Slaver’s Family

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Anastasia Pears waited patiently. She was 47 years old woman. She had curvy figure, generous D-cupped breasts, long dark brown hair. She was of average height. She was what one would considered attractive MILF. She wore black latex catsuit and black latex tight-high boots.

The bell rang.

She opened door and let in her guest, Elena Matthey and closed door behind her. She was 36 years old MILF. Blonde shoulder length hair, C-cupped breasts, slim, attractive. She divorced her husband 3 years ago and lost her child care rights.

Anastasia slowly reached her guest’s face and kissed her, which was awarded with moan. Slowly Anastasia opened Elena’s coat. As she ordered, underneath she wore only high-heels, black garter-belt and black stockings. She reached her breast and squeezed it earning herself another moan.

“Do you have it?” Anastasia asked breaking the kiss.

She nodded and walked to table. She put suitcase on it and opened it, revealing it’s contents.

“As you ordered Mistress. I sold everything I had and told my friends I am moving. I was able to get 635 000$. All I am left with I this suitcase and what I have on myself.”

Anastasia smiled.

“So you are ready on making this official?”

“Yes, Mistress. I am giving myself and all that I poses to you.”

“…remover your coat.”

After Elena took it off Anastasia examined it.

“I like it. I think I will keep it. Meanwhile…”

She threw coat on bed and unzipped her catsuit right to her ass.

“It’s time for your meal.”

Elena dropped to her knees and started licking her Mistress’s pussy. Anastasia grabbed her slave’s hair. She remembered all things that happened past three months. Three months! It only took that much for stupid slut to give her everything she possessed. She cummed heavily covering her slave’s face with her pussy juices. She walked to closet and took collar, strap-on dildo and cuffs from it. She strapped dildo.

“Ok, slut. Put on collar and cuff yourself behind your back. Then I want you to give that dildo a deep-throat. Better for it to be moist enough because later it will go into your pussy.”

As ordered Elena quickly put on lather collar and cuffed her hands behind her back. She then went on her knees and started sucking dildo. Imperious, Anastasia, pulled her hair, forcing her to swallow as much dildo as possible. Elena choked. Anastasia noticed that even though she was uncomfortable Elena was excited as well. Her pussy was dripping. She raised her ass so she could reach her pussy and finger it.

“Leave pussy, it’s mine and you cannot touch it unless I allow you to. If you want to antalya escort excite yourself you can only do that with your ass.”

Elena immediately complied and moved fingers to her asshole. During twenty minutes of their play, Elena came five times.

When Anastasia had enough, she pulled slave by hair and dragged her to wall. She admired Elena’s breasts as she started playing with them. Slave never stopped playing with her ass. Suddenly Mistress stopped. She grabbed Elena’s leg under knee and raised it, with other hand she grabbed slave’s neck finally she brought dildo to her pussy… but didn’t put it in. She waited.

Her victim intensified movements of her fingers, she squirmed trying to impale herself on dildo. All for nothing. Anastasia loved it. Her slave’s face covered with her juices, her body covered in sweat, the slightly insane, pleading look in her eyes, the saliva dripping from her mouth. The slut. She loved changing respectable women into bitches in heat.


“I can’t hear you. You know how to ask.”

Elena bit her lip. She hesitated but only for moment.

“Please, fuck this slut!”

Anastasia smiled.

“Very well, sow.”

She rammed dildo into her pussy. Elena shook and moaned. Bitch already came! Anastasia’s smile widened. She started thrusting strap-on and squeezing her throat. The rough treatment had miraculous effects on quality and quantity of Elena’s orgasms.

Anastasia let her slump 90 minutes later, only after she was sure that Elena didn’t have any strength left to support herself and was bewildered from orgasms. Now that she was too tired to resist, Anastasia then grabbed slave’s hair and dragged her to next room.

Inside was small wood platform with straps, two walls and crotch sit with two dildo like pipes sticking out of it. She brought confused still kneeling Elena on platform — with her hands still cuffed behind her back — and forced her to mount pipes. Then she strapped her shins to platform. She brought custom wood board with small lather padded half-circle hole and put between two walls. She put slave’s head on it then put second board on other side, effectively trapping her victim’s neck in small pillory. She freed her hair from hole then grabbed crotch-sit. Elena was moaning as Anastasia was raising dildo-sit until pipes were entirely hidden. Then she forced custom ring-gag into her mouth. With that done, she put another board behind slave, closing space between walls. After that she put a box with short tube, on top of wood walls and secured it. Then she connected tube to ring-gag and locked it.

