Sister Sarah Ch. 08

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As Sarah and I made our way to the airport, we traveled through an area that had several speed bumps. The bouncing action of my SUV caused her spaghetti strap to fall from her left shoulder. She did nothing to put it back in place, and I kept shooting glances her way to see that the dress fell lower and lower with every bump. Finally, it caught on her nipple. She caught my eye once, and smiled, knowing exactly what I was doing, and what she was doing to me. I was growing hard again at the thought of getting to see her breasts exposed. I made a point to hit the next bump a bit harder, which had the desired effect. Sure enough, her dress dropped, and exposed her left breast in full to my gaze. I had a hard time concentrating on the drive, but what she did next made it even worse. Looking straight ahead, Sarah reached up and slipped the right strap from her shoulder, which, of course, caused her dress to fall, completely exposing both of her supple tits to anyone who wanted to see. Knowing she was on display, my sister pulled the seatbelt strap out away from her body, and let it crumple around her waist.

“Why don’t you just take it off,” I suggested. So she did. I watched as my stunning sister raised up, and slipped her dress off, and tossed it in the back seat.

“I love it when you do that,” I told her.

“What, take off my clothes?”

“Well, yea, but when you get naked in the car. I love that.”

Sarah just smiled at me, and turned to look forward again. My compliment of her nudity caused her to flush. I knew she liked being on display, especially for me. As we continued, I watched as her ample breasts bounced with the movement of the car. I reached over to touch them. I cupped her right breast in my hand, and let her left tit rest on my forearm. I was her human bra, and held those luscious titties in place as we continued down the road. Unfortunately, we were nearing the airport, so play time would have to end.

“Are you going to dress before we get there?”

“No, I’ll do it when we get to the garage. It’s ok…I kind of want to be naked as long as I can.”

“Believe me, I want you naked for as long as you can!”

I love my sister wholly. Not just as my sister, but I love her as my soulmate; my lover. But I’m also in love with her body. Every part of her attracts me like a moth to a flame, and I want every part of her to be a part of my life every day. I truly enjoy our sexual acts, as it allows me to show her my love for her. I know that showing her is not a requirement in our relationship, as we both feel the same about each other, but it is certainly satisfying to share that bond with her. When our bodies join in intercourse, we are taken to another world. A world in which our souls mate together, and love is consummated as often as we please. I have never experienced that connection with any other woman, and having done it with my sister, I know there is no other woman I would ever want to even attempt that connection.

Pulling into the airport parking garage, Sarah waited patiently, her hands folder in her lap, as I made my way around to open her door. I took her hand, and admired every exposed part of her exquisite nakedness, and watched in awe as that gorgeous body turned to exit the car. I pulled the nude nymph to me, and kissed her, allowing my hand to slide down her bare back, and squeeze her delicate ass cheeks. I ran a finger up her crack, and quickly grazed her puckered hole. I released her, and closed the door, leaving her exposed to anyone who happened by. I opened the back door and set our suitcase out before retrieving her dress. I helped her into it, feeling a bit of disdain as her body was once again covered. If time had been on our side, I would have fucked her there in the parking garage. As the dress cascaded down to cover her luscious body, I noted how exposed she remained. Any movement at all exposed her perfect cleavage, so I resigned myself to that having to suffice until we arrived. If she bent, though, I could see down the top of her dress, so that was even better. Having spent the past several minutes feasting my eyes on the perfect naked female form had me at full mast, and rapidly expelling my lubricating cock fluid. The front of my shorts were soaked.

“Um…honey?” Sarah started. “Your shorts…and you’re hard as a rock! Do you want me to take care of that?”

“We don’t have time, baby, but yes, I do want you to take care of it.”

“What are you going to do?”

Thinking quickly, I opened the door and grabbed my iPad from the console.

“I can use this to hide my boner.”

“Ok, but what about TSA? You can’t carry it with you.”

“I…I don’t know.” I replied, completely at a loss, and wishing I had worn underwear.

“Here…” Sarah said. With that, she squatted down in front of me. She pulled my shorts down, and licked the copious amount of precum from them, then turned her attention to my penis. Still flowing, she took it into her mouth and sucked hard to clear me of anything I was retaining. She then used the hem of her dress to wipe brazzers porno my shorts as dry as she could. “Are you sure you can’t cum real quick?”

