Sleeping Sister

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It’s been two years since I’ve seen my dad and his side of the family. Now I have just gotten finished with my Freshman year at SIUC and summer is upon us. I step out the door in my pink, black and white knee-long dress with my suitcase in hand. I turn around and lock the door behind me and then watch as my dad pulls up in his old, beaten up, red station wagon. I set down my suitcase and smile as I run up to my dad, giving him a huge hug and kiss on the cheek. Then I hurry to the other side of the car, greeting both my step-mom and her son, Dan. Dan helps me get my things into the trunk and we all get into the car to start the 45 minute drive home.

Dan gaped at my body, staring me down head to toe and back again. I’m not the ‘cute’ little sister I used to be. I used to be pretty short with small ‘B’ cups and no real figure, but now I have voluptuous ‘C’s and a beautiful curve to match. Rather than calling him out on it, which I was very tempted to do, I was flattered and let him stare as I gazed out the window, continuing conversation with the parents. I turned towards Dan and he quickly averted his gaze. We begin conversation about life and for the rest of the car ride just caught up with the times.

After the long car ride, we all went into the house and ate dinner. As the conversation died down we cleaned up and I hurried to Dan’s room to take over his XBOX 360 before he could and he just hopped onto his computer playing other games. After a couple hours of mindless games I put Finding Nemo into the disk drive and within 15 minutes I was out like a light, passed out on Dan’s bed.

It had just been getting dark when I fell asleep and when I awoke it was pitch black, probably around 2am. I simply closed my eyes again to fall back asleep when I felt a slight touch on my thigh. I froze in place, wondering what the touch was. It slid to my inner thigh and moved upward, pushing my dress upward.

I repositioned myself, trying to discourage the intruder, all the while pretending I’m still asleep. The touch disappears, but soon comes back, but this time on my upper chest, just above where my dress sits. With every breath I take, the hand slips underneath my dress further and further, I open my eyes just enough to glance at Dan with his hand softly sliding further teen porno into my dress, onto my breast.

I shifted my position again, but for some reason I opened myself up more to being touched rather than as I had discouraged it before. Dan’s hand jumped away at first, but then returned to the thigh of my leg that was hanging off of the bed now, making my cunt so much more easily accessible. I can feel my pussy lips pulse as his hand slides further and further up my leg.

Why was I thrilled by this? I knew it was Dan, my step-brother standing over me, and I knew it was his hand creeping its way up my leg. Why was I so enthralled by it? I hold back the urge to bite my lip as I think of all the possibilities of what could happen.

His hand gets closer and closer to my pulsing, hot, wet pussy and I feel his fingers brush on the edge of my panties. Oh how I wish I wasn’t wearing any right now. As his fingers dance at the edge of my panties trying to maneuver under them, I desperately resist the urge to move so I don’t stop him.

He slips his finger into my panties ever-so-softly so he doesn’t ‘wake’ me, but he feels my juices flowing and can’t help but slide his finger between my lips. It took everything I had not to move toward him hand and make him slip deeper into me. He slides his finger along my wet pussy and when he hits my clit I twitch a bit in pleasure and he freezes in place, staring at my face for any sign that I was awake. Then I think about how people walk in their sleep and move to their dreams, so I act as if his actions are reflecting on a good dream I’m having.

I move as if to reposition myself again, but Dan knew that if he pulled his hand back he would ‘wake’ me. I move down a bit on the bed, and his finger slips deep into my soaking pussy, then I stop moving again, pretending I’m comfy in my sleep. Dan’s fingers slide out of my pussy then, thankfully, back in again and again. The suddenly he stops and follows the strap on my panties to my waist and begins to softly tug them down. They, regrettably get stuck on my hip and I do another ‘sleepy repositioning’ to help him get them off. He pulls them past my feet and tosses it off the bed onto the floor.

