Sorority Pledge Ch. 02

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Hillary finished up her classes for the day and rushed to the campus library. Dressed in her finest blouse, skirt, and a $650.00 pair of Carven shoes, she was going to meet up with her brother, Peter Stephen Hansen IV – Pete.

The previous evening, while going through a sorority initiation – a ‘test’, she found herself lying on her back with her brother between her legs with his cock up inside her tummy. He had just given her the most satisfying foreplay she had ever experienced. He had also given her oral sex for the first time, which resulted in multiple, intense orgasms.

The room the so called test occurred in had been blacked out, and she was supposedly making love to an unknown stranger. The only way to tell what he looked like was with her tactile senses. Only, after the lights had been turned on, the stranger turned out to be her twin brother, Peter. The shock of finding out the marvelous lover was her sibling evolved into an erotic finish that was enhanced by the sheer taboo nature of the act.

Peter and Hillary parted ways professing their love for each other, but given nearly 24 hours, old doubts began to resurface. Peter had been aloof during high school, barely recognizing that Hillary existed. This had cause Hillary to have some pretty intense resentment of her brother. Could one night of blissful sex erase all those negative feelings?

In their younger years, Hillary and her brother had always been close; it was a closeness that could only come from being twins growing up under difficult parentage. Granted, they weren’t identical, it was impossible for male and female twins to be anything but fraternal. Still, the same twin bonding took place between them. To have her brother turn away and shun her through the high school years hurt her deeply. Peter had some explaining to do.

As far as the rest of Hillary’s family went, her mother was domineering, and her father was remote. Her mother made Hillary’s life difficult to say the least, and her father was always working, earning that high six figure income that was entirely unnecessary to keep the family living in luxury. This was because her mother came from ‘old money’, Hillary’s father’s income really wasn’t necessary at all. Hillary would have settled for considerably less material wealth in exchange for a set of parents that actually cared.

Even with her resentments, Hillary would have told you that she was a bit of an elitist. She had no idea what it was like to be of lesser means; she didn’t have the context that would allow her any kind of empathy for the struggling classes. So she came off sounding cruel and cynical at times even though that wasn’t her true nature. She also put on a rough veneer to hide the wound that Pete’s rejection had caused.

As Hillary approached the library, she did so with a degree of trepidation. What if the lover Peter had evaporated; what if he had turned back into the nebulous standoffish boy he had been over the last four years. If that happened, it would tear her apart. She missed her childhood Peter and wanted him back in the worst way. He had been her port in the storm that protected her from the gales of her parent’s making.

She rode the elevator to the second floor and walked to the back of the library; finding the place where she was to meet Peter. Hillary felt herself start to panic when she arrived at their designated meeting spot and Peter wasn’t there. Feelings of abandonment were starting to sweep her away like a tsunami. If he stood her up, it was going to break her emotionally.

Just as she was about to retreat back into ‘the bitch’ façade, she heard, “Hi sis!” behind her. It was Peter. He added with a gleeful tone, “I’m sure glad to see you. I was wondering if you were even going to show, after last night that is.”

Hillary wheeled around so fast it nearly made her dizzy. There was Peter, standing in a row of dusty old tomes. Her brother came for her! Finally, she was going to find out why he abandoned her throughout high school.

She couldn’t help herself, even though she was going to make him give her an accounting – a day of reckoning. She was extremely happy to see her brother. She responded, “What about last night?” Then she added, “I enjoyed every second of it, even after I found out my mystery man was you.” Seeing how that could be taken wrong she amended, “Um, I meant discovering my wonderful lover was my own dear brother.” She was hoping the endearment wasn’t wasted. Over the last few years, she had learned to be hard. Right then she felt so vulnerable.

Peter smiled as he walked towards his sister; he pulled her into an embrace and held her tightly against his body. “Gawd, I’ve missed you Hillary. It’s nice to have you back.”

Hillary angrily pushed him away so she could look him in the face, “You missed me! I’m not the one who has been missing in action. Why Peter? Tell me why did you push me away! Why did you exclude me from your life?”

Peter had an injured look on his face, “I’m so sorry Hills. I was thinking vivid porno of you in entirely inappropriate ways. I was seeing you develop into such an attractive, beautiful girl right in front of my eyes, I didn’t want to turn my perverted thoughts into perverted actions.”

