Sisters of the same Panties

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Sisters of the same Panties
When she arrived at the apartment and saw that her roommate had done the laundry, she knew she was fucked.

Jill had just finished her last college class for the day and her heart sunk after seeing that her roommate had taken away all the bed sheets to wash. Laundry day was supposed to be tomorrow. Not today!

She changed her clothes into something more relaxed: pajama pants along with a Star Wars t-shirt, and bunny slippers on her feet. She wasn’t exactly a dork, but she wasn’t the most popular girl on campus either.

She was simply normal Jill.

Her roommate Kirsten had returned with a basket full of their laundry, including the bedsheets, and Jill didn’t know how to feel. She didn’t know whether to be angry or embarrassed. It wasn’t until Kirsten brought the laundry to Jill’s room that they had a chance to talk about it.

“You remember that laundry day is tomorrow, right?” Jill asked, trying not to flip out over the whole thing.

Kirsten put the basket down, relieving her arms. “Yeah, I know.”

“Then why did you wash everything today?”

“I don’t know. Why not?”

Jill tensed. “Oh, well, okay.”

“Why? Is something bothering you?”

“Nothing at all,” Jill said, shaking her head fast.

“Are you sure?”

“Yep, I’m sure.”

Kirsten put her hands on her hips. “Look, it’s okay if you peed in your bed last night. It’s not a big deal. A lot of college girls pee in their beds, I think. You were probably having a nightmare when it happened. Forget it.”

The worst was confirmed. The roommate saw the wet stain on the sheets. Jill sat her butt down on the bed and buried her face in her hands.

“Oh god,” she moaned, wanting to cry.

Kirsten, being the good friend that she is, sat down beside Jill and rubbed her back.

“Don’t be embarrassed, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. We’re all human beings.”

Jill took a deep breath and sat upright. “So, you saw it? I mean, you actually saw it.”

“By accident, I guess. I went inside your room to borrow a pair of panties and saw the stain on the center of your bed. I didn’t want you sleeping in your own pee tonight, so I did laundry a day early. Big deal.”

“It’s not pes,” Jill mumbled under her breath.


“I said it’s not pee.”

“So you spilled water or juice?” Kirsten asked. “I guess I did the laundry early for nothing. Oh well.”

Jill shook her head. “It’s not that either.”

“Jeez, this whole thing is turning into a freaking mystery. What the hell was it then?”

“I played with myself,” she mumbled.

“Huh? I can’t hear you again.”

Jill spoke up. “I played with myself.”


“That’s what made the mess.”

Kirsten’s eyes widened, and her jaw dropped. “No way.”

“Yes, way.”

“You freaking squirted!”

There was a perverse sense of delight in Kirsten’s tone and facial expressions, which only made Jill feel more embarrassed over the whole situation.

“Please don’t make this any worse,” Jill sighed.

“Worse? Are you k**ding? That’s so cool.”

“What’s cool about squirt? Gosh, I don’t even like calling it that.”

“Squirt is the appropriate name.”

Jill playfully rolled her eyes. “Whatever it’s called, let’s stop talking about it already. I’m already humiliated.”

“But why? It’s so cool.”

“Kirsten, I love you like my sister, but I’m going to throw you out of my room if you don’t quit it.”

“My god, someone has brainwashed you, am I right?”

“What do you mean?”

“Someone brainwashed you into thinking you’re a freak. Well, actually you are a freak- the hot kind of freak.”

“You’re relentless,” Jill sighed. “And I guess it’s sort of my own insecurity. And you’re right, I did have an ex-boyfriend who was grossed out by it. I mean, we had sex a few times and once he made me orgasm so hard that I ruined his bed. Needless to say that it didn’t last long between us after that.”

“Well, Jill, he’s an asshole and an idiot. Seriously, you’re a goddess.”

“Easy for you to say. You’re not the one with the extra cleanup duties.”

“Actually, I did the laundry today, remember?” Kirsten quipped.

“Oh yeah. You know what I mean though. I’m the one who has to live with it.”

“Would you masturbate more if squirting wasn’t an issue?”

Jill shrugged, “Probably. I mean, sometimes if it’s been a long day and I’m in bed, the last thing I want to do is position a towel on the bed and then rinse myself in the shower afterwards.”