“Sweetheart, I could, but it wouldn’t help. I’m with you, and I’m always horny when I’m with you. If I look at you after I cum, I’ll just get hard again.”

She smiled at that. “Well, let’s just go see what we can do.” We took off to head inside, Sarah slightly ahead of me as I pulled our suitcase behind. Sure enough, watching her perfect ass leading the way, a breeze slightly lifting her dress, I felt myself start to pump out more moisture. With the silky texture of the material rubbing my precum all over the head of my cock as I walked, it became even stiffer, as I considered doing all sorts of naughty things to my sister’s body. Of course, this also made my predicament even more challenging.

We approached the luggage check desk, and Sarah turned to me. She noticed my predicament immediately, and let out a small laugh at it. Fortunately, there was a self-check kiosk, so no one would really notice. I got the check sticker and put it on our suitcase, then we proceeded to the desk. I sighed in relief as we would be able to stand so that no one could see my sticky penis pointing the way. Our bag checked, I now was forced into finding a solution to my problem. With my sister by my side, there was absolutely no way this erection was going to subside. Thinking quickly, I made my way to the men’s room. The airport was relatively empty at the time, so I stripped my shorts off, and soaked them in the sink. I wrung the water out as much as I could, and put them back on. Now, with them being wet everywhere, it would hopefully make my moisture problem.

My plan seemed to work. Sarah commented something about it working, all but the tent I was still wearing. We headed to the TSA line, and luckily breezed right through. The agent who checked our identification engaged us, though.

“Is this your beautiful wife, sir?”

I replied without hesitation, “No sir, she’s my beautiful sister,” and I wrapped my arm around her waist, indicating that we are a couple.

“Well you two have a good trip!”

I don’t think he caught on that we are indeed a couple, and he certainly didn’t have a clue that I regularly fuck her.

The agent at the body scanner was a bit different. She knew we were a couple, as we awaited our turn in conversation with each other, and stood touching as though we were such. She had asked everyone else if they had anything in their pockets, but when she came to me, it was more of a statement.

“Nothing in YOUR pockets,” she said, unable to take her eyes off of the protrusion at my crotch. As I passed by her, she quietly told me, “You better put that away before you board.”

Completely embarrassed, I joined Sarah, and we gathered our few things from the tray, and made our way to our departure gate.

“Fifteen minutes until boarding,” I told Sarah. “Come with me.”

I took her hand, and walked across the concourse hallway to the family restroom. I looked around for suspicious eyes before I quickly pulled her inside with me, and locked the door. I immediately pulled her to me, and kissed her, while pulling the straps of her dress down off of her shoulders. Her dress pooled at her feet, and she reached down to my tent pole. She immediately reached inside, and grasped my cock, and started stroking me, gathering precum for lubrication as she did. I pulled her closer to me, and I felt her free hand pulling my shorts down. She knew why we were here, and was accommodating in full. My shorts dropped, and I kicked them aside. Sarah started tugging at my shirt, so I broke our kiss long enough to pull it over my head, and discard it on the floor. I pulled Sarah to me, and embraces her in erotic kiss. My cock lodged between her slightly parted legs. My cock rubbed between the delicate swollen folds of her pussy lips, and I noted how wet she was. I ducked down to break contact with her lips, and so I could suck her tits. My penis stayed between her legs, but not touching her. As I had my hands on her breasts, loving on them, and working her into frantic breathing, I felt her pussy fluids drip onto my cock. Now, both of our sexes were dripping their slippery juices onto her dress below. This was going to be a wet and sloppy fuck, but I was determined to put my cock into my sister’s body before we left. I turned Sarah around, and rubbed my slimy cock between her cheeks.

“In my pussy. Please put it in my pussy. I want to feel you cum inside my pussy,” Sarah pleaded.

