Sisters Pt. 01

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My life had steadily been disintegrating, but now it seemed as if the last remnants of my it were being torn apart, and I had to keep reminding myself of who I was, else I’d have gone mad.

I was the younger of two sisters, and my parents must have had some sixth sense of what we’d turn out to be when they named us. I was Jane, Plain Jane as they called me at school, which would have hurt even more if it hadn’t been true. I’m not ugly, but my face isn’t quite symmetrical, and it is, well, uninteresting. My hair has always been a dull brown, neither straight nor curled, and it has steadfastly resisted any attempts to style it. My body is trim enough, but my breasts never really grew much, leaving me more an A- than a B-cup, and neither did the rest of my body develop the sort of curved contours that men find attractive.

My older sister, Felicity, was just the opposite. Everyone always said what a beautiful child she was, with her wavy, dark blonde hair, and her face that seemed to be always smiling, but when her hormones kicked in, they took her to another level. Her breasts ballooned out to being D-cup, but never looked out of proportion, not least because the rest of her body developed with them, making her the girl that all the boys chased after. And of course, she just encouraged them. Flirty Felicity, her class used to call her.

I wasn’t surprised when she married someone a few years older than her, as soon as she’d graduated, but I don’t think anyone expected such a fantastic catch. Ted wasn’t just an Adonis to look at, but his family were wealthy, and he was already on the path to becoming the high-flying, sought-after corporate lawyer he is now. No, I was much more surprised when Felicity became a teacher, but it was at an expensive, private school that only the richest families could afford, which Ted’s family had some ownership in.

At least we had that in common, as I became a teacher as well, but in my case, it was in one of the poor areas of the city, doing remedial English classes for late teenagers who sometimes could still barely read or write. The kids were coarse and ignorant, but I somehow found that I could get through to them, and convince them that what I was trying to teach them would be in their own best interest. At least the ones that turned up, as many skipped school, going off in gangs or getting into other sorts of trouble. For the first time in my life, I felt that I was doing something useful, something I was good at.

It was through the school that I met my husband, Ryan, who was the sports master. In a school like this, being good at sport was one way that the kids could escape their backgrounds, so he had an easier ride than most of the teachers. Goodness knows what he saw in me, unless it was something he saw in my teaching. I’d never paid much attention to sex, as my sex drive seemed to stop developing at the same time as my breasts stopped growing, but Ryan somehow managed to get what few hormones I had going, and we married.

When I look back now, that was the pinnacle of my life, from which everything started to go downhill. By that time, Felicity had already had one baby girl, Hilary, as predictably adorable as you’d imagine with such glamourous parents, and was pregnant with another. I guess I’d always imagined having a family myself, although maybe it was the lack of hormones that stopped it ever becoming a compulsion. That wasn’t true of Ryan, though. He’d been an only child, and not only was he desperate to have a family, but he wanted it to be a big one.

We embarked on a campaign, because that’s really what it was, to start a family, making love far more often than I had any real inclination to do. The problem was that nothing happened.

I supposed I must have enjoyed sex at the start, at least a bit, but it increasingly became more and more like a chore. I saw a whole string of doctors, who poked around and looked inside me, then made me keep a temperature record and an intense schedule where Ryan tried to impregnate me several times a day on certain days, all without avail. It was absolutely humiliating. I’d always been ashamed of my body, and I just wanted to curl up and die every time a stranger started touching and probing me. Not only that, but although I seemed to have the necessary equipment between my legs, I couldn’t even manage the most basic womanly function: to get pregnant.

They tested Ryan’s sperm, and put me under to get hold of some of my eggs to check them out. Both tests came back positive, so Ryan threw himself back into an even more regular schedule of trying to fertilise the eggs that the doctors had said I was producing. If that wasn’t bad enough, my father disappeared off with his secretary, and before I’d had enough time to bond again with Mom, she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, and was dead within weeks.

By the time that I was sent to see yet another specialist, sex had become something that I dreaded, and each time we were unsuccessful, naughty america porno I felt more and more like a failure. And I was. The verdict was that my womb was just incapable of hosting a fertilised egg. At least it made some sense, because I’d always had very light periods, but it meant that even IVF would be a waste of time.

