

“Oh. Mmm. Stay there…”

I kept still while my sister slid her wet pussy lips along the tip of my cock. Then she spoke again in a husky voice.

“Who am I?”

I realised where this was going. She was getting hot from the taboo we were breaking. Thus inspired, I took it to a whole new level:

“You’re my sister. I’m your brother. And your brother wants to stick his cock in your cunt and fuck you until he cums inside you and you cum on his cock.”

It took her just two seconds to bend some more, reach between her legs and guide my erection to her pussy, push back, and impale herself on it. It was like an electric charge. My mind wrestled with the fact that I was fucking my own sister and she wanted it.

Sarah rocked very gently making friction on my shaft. “More…”

“Um. OK. Can you feel me Sarah? Can you feel my cock in my sister’s cunt?”

“Mmm yesss.”

“Tell me.”

“I’m ffuckking my brother. I’m let-ting my brother put his cock in my… in my cunt and fuck me.”

“And? What do you want your brother to do?”

“Oh goddd. I want my brother to fuck m-me in my cunt and make me cum. I can feel my brother’s hard cock going in and out.”


“In and out of my pussy. All the way. Oh fuck. My cuntt. In my cunt!”

“What do you want right now?”

“I want him… I want you to cum inside me. Oh Rick. Harder, now!”

I grabbed both her hips, pulled her towards me as she bent, supporting herself with an outstretched arm against the side of the shower, and I fucked my sister hard. Water splashed off her, my thighs thwacked against her buttocks and sent shock waves through them. My pace was near frantic. I wanted to cum quickly and make her cum.

She was squealing as I plundered her pussy, her inhibitions were gone.

“Yeah mate. Fuck me. F-fuck your sister. You fucking pervert. You’re fucking your sister. And I want it. Make me cum.”

I used her hips now like a lever, fucking her with my thrusting pelvis, my rigid cock, and my mind went to mush as it got lost in lust. I joined her verbal barrage: “Yeah little sister. I’m a pervert. But you’re letting me fuck you. And I’m gonna cum in you…”

“Ohh my god. Ooo. Jesus Dave. Don’t stop. Fuck. Mmmmmhhhh Ah Ah Ah Aaaahhh!”

My sister came as I thwacked my dick inside her. She was all open and mush inside, and I let her grind it out on my invading member until she was done, then I took my own pleasure.

Fucking relentlessly, I got closer and closer until there was no going back. I pulled her hips back to me, thrust in hard holding my cock against her cervix, and blew my junk up into my sister’s womb. My spurts jetted as I grunted. My heart beat like a drum in my chest. I emptied my balls in my sister’s pussy.

My climax subsided and I took my cock out to let her stand. She faced me, I held her in my arms and we kissed tenderly. A curious thought went through my mind: I’d fucked my sister, we’d given each other head, but until now we’d not kissed. Well, incest is different, after all.

We finished our showers. I was lost in conflicting thoughts. It was hot, but it was incest. And what was my sister thinking? It wouldn’t surprise me if she suddenly got racked with guilt.

Dressed in bathrobes again, we went to the kitchen. Sarah produced a hotpot from the fridge and put it on the stove to warm up. At that point it was as if the last hour hadn’t happened, like I’d just arrived and my sister was preparing supper for me. I had to know.

“Sair?” It was my childhood nickname for her.


“You OK?”

She looked at me across the kitchen. “Mm Hmm.” But she avoided direct eye contact. Fuck.

“Doesn’t sound like it.”

She shot a look at me. I saw tear and a red face.

“Oh Sair. I’m sorry. What have I done to you? I’m… Um… I’ll go. First thing tomorrow. Sorry.”

“No, wait a sec.” Now she really was crying. “It’s not that… um… it’s not that we had sex. I don’t know if I’ll feel the same later, but I’m sort of, OK with it. It’s just that… Dave. Did you hear me in there? You must think I’m just a complete gutter-slut. I don’t even know what I said myself!”

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