Sis was a Good Teacher

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now Sis and SIL need my help


Me (Jake) — making my way through life generally oblivious to what is happening around me, but very madly in love with

Rita — intelligent, beautiful and sensible; going through life with an oversized thingy

Mark — my best friend, blessed with an oversized thingy which tends to lead him into strange situations

Liza — my older sister who taught me many of life’s important lessons, but who seems to have missed out on one of life’s greatest pleasures

Gloria — Rita’s sister; dazzlingly beautiful, but clueless; could she really fuck that many boys in high school and college

Jim-Bob — Gloria’s late husband; did not have much of a thingy

Mom — champagne and vodka loosen her tongue and too much information flows forth

A bevy of Asian beauties — who, for reasons you will discover, must remain anonymous.

The 1960s

Although we were both twenty-three years old, Rita and I were virgins when we married in June, 1964 shortly after we graduated from the university. Rita was very outgoing, but she was “saving herself” for her husband. In high school, I was painfully shy and awkward around girls my age and rarely went out on dates; however, even from the day we first met, I was at ease around Rita. We nearly lost our virginity to each other several months before our wedding — on November 22, 1963.

Extremely upset at the events of the day, Rita signed out of her dormitory early in the afternoon saying she was going home. Instead, she came to my apartment crying over what was happening. I consoled Rita as best as I could — I too was upset over the events of the day. She continued sobbing, off and on for a few hours. I offered her wine, but she said she wanted something stronger. I “borrowed” a liter of tequila my roommate, Mark, had stashed away; and found some salt and limes. We did the entire bottle, one jigger at a time.

I suggested we lay on my bed — it was a single bed, barely enough room for the two of us. Over the past few weeks we made out in the bed several times, but never went all the way. However, tonight, presidential assassination or not, I wanted pussy. I suggested she take off her starched, ironed dress to keep from wrinkling it any further. She hung it in my closet and lay down beside me in her slip, panties and bra. I could clearly make out she was wearing a garter belt and stockings. We kissed with much passion which seemed to calm her. I asked if I could take my jeans off saying they were tight and restrictive. She agreed but looked away and did not see my hard dick making a tent in my boxer shorts. I lay beside her again, and we continued kissing. I put my hand on her tit — something she allowed previously, but this time I rubbed and squeezed. She responded positively, so I reached my hand under her bra and felt the hard nipple. I squeezed it between my fingers and asked her to loosen her bra. She sat up, reached behind her back and unsnapped the garment. I eased the slip straps off her shoulders and gazed at her beautiful titties. Her body could be described as slender; her titties were a little large for her frame but well-shaped. I hungerly kissed her and massaged each tit. I worked a nipple with my mouth massaging the other breast with my hand.

I moved my hand down her abdomen resting it on her crouch, although her slip and panties were still a barrier to the pussy I craved. She didn’t say anything, but she moved my hand back to one of her tits and we continued to kiss. My balls were hurting, so without a word I pulled my boxer shorts off and guided her hand to my throbbing dick. She took her hand off my tool and whispered, “No, we can’t; we may not be able to stop; I might get pregnant…”

I maneuvered her hand back to my cock and pleaded, “Please hold it… I’m hurting.”

She gripped it — after a fashion — using her four finger tips and her thumb tip. I put my hand over hers and forced her to grasp it. I then masturbated with my hand over hers. In only a few strokes I could feel the cum breaking out… I sped up the rhythm and she enthusiastically joined. I let go of her hand and she continued vigorously stroking my dick. My cum didn’t erupt in ropes but spurted all over — onto her, onto my bed and onto me. Only then did I notice her other hand passionately rubbing her pussy under her high-waist panties — she reached orgasm shortly after me. I tried to put my hand under her panties, but again she moved my hand away. We lay in each other’s arms gently kissing — both spent. We slept together in that small bed, waking the next morning each with a tequila hangover. We never again reached such levels of passion until our wedding night about six months later.


Our wedding was a “low key” affair — early Saturday afternoon ceremony at a small restaurant we frequented. Mark arranged a local judge to do the honors. Rita’s mother refused to attend since we weren’t being married ankara escort in the Church. We drove to a French Quarter hotel for our honeymoon checking in about six o’clock and going immediately to our room overlooking Bourbon Street.