Well, Ryan wanted to try IVF, only using a surrogate mother who would be implanted with one of my eggs fertilised by him, and then give birth. That was the last straw. It might be my genetics, but the thought of having a child I knew had grown inside another woman appalled me, and I knew I’d never be able to regard such a child as my own. No, I just couldn’t do it. No way.

And that was the end of my marriage. Ryan divorced me, and went off with some wide-hipped sporting woman who fell pregnant within weeks. Actually, I was more relieved than anything, as I wouldn’t have to keep putting up with Ryan pumping away in me on every possible occasion, and I threw myself back into my teaching.

I thought that life was fine again, but then the bigwigs in City Hall came up with a new project to transform the rough area the school was in, building new homes, and a brand-new high school to replace the beaten up one I worked in. It took a year to get it through, but then it happened. The school closed, and I watched in tears as the bulldozers tore it down, my life along with it.

I stayed at home for weeks, barely going out, speaking to no one, not bothering to seek another teaching post, not really caring if I lived or died.

Over the years, I’d mostly lost touch with Felicity and Ted, as their lives seemed to get ever more exciting. Her elder daughter, Hilary, becoming a skilled cellist, and leaving home to join a travelling orchestra, in the expectation of a later position in one of the big orchestras like the Chicago or Philadelphia Symphony. Her younger, Cathy, was now a star pupil in her final year at her mother’s school. Even at Mom’s funeral, we’d barely spoken, so Felicity was probably the last person I’d have expected to see when, reluctantly, I answered a persistent ringing at my door bell.

“Shit, Jane, they told me you were in a bad way, but I never expected you to look so awful. You can’t carry on like this. A vacancy for a teacher has come up unexpectedly at my school, so get your things together, you’re coming back with me. Now Hilary has gone we’ve got plenty of room, so you can live with us while you sell this dump and find somewhere new.”

There was no mistaking Felicity. She looked even more glamourous than I’d remembered. Her hair seemed to shine in the sunlight, and her scarlet lipstick and nails were a perfect match for her unbelievably high-heeled stilettos. Her white blouse had enough buttons open at the top to give me, or anyone else for that matter, a shamefully good view of her cleavage, and her tight black skirt made it impossible to ignore her smooth, rounded butt. She was everything I wasn’t, and part of me hated her for it.

I must have been in an even worse state than I’d realised, because rather than the sharp put-down I wished I had ready, I just threw my arms around her, and burst into tears. Damn, she not only looked good, but she was wearing a delightful scent that I couldn’t quite place, and I found my body enjoying the touch of another human being, something I’d lacked since Ryan had gone.

It had been so long ago that I’d visited, that I’d forgotten just how big and impressive Felicity’s house was, set in grounds screened by thick hedges, with a large swimming pool with a sliding roof, so that it could still be used in winter, which was now pushed back, the water sparkling in the rays of the setting sun. Felicity helped me carry my few bags upstairs, and showed me to the bedroom, which was huge compared to mine at home.

“This was Hilary’s, but she can have the spare if she comes home for the weekend or any when. Make yourself at home, Jane, because from now on this is your home. Cathy will be back home tomorrow – she’s at a sleepover tonight – but Ted won’t be back for over a week, so tonight it is just us. Maybe we can get to know each other again a bit more.”

When I’d put my few things away, I went back downstairs, and volunteered to help my sister get us something to eat. It was just a simple pasta, but where I’d have done it from a jar, Felicity used wine, cream, chopped tomatoes and fresh herbs to create something that looked the same, but tasted so much better, especially with the fresh Italian white wine she opened for us.

“I’m so glad you came, Jane. I didn’t think you would. You seemed to hate me so much the last few years at home, and you stopped even sending me a Christmas or Birthday card.”

“I didn’t …” I started to say, but when I looked at her face, I knew that she wouldn’t believe the lie, and I ought at least to try to make a new relationship with my only sister, actually my only close relative, nubiles porno especially given that she’d been the one to reach out to me. “Actually, it was more that I was jealous, Felicity. You had all the looks and figure, a film star husband, and I was just plain Jane with a boy’s body.”