I pushed on her shoulders, and she put her hands on the sink. She arched her ass and spread her legs even further to give me better access. Knowing the clock was not our friend, I immediately pushed my full length up into her tight, steamy cunt, and started thrusting. I fucked my sister hard and deep, lifting her off of her feet with every thrust. I reached to grab her things, and lifted her completely off the floor. She dropped, and let her breasts press into the sink as she wrapped castingcouch-x porno her legs around me. She didn’t have a tight grip on me, so I held onto her creamy thighs, most of her weight being supported by my pistoning cock. I watched her face in the mirror, and listened to her moans. She was starting to get louder, so I caught her eye, and gave her a look that meant to quiet down. I know she was in bliss, but I didn’t want a commotion. Still hard and fast, I looked down as my sister’s tight, sweet ass facing up at me, and to my penis snaking in and out of her vagina. The site brought me close to cumming. Just then, Sarah did. Her legs took full hold of me, and she did a push up off of them sink. The mirror reflected her extended nipples pointing at it, and I couldn’t help but reach around to tweak one of them. When I pulled on it, she came. I stopped thrusting into her, and let her ride it out, feeling her quim spasm around my fully embedded cock. I pushed into her even deeper, feeling her inner body quivering around me, and I erupted. I basted her womb with my sperm, repeatedly firing shot after mind blowing shot of cum deep inside my sister.

I let Sarah’s legs down gently, as she was still rather out of composure. Now supporting herself, I kissed her shoulders and caressed her breasts lovingly as I slowly eased myself out of her steamy snatch. She continued to contract around me, milking every drop of cum I could give her. When my head popped free of her confinement, he pussy spilled a lot of my seed down her legs, much of it dripping onto her dress. We had made a complete mess of that dress.

Just then, we heard the announcement that our flight was now boarding. I got dressed, my cock only partly having subsided its erect state. Watching Sarah put her cum-stained dress on without a second thought brought me back to full hard. I almost came again when she got close to me and said, “I have my brother’s cum in my pussy.” She kissed me short and sweet, then pulled the door open for us to leave. No one was any the wiser that I have just fucked my sister in that restroom.

Being A-list Preferred, we boarded immediately. I like to sit towards the front of the plane, so it’s easier to deplane. We sat just three rows back, Sarah on the window, and me in the middle. As luck would have it, it was not a full flight, so many seats were open, which meant that we would have that row to ourselves. The half-hour or so before departure was uneventful. I rubbed Sarah’s thigh, and held her hand as we took off. Once we were at cruising height, I put the aisle seat’s tray table down, and set up my iPad to watch something on TV to kill time on the 4-1/2 hour flight. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to play with my sister’s body much, so it was something to pass the time while I dreamt of that. By now, my raging boner had finally subsided about half way, so I hung long and low, not quite hanging out of the leg of my shorts. With the aisle tray down, no one could see anyway.

“Would you like a drink sir?”

“Water for me, please. Sarah, anything for you?”

“Can I have a ginger ale?”

“Of course,” replied the attendant.

“Also,” Sarah said, stopping the flight attendant from moving on. “Can I lie down on his lap?”

“Yes, just as long as you can remain buckled,” she said before moving to the next row.

I scooted to the left towards the aisle to give Sarah more room to lie down. I was now seated basically between the aisle and center seats. I didn’t want Sarah to hit her head on the table. Sarah balled up, and curled her legs against the wall, and lay down in my lap. Her hand lazily rubbed my knee, and toyed with the bottom hem of my shorts. She knew how close she was to my cock, which was lying pressed against my leg. I looked over, and noticed that in her movement to get comfortable lying down, Sarah’s dress had slid up, exposing her pretty little ass. I reached over and touched her, and then pulled the dress down just enough to cover her. I knew her pussy was still exposed, but it was hidden by the wall so no one could see it.

Our drinks came, and Sarah raised up just long enough to take a sip of hers. She set it on the table beside mine, and lay back down. She was starting to doze, so I let her sleep. I know she was wishing she could have my penis in her mouth, as that had long ago become her favorite way of falling asleep. As she dozed, I felt her hand slowly snake up the leg of my shorts. Her fingertips grazed the tip, and I started to get hard. She kept just grazing the tip with her fingertips, toying with me, and coaxing some precum from me. No longer dozing, since my sudden release of slippery love fluids hit her fingers, she collected it and brought it to her lips. I watched as she rubbed the fluid across her lips before dipping her fingers into her mouth to suck the fluid off. She returned her hand to my shorts, this time fully grasping my now aching erection. Precum spilled out over her hand as she very slowly stroked my cock. I was becoming a soaking mess again. I could tell that clips4sale porno Sarah was getting drowsy again as her stroking slowed, then came to a stop. My throbbing erection was still enveloped firmly in her fist as she drifted to sleep. I almost came when she had one of those moments where you jerk awake just after falling asleep. She gave me a couple of quick pulls again, then drifted back to sleep, never letting go of her pacifier. It wasn’t long before I grew bored of the show I was watching, and sleep overtook me as well. I scooted down slightly, and let my body rest. I knew I was going to need to recharge, because my lovely sister was going to want to fuck frequently once we landed.

