Soon to be Step-Sister

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So who am I?

At 30 years old I have been a good number of things.

I come from a wealthy family. Dad is a lawyer and mom is well, married to another rich guy who is not my father now.

I joined the Air Force right out of college and knocked out my first degree, and then ended up in the Military Policy in Iraq. Finished my first tour, got my second degree and went right back over to do my duty.

Ended up in the sand once again, heading for a long career. The work was interesting and it kept me out of trouble for the most part.

Everything was going along swimmingly, until one night when I broke up a drunken party, and broke the arm of a soon to be Senator and then shit-headed Captain.

So thus ended that part of my life.

I’m home now, doing the only other thing I know which is tending bar at an Irish Pub at a local hotel. The money is good, and people basically leave me alone, and did I mention the constant buffet of business woman, college co-eds and lonely housewife’s to play with?

Living at home with my dad again. Which is sort of like being back in high school because even before mom split he and I were more like roommates than family. He does his thing and I do mine.

My father’s current “thing” is his new fiancée, Diane. Dad always had good taste in women. Diane was his executive secretary at his law firm, and I strongly believe that she might have been the reason that mom did take off. Too many unexplained long hours, and probably too much lipstick on the collar.

My current thing is working nights at the bar, descending ever farther into my alcoholism and perfecting my recreational cocaine habit. All the while trying to fuck anything that moves; it seems to be working for both of us.

So what worked for me last night as getting off shift at 3 AM and going over to an after-work party, frequented by waitresses, bartenders and other creatures of the night.

I teen porno had found the perfect level, a half case of beer and four lines of blow. Not sloppy and certainly not giving a fuck. It was the kind of buzz where you could still get a nice hard erection but cumming was usually the issue.

That was the case last evening. Her name was Julie. She was pushing 40. Still wished she was 20 and never missed a party. She ended up with her legs behind her ears while I fucked her like a pile driver for nearly two hours before finally giving up – neither of us were getting off tonight.

So fast forward to the ass-crack of noon.

My motorcycle found its way home on it own, as it usually did most mornings. I had only slept on and off for a few hours and had another beer to level out before heading home. I wanted a hot shower and to sleep it off before my shift started in a couple hours. And fuck me if I didn’t have the worst case of blue balls ever.

I never kept track of who was home at any given time. Hell, dad’s house was so fucking big you could go days without seeing anyone. I lost my garage door opener so I parked my bike on the sidewalk outside and went in through the kitchen.

No one around.

Awesome for my hangover.

I stripped off my clothes and headed into the shower. I was a little wobbly as I headed in, maybe a bath.

The sound of running water always relaxed me after a bender. I closed my eyes and put a cold washcloth over my eyes. I stretched out in the tub and let the sounds of the facet take hold. At least maybe I wouldn’t be grinding my teeth at work all night.

Thankfully I didn’t have the drain closed all the way or I might have flooded the house. Not sure how long I had been out but I was definitely feeling better, and definitely ready to take care of my blue-balls.

A little soap and remembering the fucking that I had given Julie a few hours tricky masseur porno before had my cock hard in my hand almost immediately.

I had been told that I was a little bigger than average, just under eight inches. And being a guy I figured it was always just something that girls said to make you feel better about being average. I leaned back against the tub and put the cloth back on my eyes, slowly stroking my cock. With my free hand I cupped and squeezed my balls. It was still going to take some doing to get myself off.

I thought about past fucks, good porno and kinky desires and my cock pounded in my hand.

Then I got that feeling. You know the one, where you had just been caught jerking off for the first time by your mom.

I opened up my eyes slowly and pushed the washcloth down. My cock still firmly throbbing in my soapy fingers – just please don’t let it be dad.

Turns out it wasn’t him.

I forgot to mention that Diane had a daughter, my soon to be step-sister, named Rachel.

She and I didn’t talk too much usually; she was just 19 and taking classes as some community college so we didn’t have too much in common. Plus she seemed like she was always on her way somewhere, or too busy.

Well there she was, wrapped in a white towel standing in the doorway of the bathroom. Guess I forgot to lock that in my fucked-up state of mind.

Note to self – lock the bathroom door.

She was definitely her mother’s daughter, a tall redhead with a dark tan, thin waist and the best set of tits money could buy. I knew she was a trainer at the gym that I went to but she was never out on the floor, too busy with personal sessions I always figured.

Well from what I could see of her legs under the towel she was definitely a fit girl. Not an ounce of fat on her. And the towel barely covered her breasts. Under the bathroom lights I took immediately türkçe alt yazı porno notice of the freckles that covered her chest and arms and just how dark red her curly hair was.

I also took notice that she was grinning wryly and never stopped staring at my soapy cock.

I was slightly frozen.

She was not. She gave me a look as if to say, don’t stop on my account.

I tilted my head to the side, still figuring that I was addled from the booze and blow.

As if to punctuate her intent she let her towel open slightly, giving me the perfect view of her little freckled pussy. Completely shaven and already glistening.

Well fuck.

She slipped a finger down over her stomach and started gently caressing herself.

I joined in, slowly stroking my cock, getting more soap and making it nice and slick between my fingers.

We never said a word.

She sat on the toilet seat next to the tub so I could see her fingers playing over her wet pussy. She rolled her head side to side as the towel opened fully.

I was stroking harder now, watching her every move. My breath was coming out ragged and quick.

She cupped one of her impossibly firm breasts and squeezed the dark brown nipple. I saw her ass lift off the toilet seat as a spasm of pleasure ran through her muscular body. Here eyes were locked on my hand and cock.

I was close and so was she.

She worked her pussy furiously now, her fingers dripping with wetness. She moaned now licking her lips and pulling roughly at her nipple.

I felt it coming. The first splash of my own hot cum shot up like a geyser on my chest.

I kept stroking, all the way up and down my shaft, another spurt and another.

She came hard, thrashing and arching her back, I could see every part of her body tense and release and then her fingers finally coming to rest between her parted legs.

I lay there breathing hard with my softening cock lying over my thigh my chest covered in three ribbons of cum.

She took a moment and composed herself. She never covered her naked form with the towel only turned and walked out of the bathroom giving me the parting shot of her firm tanned ass as she departed.

……to be continued

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