Sounds of the Woods Ch. 02

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Zack awoke to the smell of coffee and eggs and bacon. He heard the sounds of the campers moving amidst the morning mist. Children ran past their campsite — others on bikes, the whir of their tires stirring up the dust on the dirt road. Parents yelled for their kids to come back and sit to eat breakfast.

He rolled over and instead of Liz’s warm body he found her side of the sleeping bag already cooled. As he rubbed the sleep from his face he caught a whiff of her scent. His hands still smelled like her. There was nothing better than waking up still smelling of her.

He sat up, ran a hand through his bed hair and attempted to pull on his sweats half stooped over inside the tent. His foot caught on the edge of the mattress and he fell over, his feet tangled in his clothes, banging his head on the duffel bags.

“Shit.” He muttered as he disengaged his feet from the sweats and started the process over.

He looked up as he heard Liz’s laughter at the door of the tent. “I guess you aren’t a Happy Morning Camper?”

“We need a bigger tent!” He said. Staring at the sunshine which was filtered through the trees and glowing around her hair. Her dark hair was loose around her face, cascading down her shoulders. He followed the curves of her body down her plaid lumberjack flannel shirt, the top several buttons undone and the swell of her cleavage a tease. Her shirt hung over her jeans and the laces of her hiking boots snaked in the grass.

She watched him look at her. She held a cup of coffee out to him as he unzipped the tent and yanked a sweatshirt over his head. “Ready for some Joe? Breakfast is ready sir.”

She handed him his coffee and leaned into him and kissed him. She tasted of coffee and smelled of campfire. She pulled him by his free hand — her other hand held her coffee cup. He sat at the picnic table next to the campfire and noticed she had stoked the fire and it was crackling and popping already.

“What time did you get up babe?” He was still sleepy. “What time is it now?”

They both jumped as a bicycle crashed through their campsite startling them. A kid raced past the table on his way to another site.

“Are we paying extra for him?” Liz laughed at Zack’s sour face. “To answer your questions, I got up about 9 and it is after 10 now.”

“Really? This fresh air and good sex must have made me extra tired!” He pulled her into his lap and kissed her deep. His hand on her knee and his other hand cupped her breast. Her breast fit nicely in his hand and he was happy to feel no bra as her nipple began to harden in his palm.

“Hungry?” She said sexily. “Coffee, tea or me.” She lowered her lips to his. Her fingers tracing his jaw line and she caressed the beard stubble on his chin.

“Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I like this morning.” He kissed her and she rose and put breakfast on the table.

Liz watched his jaw muscles working as he chewed. His eyes met hers and they held. Just looking at each other, not speaking. They ate that way, content to sit in the sun, the morning breeze causing the leaves to fall from the trees like snow from a winter sky.

Zack grabbed the coffee pot, “Want a warm up?”

“Sure.” She held her mug towards him. “What exactly were erotik film izle you going to warm up?”

Zack looked back and forth at their campsite set up. The truck blocked most of the view from the dirt road. The bushes and trees, still heavy with fall foliage, separated them from the campsites on either side. The neighboring sites were close to them but deserted at the moment.

As if she was reading his mind, she walked to the truck and pulled out the leaflet that they had received when they checked-in the previous evening. He watched her ass moving in her jeans and felt himself beginning to wake.

She put the leaflet on the table and took his coffee mug from his hand. He watched as she cleared the dishes from the table, hurriedly stacking them in the wash basin at the end of the table.

He sat straddling the bench and she sat facing him, straddling his legs and the bench. She cupped his face in her hands and kissed the end of his nose, his chin and ran her tongue over his lips.

He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him. “Grrrrrr.”

He kissed her on the mouth, his fingers tracing circle on the small of her back.

“Wanna go play in the tent?” She said quietly in between kisses.

“No. I wanna play on our picnic table.” He began unbuttoning the rest of her flannel shirt.

He lowered his mouth to her erect nipple. Sucking it against the roof of his mouth as he rolled the other nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

“Oh, oh Zack.” She tried to push him away. “What if someone sees?”

He laughed as she glanced back and forth from the road to the surrounding campsites.

Both his hands cupping her breasts, kneading them as he pushed her head back with his own, exposing her neck to his mouth. He sucked on her neck, kissing her and feeling her pulse through her skin against his lips.

He could sense she was torn between her body’s response to his strummings and her worry over being outside.

“Baby, no one will see. Maybe if that kid crashes back through here and sees us both naked he will stay on the road next time!!” He laughed as she gently slapped him.

“You slapped me!” He reached behind her and pulled her hair, at the nape of her neck. That gentle tug made her back arch, pressing her erect nipples into his.

“Ahh.” Her eyes half closed and her mouth turned up.

He kissed her throat and cupped her ass. Caressing her through her jeans. He moved his fingers along the seam of her jeans between her legs. She was warm.

She moaned in his ear. He nipped at her neck.

Cupping her ass with one hand he moved his other hand to the front her jeans. He popped the button open and pulled the zipper down. She was pinned on his lap, her legs spread over his legs and around the bench.

He watched her face, her breathing already becoming shallow in anticipation of his touch. Her eyes moved over his face. Her belly taut, waiting for him to touch her.

He slowly circled her belly button. He slid his fingertip into her belly button, feeling her shudder. Her ass moved trying to escape his hand. He clamped his lips on her nipple and moved his fingers from her belly button and right inside the top of her panties.