We made good time on the flight, arriving in four hours, instead of the additional half-hour that was expected. Half asleep, I heard the final descent announcement. I roused Sarah, and she sat up and we both straightened our clothes. I hadn’t gone completely flaccid, since her hand kept me in a decreased state of arousal, but I was in much better shape than before we boarded. Now, my half-limp dick would just swing a little more.

Upon landing, Sarah and I gather our things: cell phones, iPad, and such, and departed. We waited at the baggage claim, sitting on a bench, her head on my shoulder. To anyone passing by, we were clearly in love with each other. Finally, our bag arrived, and we headed to the rental car facility. I requested an SUV similar to my own. I like the comfort of familiarity, so I always request a vehicle similar to what I drive.

“I really like the Edge,” Sarah said, as we climbed aboard.

“I’ll buy you one when we get home.”

“Really? You’d do that for me?”

“Baby girl, there’s nothing I would not do for your,” I told her, bringing a tear to her eyes.

“You don’t have to do that,” she cried.

“I know I don’t have to, but I want to.”

“You’re too good to me. You know that, right?”

I took her hand as we drove away from the airport, and said, “I love you, precious Sarah.”

She pulled her feet up under her, exposing her cunt to me, placed her hand atop mine, and just watched through the windshield, raptured at the thought of me taking care of her. In her position, she was leaning heavily on the console, which again caused the left strap of her dress to fall down, and that amazing breast to become exposed again.

“I love you,” I told her again, and she leaned down and kissed the back of my hand.

“I love you, too, handsome prince.”

Sarah let herself remain exposed all the way to our condo. I left her in the car while I went in to check in and get our parking pass. When I came out, she waved at me, excited to be away with me, and looking forward to the events that would transpire over the coming days and weeks. When I got to the car, I noticed that her happiness was also because she was again naked.

“You silly girl,” I started. “What am I going to do with you?”

“But you said you love it when I’m naked in your car.”

“Baby, I’m messing with you. I do love it when you’re naked!”

“Then take me to our new home, and make love to me. Also,” she continued, “I wanted to get out of that dress. It was getting crusty. Someone came all over it a few hours ago.”

“Yea, well, with a pussy as sweet as yours, how could I not?”

I drove us the short distance to our condo. It was supposed to be a second floor unit, but they had rented it out, and instead gave us a first floor unit with a much larger floor plan. It was perfect. Laundry was in-house, a covered patio out back, complete with grille, furniture, the works. I had no doubt that I would be making love to my sister out there at some point, probably sooner than later. After parking out front, I did my usual, and walked around to let my sister out. I was no longer concerned at someone seeing her naked, and was proud to be with such an amazing woman. I didn’t care anymore who saw us together in that state of attire. I handed her the key, and watched as her naked body made its way to the door. I remained back, and gathered her discarded dress and our luggage. When I started towards the door, I saw her. She stood there in all of her naked glory with the door wide open, leaning against it, watching as I made my way towards her. She was happy to be naked, and I felt for a moment that we were headed towards a nudist lifestyle. A couple walked by and said hello to me, then glanced at our door and did a double-take. There stood my lovely naked sister. The couple exchanged pleasantries with her as well.

“Y’all moving in?”

Sarah replied, “yes, but we’ll only be here for a few weeks, probably. Maybe longer.”

“Well good to have you as neighbors. If y’all need anything, we’re right down here in 301.”

“Thank you,” Sarah replied. “We will keep that in mind.”

The young coupe waved, and were on their way. They appeared completely unfazed that they just conversed with a gorgeous naked angel that was my sister. I joined this captivating woman, and we went inside to explore our new domicile. I unpacked, hanging our clothes in the closet so they would remain decent for us to wear when we went out, and for me to look presentable when I went to my meetings. As I put things in the dresser drawers, I noted again that Sarah had not packed a single undergarment.

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