Sin City Sister

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I’m not really sure how to begin this. How does one begin explaining that they fucked their sister? Or that it was the hottest sex of their life? How do you explain that without people looking at you like you’re a sicko? Or looking at you like you watched too much Game of Thrones? Well I’m not sure how to really begin it so I’ll just plunge right in. Pardon the pun.

My name is Greg. My sister’s name is Kate. We were until recently, your typical brother-sister siblings. She’s one year younger than me, so you can imagine how much we get along. During childhood and especially our teenage years, getting along was virtually impossible. As much as we’d have our stupid sibling rivalry crap, we always loved each other. Protected each other. Warned each other when we might be dating someone that was a piece of shit (not that we took each other’s warnings all that seriously at the time) and our mother loved that we could fight all day after school and then sit down and be perfectly happy to each other. You can’t choose family. And family’s all you got so make it work somehow.

The thing is, as a man I knew Kate was hot but because she was my sister I never once thought of her in a sexual way. I would deck my idiot friends who suggested that I didn’t need a girlfriend because my sister and I would take care of each other. Same goes for Kate and her friends. Kate is a hottie, lean slim, perky hot tits, decent legs, natural blonde hair that just about all her friends were jealous of. I’m the same. Natural blonde, lean and strong. We both have blue eyes. Our parents had good genes. Neither Kate nor I wanted for male or female attention during high school. Most of my friends hit on her at some point. More than a few of her friends wanted my cock at some point. We never let it bug us. When she was sixteen I warned her which of my friends were trustworthy and which ones were players. She did the same for me, which ones were good girls and which ones were bitchy cunts. But never, not even during all the embarrassing teenage hormonal crap did I ever get hard for her.

So now we’re both early twenties. Our father died when we were kids, mom raised us alone. Maybe that was part of the reason we were able to forget our fights, no matter how nasty they were. Because we didn’t want to put mom through any more difficulty than she was facing. Raising two kids on her own, on a mere assistant’s salary, was no easy feat. But now we both had jobs and were able to help her. We both still lived at home. Moving out is fucking insanely expensive. And while my friends are good friends I have no intention of living with any of them. Same goes for Kate. So a few weeks ago our mom got a phone call from her sister, our Aunt Mable who told us she was getting married in Las Vegas. I rolled my eyes so hard they hurt and Kate was trying not to scoff. Aunt Mable has had 5 husbands in me and my sister’s lifetimes. So news of another wedding, in Las Vegas of all places, was ho-hum. But my mother promised we’d all go.

We pooled our money and got time off from our jobs. Booked some rooms and some cramped seats on a coach plane. We arrived in Sin City and made for our hotels. My mother had her own room. Me and my sister were splitting a two bedroom. Upon arriving I was the first one out of the car, snatching the room keys from the desk clerk then and bounding to my room, intending to snap up whichever bed was better. So when I opened the door and saw one bed I stopped dead.

Kate pushed past me and then she also stopped dead. “Why’s there only one bed?” she asked.

“We booked two right?” I asked aloud.

“We did!” Kate dropped her stuff and we both went down to the clerk, who informed us that we had indeed booked a two bedroom. But then he told us that that was for next month. We had gotten the date wrong! So naturally Kate and turned upon each other and snarled like angry wolverines for about ten minutes until the desk clerk told us he’d refund our money but we’d have to pay for the single bed. We went back upstairs unhappy. “So we’re sharing a bed,” sighed Kate.

“Yes,” I sighed as well, none to happy about it.

“You’ll make do,” said our mother before vanishing into her room.”

“Make do,” grumbled Kate as we went into ours. “With his snoring, how I am supposed to make do?”

“Oh please, go look in the mirror if you wanna talk snoring! You’re worse than me!”

“Am not!”

“‘Am not’?” I mocked her response. “What are you ten again?”

“Fuck realitykings porno you!”

“Now you sound sixteen! You’re getting there sis!”

And thus we insulted each other until our mother came over and told us that if our fighting caused us to get kicked out, she’d be staying with Aunt Mable and we’d be sleeping in the car. That quieted us down. We passed through the rest of the day in relative silence other than some occasional grumbling and snippets at each other. When night came, we played rock paper scissors to see who got to shower and use the bathroom first. I won, thank the Lord! Kate has been know to take nearly an hour in the shower and another hour on her hair! I was in and out, clean, teeth brushed and ready for bed in less than thirty minutes. As I predicted she took forever. Women taking forever to get ready for something is no secret but why they would spend so much time getting ready for BED is beyond me. I had flipped on the TV and was watching some late night show when she finally came out.

