Slightly, Once Ch. 09

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Cindy crisis solved, apparently, thanks to Brian. More trouble ahead, though. Big time. Maybe. This ended up longer than I’d planned, so I split it almost exactly in half. Part 10 will finish the series.

North Carolina was always a big game for Duke’s Lady Blue Devils. Practically-same-town rivals, this contest had been an especially tough one. Four Duke starters had fouled out on their home court, but the bench had kept them close. Now, during a time-out, Duke’s coach set up the play for the last five seconds. Duke ball at half court. 59-58 North Carolina. Kim was in the game. As a freshman, she hadn’t had much court time during the season so far, but foul trouble had Duke deep into their bench at the end. She was at power forward. Ginny Adamson, Duke’s star shooting guard, and only remaining starter, was sure to get the final attempt.

The buzzer sounded and the teams took the floor. The referee handed the ball to Duke’s point guard and blew her whistle. Inbounded, finally, to Ginny, who barely got free to receive the pass 30 feet from the hoop. She was immediately triple-teamed. Improvising with a lightning-fast pass, Ginny found Kim wide open underneath. North Carolina had bet that they could leave the freshman alone. Kim took the ball up for an easy basket. As the ball came out of the net the buzzer sounded. Game over. Duke wins by one. Kim was mobbed by teammates, and found Ginny to hug. The capacity crowd went crazy. Even the North Carolina fans cheered. Love-struck mushball that I was, I remembered a similar last-second shot she had missed in the high school state finals, and shed a tear. I was so happy for her I could have burst. Mushball.

Kim got permission for me join the team for the post-game meal at a local restaurant. The energy level was just short of a food fight, even with the mental and physical exhaustion of a rough, close game. This was my first time with the whole team. I hadn’t realized I was in for a hazing. I was teased mercilessly, as was Kim. But it was all good-natured, with smiles and light laughter. Lots of requests for me to massage legs, looking to see if they could kindle jealousy in Kim. Instead, she gave exaggerated rave reviews and recommendations about how good I was with my hands. Shrieks and whistles, and questions about my talents with other body parts. Women can be just as crude as us guys, it seems. Relentlessly interrogated about how we planned to celebrate Kim’s winning the game, Kim just smiled. I blushed, or rather, continued blushing. We kept mum. They all laughed.

Kim towed me back to her room by the hand. I could barely keep up. We burst through the door and Cindy jumped in surprise.

“Kim! I heard! It’s so exciting!”

“Out,” said Kim curtly. “Dave, call Brian and tell him he has a guest for the night. Cindy, you have thirty seconds to get your stuff and get out of here.”

I dialed the phone on the wall. Cindy scampered to collect books, a change of clothes, and a toothbrush. At 29 seconds Kim almost slammed the door on Cindy’s butt as she left.

Kim stood in the middle of the room, stock still, arms at her sides, looking at me.

“Remember when you said that sometimes you feared that I might fuck you to death?” Her voice was quiet and even. She looked fierce. I’d never seen her look fierce.

I nodded, slightly, once. She had taken it as a compliment

“Start worrying.” She moved and in a flash stripped my clothes off and flung them aside.

She pointed. “Bed. In it. Now.” Fierce. I jumped and slid under the covers.

Kim, to my great surprise, then started a slow, sexy striptease. Humming her own soundtrack, off came her sweatshirt, revealing a gray Duke T-shirt, all with sensuous moves and hip action. That came off leaving a white bra. Sweatpants came off leaving white panties, with more suggestive motions of the hips. At that point, she couldn’t hold it any more and burst into giggles. She jumped onto the bed and covered my face with kisses, laughing all the time, hugging me tight. The act was over.

“Can you believe it! I won the game! I didn’t choke and miss! We won!” She laughed and hugged me tighter. I hugged back and laughed with her. Straddling me, she reached behind and released her bra. As it came off, I spent a moment thanking the universe for the grace and perfection of her body.

“You have to do anything I want,” she said casually as she took her panties off. “I’m in the mood for a celebration, and you’re going to give it to me.” Pulling down the covers, she climbed in and assumed our favorite cuddle position. “I’m the star for the night, and I deserve to get what I want. And what I want is a lot of you,” She paused. “Thank you for being so nice at dinner. That must have been awful.”

“First,” I said, stroking her back using the arm she was nestled into. “It was fine at dinner. It was all good-natured teasing. You’ve won their hearts, too, or else they wouldn’t have treated us the way they did. They were sweet. I actually enjoyed it, seeing it for what it was. Second, you are my star every night, and so are entitled to, casino oyna and deserve, whatever you desire. Third, I’m proud of you, excited for you, and love you with all my heart.”