Rita undressed slowly in front of me — not a strip-tease, but a slow, sensuous disrobing. Her body was as beautiful as I recalled from the previous November; titties well shaped although slightly pendulous and a hirsute pussy — black thick hair matching her head. She looked at me with those penetrating dark, brown eyes. I tore a couple of buttons off my shirt getting undressed — my dick was hard in anticipation of fucking that beautiful woman I loved so much; pre-cum was already oozing from the pee-hole.

We lay on the bed without pulling back the covers, kissing and rubbing each other. I could feel her pussy was moist and I entered her for the first time. I shot my load almost as soon as I penetrated that wonderful pussy.

“Honey, what happened?”

“I don’t know — I guess I was so horny for you I lost it. I might have had too much to drink after the wedding. Damn Mark and his martinis.”

She stroked my dick and I got hard again. I eased into her and we both lay still savoring the moment. I slowly moved my dick up and down in her wet fuck-hole a few times, but as soon as we both started rocking enthusiastically, I lost it again. We fucked twice more that night with the same result. We gave up about 1:00 am — I finger-fucked her while she masturbated. We tried again early the next morning. I rubbed and fingered her until she was moist, then I slowly moved my dick into her cunt. It was the same result: a couple of thrusts and I came. Like the night before, together we masturbated her to orgasm.

“Love, don’t worry about this. I studied premature ejaculation in my Human Sexuality course. It’s something we can work on. I’m satisfied with the orgasms I’m getting and we’ll take care of this little trouble.”


A few days after our wedding Rita earned admission to University of Texas Medical School. I qualified for the graduate program in Chemical Engineering at University of Texas. We moved into a nice apartment in Austin. Surprisingly, Mark, who planned to attend Tulane Law School, enrolled in the University of Texas Law School. I met Mark when we were fraternity brothers during our freshman year at LSU. Mark was tall and skinny with a very pronounced Adam’s apple. He had thin red hair and freckles. He looked like a tall Howdy Doody, but there was something about him that attracted the women. Maybe it was the fact that he was hung like a horse. He dated and fucked so many gorgeous sorority girls that he lost count. He dated Rita before I met her, but couldn’t get to first base. He once quipped, “I took her to a nice restaurant — I expect at least a hand-job when I spend that much money on a date but all I got was a good-night peck on the cheek.”

Before he went out with Rita, Mark dated Rita’s older sister, Gloria. Everyone describes Rita as beautiful, but Gloria’s beauty was several steps above. Rita was short, only about five feet two inches tall, and dark-complexioned, favoring her Cajun father. Gloria, on the other hand, was tall, about five feet nine inches tall, red-haired and well-proportioned getting her genes from her mother of Irish descent. She won third runner-up in the Miss Louisiana Pageant a few years previously.

Gloria was somewhat of a “tease” and had the reputation of being “easy”. She petted heavily with Mark; let him feel her breasts (over several layers of clothes and lingerie) and would rub his dick as it was tucked safely in his blue jeans. She would go no further so after nearly a month of exhaustive effort Mark gave up trying. Gloria was devastated Mark dumped her. Several months later she married Jim-Bob, a bachelor twenty years older than her who owned several car dealerships in south Louisiana. He built her a large mansion overlooking a bayou near Baton Rouge. They ran in all of the elite social circles in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, and she seemed content with her life.

Over the next few months Rita and I worked on my premature ejaculation problem. She consulted medical texts for remedies. We tried creams, lotions and condoms with some measure of success. Once when we had too much to drink, we confided in Mark. All he offered was to service Rita while I worked out my problem on my own. Mark was not pining for Rita, although I’m sure he would fuck her if given the chance.

Mark had an extensive collection of 16mm porn movies and showed them when we visited him. His projector was the type used by football coaches: the film could be watched in slow motion, stop action or backed up to replay sequences. One Saturday night at a small party, after all the guests were sufficiently inebriated, Mark played a film depicting cunnilingus and fellatio, and replayed some graphic scenes several times. Rita was fascinated with what she saw.

Walking back to our apartment, escort ankara Rita being very giddy, asked, “Why don’t you eat my pussy like that?”