“Why not just masturbate in the shower or bath?”

“Seriously? I’ll turn into a prune with all that warm water.”

“Why not masturbate in the bathtub with no water?”

“My back will hurt,” Jill replied. “Enough about my masturbation habits. This is so intrusive on my privacy.”

“We share everything though.”

Jill rolled her eyes lovingly. “Maybe I’ll just write a diary of my masturbation routine and give it to you for Christmas. How about that?”


“That was a joke.”


“Why are you so obsessed with this?” Jill asked. “It just seems so…bizarre.”

“What seems bizarre? My obsession with this or the fact that you squirt when you cum.”

Jill blushed at the flagrant reminder. “Both!”

Kirsten left the room and Jill took a minute to relish her moment of privacy. How utterly humiliating. Then she took a moment to make her bed with the freshly washed bedsheet. At least it smelled nice and the squirt stain was gone.


After several peaceful minutes later, Jill was disturbed from listening to the latest Depeche Mode album on her headphones, when a text from Kirsten came.

my room. now

Jill texted back: but y

come. now!

can’t. depeche mode. spirit

it will still be there when you return. come now (no pun intended!)

Jill took a moment to wonder if that pun was intentional or not, given her orgasmic revelation earlier. But she didn’t want to dwell on her roommate’s tasteless humor of bodily functions. Instead, she got up and dragged her feet over to her roommate’s bedroom and entered through the open door.

There was Kirsten on the bed, laptop in front of her.

“Here, sit beside me.” she said.

Jill sat next to her friend. “What’s going on?”

It only took a split second for Jill to glance at the laptop screen to realize that it was porn. Not only was there porn on the screen, but there were also other porn links set up on multiple open tabs as well.

From a glance, it looked like some classy, tasteful, hipster type porn, with fine art and regular looking people.

“You called me here to look at porn?” Jill asked incredulously. “I’m shocked. You’re corrupting my innocent brain.”

“Judging by that big stain you left on your bed, porn is the least of your worries.”

Jill blushed, “Touché.”

“Anyway, behold, masturbation porn.”

Kirsten clicked the mouse and played the first video. It was essentially a tastefully filmed amateur masturbation video of a completely naked middle-aged woman playing with herself in what looked like her actual bedroom. The woman was lying on a bath towel and the video started with her fingers on her clit. Then she went spread-eagle and really started working her fingers inside. It was a simple yet effective technique.

After a few minutes of staring at the screen awkwardly, the woman finally came. It was a real orgasm too. The woman moaned and cried. A rush of fluids gushed from her pussy and made a wet mess all over the bed. Luckily the bath towel was there to catch most of the fluids.

When it was over, the woman looked so satisfied and relieved. She smiled to the camera and said some nice words to the viewer. Someone was working the camera and zoomed in on the spent pussy, showing wet marks everywhere.

The clip ended with a close up of the woman’s face. She winked at the camera with a sly grin and the clip ended.

“You ruined my Depeche Mode session for this?” Jill questioned. “I have my own porn sites that I visit. I don’t need any more recommendations.”

Kirsten raised an eyebrow with a glint in her eye. “Really? Which porn sites do you visit?”

“Nevermind,” Jill sighed. “What’s the purpose of this kaçak iddaa anyway? To make me feel better about my situation?”

“There you go. That’s your problem. You’re referring to your glorious bodily functions as a ‘situation,’ when the reality is that your squirting abilities are far from a situation. It’s a blessing.”

“And what makes you say that?”

“A lot of women would kill to orgasm like you do. Seriously, do you know the statistics of women and orgasms? Not all of them can do it regularly. For some, it’s extremely difficult.”

Jill paused for a moment. “What does that have to do with anything?”

“Not only can you orgasm, but your orgasms must be heavenly. Women who squirt feel a heightened sense of pleasure.”

“You think so?”

“Let me ask you this,” Kirsten said. “What’s the difference between your orgasms when you squirt, and when you don’t squirt.”

“Squirting is all I know.”

Kirsten leaned back and eyed her friend, taking this revelation in, looking so pleased yet envious. “Lucky you.”