“Oh, Jane, that’s awful. Do you think these didn’t bring problems?” she said, holding her hands under her breasts and jiggling them at me. “Do you think it was always fun having to carry these around on my front, weighing as much as they do? And having all the boys after me? I used to envy you, having everything so much simpler. And then when Mom told me you were getting fucked three times a day trying for a baby…”

“FELICITY! Wash your mouth out with soap! I’m sure Mom didn’t use that awful word, and I can’t believe she even told you about it. And it wasn’t fun at all.”

“I’m sorry, Jane. No, she used a different word, but it meant the same thing. Anyway, I’m so sorry that you can’t have children, Jane, but at least it means you can enjoy sex now without worrying, doesn’t it?”

“I don’t know what you mean, Felicity. Enjoy it? I endured it to have a family, that’s all, and what a waste of time that turned out to be. But tell me about you, and what you’ve all been up to.”

I could see that my sister had spotted my hasty change of subject, but thankfully she didn’t go back to talking about sex. Mind you, every time she bent forward to refill my wine glass, I had to look away, else I was sure I’d be able to see far more of her breasts than I wanted. Still, by the end of the evening, I was feeling much more comfortable with my sister than I could ever have imagined, and definitely more relaxed than I’d been for a long time.

“Well, Jane, I think I’m ready for bed. Just a quick shower for me, then I’ll slip between the sheets and be out like a light. There’s a shower in your room, of course. Just let me know if there’s anything you want. Else I’ll see you in the morning.”

We headed upstairs together; Felicity surprising me again as she gave me a kiss on my cheek as we headed towards our separate bedrooms. Yes, a nice warm shower before bed sounded great. I’d taken my dress off before I noticed that there weren’t any towels. Damn. Still, Felicity had said to ask her if I needed anything, so I headed back towards her bedroom.

The door was ajar, and I tapped gently on it before pushing it open. She must have been just going into the bathroom when I knocked, and she turned around to face me. I felt my face going scarlet and burning as if I’d been out too long in the sun. My big sister was stood in front of me, absolutely naked, her breasts seeming even larger now they were released.

“Um … sorry … uh … I don’t have towels …” I managed to gasp out, and although I was embarrassed and horrified at catching her naked, somehow, I just couldn’t take my eyes off her body, not just her breasts, but the trimmed patch of blond hair between her legs, with something sparkling underneath.

“Sorry? Don’t look so shocked, Jane, you must have seen my tits when we were girls? I should have warned you, anyway, because we’re all used to walking around naked in this house.”

“Wh … what even Cathy and Ted? I … can’t …”

“Don’t worry, I’ll have a word with Ted when he comes back. You don’t have to keep staring at me, though! I can see you’re fascinated by my little jewel. Isn’t it lovely, Ted bought it for me for my fortieth?”

I could feel my blush spreading down my chest. I was disgusted with myself, and ashamed at being caught looking at my sister’s private parts, but it was made even worse as Felicity pushed her hips forward, and pulled at the jewel so I could see it better. The trouble was that I not only got a good view of the jewel, but the folds of her labia, which were hair-free and opening enough for me to see a flash of pink between them.

“Uh … “

“It’s a real diamond, Jane, isn’t it great?”

“But … but who put it in? Surely you didn’t…” I said, remembering how humiliated I’d felt having to let a stranger look and touch me there, but at least I had the knowledge that it had to be done if I wanted children.

“Don’t look like that, Jane. You must have had plenty of people touch your pussy. It wasn’t a doctor, but the tattooist who did it was almost as good as, wasn’t he? Ted was there, and we both enjoyed another man looking at me down there.”

“Towels …” was all I could say, as I tried to figure out all the conflicting emotions running through me.

It was disgusting; wrong; a sin. What sort of pervert wants to see their sister’s private bits? The problem was that the only answer I was coming up with was me. I’d never had any interest in women’s bodies, not even my own, but for some reason I was feeling a tingling up between my legs that I’d never experienced before. And it didn’t get any less as I watched her round butt wiggle as she went over to the airing cupboard olgun porno and pulled out a pile of soft, white sheets that she handed over to me.

“‘Night” was all I could trust myself to say as I turned and walked as fast as I could back to my own room.