Hillary was dumbfounded, “Perverted thoughts?”

Peter said, “Yes, ever since you came out of puberty, I couldn’t help thinking about you in a less than brotherly way. Hillary, as awful as it sounds, I wanted you sexually. I wanted us to do things that brothers and sisters just don’t do.”

“Oh, you mean like the things we did last night?” retorted Hillary. She was trying to digest the things he was saying, “So, you had the hots for me and that caused you to run away – emotionally. Is that what you’re trying to tell me?”

Peter blushed, “Yes, exactly. If I didn’t hang around with you, I couldn’t act like the pervert that I was inside my head, the pervert I wanted to be. I wanted inside your panties.”

She asked plaintively, “Pete! Why didn’t you talk to me about it? Why didn’t you explain to me what you were feeling? Instead you surgically cut me out of your life; you took away my lifeline, setting me adrift in a rowboat during a hurricane. You know what mom is like!” She paused and admitted, “Pete you hurt me; you hurt me bad.”

Peter, with a look of contrition on his face, said, “I’m so sorry Hillary. I thought I was protecting you – from me.”

Hillary said, “You were protecting me from what? Here we are and your worst fears came true last night, only I’m not rejecting you. What we did was beautiful. Society will look on us as pariahs, but I don’t care. A freak accident put us together in exactly the way you were trying to avoid. But, if it brings you back into my life, I don’t care. You caused us both years of pain by not talking to me.

“I probably would have rejected your advances back then, but I still would have loved you. Logically, I can see your motives; but emotionally -it was still a rejection. I felt abandoned and mother just amplified the situation.” Trying to think it through, she added, “Your intentions may have been noble, but the consequences were agonizing.”

Hillary couldn’t help herself; she started to cry, “Pete, growing up with a mother who would only criticize, and with a father who doesn’t seem to love you was hard enough. You were my only place of safety. Can you see how your detachment could cut like a razor?”

Pete pulled her back into his arms and held her tight, gently rocking the two of them from side to side. “I’m so sorry Hillary; I didn’t realize what you were going through. But, you have me now. I’m all yours now and I’ll never abandon you again. I promise.” Peter just held her, letting Hillary cry out her grief, cry out her loneliness, and cry out her anger; he let her cry out years of bitterness.

Peter bent down and kissed the top of her head, continuing to gently rock her in his arms. He began to share a few tears of his own, only his were tears of joy, the joy of having his sister back again. He felt awful for abandoning her, especially to their parents, but in his heart he still knew he had been right in doing it. If what happened last night would have happened back when they were 14, it would have caused a host of damaging emotional scars and consequences. It was a time in her life when a teen needed to feel normal more than any other time in their lives.

After the night before though, Pandora’s Box had been opened, cupid’s arrow had struck the wrong hearts, Eve had bitten the apple all over again. Life had just dealt them the queen of hearts along with her sister the queen of spades. Why would fate deal them such a losing hand?

Pete would never be able to look at Hillary again and see just his sister. The young woman he was with last night, carnally, was so much more than a sister. She was the love of his life he had been seeking, she was his soul mate. Looking back, he had always known that. Romeo and Juliet had it easy! With that said, at least Hillary and he were both Capulets.

As Hillary’s tears started to dry up, Pete whispered into her ear, “Hillary, I love you so much.”

Hillary responded through sniffs, “I love you too, Peter, with all my heart.” Then she asked, “How are we going to make this work?” She rested her cheek against Peter’s shoulder. “I couldn’t stand to lose you again.”

“I think we can be together, but we have to be discreet.” responded her brother, “We absolutely need keep our relationship to ourselves. The last I heard, incest is illegal – a felony in this state. Right now, our weak link is that friend of yours, Sherri what’s her name.”

“Sherlyn.” corrected Hillary, “I don’t know her all that well, yet. We’re just pledges together. She seems like a real airhead, but I think it’s due to naivety more than stupidity. I think I like her.”

Peter chuckled, “Well, don’t forget Terrance, the love of her life.”

Hillary grimaced, “With him, woodman casting porno I think you’re right; he’s the real wildcard. I don’t know anything about him.” Then she returned to the 800 lb. gorilla in the room, Hillary asked, “So, do you want to continue with the physical relationship we established last night?”