“No I’m not. I cum like any other girl. Just wetter. Much wetter. Messy making wet. And it can be a real chore too. You don’t know what it’s like. Obviously you’re not a squirter.”

“I wish I was.”

“Since you’re not a squirter, you can’t possibly judge my experience as a sexual being.”

Kirsten shook her head. “You’re like a rich person who hates being rich. Sure, there are burdens of being rich, but people would kill for those burdens.
“No one is going to kill to squirt like me.”

“Maybe not. But there are millions of envious women in this world who would gladly have your wet problem, if it meant experiencing the blissful pleasure of the human body. God has given you a special gift. Embrace it, Jill.”

The truth was, this was exactly what Jill needed to hear. She did know that she was gifted in some ways. Her orgasms always felt good. Actually, better than good. Amazing! If she could bring herself to a climax her day would always become better, her mood uplifted, and her outlook on life much brighter.

But like most college girls, she had her insecurities of her own body. She was already awkward enough being a dork (though not as dorky as her high school years). In college, she made a concerted effort to become a normal human being. For the most part, she succeeded. She found her confidence. With that, she made more friends, was asked on more dates, and was overall less geeky.

Not that there’s anything wrong with being a geek. Geeks are sexy too! But it was a question of confidence for Jill.

The whole squirting thing did put a damper on Jill’s overall body confidence and self-esteem. How could she fully be a sexual being in an adult relationship if she’d always have to change the bed sheets after sex? She couldn’t even fuck in a car or else she’d ruin the seat.

Could millions of women actually be envious of Jill’s bodily function? Probably. Most likely. Yes. Jill knew she could cum like no other, and it was time to appreciate that blessing.

Her eyes shifted to the laptop again, towards the self-assured woman on the screen, as the clip was still paused. The woman looked so happy to cum like that. Happy with her body, happy with life. Best of all, she had a partner (the camera person) who loved her for it. A partner who loved her so much, that he or she was willing to share that pleasure with the world, on this public porn site.

Maybe it was time for Jill to feel the same way about her body?

She decided she was finally ready for the next step in her evolution.

“I know, sometimes I can be hard on myself,” Jill admitted.

“Acknowledgment is the first step.”

Kirsten smiled, “I’m going to buy you a vibrator.”

“What!? Dear god, no. Please don’t.”

“Why not?”

“If I wanted a vibrator, I’d buy it myself. I don’t need you buying sex toys for me.”

“Who cares,” Kirsten replied. “We share panties.”

“Actually, we don’t share panties. You steal mine. Especially the good ones.”

“Either way, our pussies have touched the same cloth. That practically makes us sisters.”

Jill pondered for a moment. “That actually kind of makes sense. We’re pussy sisters, if such a thing actually exists. Sisters of the Same Panties.”

“Sisters of the Same Panties? Go back to your room and listen to your new Depeche Mode album. Let me handle the rest.”

Jill sighed, “I wish I could live with my parents again.”

Then she left, back to her room, back to Depeche Mode. She closed the door to her bedroom and collapsed on the bed, putting her earphones on. She played the upbeat track “So Much Love.”


The next day arrived and Jill was pleasantly surprised that her roommate hadn’t mentioned the whole squirting thing again, but she was certain the subject would come up again.

She saw her roommate in the morning and still no mention. Maybe it would be a good day.

When she returned from a 4 hour block of college classes, Jill realized that the idea was too good to be true. There was a plastic bag sitting on the table and there was something inside. She didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what it was. Sure enough, the roommate popped into their small living room wearing a casual sundress, having just recently returned home as well.

“Please don’t tell me,” Jill sighed, taking her shoes off.

“It’s a sex toy.”

“Please, not this again.”

“You don’t even know what it is.”

Jill shrugged. “I can guess.”

The mystery came to an end when Kirsten removed the bag’s contents. Turns out, it was no mystery at all. Kirsten held up a new box with a vibrator inside.

“Behold,” Kirsten smiled. “My gift to you.”

“A vibrator?”

“Not just any vibrator. It’s a rabbit vibrator.”

“Is that supposed to make a difference?” Jill inquired.

“Here, let’s have a look.”