When she was done that she walked kepez escort in front of crate and started massaging Elena’s clit, earning a moan. When she noticed that slave’s eyes gained focus she started speaking.

“High-heels, stockings, garter-belt and collar that you are wearing, I allow you to keep it, that’s all that you will be wearing for next 43 days.” She was awarded with lustful moan. She smiled, the best part came now.

“As you are my property, I decide what will happen with you… and since there is no more money that you could give me, I sold you.” Elena eyes widened. She started connecting the dots. “This is very special crate. Pipes from your anus and pussy are connected to with waste box. It will be periodically emptied during your travel. They work as vibrators as well, so you won’t get to bored during your travel. From time to time they will turn on. Time of working and intensity of vibrations are all random. Anus vibrator is independent from pussy vibrator. To make it even more interesting there will be small electric shocks from time to time. The tube connected to your mouth is food dispenser. Again it will feed you periodically. Ain’t I nice?” Tears started falling from Elena’s eyes, though she seemed undecided whether to be scared from her plight or excited. Fingers playing with her clit didn’t make it any easier.

“Don’t worry, I prepared food for you so it will supplemented when there will be food shortage in box. Air will not be a problem, there is small ventilator build in. You are travelling as animal. Considering that you’re a sow and bitch in heat isn’t that far off. Och, and don’t worry about sounds — crate was made in such a way that it can mute any screams you make.” She paused for a moment.

“You’re new owner is in Japan. Blonds are always in high demand in that area.” Anastasia smiled viciously and intensified movements of her fingers. She could see as Elena fought to stay conscious. “I’m sending you through container ship. Travel will take 43 days, so enjoy this touch slut because for next month and half you’re only fuck will be this crate.” She pinched clit hard, herself earning a scream and gush of juices. When she looked at her she noticed that Elena lost consciousness.

Excited Anastasia quickly put her fingers into her own pussy and anus. She worked herself until she climaxed.

“Farewell, slut.” she murmured.

She gave her one last look then put the last element of crate at place, effectively closing it. She then pasted the address label on crate.

She zipped her catsuit, smartened up and made a phone call. After a moment of reflection she manavgat escort put on Elena’s coat. She waited about half an hour until she heard truck stopping before her house. When bell rang she opened.

“Good-evening, Ma’am. Did you order courier services.”

“Yes. Package in other room.” Two men entered, one of them read label.


“Yes, this two packages contain food. The ship crews have enough training to use it, so don’t worry.”

“Ok, Ma’am. Sign here and we will take care of the rest.”

She watched as they leave. Opened her laptop and started taping message.

i’Confirmed transfer of 100 000$.

Expecting other half of payment max. 7 days after delivery.

According to demand sow’s travel food coated with mild aphrodisiac. Should result in demanding effect. Looking forward to hearing from you.


With email sent she took suitcase with money and left the farm. It was really useful to preform her business here. No snoopy ears or eyes, wondering why two women entered house and only one left. And no-one asked questions about animals being send from farm. Elena was quite easy to train. She could fetch even 300k for her, but price was set before training started so she had no way of knowing. At least the money in suitcase recompensed her. That was nice bonus. Three times the price of slave.

When she got home she hidden money and her clothes. She then took a shower. When finished she put on dressing-gown and walked down. She saw her eldest daughter, 28 years old Beatrice, sitting in kitchen.

“Hi, mom. How was your day?”

“Ach, hi dear. I concluded my work with Mrs. Matthey. She left aboard today.”

“Och, I saw her coat hanging in hallway.”

Anastasia coursed herself for leaving coat in plain view.

“A gift. It’s all that she left in country. It’s yours.”

“Thanks mom!” Beatrice tried coat on. Anastasia remembered today’s events with Elena. She imagined Beatrice only in stockings, high-heels, garter belt and collar. She imagined Beatrice in place of Elena in crate. She shook her head.

“So where did she go.” Beatrice asked.

“To Japan.”

“Exotic country. For how long?”

“From what I know she will be staying there permanently… Unless the owner of place she will work at says otherwise.”

“She already got a job there?”

Anastasia smiled at her daughter.

“From what I know she found her calling. I’m sure that she will find both, her future occupation and travel to Japan, greatly exciting.” Anastasia smiled at irony of this words.

“No wonder that she left.”

“Our cooperation with work was highly profitable for both of us. But we reached the border how much we could earn together so…”

“I understand. I only hope that you will find partner, that you could work so well with as with Mrs Matthey.”

Anastasia smiled.

“So do I honey. So do I.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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