Sister and Brother

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Big Balls

I have always thought Robbie was a good looking, sexy guy. This might sound a bit strange coming from me, since I am his sister.

Since he is only three years older than I am, I was able to befriend his girlfriends. They would tell all about their sexual escapades. My pussy would get wet listening to the stories; I kept wishing it was me instead of them.

The first time we had sex was great. I was so horny I would have fucked the pizza guy. But Robbie stepped up to the plate and took me. As soon as he did I knew I wanted to belong to him. I even gave him my virgin ass. After sex I clean him off with my mouth. I like the taste of his cum mixed with my juices.

Since I belong to him I do whatever he tells me. One time some of his buddies came over for the game. He told me to get naked and serve them. He told them they could touch, lick, or suck whatever they wanted, but they had to stay clothed. They knew I was his sister so he never touched me. The others did though. They fingered my pussy, sucked on my nipples and when I bent over they licked my pussy and clit. By the time they left I was so wet and horny I couldn’t stand it. My brother was just as ready!

He came into the kitchen while I was washing the glasses. He came up from behind, put his arms around me and cupped my breasts. He started rolling my nipples between his fingers and kissing my neck. I reached behind me and pulled his shorts off; he wasn’t wearing any underwear so I just grabbed his cock. It was hard and there was some precum on the head.

He grabbed my wrists and pulled them behind me. Then he took me to tecavüz porno the table and pushed me down on my belly. I could feel his cock pushing at the entrance to my pussy. I started to push back because I couldn’t wait any longer. But he still had my hands behind my back, just like cuffs. Then he pulled me back a little and put the head of his cock in my wet hole. He pulled out then pushed in a little deeper. All of the sudden he pulled out then rammed his cock all the way in. The sudden feeling of fullness was incredible! He started pumping hard. He let my wrists go and grabbed my hips. With this leverage he could sink that cock all the way in to the base. I could feel his balls slap my clit every time he rammed forward. I reached down and fingered my clit. My orgasm started building. I could feel it start in my toes and work its way up. Robbie was pounding me so hard! I wasn’t moaning, I was screaming. I kept telling him to fuck me harder, over and over! I couldn’t get enough! When my orgasm finally came it was so powerful I almost passed out. I started shaking, I had to clamp my teeth shut or else I would have bitten my tongue!

When my orgasm came my brother couldn’t hold back. I could feel him stiffen and then he gave me one last thrust and held still. I could hear him gritting his teeth also. There was so much cum it started to run down my leg.

When he could catch his breath he backed off of me. I turned around and got on my knees and cleaned him off. As I said before, I like the taste of his cum mixed with my juices.

I like getting spanked. I had dropped hints, teen porno but Robbie never picked up on them. Then one day my chance came.

It seems a woman at work kept giving him a hard time all day. When he came home he started telling me about it. It was obvious he was in a bad mood. We were in the kitchen getting ready for dinner. I saw my opportunity to get him to do what I wanted for so long.

He was sitting down drinking a beer. I got a wooden spoon and gave it to him, pulled up my skirt, and lay across his lap. My ass was right there for him to spank. He had stopped talking and seemed kind of surprised. Then I felt his hand rubbing my ass. When the first swat came it was a surprise and it stung. I give a little yelp and jump. He just put his hand on the back of my neck and started swatting my ass with the spoon. I could feel my ass getting hotter and hotter. It must have been turning red from all the swats.

After about six smacks he stopped. I felt him put the spoon on my back and he started fingering my pussy and rubbing my stinging ass. After a little bit he stuck a finger and thumb in my dripping wet pussy, I thought I was going to cum right then. Then he started rubbing my clit. I couldn’t help myself; I felt a build up for my orgasm. He was never the type to tell me to hold myself back, so when it came, I let it. It started in the roots of my hair. Then my arms and fingers started tingling. Then I felt as if my pussy was on fire. With fingers stuffed as far up my pussy as they would go, and him rubbing my clit, wow! When I started to cum I started to gasp travesti porno for air. The gasps turned into teeth clenched screams. I shook all over for what seemed like ten minutes. By the time I was done I was as limp as a wet noodle.

As soon as I was done he picked up the spoon with his left hand. He still had his fingers shoved up my pussy. Then he started swatting me again. This time he also pushed my clit hard. I was going to pass out from the great feeling.

All of the sudden he stopped and pulled his fingers out. He told me to get up, and I did. He put me on my back on the table. I put my legs up around his shoulders. I was totally open for him. He could use my pussy or ass in this position.

He dropped his pants and underwear around his ankles. Then he moved up and impaled me with his cock. My ass was still stinging a little bit from the spanking, but that made it even better.

He started slow, and then he started shoving it in hard. When he did, he started saying, “you like this don’t you, you dirty bitch? Give me a hard time all day, I’ll show you what it’s like to get fucked by a real man.”

I realized he wasn’t talking to me, but the woman he had problems with. As he continued he got rougher and rougher. I thought he was going to tear my pussy in half he was pounding so hard. I really did like it though. I liked the talk and the rough pounding.

It didn’t take him long before his orgasm started building. I saw him screw up his face and clench his teeth. He was grunting every time he thrust into me. Then he stopped and stood there for a minute. He gave a little thrust and started to cum. He came so hard his legs almost gave out, good thing the chair was right there.

Now when he has a bad day he knows how to relieve the stress. Once in a while he will also just throw me across his knee for a good spanking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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