I turned on the shower, checked the temperature, then took off my bra and then my panties. What the hell was wrong with me? As I pulled my panties down, I could feel the dampness as they came down over my legs, and I could smell my own scent seeming to sear my nostrils with its power. I’d always been inclined to leak a lot down there, but nothing like this.

I got in the shower, and scrubbed as hard as I could between my legs, washing off my thick bush of hair, trying not to think about how much neater my sister had looked down there.

The problem was that I could clean my skin, but I couldn’t wash away the thoughts inside my head, and even after I’d dried myself and put on my sloppy nightdress and got into bed, all I could think about was the prospect of seeing her naked again.

When I woke up in the morning, the sun was already streaming in through the window, so I went straight down to the kitchen in my nightie, not that I had much to cover except a luxuriant crop of brown, curly hair. Felicity was already up, but when I saw her, I felt more irritated than anything else.

“Hi Jane. Did you sleep well?”


“I’ll take that as a yes. What would you like for breakfast? Eggs, pancakes, muesli – or anything else you see.”

Damn, I suddenly realised why I was feeling grumpy. Felicity had a nightdress on herself, or at least, a very loose, long T-shirt that kept slipping off her shoulder. What was wrong with me, I wondered, as I came to terms with the idea that I’d been looking forward to seeing my sister naked?

“Um, some muesli, yoghourt and honey would be great, Feli,” I said, barely aware that I’d slipped back to using the short version of her name as I had when we were young.

She got a pot of yoghourt out of the fridge, and as she bent across the table to hand it to me, I couldn’t help noticing that her T-shirt had sagged down enough that I could see her dangling breasts, right down to her nipples.

“Coffee would be nice too, please,” I said.

I can’t believe that when I asked, it was for any more than coffee, so that when she brought it back and leaned over, I’d have another gorgeous view of her breasts.

“You know, Jane, you seemed so embarrassed last night that with Cathy away, I thought you’d be happier if I put a nightie on this morning, but the way you keep looking at my tits makes me think perhaps I was wrong,” she said laughing.

The Cathy comment struck me as a bit odd. Surely it would be easier for her to be dressed if her daughter were here? I couldn’t imagine wanting to be naked in front of our aunt when we were young, so nor I couldn’t imagine that Cathy would want to be in front of me. I just smiled, and got on eating my breakfast. I managed to sneak a few more glimpses of my sister’s body, though, as we cleared things away, and loaded up the dishwasher.

“We need to go shopping today, I think, Jane. Were the undies you were wearing last night the sort you always wear?”

“Yes. What was wrong with them? They covered up everything that needed to be covered, didn’t they?”

“Well, not quite, Jane. I could see quite a few hairs poking out round your panty legs. And anyway, the school has a strict dress code for teachers, so we need to make sure you’re ready. We can’t let the boys and girls down, can we?”

I couldn’t see how on earth my underwear could let the class down, whatever they were like, but there was something about the way my sister spoke as she looked into my eyes that made me keep my mouth shut.

“Anyway, let’s see what else we need to do to get you ready.”

As she spoke, Felicity grabbed the hem of my nightie and pulled it straight up over my head before I knew what was happening. With only the merest twitches to release my arms, I suddenly found I was stood naked, inches away from my sister, reversing the position of the previous night.

“God, Jane, we’d better do something about that bush, but your tits are so much nicer than I remembered them. I love your tight little nipples.”

As I looked down, I saw she was right. I only had small areolas anyway, but for some reason they had decided to stiffen up so much that almost the only thing left was a pair of dark brown cylinders sticking out over half an inch from my small breasts. I felt ashamed of my nakedness, and mortified how untidy I looked between my legs compared to how I’d seen my sister look the previous evening. Almost worse, though, was the aching for my sister to touch those nipples she said she admired, and her just standing looking.

“Go and get some clothes on, then, Jane, and we’ll go into town. I know just the places.”

As I went upstairs again, my mind was full of contradictions. I was starting to hate my sister again for seeming to think she could just strip me without my permission, let alone some of her comments, but yet I couldn’t stop thinking about the way she looked naked, and how much I wanted her to touch my nipples which had stood to attention for her.

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