Kirsten tore open the package and used scissors to cut the tough plastic part. She tossed the box onto the table and held up the advanced-looking sex device. It was long, thick, and had an extension in the shape of bunny ears to stimulate the clit.

With the batteries inside, Kirsten activated the vibrator on a low setting, causing the tip to rotate in circles and the extension to vibrate, which would certainly provide tons of pleasure to a woman’s clit and pussy.

“Yikes,” Jill said, mesmerized by the sight.

“I know, right? The best part is that it’s waterproof.”

Jill couldn’t help but blush. “That’s important I guess.”

“Very important for what’s ahead of us.”


Kirsten nodded. “Yes, us. You and me. This is going to be a team effort.”

“Ummm… says who?”

“Says the girl who went inside of a sex shop for the very first time to buy this expensive toy.”


“Look, I’ll be honest,” Kirsten said. “I’m completely and utterly jealous of your bodily attributes. It’s often difficult for me to cum, so that’s why I envy you. And to be honest, I’m dying to see it happen in real life. It’s long been a fetish of mine, hence my porn viewing habits.”

“You want to watch me masturbate and squirt? So… you can get off to it?”

Kirsten nodded.

“Are you really serious right now?” Jill questioned in disbelief.

There was a long awkward pause between them and they both looked like they had bitten into some super sour candy.

Kirsten suddenly tensed and put a hand over her mouth, as if she were gasping in horror.

“God, did I just ruin our friendship? I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to. I’m such an idiot when I think about sex stuff sometimes.”

Jill shook her head. “No, no. You just caught me off guard, that’s all. I mean, we’ve known each other forever. And we’ll still be living together for the next few years.”

“That doesn’t bother me. If anything, it’ll bring us closer together.”

“True, in an odd way.”

“Let’s not forget the most important thing,” Kirsten began to explain. “Your whole body image deal. We both know what an insecure beaver you are. Even though you have such an attractive package, you never let yourself believe that. Remember high school kaçak bahis prom? You went on and on about how goofy and awkward you felt, even though you looked gorgeous.”

Jill blushed furiously, “Keep going.”

“How do you expect to blossom into a full grown sexual being if you can’t even be comfortable around your own best friend?”

Striking words which struck Jill right in the core. It was exactly what she needed to hear. Exactly what she wanted. And exactly what would convince her to do a thing like this.

Her facial expressions showed that she was beginning to waffle and wave. Kirsten sensed the momentum change and seized the opportunity.

“What’s it going to be?” Kirsten asked. “Shall I try to return this device? Or shall we have some fun with it?”

Jill paused for a moment. “One condition.”

“Name it.”

“You have to go first,” Jill replied with a smile. “It’s more fair that way, and less embarrassing that way.”

Kirsten smiled back, “Deal. Now slip into something more appropriate and meet me in my room. No bra. No panties. It’s more comfortable that way. I’ll make sure my bed is, ummm, squirt proof.”

“Kay kay,” she replied back, which was her cute way of saying, ‘okay.’

Jill stood upright and tip-toed away, with a sense of embarrassment and excitement flowing in her veins.


It was about ten minutes later when they finally started. Jill went over to her roommate’s room, dressed in sweatpants and a tshirt.

For her part, Kirsten was still wearing the same sundress she had been wearing earlier, barefoot with her arms and calves showing. Casual, yet proper and relaxed.

On the bed, there were two spread-out bath towels laid neatly. It was just like the amateur porn video they had watched yesterday, only more secure. After all, Kirsten still had no idea how powerful Jill could be, especially with a rabbit vibrator, so the extra precautions were necessary to protect the bed.

“Um, Kirsten… that’s not going to be enough protection.”

“Are you serious?!” she replied, looking at Jill in disbelief.


“Well, what would be good protection?”

Jill took the towels and folded both in half once, then in half again, so that it only covered the middle of the bed.

Kirsten marveled at the new arrangement. “Jesus.”

“I know, I know, but I’ve never used a vibrator before, let alone a powerful one like that. I might, you know, solve California’s drought problem.”

“We can only hope.”

“Our landlord might disagree.”

They both laughed at the insane notion of their apartment being ruined by harmless squirt. Then the laughter turned into a moment of awkwardness.