She snugged in closer, with an affectionate hug. “I’m so lucky to have you. You’re just the best a girl could ever hope for.” She moved up so that she could kiss me. A tender kiss, light brushing of lips.

“And so,” I said. “What does my beautiful lady desire?”

“She would like it if her man would please kiss every square inch of her body.”

“May I pay special attention to certain parts?”

“Yes, please. But no need to hurry. I want to lavish in the luxury of your lips all over me.”

“‘Lavish in the luxury of my lips…’ You’ve been practicing that line, haven’t you?”

She giggled. “Well, it sort of came to me at dinner, and I remembered it.”

“Well, then, let me ravish you lavishly.”

I started by ravishing her lips, slowly at first, but building intensity with my lips and tongue. Naked bodies entwined, we touched from head to toe. I never tired of kissing Kim. I could do it for days. She always had such a fresh taste, such soft lips, and such a welcoming tongue. She could kiss lightly as a hummingbird, and as passionately as, well, as I could, to be sure. And loving this little girl as much as I did, that amounted to a lot of passion at times. I liked it when kissing her I could feel her smile — that slight tension across her lips. I could run my fingers through her long, silky blonde hair as we kissed. I could hold her close when I kissed her, and feel her warm body against mine. Kissing was just the best.

And even better when I kissed all the other bits. To which I now attended.

I kissed her cheek, then her chin, then neck. For the next hour, it was a leisurely tour as I worked my lips all over her. Down her neck to her shoulder, down her chest to slowly, tenderly kiss every square inch of her breasts, saving nipples, by that time fully erect, until last. After plenty of attention to them, I worked my way down her delicious tummy. I made her laugh when I tongued her belly button. But it was a wonderful belly button, in the middle of a spectacular tummy, and I liked it very much. It deserved to be tongued and loved.

Bypassing a certain prize, I worked my way down her long, long legs, alternating my kisses and licks. I kissed her feet, tongued the bottoms of them, and even sucked her toes, which made her giggle. Rolling her on her stomach, I kissed my way slowly up the backs of her legs, paying special attention to the backs of her knees, and enjoying very much kissing and nipping the backs of her thighs. I spent time sloppily kissing her butt, which made her laugh out loud. I love that special place where butt meets legs, a slight curve of the thigh leading to a fold of skin, less so with Kim’s taut, dynamite ass. Well worth spending time caressing with one’s tongue, one leg at a time. This was so much fun. I was glad humans were made with two legs. Double the pleasure.

Up her back was next, which I combined with a backrub. That was met with appreciative sighs and little noises. Lots of slow, languorous licks up the spine, with alternately firm and soft hands kneading the muscles on either side. Moving her hair out of the way, I finally got back to her neck, and lavished kisses all over it. I moved to the side, and rolled her to look at me.

“There’s one place I haven’t been yet,” I said.

She nodded, slightly, once. I rolled her on her back and climbed between her legs. I started kissing her chin, and slowly moved down. Once again, I paused and spent time with each lovely breast, kneading and kissing and sucking. Gentle pinches. Each was a perfect handful, firm and beautiful. They deserved my love, too. And I gave it.

On down, dragging my tongue down her belly. It was time. I lifted her legs and put them on my shoulders. Before me was the prize. I began with gentle, light flicks of my tongue on her labia. She jumped. I don’t think she quite expected that. My licks became longer, firmer. Her musky smell filled my nostrils, and her taste covered my tongue. I held her hips, and then stretched arms up to take her breasts. She moaned and bucked. I stuck my tongue between her lips and licked the insides. I took my time and ate her as sweetly as I could. She seemed to love it, going off into some place far away, but still enjoying the feelings of my mouth on her pussy. I flattened my tongue and put it directly on her clit. She shuddered, returning to this moment, and held my head to her.

I looked up. “More?”

She nodded. “Yes, please!”

Obliging, I went to work again, licking, flicking kissing her delightful pussy. She clamped her legs around my head. I took her hips and pulled her onto my mouth. Her moans and cries filled the room, her exquisite body writhing sinuously. She was so wet. She shuddered and came hard, arching off the bed.

“Oh, Dave, that’s so good! That’s just what I need! Oh, God! It’s wonderful!”

“More?” I asked.

She shook her head. “I don’t think I canlı casino can take any more right now. Come to me.” Arms outstretched.