“I rub my face in your pussy…”

“You don’t use your tongue and get after my labia or my clitoris like those actors on Mark’s film. I’m not being critical, but we have not been able to experience an orgasm from your dick…”

“Rita, I’m sorry about that, I’m getting better and …”

She put her arm around my waist and stood on tip-toes to kiss me softly, and said, “Honey, I’m not criticizing you — I enjoy orgasms from your stimulation and from my masturbation as we kiss and you squeeze my tits, but now, after seeing that movie, I want an orgasm from you eating my pussy.”

“Okay, I’m game, but you’re going to have to trim that wild undergrowth you’re cultivating down there. I don’t want to floss my teeth with your cunt hairs… and, you’re going to have to reciprocate. I want a blow job like that blonde in the movie gave — I want to come in your mouth.”

It was after two a.m. when we got home, and although we both knew we needed to study Sunday, we decided to trim our pubic hairs and try oral sex as we had seen in Mark’s film. We shed our clothes — Rita sat on the toilet while I got a comb and small scissors and started her “haircut”.

Just as I was making progress, she spoke, “I’ve got to pee…”

“Go ahead, don’t let me stop you.”

“I can’t pee with you standing over me…”

“Just try — I want to watch.”

After a few seconds I heard her piss hitting the water in the toilet. I moved my hand to her pussy and felt the urine stream with my fingers. I brought my hand to my lips and sucked my middle finger tasting her pee. It was somewhat salty and pungent, but I loved it. I let her suck her piss off my index finger. I asked, “have you ever tasted your own urine before?”

“Never. This is fun and sexy, but don’t think we’re going to get into some kind of urine fetish — that was strictly a one-time deal. Now give me the scissors and let me finish. Then I’ll start on you.”

As she trimmed away the thick cunt hairs, the bump I always felt on her pubic area when I rubbed her pussy became visible. I asked, “What is that?”

She replied, “Exactly how much do you really know about the female anatomy?”

“I know you have a pussy; and in the pussy there is the ‘fuck-hole’; and somewhere else there is a ‘pee-hole’; then there’s the taint and finally the ass-hole. How much more do I really need to know?”

She explained, “That is my clitoris, or ‘clit’… Mine is somewhat larger than that of most women…It is the reason I wouldn’t let you touch my pussy that night in your apartment. I was afraid you would get grossed out at it… Look carefully at it.”

“Nothing about you would ever gross me out…It looks like a miniature dick…Can I touch it?”

“Go ahead, but you’ve touched that area of my pubic region before.”

“Yes, but it was well hidden by your thick bush.”

I touched her erect clit with my right index finger and then squeezed it gently with my thumb and finger. She moaned softly. It became somewhat more erect. I asked, “Can I kiss it?”

“That’s exactly what I want you to do. Not only kiss it; suck it; work it with your tongue until you make me scream!”

She was still on the toilet and had not flushed her piss down, but the aroma aroused me. As I went down, I asked, “When do I get my turn?”

“Just eat pussy — I’ll get to you soon.”

I gently kissed her clit and she moaned. I sucked and tongued it. It was more erect than when I first saw it. I sucked harder and brought my tongue onto it. I moved off the clit to explore some of the other parts of the pussy that had become visible since her “haircut”. She moaned and writhed with passion. I returned my attention to the glistening clit; sucking on it while inserting one finger and then two into her ‘fuck-hole’. It was moist and her pussy area was emitting a distinct, but pleasing bouquet. I continued harder with both my mouth and fingers. She went into a sight spasm and squealed in ecstasy as the orgasm rolled through her body. She rolled off the toilet unto the bathroom floor and pulled my nape to her and kissed me — our tongues pushing back and forth.

“Fuck me Jake, fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

I slipped my throbbing dick into her wet pussy. I was sure I would have another pre-mature ejaculation, but we were both surprised when that did not happen. I worked my dick in and out of her several times pushing into her as far as I could. She continued with the moans, saying my name over and over; then she wrapped her legs around me and tried to pull me even further into her. We rolled over onto the bare bathroom floor and she took the superior position bouncing up and down and to and fro — her tittles swaying. I grabbed each tit and squeezed. She moved her hand down to her pubic area and rubbed. We broke it off briefly to move to the bedroom. She lay face-down ankara escort bayan on the bed and I entered her from behind doggy style — a position we once before tried, but my pre-ejaculation problem in the past caused us to give up on that method. I continued to fuck her hard — our bodies slapped together in a clapping noise. She panted, “I’m coming Jake…”

I replied, “Me too Rita…”

She squealed loudly as the orgasm took over her body; I gasped as I felt my orgasm and knew my cum was filling her cunt. She turned over and I lay down beside her. We were both spent and lay there breathing hard. She grasped my semi-hard cock and squeezed lightly.