“Time to get serious,” Kirsten said after a deep breath. “Let’s begin.”

“Have you ever used a vibrator on yourself before?”


“So it’ll be a first time for both of us,” Jill noted.

“Yep. Sit down and enjoy the show. I’ll try not to make a fool of myself.”

Jill looked around the small room. There weren’t any extra seats except for the small chair in front of the dresser, which meant she’d have to have a poor view of the action. Nonetheless, she moved over to it.

“Just sit here,” Kirsten said, pointing to the end of the bed.

“Are you sure? That means, ummm, I’ll be right in front of you. Like, I’ll be able to see directly into your…”

“My pussy hole?” Kirsten smiled. “I know, it’ll be embarrassing. But if we’re going to go swimming, we might as well dive right in.”

Jill put her hands on her hips. “Was that a pun?”

“No way. Total coincidence. Now sit.”

Things were getting intense and Jill felt her heart beating. Both of them were filled with nervous energy as Jill sat on the edge of the bed. Kirsten positioned herself on the bed and sat down above the towel.

In a flash, Kirsten lifted her sundress to sit on the towels, revealing her small but, pert tits, and her bare, cleanly shaven pussy.

As they both got comfy sitting on the bed, Kirsten spread her legs wide open, revealing her pink hole, which was wet with arousal and excitement. It looked so raw and natural. Jill’s eyes were glued to it.

Without further ado, Kirsten turned on the rabbit vibrator and it buzzed and rotated with an intimidating presence.

“Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” Jill asked nervously. “I don’t want you to hurt yourself. I mean, jeez, look at that thing.”

“I’ll be fine, silly. I watched a few instructionals on youtube.”

“That’s it? I feel like you need a license to use that thing.”

“Nope. I’m good to go.”

Then Kirsten, with her legs wide open, inserted the buzzing device into her pussy. The impact was right away. Kirsten’s toes curled on the bed and she gasped like her soul was leaving her body. The tip of the sex toy rotated in her pussy and the rabbit ears stimulated her clitoris. Kirsten’s eyes rolled back.

“Are you okay?” Jill asked in a soft, scared tone.

“Better than okay.”

Kirsten laid back and kept the sex toy in her pussy. She looked like a possessed woman as her body squirmed and shivered.

“You can stop if you want,” Jill said in the same concerned voice. “You don’t have to keep doing this.”

“Jill… quiet… watch and enjoy…”

Kirsten kept her eyes closed and enjoyed the bliss of the vibrator working its magic on her pussy. The sex toy wasn’t nearly as daunting as either of them had expected. If Kirsten’s body could handle it, so could every other college girl, including Jill.

“Oh fuck,” Kirsten moaned, holding the vibrator in place.

“Does that actually feel good?”

“Fuck yes,” Kirsten whispered. “I think I’m kind of close. yes…”

A few minutes passed by, Jill watched attentively at her friend’s vibrating pussy. She felt envious of her friend. She felt jealousy. She felt curiosity for the first time in her life, wondering what a vibrator like that would actually feel like.

“Oh shit,” Kirsten gasped, her body clenching and her eyes rolling back.

And just like that, Kirsten’s entire body tensed and she made mumbling noises with her mouth.

“Fuck!” she cried out, all while the rabbit vibrator buzzed in her pussy and vibrated her clitoris.

Her body shook for a few moments, then she pulled it away.

When the intense orgasm was done, Kirsten turned the vibrator off and laid completely relaxed on the bed, breathing sighs of relief in the process. Her legs were still open and her wet pussy was still showing, but she didn’t seem to care.

“Well?” Jill asked. “How do you feel?”

Kirsten smiled, “Like a brand new woman.”


Kirsten tried to hop out of bed like she normally did, but it was tough after that orgasm, with her legs like jelly. But she managed. Kirsten took the spot at the bottom of the bed and waited for Jill to sit on the towel.

For her part, Jill moved slowly and apprehensively.

“I guess it’s my turn,” Jill said awkwardly, sitting on the towel.

“You can’t use the vibrator with your pants on.”

“So I have to, like, take them off?”