One film izle motion he was gliding over her pubic bone and spreading her lips with his fingers. Her breath whistled from her lips as she jerked her hips, grinding on his fingers. He pressed two fingers into her wetness and rubbed her clit with his thumb. Her jeans kept his hand tight against her skin.

Her mouth opened and she tilted her head back. The sun on her face, her chestnut hair falling down her back. He pulled her shirt open with his free hand and pulled her chin down till her eyes were looking into his.

“Look at me. I want to see it in your eyes when you cum.” He said softly as he caused more friction between her legs.

Her cheeks reddened and she half closed her eyes, moaning again.

“No, open your eyes. Let me see you.” Her eye lids fluttered as she struggled between letting go and trying to maintain control and not let him see her lose control.

As she rocked on his hand her shirt fell to her hips. Her nipples hardened further as the air hit them. A leaf fell and landed on her chest, sliding down between them as she moved.

“Uhhhhh, uhhhhh that feels so good. I am going to cum.” She uttered the words, still struggling to maintain eye contact.

He felt her getting hotter and wetter as his fingers played her. He knew she was almost there.

“Go. Let it go. Yes, yes baby.” He urged her on.

She pushed her toes into the dirt as she captured his hand between her thighs and he felt her body shake as the orgasm rolled over her.

He watched her face, her eyes; the way her mouth opened in a circle as her face turned a deep red knowing he saw all of it. His urge suddenly so great he withdrew his hand and lifted her off his lap.

He tore off his sweatshirt and threw it to the ground as he walked to the end of the picnic table. She had thrown a woven cloth over the table before breakfast. She joined him, glancing at the campsites next door and pulling her shirt back up her shoulders.

“No, no. You are beautiful in the sunlight. Leave it off.” He pushed his sweats down his thighs, his erection free from the material, the end of his cock gleamed in the sunlight with his pre-cum.

She stared as he pulled her shirt back off and dropped it in the grass. Grasping the tops of her jeans and pulling them off her hips.

“Zack, I don’t think we should…” She trailed of as he turned and nudged her face down on the picnic table. He stood on her jeans so when she stepped closer to the table she was completely naked before him.

He bent over her, his hard shaft between her ass, the head of his cock rubbing her soaked lips. He touched her shoulders and grabbed her earlobe in his teeth. “I love you.” He breathed.

“I love you.” She moaned back at him.

He entered her without using his hands to guide his cock to her. She pressed back into him. She was so hot and wet.

He grasped her shoulders harder. He brushed her hair to one side. Looking at the tattoo on the back of her neck, he kissed it. Pressing his teeth into her shoulder blade, his breath was heavy on her.

“Do you trust me?” He asked as he thrust into her faster.

Feeling her pump back, getting seks filmi izle hotter and hotter she responded, “Yes, ohhh, fuck me I trust you.”

They read each other’s movements and adjusted to the other’s speed. Her ass bumping his legs as he filled her with his cock.

He pulled out of her and ran his hands down her body, holding her hips.

“Don’t stop! Please don’t stop. I want your cock back in me.” She pleaded.

He pressed the tip of his wet, throbbing hard as steel cock against her tight ass. “Remember you trust me.” He said, not giving her time to answer as he pressed slowly till the head of his cock was inside her ass.

“Zack, whaaat. Ohhhhhh. What are you doing?” She first pulled away and then slid back on him so he was deeper inside her.

“Slow, baby, take me slow.” He murmured into her hair, it was taking all his control to not plow her right then.

The feeling of the sun, his hands on her naked body, his cock in her virgin ass and the gentle breeze on their skin heightened his need.

He stopped, holding his breath to see how she would respond. Thinking he wasn’t sure what had possessed him to try this here and now.

She moaned, arched her back, throwing her hair back as she slid, just a little back and forth on his cock. He spit on his hand, moistening his cock; amazed as he watched it move further into her.

He could neither contain his rising orgasm nor his excitement. He grabbed her leg just inside her knee and pulled it up onto the table.

She grasped the rough edges of the picnic table, the table cloth rough on her naked belly. Her cheek on the cloth, lips parted as she let the warmth of his intrusion bring her closer to orgasm. She pressed back and they began to slowly move together.

She could feel his restraint, his breathing coming in sharp intakes and exhales of October air. That excited her even more. His hands flexing on her hips as he desperately tried to maintain his control.

As she grew used to accommodating him she moved faster, she drew his orgasm from him. He could no longer hold back and with one hand on her hip he reach up and pulled her hair with the other hand. She felt his sweat drip onto her back and rode his cock.

She could feel him unload his orgasm deep in her ass. His moan louder that hers as he came again and again. “Zack, pull my hair harder.” She yelled at him.

She rocked against him twice more and as he pulled one final time on her hair she came again. An orgasm unlike any she had previously had. “Oh, Zack, ahhhhhhhh.”

Zack collapsed on top of her. His sweat slickened body sticking to hers and the boards of the table against her hip bones. “Liz.” He said and trailed off.

“Glad I trusted you, baby.” She said softly. “But get off me. We are naked on a picnic table in broad daylight.”

He rose from her, his legs shaky. “Babe, I hate to tell you. Two or three cars rolled by when you were orgasming.” He laughed as she blushed further.

“Zack! You are fired as the lookout.” She nervously glanced around and grabbed her clothes; making a beeline for the tent.

Liz was getting dressed as she looked out of the tent at Zack pulling up his sweats at the picnic table. The quietness was interrupted by a crashing of a bicycle through the bushes in their campsite again. Liz fell to the sleeping bags laughing.


Hope you enjoyed the read. Thanks for editing!!

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