Some Notes On Glory Holes…

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Some Notes On Glory Holes…
1.) The thing I always associate with my earliest experiences with glory holes was the generally sleazy and grimy atmosphere of the adult bookstores I frequented back then. Whoever ‘owned’ those places weren’t interested in ‘aesthetics,’ but in economic profit. You could see this from the crummy, and run-down condition of both the outside of these places, as well as their interiors. Very little money had been spent to fix them up! But, there was something decidedly exciting and thrilling in that. After all, they were supposed to be places of haut couture! They weren’t The Louvre, and that was the point!

2.) Another thing I associate with those earliest adult bookstore experiences was the smells. Everyone I ever visited smelled like cigarette smoke. Stale cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke that was literally permeated into the walls, ceilings, and floors. Another smell was, at first, harder for me to figure out what made it; but I soon understood that it emanated from lots of other men’s sperm!

The preview booths were always dark. The stalls typically painted black. There was never much light (except for the TV monitor on the wall in front of you). But, as my eyes grew accustomed to the dimness, I started seeing curious whitish colored smears, on the black painted walls on either side of me, as well as on the floor beneath my shoes. It was the ‘leftovers’, so to speak, of countless ejaculations, by hundreds and hundreds of other men, who had sat in that very same booth I was seated in, and eventually shooting their cum—and THAT was what that other, somewhat more subtle aroma was that existed alongside of the stale smelling cigarette smoke!

Rather than being disgusted by this, I found it strangely, but powerfully, bahis siteleri erotic!

3.)In those first few, initial visits to glory holes in adult bookstores, I tended to rent porn videos that weren’t ‘gay’, though I wanted to! I was still fraught with inner turmoil about what my sexuality really was. So, I always rented a straight porn video (my usual selection was Nina Hartley), and though I found women ‘attractive’, I found myself paying more attention to the men who were fucking her, and primarily their cocks! So, while the video was considered ‘straight’ porn, I used them for a different purpose entirely! Peter North became another favorite of mine. And there were others.

4.) I remember very clearly the first time I ever ejaculated my own sperm in one of those preview booths! In fact, what inspired me that day to do so was seeing a very ‘fresh’ load of some other guys cum on the floor in front of the plastic chair I was seated on! Again—seeing it did not disgust me. It had the opposite effect on me! So, as the video played, and as I sat there, my cock in my hand stroking it up and down, I eventually arrived at the excited state where I was ready to come; and, setting on the edge of the plastic chair, I proceeded to my orgasm!

I watched, as my heart was pounding so hard in my chest, as my sperm erupted out the end of my cock in a number of thick, creamy-white, ropey globs; and as I came, and as the exhilaration of that swept through me, in pulse after pulse, after pulse—my cum landed all across the sperm the previous guy had left on the floor; and there was an ‘erotic pathos’ to the whole thing!

I sat there for a while after I’d come, looking at my sperm now mingled with that other guys, and felt as if I’d crossed a Rubicon perabet güvenilir mi of some sort just then, and that I would never be able to cross back over; and there was both a feeling of relief in that, as well as a subtly lingering feeling of what I could only say was a kind of sadness! But the sense of relief tended to outweigh the feeling of sadness (at least, eventually).

5.) For me, adult bookstores will always be associated in my mind with those earliest days of my eventual ‘coming out’ as either bisexual or possibly gay. When I see an adult bookstore today (and one of the first ones I ever went to is still in business, and nothing about it has changed in the least; and is still the sleazy, dirty place it was all those years ago), I can’t help but remember that it was in those sorts of places where I came to grips with who and what I really was, rather than what my parents might have wished me to be. An adult bookstore will always carry a distinctly ‘bitter/sweet’ ambience for me.

6.) Of course, a glory hole at an adult bookstore will always be remembered by me as where I eventually sucked another guys cock to ‘completion!’

It wasn’t a particularly big cock (maybe five to five and half inches long). But it was a beautifully shaped and nicely circumcised cock (I remember that clearly)! What I liked the most about sucking that cock (and all the others since) is that I could FEEL, through that other guys cock, his excitement; an excitement that I was certainly largely responsible for!  I enjoyed realizing that so much! But, of course, the ‘icing-on-the-cake’ was when he came! I always knew they were about to ejaculate, because I could feel their cocks stiffening as that moment was about to arrive, and tipobet then, AS they came, there was always this incredible rush of intense energy as they began pumping their load into my waiting mouth!

I sensed that quite a number of these guys were married, but sexually frustrated with their wives; so in a very real way, my mouth became, for them, the ‘pussy’ they longed to really fuck, and in the way they wanted to so badly! I didn’t mind being ‘used’ in that way! Not in the least! They were probably imagining me as a woman, some women they found attractive, some porn star perhaps like Nina Hartley even, and I was fine with that! ‘Go ahead!’ I’d think, as these guys unloaded their pent up loads of cum into my eager mouth. ‘Fuck me! I’ll be whoever YOU want me to be at this moment!’ That is, in their imaginations! All I cared about was getting those loads of hot, creamy-thick, cum from their balls! They could tell themselves anything they wanted to in order to rationalize what THEY were doing!

7.) One other thing I’m reminded of regarding glory holes and adult bookstores is that unique taste of cum. No two guys cum tasted exactly the same. Some were slightly bitter. Some were amazingly ‘sweet!’ Others had the taste of nuts (like the rich, milky flavor of Brazil nuts, or even cashews)! The younger guys cum tended to be sweeter and nuttier. Older men weren’t as much. But still—sperm was sperm!

I once tried to calculate just how many ounces of cum I’ve swallowed over the years…but it quickly became obvious that any figure would be nothing more than an average, a guess; but it’s been no small amount, I’ll say that!

Some people ‘collect’ stamps, etc. I, on the other hand, have been a longtime ‘collector’ of other men’s cum. And with any sort of ‘hobby’, there is no need to try and find a ‘reason’, a ‘rationale’ for why the hobby interests us. The fact that some people enjoy having a hobby of collecting stamps (or sucking cock) is that they ENJOY it; and that’s reason enough.

The End 

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