Jill tried to snap out of the nervous energy she felt. “Sorry, I’m just a little out of my element here.”

“T-shirt off, too.”

“I’ll be naked,” Jill shot back.

“That’s the point. Your first vibrator session should be magnificent. You should be totally relaxed, just like the woman we saw on that video clip. Total relaxation is key.”

Jill huffed. “I don’t want to argue about this.”

In an effortless motion, Jill pulled off her tshirt to reveal her upturned breasts, with wide areolas and small brown nipples. Those tits seemed to get harder once they were exposed.

“Cool tits,” Kirsten said, staring at them.

Jill briefly covered them with her hands. “They’re just regular tits.”

“That’s exactly what I mean. You have no sense of pride in your body. You think you’re normal. But the truth is, you’re gorgeous. And the more comfortable you get in your own skin, the more powerful your orgasms will feel.”

“I suppose,” Jill sighed, putting her hands down to free her tits again.

“Now the rest. I’m getting hungry.

“For food or my squirt?”

“Wow, güvenilir bahis nice burn,” Kirsten said. “Now take your flipping pants off already.”

At this point, why not? Jill’s breasts were already exposed, and Kirsten had already bared her pussy, orgasm, and soul without shame.

So Jill did her part and completely removed the rest of her cheap clothes and got naked on the neatly folded towel. She got into a comfortable position sitting on it, and naturally, Kirsten’s curious eyes were glued to it.

Jill did her best friend a favor and spread her legs wide open.

“See, it’s a normal pussy,” Jill said.

Kirsten was mesmerized. “Far from it. Who would have thought that such a delicate little hole could possess so much power?”

“You think so? To me it’s always been, well, my pussy.”

Jill looked down and spread her own pussy, wondering what the big deal was. To her, it was your average pussy. She kept the hair trimmed extra short, but not so short that it was bare. Her currently throbbing clit poked out from her outer labia, blush pink through her naturally tan skin. The folds around her entrance were only slightly darker than her nipples, and wet with her arousal. Her pussyhole itself was a bright pink shade, and she could feel the heat of her sexual desire emanating from it.

The more she thought about it, the more aroused she became, and the more difficult it was to keep her fingers from diving in and thrashing around inside her pussy.

Kirsten stared at it. “I think you have the perfect pussy.”

“That’s sweet. Thanks.”

“May I have the honor?” Kirsten asked, holding up the rabbit vibrator.

Jill got comfortable, then nodded. “It’s probably better that way. I wouldn’t know how to use it. Start slow. I’m sensitive.”


The rabbit vibrator was brought to Jill’s pussy and the tip of it was inserted. Entry was fairly easy since Jill spread herself and was naturally lubricated from her own arousal. With another push, the vibrator was halfway inside. One more and it was all the way in, with the bunny ears extension pressed to Jill’s clitoris.

“Here it goes,” Kirsten warned.

A button was pushed and the sex toy was activated, causing the tip to rotate and the rabbit ears to vibrate, stimulating the clit.

It was far more intense than Jill had ever expected. She was a simple girl with simple needs. She had only ever fucked one guy and was used to two fingers (sometimes three) for her daily stress relief when her classes were done. Her masturbation was ordinary in every way.

But this rabbit vibrator? It was anything but ordinary. It was extraordinary! Amazing! It worked magical powers inside of her pussy with the rotating tip. And the rabbit ears. Goodness, it was driving her crazy. Two of her innermost erogenous zones were being stimulated to insanely good effect.

Even more shocking, it was her best friend doing this. It was her best friend wielding the unholy wand, guiding it in and out of her delicate pussy. They’d known each other for years and had shared everything together. All of their personal details along with their stuff. But this? This was insane. And she loved every second of it.

As she was leaning back, she stared at Kirsten working the vibrator. Her best friend stared at the pussy like it was the fountain of youth. She even licked her lips, as if Jill’s pussy was someone delicious.

Each time the vibrator was pulled out, Jill could see why Kirsten was so enamored by the sight. The rabbit vibrator was now covered in clear fluids, like runny water.

It made Jill blush.

“You love this,” Kirsten said in an I-told-you kind of way.

Jill blushed harder. “Yeah, I do.”

“Let’s see if we can kick this up a notch.”