Her bed attire was a tank top and panties. Nothing special. Why would she wear anything special right? She got into bed on the right side. We’d played rock paper scissors for that too but I’d lost that one. I did get one good thing as she got into bed. As you’d expect she laid down on her side and before she pulled up the blanket I got a good view of her hot ass. Then I scolded myself for looking at my sister that way and returned my attention to the TV.

“Can you turn that off?” she moaned irritably.

“It helps me go to sleep.”

“There’s not going to be any easy going to sleep for either of us tonight,” she said shrewdly. “So please can you turn it off?”

She was asking somewhat nicely so I decided to be nice back and turn it off. She thanked me and got more comfortable on her side. With no TV on, I figured might as well try and we both clicked off our lights. As Kate predicted I could tell neither of us was going to get to sleep easily. We both snore, so a lack of snoring on either side was an indicator that neither of us was asleep.

The clocked ticked away. At 1AM I was still wide awake. She was too. Neither of us was used to sleeping with someone beside them. Never mind the awkward brother-sister sharing a bed feeling. I sighed laying on my back. I can’t sleep on anything other than my back. Kate moved, rolling over more. The blanket was a bit short for two people, slipped a bit off my feet. I hate having my feet uncovered, so I pulled it back more. It slipped off her a bit. She didn’t complain. I think she was semi-conscious. I decided to take advantage and pull it more to me, just to bug her. In doing so I pulled it off her panty-clad ass.

As the streetlight shined in from the windows through partially pulled curtains I looked again at Kate’s hot ass. She really did have a nice one. Dude! What the fuck? I scolded myself again. But this time the thoughts were not so easy to shake off. Before long it was more than her ass I was thinking about. Especially when she shifted to her back and her perky hot tits were easily visible through her tank top.

I was getting hard rather rapidly, constantly scolding myself, wondering what the fuck was wrong with me. But my cock would not go down nor could I stop looking. “Dammit why?” I whispered to myself. But nothing I did helped. “She’s out, so why not?” I reached down and gripped myself, stroking. She’d never know. Thank God, I’d never as long as lived hear the end of it if she woke up. My cock pulsed. Damn I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been this hard! She’d never once aroused me before, what was bringing this on? “Fuck it,” I whipped it out, stroking hard. Then before I could stop myself, my free hand reached out and pulled up her tank top showing me her hot tits. “Damn sis,” I whisper-moaned. I wasn’t a lover of megaton tits, so these round and perky hot beauties were awesome. I told myself I was going to just look, continually praying to God that she didn’t wake up, but before I knew it I was feeling them. I let go of my cock and cupped both her tits.

Kate moaned and I quickly withdrew my hands but she didn’t open her eyes. “I’m going to hell. But given what city I’m in, that’s nothing new,” I sighed and then quit scolding myself. I resumed feeling up my sister’s tits, squeezing them firmly. Her nipples were erect and I ran my fingers over then drawing more moans from her. I leaned in and stared sucking on them enjoyably. rip her up porno Swirling my tongue around each one making them glisten with saliva. I was fixated on that until a soft hand closed around my cock.

Kate was looking at me, eyes open. I pulled up but she shook her head. “Don’t stop,” she moaned. Her hand started working my rock hard cock and I threw away all other thoughts and leaned back down, sucking on her nipples more. Now that she was awake and not mad about it, I sucked harder. I nibbled on both firmly making her gasp. Her hand started working me faster in response to that. Since she was touching me, I slipped one of my hands down between her legs, under her panties to rub her pussy. “Oh fuck yes,” she moaned stroking ever harder. She was soaked and I rubbed her firmly. The heat from both of us was fogging the window. I’d never been this hot during sex before. I went up and kissed her mouth hard. Her mouth opened instantly and our tongues met. I pushed a finger inside her making her gasp through the kiss. Her hand pumped me like a machine. We made out hotly like horny teenagers, fondling each other with increasing speed until she broke the kiss. “Lay back.”

I did as she asked and laid back. She rolled over and went down without any hesitation. Her mouth closed around my cock and began working up and down. “Oh my God Kate it feels so good!” I moaned.

“Quiet! You do know mom’s in the next room right?”