When I moved I had left plenty of room for another person on the bed and travesti pornp Dan took advantage of that and joined me on the bed. Just in his boxers, he lies down next to me and I can no longer pretend I’m asleep when I feel his cock pressing hard against me. I open my eyes and stare at him, not knowing what to do or say. His had returns to my sopping wet pussy, him completely unaware that I’m looking at him. He slipped his fingers in again and again and froze when he saw my face. Hoping he was just seeing things in the dim light, he inched closer to my face with his fingers still in my pulsing pussy. He realizes that he’s not imagining anything and jumps backwards, pulling his hand from between my legs. I don’t want this to stop at all so I reach down and grasp his wrist, pulling his hand up to my mouth. I wrap my mouth around his juice-covered fingers and suck them completely clean. I leaned back a little and placed his hand on my breast, hoping he wouldn’t deny me.

He definitely understood what I wanted and began to massage my breasts and with his other hand, moved the straps of my dress from my shoulders, hinting at me to take it off. I stretched my arms over my head and he pulled my dress over my head and let it join my panties at the foot of the bed. I didn’t want to be the only one who was naked so I reached for his boxers and pulled them down to his feet and he kicked them off and onto the ground. He placed his hand on my pussy again, pushing two of his fingers deep into me, rubbing on my g-spot. Then I reached over and grasped his hard cock in my hand, massaging up and down at the same time he pushed his fingers into and out of me.

He started to slide down on the bed, bringing his face closer and closer to my cunt, but I wanted to taste him so bad that I turned around so we could both enjoy each other. He turned so he was on his back in the middle of the bed and I was above him, my wet pussy just above his face. His cock stands up strongly right in front of my face and the glistening tip tempting me even more. I grasp his cock with my hand again. Stroking him in order to make his head glisten even more. A little more pre-cum seeps out of his hard cock and I can’t hold back anymore. I lower my mouth to his cock. Barely touching it with my lips, parting tricky masseur them as I go further and further down, taking his full 8 inches into my mouth. As I do that he simultaneously reaches his head forward and sticks his tongue into and all around my pussy. As his tongue strokes my lips and flicks on my clit I get even more into it, deep-throating him every time he hits my clit. He soon gets what I’m doing and is sucking vigorously on my sensitive clit and I swallow him time and again.

My body starts to tingle and I know I’m getting close to cumming, and knowing that he is about to as well, I stop and pull my soaking pussy away from his face, and twist back around so his dick is standing just outside my pussy. He places his hands on my hips, trying to coax me onto his cock, but I don’t need encouragement here. I tense in pleasure when his head touches my lips, parting them more with every movement. I slowly go down further, greatly pleasured by his sweet, delicious cock sliding deeper into me, filling my cunt. With every thrust comes a new wave of pleasure taking me over. Soon after we start I am already on the verge of cumming and I whisper into his ear, “I’m about to cum, you feel so great inside of me”.

Than must have sent him overboard because almost instantly he came, hard, into my pussy, in turn making me convulse in pleasure, cumming all over his cock and making it drip down his balls and then his ass until it soaked into the bed. I slow down as we both cum more and become really sensitive, but not wanting to stop this ecstasy. I whisper in his ear, “That was excellent we should do it again sometime” I smiled and kissed him softly on the lips, the first time I had ever touched his lips with mine. We melted into the kiss and kissed again, then again. I felt his tongue brush my lips and I eagerly open my mouth and accept him. We made out for what seemed like forever in bliss.

We both relaxed and I sat next to him on the bed, too relaxed and pleased to move. We hear a noise coming from the kitchen and we both look at the clock, realizing that its already 5am and my dad works on Saturdays. We hurry and redress ourselves and I wrap myself in Dan’s blanket, pretending as if I’m sleeping again. And Dan does the same, but he’s sleeping on the floor as to not arise suspicion.

The next morning I wake up with a kiss from my beloved brother and from then on our relationship had changed. Not in front of the parents of course, but when we were alone, we were no longer just brother and sister…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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