When Kirsten pressed a button and kicked things into high gear, the vibrator swirled faster and the bunny ears vibrated hard against Jill’s clit. It caused Jill’s eyes to widen like she was in shock. It was a look of horror.

“Oh! God! Fuck! Turn it down!!” Jill shrieked. “Too high!! Take it out!!!”


Kirsten pulled it out, and looked at Jill with anguish. Then she spoke, “Does it not feel good?”

Jill replied, “I’m super sensitive. But, I’m aroused and need to cum. Can I just use my fingers?”

Kirsten thought, and said, “I have a fun idea.”

Jill look puzzled, and thought what now!

Before Jill could react, Kirsten started kissing her inner thighs, moving slowly up toward Jill’s wet pussy. As she made her assault, Jill looked at her.

‘What are you doing?”

“Making you squirt.”, Kirsten replied.

With that, Jill knowing she didn’t want to fight, allowed her roommate to continue. Kirsten, teasingly made to her engorged clit, and started to flick it with tip of her tongue. Jill was moaning more and more, and she also began making small circles with her tongue.

“That’s more like it,” Jill said, breathing a sigh of relief and enjoying the pleasure.

“You got it, boss.”

The rest felt like waves of an ocean. Jill simply let go and relaxed. Her body tensed up. It felt like the beginning of a roller coaster. The click click click of the car as it reached the peak of what was going to be the first of many downward drops. She knew exactly when to release and give into the pleasure. Her thighs moved to be as close together as they could without obstructing Kirsten’s head.

Her legs stuck straight out, her knees locked, and her toes pointed like a ballerina’s as she threw her head back and screamed.

Clear liquid gushed from her cunt, splashing all over her roommates face, and down the crack of her ass onto the towel. It gushed and gushed like a natural phenomenon. Her clit pulsed as wave after wave of orgasmic fluid squirted from her pussy. She held her breath as her body shook. She groaned and lay limp when she was finished, but Kirsten’s tongue did not stop its assault on her sensitive insides.

“Fuck!! Stop already!”

Kirsten pulled her face off Jill’s spent pussy.

“Are you okay?” Kirsten asked.

Jill batted her eyes. “I feel like a new woman.”

At that point, both of them knew their friendship would never be the same. Things could never go back to normal. Not after this. And not while Kirsten was so mesmerized by the sight of Jill’s pink wet hole.

Jill flashed a look which said, ‘I know, pretty bad-ass, right?’ They both knew that it was. It was confirmed when Jill wiped her own pussy with her hand and sucked each finger like it was ice cream, while staring at Kirsten in the eyes.

In a way, Jill had always known. Nothing more than a suspicion though. Now it was seemingly confirmed. Sure, Jill had her own curiosities as well. She had never done anything with another female. But why not? And why not with Kirsten? Kirsten was pretty, easy going, and they had great chemistry together- both personally and, as it turned out, sexually as well.

It was time to explore things further.

Kirsten licked the trickles of fluids on Jill’s thighs, crotch, and pussy. It was both of their first times doing anything like this. In a way, they were both losing their virginities again. Especially when Kirsten plunged her tongue inside the pink pussy while she used her mouth to suck the remainder of the fluids.

Then things went into a different direction. Kirsten brought her kisses higher, to Jill’s belly, then onto Jill’s brown nipples, sucking each of them.

‘What is happening?’ Jill thought, allowing her roommate to explore her body further.

But of course, Jill remained still and enjoyed the feeling of her roommate’s mouth, even as Kirsten moved all the way up and they kissed each other’s lips. It was a soft kiss at first. Then it became a tongue kiss. A wet one, of course, with them swapping Jill’s squirt around in their mouths.

“Delicious,” Kirsten smiled. “We’ll be sharing a lot more than panties from now on. Is that okay?”

Jill nodded helplessly. “Only if you do the cleaning. And I don’t mean the dishes or laundry.”

“Well, then back to my new cleaning duties.”

Kirsten gave another kiss on the lips and moved back down, lower and lower, bringing her mouth back to that orgasmic pussy. As Jill was being eaten by her roommate, she thought, Sister’s of the same Panties. YUMMY!!

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