Pete said resolutely, “Yes I do, provided you do too. Hillary, I mean it, I love you, and I don’t mean brotherly love.”

Hillary giggled, “Well, I have the same problem. I love you too, Peter -gawd, what an absolute mess!” Even if Hillary hadn’t been caught up in the incest herself, she would have acquiesced, to keep Peter in her life.

Pete asked, “Do you want to rent an apartment?”

Hillary said, “If I don’t join this stupid sorority, mother will probably make my life a living hell. I’m sure father is breathing down your neck to join your fraternity too. I think we better go through with earning membership; we need to be accepted as adherents before we start making other arrangements. In the meantime, we’ll just have to find ways to be together. I would like us to date too, Peter. I want us to do other things besides fucking.”

Pete questioned, “Well, what happened last night, it can’t be a one-time thing for me. Hillary, I need you physically. I want to be your lover.”

Hillary stared up into her brother’s eyes, “I need you that way too, lover boy. You were fantastic; I’ve never felt so loved – physically or emotionally. But, I want our relationship to be more than just sex. I want the sex, so don’t worry about that. But, I still would like us to date, to be a normal couple.”

Then Hillary got an idea, “What I need to do it switch roommates so I’m rooming with Sherlyn, at least until her and I need to move into the sorority house. That way I can keep an eye on her and Terrance, and we can get away with sneaking you in at night. I’m sure with Terrance in Sherlyn’s life; it will be a reciprocal agreement.”

Pete grinned, “Awesome idea! But, what do we do about this evening?”

Hillary stared up at Pete and giggled, “Are you horny already brother?”

“As a stag in rut!” replied her brother. Then he suggested, “Why don’t we use the credit card dad opened for me, and let’s rent a motel room for the weekend. What do you think?”

Hillary pulled Peter’s hand slipped it up underneath her skirt, letting it glide over her wet panties. “Does this answer your question?”


Peter loved being between Hillary’s legs, licking and sucking on her pussy lips. It was Sunday afternoon and Peter was going down on her for the fifth or sixth time since they checked into the Comfort Inn. Each time he was rewarded with Hillary having multiple rolling orgasms, filling his mouth with her girl cum repeatedly. She didn’t squirt, but she flowed copiously each time her orgasm reached a crescendo. Peter would gather several tablespoons of her love juices so he could swish it around in his mouth.

As a reward for his strict attention to her needs, Peter received several blowjobs with the one on Saturday afternoon being significant. Hillary, after her normal tricks, Peter loved it when she licked the tender spot under his scrotum, sucked him hard and actually let him cum inside her mouth for the first time. She told him that she was a little afraid to do it before; she heard horror stories on how bad a guy’s sperm tasted.

Hillary told him, “After personally experiencing having your semen in my mouth; I can state unequivocally that all the rumors were a bald face lies.” She explained to him, “If anything, it tasted bland. Unlike my cum, which I can taste on your lips and face after you eat my pussy, your cum doesn’t have the light tangy taste nor was it sweet. It just has a mild, bland, earthy taste.

“The biggest lie put to rest is that semen tastes salty. So many people who I’ve heard describe semen obviously have never tasted it. If anything,” she told Pete, “it is the texture that could turn people off. It comes out kind of lumpy, kind of sticky, and then it starts to liquefy almost immediately. At first it has the consistency of a ball of snot – a loogie. After it liquefies, it’s more like the slime from boiled okra, or getting a tasteless glob of KY lubricant inside your mouth.”

Peter appreciated Hillary’s description, but he wasn’t planning on wolfing down any sperm any time soon, other than what might be on Hillary’s pussy after they fucked. He actually enjoyed cleaning her up, even though he got some of his own cum in his mouth. Peter didn’t ever see himself sampling any semen direct from the tap.

The description of guy cum aside, Pete had totally enjoyed each and every time she went down on him. She was becoming really good at sucking his cock and she seemed to be able to take more and more of his seven inch cock into her mouth at a time.

On the other side of the coin, Pete loved the way Hillary would squirm all over the bed while he sucked, licked and kissed türkçe alt yazılı porno her pussy, letting her climaxes overwhelmed her; there was nothing more erotic to him than watching a woman cum. He especially loved it when that woman was his dear, delightful, beautiful, blond sister.