I moved up between her legs. My penis was poised at her entrance. It touched her lips. She felt it.

“Yes. Now,” she breathed. I moved forward and entered her. I lay still, filling her.

She wrapped her arms around me and held me tight. “I love you so much.” I nuzzled and kissed her neck, tickled by her long hair, still a little damp from her post-game shower.

“What would you like?” I whispered. “Hard? Gentle? Fast? Slow?”



“All of the above.”

“At the same time? I’m not sure I know how to do that.”

“Then surprise me.” She moved her hips, slowly and tenderly. I took the hint. We made love for a long time. It was so nice, full of affection and caring. Long strokes, met with slow hips. We held each other tight and tried to melt our bodies together. It went on and on.

Then, she stopped. I looked at her.

“Time for something different,” she said, with a spark in her eye. She held me tight, and rolled.

Rolled right off the bed.

Fortunately, for her at least, I landed on the bottom. Her knees took a little beating, but I quickly found that I was pinned underneath a beautiful blonde, astraddle me, with hands on my chest.

“My turn.” And she started what casual observers could have characterized as rape. She pulled her feet up so she was squatting on me, rising and falling. I tried to respond by bucking back.

“No,” she said. “Lie still. Let me do this.” I held her breasts. “Yes! Do that! Squeeze my nipples.” I did, and she threw back her head and redoubled her motion. She rose and fell in a hard fuck. It was amazing. She was amazing. So amazing that I didn’t even think about cumming.

“Yes! Yes! Squeeze them! I’m so close!” I twisted them, hard, and she slammed down on me and cried out, lifted, slammed, and cried out again. Lifted, slammed, and collapsed on top of me.

“Wow,” she said, looking at me with heavy-lidded eyes. “That was intense.”

Without pause, she rolled us over. When six feet of athlete decides to roll, you roll. Now I was on top.

“Your turn.”

I started stroking. “Faster.” I did. “Faster.” I did. “Harder.” I did. “Fuck me!” I did. We did.

She bucked against me and we fucked away on the floor. I put her ankles on my shoulders and probed her deep with my cock. She liked that. Lying lower on her, I could almost have wrapped her legs behind her head. It tilted her pussy, and I slammed away as she wanted. She begged for more, and I gave her all that I had. Up in pushup position, back straight, on my toes, I pounded away, my balls slapping her butt every time I bottomed out.

I came so quickly I couldn’t control it. My dick shot my load before I could realize it and stop thrusting. I caught up and sank as deep as I could, spurting and spurting. Kim moaned and grabbed my cheeks, pulling me in and thrusting against my contractions, her climax making her hips shudder.

We came down and lay still. “Whew!” She said. “Exactly what I wanted.”

“Good,” I said. “I’m glad you liked it.”

“Mmm,” she purred. “And you?”

“Beyond wonderful,” I said into her eyes. “But it has been wonderful every time, every way, since Christmas.” That had been our first time, last year on Christmas Eve.

Her eyes misted. “You are so special to me, David. I’m so happy that I fell in love with you.”

“Me too. I’m a little chilly. Here.” I pulled the blanket off her bed and put it over us.

“We’re not done, are we?” She asked.

“We’re done for a little while. You wore him out.”

She touched and stroked him gently. He was limp. If he had been able to pant, he would have. “Poor guy. I hope he’s better soon.”

“I suspect he’ll recover.”

“Good. I want more.” Her eyes were on fire. How did she do that?

“I’m worried,”

“You should be. This may be to the death.”

“What a way to go. The ultimate sacrifice.”

“Let’s have a nap.”

I pulled pillows off her bed, and we settled in on the floor. I think we were asleep within a minute.

About two hours later, I awoke to Kim stirring. “Ow! This floor is hard.” So, I noticed, was I.

“How about we retreat to the bed,” she said. “It’s way more comfortable than the floor.” Not to mention the rugs burns I now felt on my knees and elbows. They hurt!

She threw the blanket off, and made to climb over me. The sight of her lithe form crawling across me was more than any mortal could bear. Certainly more than I could. As she got to the edge of the bed and made to climb in it, I leapt and caught her, hands grabbing her hips as she was on all fours. I saw that the bed was just the right height, and shoved her forward, putting her torso on the mattress, legs against the side of the bed, and delightful butt pointed at me.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“Not being done,” I said. Moving forward, I sank into her. She was still wet from our first encounter.

“Ooo. kaçak casino That’s nice,” she cooed.

