Something in the Water Pt. 14

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This will make more sense if you read the earlier parts. Don’t worry, they’re fun, action packed, and build the tension. Read them first! Also, all characters in sexual situations are 18 years or older. Enjoy.

“Have you been staying away from your sister?” Susy closed Patrick’s bedroom door softly. She turned to Patrick, who sat pulling on his long thing on his bed. To think she had been so worried about walking in on her eighteen-year-old son not long ago. She knew how teenage boys were with their hormones. But now, she almost sort of hoped she’d catch him with his penis in his hands.

“We haven’t had sex again.” Patrick looked up at his beautiful mother. It was true that Sally hadn’t let him stick it in her since the incident at the church. But she had taken to giving him clandestine blowjobs when Susy was otherwise occupied. His redheaded sister would murmur and shudder as she gulped down Patrick’s seed.

“Good.” Susy unbuttoned her swing skirt and carefully stepped out of it. Her shapely legs were pale and radiant in the early afternoon light. “I just wish she’d go back home to Jack. But I can’t just throw her out, can I?”

“No. Sally just wants to have a little time away from Jack.” Patrick worked his long cock with his hands, his skinny arms shaking. He watched Susy’s hips wiggle as she removed her panties. There were few things more alluring to Patrick than that brown triangle between his mother’s legs. Well, there was Donna’s copper triangle.

“A little space is sometimes good for a marriage.” Susy lifted her blouse over her head. She watched Patrick’s brown eyes dart all over her body through his thick, tortoiseshell glasses. She smiled to herself. It had been a long time since her husband, Fred, had admired her like that. “Speaking of marriage, have you been staying away from the tutor, too? You’ll ruin her taste for her husband with that thing between your legs.” Susy eyed the bluish head as it oozed its warmup fluid. She reached behind her and unclasped her bra.

“I love Donna, Mom.” Patrick knew he had a sheen of sweat all over his naked body, and wondered if that had been what drew his mother into his bedroom. They had been humping regularly since the bacchanal at the church, but it usually followed some sweat on Patrick’s part. He couldn’t smell his mother’s sweat at all at the moment, but he no longer needed it to persuade him to take her. He was a little ashamed to admit that he had given in and wanted her apart from whatever was happening to Portsmith. “And she’s not my tutor. She’s an investigator. I’m helping her uncover the mystery of the meteor and …” His voice trailed away when Susy’s tits dropped out of their bra. Her nipples and areolae seemed to be darkening over the past week or so. They begged for Patrick’s mouth.

“At first I thought it was just your fevered teenage brain.” Susy walked over to him with a smirk on her face, enjoying the effect her bare, wobbling breasts were having on him. She pushed his hands away from his thing and climbed onto his lap. She had to sit high above him to maneuver his penis upright under her, which she did. “Now I wonder if you might be right about your meteor. Ugghhhhhh.” Her wet vagina spread for him as she let gravity pull her down its almost comical length. It was a miracle every time that it fit inside her. Her hips bucked against him and she placed her hands on his meager chest, pushing him down to the mattress. “I mean, I can’t stop doing … ugh … ugh … ugh … this with you. I know it … isn’t right … ah … ah … but here we are again.”

“Donna and I are … going to get to … the bottom of it, Mom.” Patrick adjusted his glasses. When he let his mother control their lovemaking, she was always so tender and sweet. She bounced on him now, not letting more than a quarter of his length out of him on every upstroke. He could tell from the way her mouth twisted that she was quite happy. “I mean … if Donna and I fix this … do you want to stop doing … uh … uh … this with me?”

“We have … to stop … eventually.” Susy looked down at Patrick’s handsome face with distant eyes. She saw sweat drip off her chin and splatter his glasses. “Your father would … ugh … never understand. We … have to … stop … sometime … uuuugggghhhhhhh.” Her whole body gave a violent shake and Susy climaxed on her son’s long pole. Her mind fragmented and all she knew was pleasure.

Soon, Susy found herself on her belly clutching at Patrick’s sheets, desperately trying to hold on as he assailed her vagina from behind. As gentle as she tried to be with her son, he had no such interest. He always humped her with the intense need of a desperately thirsty man arriving at the oasis. “You’re … going to … break … me … sugar,” Susy said between clenched teeth. She had no idea how he hadn’t already broken her with his monstrous thing. But, instead of splitting her in two, Patrick gave her the most intense joy of her life. “Go … ahead … and do it …” Susy always told herself female agent porno she wouldn’t let him fill her when she had the calm, cool resolve of distance. But with him pumping her insides like an animal, she always ended up asking for it. “Fill … oooohhhhh … mmmeeeeeeeeee.”