In between breaks for meals, walks in the park, a movie, and a drive in the country, the two of them had fucked doggie style, Pete on top, Hillary on top facing forwards, Hillary on top facing away, Peter spooning Hillary from behind, Hillary taken from the side, and Peter’s personal favorite, having Hillary impale herself on his hard shaft while sitting facing him in his lap. He loved the lap thing because of the close intimacy it afforded. It even trumped the missionary position.

The last time he had his cock up inside his twin was first thing that morning, during their shower. Peter took her standing up with her facing him. Hillary really loved that one. Not only could she feel Peter’s long cock slip up into her tummy, but she luxuriated in the feel of their warm wet skin gliding against each other. She could barely support herself after Peter’s cock, repeatedly sliding over her clit, gave her a fantastic orgasm.

After the shower, Pete was so spent that even if he could have gotten it up, he couldn’t have kept it that way. He was completely fucked out.

Of course that didn’t keep him from enjoying her with his mouth.

The two of them had acted like newlyweds all through the weekend. They got very little sleep with all their magnificent love making. But, they also got to spend a lot of quality non-sexual time together too. They were taking the time to get reacquainted with each other after the four year separation. They quickly learned they still reveled in each other’s company. Just like when they were kids.


By Sunday evening, their last night together before a busy week began; Hillary was lying naked in her brother’s arms. She announced, “This week is going to hectic. Tomorrow night they are going to announce the second test at the sorority house. They told us to make no plans for Wednesday night, so I’m sure whatever will happen, it will happen then.

“Knowing those heartless bitches, it’s going to be something sexual again. How can I become a sister to such a heartless, amoral bunch of women? It’s like they totally enjoy humiliating pledges; it’s like they live for it. Debasing other women seems to give them sadistic pleasure.”

Peter snuggled his face into her neck and pondered, “I wonder if it’s just a case of revenge paid forward. They can’t get back at the women who did it to them, so they take it out on the new women trying to join. It’s almost like child abuse; it’s an ugly living thing, spanning from generation to generation. A legacy of dysfunction passed down through the years.

Hillary asked, “Peter, what if they want me to perform more sex acts? I mean during the first test they had us having sex with complete strangers. What’s to keep them from coming up with something along the same lines, only worse? I can’t see the tests getting easier.”

Peter kissed her lips gently, “Hillary, do what you have to do. I won’t be the only boyfriend who gets cuckolded from the vicious whores. The key is to get mom off your ass, right?”

Hillary asked with more than a little concern, “Won’t it make you jealous?”

Peter smiled, “Of course it will, but it’s not like you’re cheating. I see it more like you’re getting raped. At the very least, it’s coercion. I will be pissed off at them, not you.”

Hillary groused, “Well, I hope you feel the same way after it happens. Peter, I don’t want to lose you again. I’ll do anything to keep you!”

Peter grinned, “You’re not going to lose me, it’s not going to happen.” With that, he pulled her hand down to feel his ridged penis.

Hillary giggled and said, “You’re insatiable! I’m not going to be able to walk to class tomorrow.” With that said, Hillary asked, “How do you want to do it this time, lover boy?”

Peter grinned and belted out, “Woof!”

Hillary giggled, “Why do you like to do it that way so much?”

Peter chuckled, “Easy. It’s because I can watch.”


Monday evening came entirely too soon for Hillary. At least she would finally know what was coming up on Wednesday evening. Not knowing was driving her insane with anxiety. She was sitting with Sherlyn, her soon to be new roommate, when Melinda, the sorority president, came into the room.

“Well ladies,” the sorority president started, “I have a special deal to offer you for your second test. This will be entirely voluntary on your part; you can always opt for our ordinary humiliating, debasing, and painful test. Or, you can volunteer to help out with our little fund raising project.

“In conjunction with our associate fraternity, Alpha Lambda Zeta – you met their pledges last week -we came up with a fund raising idea to raise money for Shriners Hospitals. An elite group of the fraternity alumni will hold an auction, where they can bid on the favors of a young woman for the night. We have been holding these auctions now for the last 5 years, with exemplary results. This year, we’ve decided to let you pledges participate in the auction as your second test in hopes to raise more money.

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