Well, it seems that the usual thing from behind is to fuck hard and fast. I decided to take it the other way and be gentle and slow. Long, tender strokes. A little teasing, backing out to where only my tip was in contact, then slowly sinking in all the way. Trying to think of what would please her. Rotating my hips with my cock embedded. All the time holding her hips, feeling the soft skin and firm muscle. She had — have I mentioned it before? — a killer ass. I looked at it lovingly as I fucked her.

“David?” she asked.


“Have you ever thought about…” She hesitated.

“Thought about what?” I had no idea where this was going.

“Have you ever thought about doing me…in my butt?”

I stopped. As a matter of fact, I had, but dismissed it. No interest. I suppose there’s that old thing — don’t knock it ’til you try it — but it just didn’t appeal to me. I said as much.

She was a little relieved, I think. “I’ve been curious, I must admit, but I don’t crave it.”

I was a little relieved, too. “Then, may I continue this way?”

She wriggled her butt against me. “Yes, please.” She was spread-eagled on the bed, hair all over the place, arms out to her sides. I resumed my tender lovemaking. We went on for a very, very long time. When I finally came, it wasn’t explosive. I tried to be as tender and soft as I could, slowly entering her for one last time, and then relaxing and letting go. She felt me, and it took her over the top, and her gentle climax matched my own. Complete lovemaking, to the end.

I disengaged. “Let’s to bed, my sweet!” I said, summoning my worst pseudo-Shakespeare. We crawled in under the sheets and I retrieved the pillows and blanket from the floor, spreading it over us. Once again, we were almost instantly fast asleep.

Morning light. I awoke, and out of need, slipped out of bed to go to the bathroom. When I returned, I saw blue eyes looking at me, covers pulled up to the nose.

“You have clothes on,” she observed.

“I didn’t think it was a good idea to go to the bathroom down the hall buck nekkid,” I said.

“Think it’s a good idea to have them on now?”

“I don’t know. What do you think?”

She shook her head, slightly, once. I took the hint, and doffing garments, climbed under the covers.

She looked at me. “Last night was for me. This morning is for you.”

“After all, I’m still alive.”

“Yes, and I have to do something about that.” Pulling the covers down, she wasted no time taking me in her mouth. I wasn’t even hard…for about the first fifteen seconds.

I succumbed to an all-out attack. A partial night’s sleep had restored her energy, and her ministrations on my penis were passionate. I watched, fascinated and full of love. It was pure giving, using lips and tongue to perfection. She would rub her nipples on my underside, which was an incredible feeling. Long licks the length of my penis. Long strokes of each nipple from base to head. Taking me all the way down her throat. I wasn’t going to last.

“Kim , this isn’t going to take long.”

She came up, breathing hard. “Good! I like the idea that I can bring you off quickly.”

“Should I warn you?” About cumming, I meant.

“Um um,” she said with a mouthful of cock. I thought it meant no.

She bobbed, she licked. She did that thing where her mouth took my head while firm thumb and index finger stroked the length of my shaft. That felt incredible, and she knew it.

Continuing to stroke me in that way, she moved up and buried her tongue in my ear. Instantly I was covered with goose bumps and fired my load, arching and moaning and groaning as a fountain of cum shot skyward. Her strokes slowed, but didn’t quit until I begged her — my dick was so sensitive I wanted to scream. I was a little surprised that the ear thing worked on me, too, having done it to her. But I wasn’t complaining.

“Stop! Please Kim! Stop! It’s so sensitive! You’re driving me crazy!”

She was smiling at me while she stroked. “Is it the end? Are you dying?”


“And I didn’t even need to fuck you to kill you. Weakling.” False bravado.

“I can see the headlines: ‘Hoops Star Murders Boyfriend with Killer Blowjob.'”

“Too bad there wouldn’t be any pictures at the trial.” She giggled.

“We can do that next time.”

We laughed. We kissed. We got up, showered, and went to breakfast.

The Alumni Formal was a mandatory event for the women’s basketball team. To my delight, Kim asked me to escort her. She was thrilled with the idea of buying a formal dress. I decided to rent tails. Shopping was fun. Kim was like a little girl, trying on dresses. She was so excited. I had to be there as fashion consultant. She was disappointed that she wouldn’t surprise me as she had on our first date, to the Homecoming dance our senior year, but shopping turned out to be a wonderfully intimate experience. She made her selection — a pale yellow, backless, floor-length dress that wrapped up top, with a deep-V halter neckline tied behind the neck. The long skirt was pleated and flowing. When she spun it billowed out in a sleek “A.” Of course, she looked fantastic in it.

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