“I’m gonna … explode …” Patrick had a firm grip on her upper butt, his fingers digging into her soft flesh. His hips went erratic. “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.” The surges of his life-making fluid pushed deep into his mother. He slammed her a few last times and then lay down on her smooth back, his dick still firmly entrenched in her.

“I hope … Sally … didn’t hear … that …” Susy panted.

“Probably … not …” Patrick kissed her pale, sweaty shoulder. The whole neighborhood probably heard that. He was sure that his sister had not missed his mom’s wailing. His hips started moving again. The squelch of Susy’s full pussy filled the room.

“Oh … sugar … again?” Susy looked to her left. She could see her knuckles turn white as her grip tightened again. Her wedding ring glinted at her, half buried in the sheets.

“Just … one … more … time.” Patrick lifted himself up, his hands on her lower back for support. “I … need … more.”

“Oooohhhhh,” Susy squealed.


Sally sat on her bed, her back supported by her pillows. She was naked, with her legs spread wide. She worked her love button furiously as she listened to her brother breed her mom. They had been going at it all afternoon.

Something about listening to the all-powerful Susy Lannit give in to her goofy, bespectacled son drove Sally wild. She could hear almost everything through the thin walls. Sally tensed and orgasmed again. She thought about her little sister away at college. Adeline was even more self-possessed than their mother. Would she turn into a floosy too when faced with the new Patrick? The thought sent Sally’s pleasure spiraling.

It would be difficult to keep Patrick from between her legs forever. Touching herself while listening to him take their mother over the last few days had taken the edge off. As had the ecstasy of him spurting down her throat. She owed it to her husband, Jack, to try whatever she could to keep his dick from filling her again. As long as it didn’t mean going home to Jack. Not quite yet, at least. She needed more time in Portsmith. And maybe her sister did, too.


“Get down here now, Roy.” Nathaniel looked at the pile of Roy’s stuff piled in the middle of the kitchen. One of Roy’s sweaters, his backpack, and a sock for some reason. Nathaniel fumed. “I mean right now.”

“What’s the deal, daddio?” Roy sauntered into the kitchen.

“Clean up your mess,” Nathaniel growled. He loosened his bowtie and regarded his slovenly son. Roy’s collared shirt was incorrectly buttoned and hung out of his pants. He was sweating like a fat pig and looked quite insouciant. Nathaniel set down his briefcase. “Well?” But his son didn’t make a move toward the pile.

“You need to cool your jets, Father.” Roy smiled.

“What’s wrong dear?” Amanda walked into the kitchen straightening her dress and fixing her black hair.

“You look flustered, Amanda.” Nathaniel narrowed his eyes at his wife.

“Oh … I was …” Amanda quickly put her left hand behind her back. Her wedding ring was still in her butt where Roy liked her to put it. “I was … just cleaning …”

“Not in here, obviously.” Nathaniel glared down at Roy’s pile.

“Jump.” Roy whispered to her, a dark grin spreading on his face. He smacked her butt while his father was distracted with the pile. Amanda started hopping up and down.

“You need to stop indulging that boy. He’s eighteen. It’s about time he …” Nathaniel looked up at his jumping wife. He could clearly see her boobs bouncing under her dress. Even when she was pregnant with Roy and Annie, she hadn’t had a body like that. He wondered if she was letting herself go. “What on Earth are you doing, Amanda?”

“Oh … I’m … just … getting … some exercise.” She kept hopping. The first beads of sweat formed on her forehead.

“Well, knock it off.” Nathaniel sat down at the kitchen table. “You look ridiculous. This whole family seems to be acting quite odd. Be a dear, quit your exercise and make me a martini.” He turned his dark eyes on his smiling son. “And you. Wipe that grin off your face or I’ll wipe it for you. And clean … clean … clean …” Nathaniel’s brain fogged over. He had the distinct impression that his wife was still bouncing. “Clean … clean … clean …”

“Great, Mom, you broke Dad.” Roy laughed and walked over to his old man. He waved his hand in front of Nathaniel’s face. Nothing. “Now, where were we?” He turned to his mom and dropped his pants. It was a wonder his persnickety father hadn’t noticed the hard snake running down his trouser leg. He tossed away his shirt, pants, and underwear, now only wearing one sock. His knobby, blackish dick female fake taxi porno stood horribly out from his body.