I asked, “Are you going to do some trimming on my privates and suck my dick?”

She led me by my pecker back to the bathroom and sat me on the toilet. She got her comb and small scissors and went to work. She would move my dick from side to side to better trim the hard-to-get places. Backing away she admired her handiwork. She kissed the head and then put the tip of my dick in her mouth, working her tongue around giving me a sensational feeling. My cock was as hard as it had ever been — I was certain my normal five and seven-eighths inch erect shaft had stretched to at least six inches. I suggested she put more of my cock in her mouth.

She looked at me and said, “Okay Hotshot; are you a blow-job expert? How many blow-jobs have you ever had?”

“Counting this one … too many to count.”

“Yea I’m sure; I’ll bet I’m the first female with whom you ever French kissed.”

I thought for an instance about the only other girl with whom I had tongue kissed — my sister, two years my senior, but that thought quickly evaporated as Rita continued to stroke my dick.

Holding my balls, she took a good portion of my throbbing dick into her mouth and worked back and forth. I squeezed her tits as she continued sucking on my cock and then worked her rock-hard nipples between my thumb and forefinger. I warned her I was about to come and pleaded she swallow like the blonde in Mark’s porn flick. Without hesitation, she took my full load and kept my dick in her mouth until it went flaccid.

I awoke sometime around ten o’clock Sunday morning. Rita left about seven a.m. for clinical rounds with one of the doctor-instructors. I was experiencing a morning erection and my dick was somewhat tender to the touch when I tried to pee. Most of my piss made it into the toilet bowl, but there was a lot off-target which I cleaned up. I took a cup of coffee onto the apartment balcony and basked in the sunshine even though the temperature was chilly on this December morning. I knew I should get to the Chemical Engineering lab to start my experiment or else I would have to pull another all-nighter, but I needed some “me time”.

Thinking about the foreplay and sex with Rita last night caused my dick to tingle — I rubbed it through my pajama bottoms and relived in my mind much of last night. However, I could not keep my thoughts off my sister, Liza.

I was extremely shy but had been invited to a boy/girl party where there may be kissing games [“spin-the-bottle, or other such nonsense]. Liza and I had always been very close and she was very protective of me. I expressed to her my trepidation about the party saying I was afraid I could not kiss properly. She offered to teach me. We sat on the sofa and she gave me explicit lessons in kissing, including tongue-kissing techniques. I went to the party, but struck out with all the girls. When I returned home and told Liza of my disappointment, she sat me on the sofa and we smooched for at least an hour. I had a major erection, and my balls were in pain, but I could get no relief until I went to my room and wanked-off spraying jizz all over my bed.

Liza and I smooched often — at least once a week, and usually more frequently. Despite how horny I got from playing tongue-tag with my sister [and I’m sure it probably made her horny] we did not carry our activities any further. She occasionally let me rest a hand on her breast [protected from any “skin-to-skin” feel by her blouse, slip and bra] but never gave any signal she wanted to go further. On a few occasions she allowed me to lay atop her and “dry hump” and once I creamed my pants.

Liza went off to college five hundred miles away, but when she returned on holidays and breaks, we always found time and privacy to engage in our past-time. This pleasure continued right up to my wedding. The night before Rita and I were married Liza and I sneaked off for about ten minutes of smooching. At the receiving line after the wedding she managed to slip her tongue into my mouth during the congratulatory kiss.

The 1990s

After thirty-five years many things have changed, but much was the same. I no longer suffer from shyness. Rita and I are still in love, although I will confess, I have strayed a few times — spending many months at a time in Asia, primarily Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines I would often succumb to the beauty and charm of the Asian women. I’m certain Rita has engaged in a fling or two over the lonely months while I was away, but these subjects are not discussed. We maintain the fiction of complete fidelity to each other.

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