“I was telling you we … had to stop … because your father would be home soon.” Amanda stopped jumping and took a deep breath. “Put that away. We’re done for today. I’ll make dinner while your poor father recovers.”

“Nah … I don’t want to.” Roy stepped over to her, his dick and belly swaying about, and grabbed his mother about the waist.

“Roy … you can have me again … tomorrow … after he leaves for work.” She struggled against him, but her heart wasn’t in the fight. Even with her comatose husband staring right through her. “Roy?” She let him bend her over the kitchen table, her ringless left hand inches away from her husband’s clenched fist. “Not the butt … not the butt! My ring is still in there.”

“Right.” Roy eased his massive tool into her pussy and listened to her coo. “Give me some good pussy, Mom. And maybe I won’t have to stop by Annie’s room … ah … ah … when she gets home.” The sound of his hips on her ass, and his balls flopping against her thighs, filled the kitchen.

Amanda pushed her butt back, meeting his fierce lunges with her own. If she could satisfy him, maybe he would leave her daughter alone. Ever since the church incident, she had heard grunting and thumping coming from Annie’s room on most nights. She knew what Roy was doing to his twin sister. And she was pretty sure he wasn’t using protection. But she couldn’t confront her son about it. “Just give me … uh … uh … everything you’ve got … in those giant sacks … Roy.” Maybe she could be Annie’s protection if she satisfied him.

They humped like that for a while, violently slamming into each other. Nathaniel stared vacantly through his wife’s tortured face. And as her orgasms cascaded, Amanda stared right back through her dumb husband. Her defilement was now happening right under his nose, and Nathaniel would do nothing about it. Amanda lowered her gaze to the table.

“You think … Dad … can see us?” Roy reached for her hair and pulled back so that she was forced to look at her husband.

“I pray … he can’t.” Amanda squealed and groaned out another climax, her vagina clenching on the pistoning member.

“I should just force you … to kick him out of the house.” Roy didn’t let up as he neared his own ending. His belly smacking against his mother’s ass.

“No.” Amanda tried to shake her head, but Roy still gripped her hair firmly. She was at his mercy.

“I should make you bring me more women.”

“No,” she squeaked.

“How’s Nanna and Aunt Peg?” He let go of her hair and curled his fingers around her hips.

“You … wouldn’t …” How had Amanda raised such a dirty boy.

“I would. I’m going to knock up … every woman in Dad’s life …” Slobber flew from Roy’s mouth, but he didn’t care. “Starting … with … you …” Roy let out a scream that would have deafened his father if the old man could hear properly. He unloaded deep inside Amanda, holding his dick all way in so that it jerked and twitched in her womb.

“EEezzzzzzzzz.” Amanda tried to tell him off, but her final orgasm of the day was her strongest. It always was magical when she took his seed. By the time she recovered, Roy had already left the room. Amanda stood bent over the kitchen table for a good long while, until she felt Roy’s stuff dribbling out of her.

“I’ll clean up … and then … make us some supper,” she said to her statue of a husband. She straightened, moved around the room picking up Roy’s things, and then stumbled off toward the stairs. She desperately needed a shower before starting her wifely duties.


A line of women in crisp, olive green skirt-uniforms walked out of the back of the hotel. Patrick watched them with wonder as they piled into several sedans that were waiting for them and drove off in a hurry. What was that about? Patrick leaned his bike against a light post and walked to the hotel’s back entrance. He tried to find some inner resolve. He and Donna needed to actually work on the mystery and not just lose themselves in each other’s bodies for another afternoon.

Patrick knocked on the door of the room Donna had reserved for them.

“Well, hello there, junior investigator.” A low voice approached from down the hall.

“Oh … hello …” Patrick turned to see Mark Farmer strolling toward him, dressed in his suit, bowtie, and fedora.

“I thought you were out investigating with Donna. Where is she?” Mark looked around the obviously empty hall.

A cold sweat broke out on Patrick’s forehead. If Donna opened that door, Mark would know his wife was up to no good. The handle jiggled as Donna unlocked it from the inside. “I meant … hello, Mr. Farmer,” Patrick nearly yelled the words, praying Donna would hear him through the door. The handle stopped jiggling.

“I’m right here, young man. No need to shout.” Mark tilted glory hole secrets porno his head at Patrick, puzzled. “You look a little peaked. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. It’s just so nice to see you, Mr. Farmer,” Patrick yelled again.

“Where’s Donna?” Mark narrowed his eyes. Obviously, something was wrong.

“She sent me back to … um … give you a message.” Patrick looked at the door. “That’s why I’m knocking on your door.”

“That’s not my door.” Mark looked at the room number and seemed to make a mental note of it. “Are you feeling all right? Where’s my wife?”

“She’s in the library. She’s working on a theory.” The wheels turned in Patrick’s head. He needed to come up with something plausible. “I am feeling a little under the weather. And that got us to thinking, if something wanted to affect all of us at once. You know, if something wanted to make us sick. How would it do it?” Patrick was stalling.

“The air?” Mark shrugged. “We could breathe it in.”

“Yes, but …” Patrick waved his finger as he thought. “That would be too diffuse, right? Something more direct.”

Mark shrugged again.

“The water supply, Mr. Farmer.” Patrick smiled at the realization. “Something would use the water supply to get to everyone in town at once. We all drink the water.”

“That’s … smart.” Mark furrowed his eyebrows and thought over the implications. “Did you come up with this theory?”


“Well, it seems I’ll have to promote you to senior, junior investigator.” Mark patted Patrick on the shoulder, his concern over his wife and the boy’s health forgotten. “So, Donna’s looking up the source of the town’s water supply at the library, and she sent you to give me an update?”

“Exactly.” Patrick nodded.

“Well done, lad.” Mark walked past Patrick toward the door. “Consider me updated.”

“Where are you going?” Patrick watched him walk to the end of the hall and open the outer door.

“My wife wants me to be a shut-in, but I feel it’s quite safe to go for a stroll from time to time. And it’s lucky I did or you would have been knocking on the wrong door all day.” Mark laughed. “Maybe I’ll pick up a carton of milk while I’m out. No more water for me.” He waved goodbye and exited the hotel.

Patrick took a deep breath. Had he really just cracked the case? He knocked on the door again. “It’s me, he’s gone.”

Donna opened the door, her cute, little nose wrinkled with worry. “What happened?”

“We need to go to the library.” Patrick took her soft hand, but let her pull him into the room. She closed the door after them. And he told her what he and her husband had unraveled. But that was not all that unraveled.

Ten minutes later, Donna’s large, teardrop breasts flopped on her chest as she rode her senior, junior investigator’s cock with great bounding lunges. “You’re right … we … need … to … investigate the water supply … oooohhhhhh … my lord.” Her glasses hung halfway off her nose and slipped a little farther with each violent impact her body absorbed.

“Do you want … to investigate … with my stuff … inside you?” Patrick smiled up at his girlfriend. He wondered if Mark would hear their grunting through the door when he returned from his stroll.

“Be a dear … and fill … me … up …” Donna’s glasses finally fell off her face and bounced on the hotel bed next to them. She screamed when she felt that familiar heat spread through her insides.


Donna ran out of the hotel room, clicking her kitten heels on the hallway linoleum. A minute later, Patrick followed her out, carefully looking both ways. They had decided they needed to go to the library after Patrick’s second orgasm, but they were both terrified of running into Mark. If he was walking out the back entrance, and his room was at the front of the hotel, they weren’t quite sure on an escape plan. They decided speed was of the essence.

As Patrick fumbled the key in the hotel doorknob, a pretty blond woman in a military uniform strode past him. She gave him a sweet, half-crescent smile and kept on walking. Patrick couldn’t help but stop his work with the key and watch her disappear down the hall. He loved the way her butt wiggled in the that tight, olive green skirt. When she turned a corner, heading to the front of the hotel, Patrick finished locking the door and headed to the back entrance.

A blond woman stepped in through the back door in a green uniform. She gave Patrick a sweet, half-crescent smile, and passed Patrick in the hall walking toward the front of the hotel.

It was impossible, but it was the same woman that had passed him before. Patrick turned and watched her butt wiggle in her tight, olive green skirt. It was definitely the same woman going in the same direction. There was no way she could have doubled back around the hotel in the few seconds it took her to disappear down the hall and then reenter the building. “Excuse me?” Patrick felt like he needed to see if she was real. Was he going crazy?

“Yes?” The woman stopped and turned in her heels to face him, that same smile still on her face. “What can I do for you, young man?”

“Um …” Patrick didn’t like the way she looked at him. There was something feral hidden deep behind her pale, blue eyes. “I thought you dropped something. Never mind.”

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