I shut up and she went back to working me. Her blonde head was bobbing up and down on my cock. I ran my hands through her hair and kept my moans low. Kate knew what she was doing! Well what few friends of mine she’d fucked said that she was good. I never expected to find out! She licked me from root to head several times before plunging it back in her mouth, working it like a boss. Small grunts came from her as she took more and more. Pleasure was rolling up me and I slid my hands around to feel her tits and pinch one nipple. She went faster. I could take no more and I wanted to give it to her so without speaking I pulled her off my cock and laid her down. Crushing her in a hot kiss before sliding down her body and pulling off her panties. My sister had the hottest pussy I’d ever seen, pink, perfect, tight, clean shaven. Isn’t that a dirty thing to think? But at this point I didn’t care, I feel on her pussy like it was ice cream.

It tasted even better too. No foul odor. I rolled her clit with my tongue. Now she was the one trying to keep her moans down low so as not to wake our mother or anyone else. She squeezed her tits together as I tasted every inch of her wet pussy. Thrusting my tongue into her hole made her body jerk, and her lips tried to suck my tongue in. She was aching for it! I went back to her clit and worked it more. At one point her back came off the bed and that’s when I knew she was ready. I straightened up and pushed my cock inside my sister’s pussy.

In addition to being the best pussy I’d ever seen, or tasted for that matter, it was also the tightest. “Fuck Kate,” I groaned as I filled her up.

“Dammit why is my brother’s cock the best?” she moaned her voice a mix of desire and despair.

“Why is my sister’s pussy the best?” I moaned back in the same voice. She didn’t stop me and I don’t think either of us wanted to at that point. So I started thrusting. In as far as I could go, then almost completely out before diving back in again. Kate arched her body so she could watch.

“My God this is wrong,” she moaned as my cock continued to vanish inside her. I wholeheartedly agreed but I couldn’t speak because the pleasure was too intense so I just started going faster. Kate never said stop so I leaned down and kissed her hard again. I think that helped her lose the ‘this is wrong’ feeling and she started moaning more again. “Harder. If we’re gonna do this,” she panted. “Do it right.”

Those words inflamed me. I pulled out of her, pulled her to her knees kissing her almost roughly and groping her tits before bending her over. I shoved back inside her, fucking my sister doggy now. And going about it fast too. “That’s it!” she cried. I slipped a hand around to rub her clit furiously as I started drilling my sister’s pussy. Her moans were getting very loud so I pushed her head into a pillow, then went faster with both my thrusts and fingers. Her body began convulsing and I heard a muffled scream. I was making my sister cum. And she was a leak girl too, I pulled rus porno out of her and watched her juices roll down my cock and onto the bed. “Oh my God that was so fucking good,” I heard her moan in a heat filled voice.

I was not done. I laid her down on her side, just like she’d laid when she’d first got into bed, and then got behind her hitching up her legs and pushing back in. I spoon fucked her hard, turning her head to kiss her. She kissed me back then broke the kiss to moan in my face. “I know it’s wrong,” I panted to her. “But I can’t stop!”

“Don’t stop! Fuck me!”

I rammed her hard, her body swaying with each thrust. She pinched her own nipples then came at me again, kissing me hard, throwing her tongue into my mouth. We moaned into each other’s mouths. She reached down to rub her clit again as we fucked like rabbits. “Oh God!” she cried again. I kissed her hard and she half screamed into my mouth as she came again causing more cum to flow down my cock and stain the sheet. I paused in my thrusting and just made out with her.

It was so wrong but neither of us cared. “I wanna see you ride me sis,” I said.

“Oh you want to fuck me more?” She didn’t wait for an answer just pushed me back and straddled me sliding down. She bounced herself up and down on me like a fucking master. I reached up to grope her tits as the bounced and she went harder. I could feel I was going to cum and told her as much in a half moan. “Good, fill me up,” she moaned back. I could not believe it! I opened my mouth to say something but she covered my mouth with a hand and shook her head. “We’re already fucked up for doing this, might as well go all the way,” she said. I couldn’t disagree and not just because she was covering my mouth. All I could do was moan as the waves of pleasure rolled up my cock. It was coming. And it had been a while too so it was going to be big.

“Kate,” I moaned through her hand.

“What is it?” she moaned back, bouncing.

“I’m gonna cum!” I managed not to yell loud but I felt like a volcano erupting inside my sister’s pussy. She leaned her head back and half cried half moaned as I filled, spurting five times before running dry. She feel onto my body and I swept her up, kissing her hard. She returned it and eventually we just held each other.

“God Greg,” she finally said getting off me. Cum leaked out of her pussy which she caught and lapped up. “I’ve not had better.”

“Me either Kate.” She laid back. I laid beside her. Eventually the feeling of pleasure faded and was replaced by a combination of shock and guilt. “That was wrong on too many levels.”

“I agree,” said Kate. “But you know what they say about Vegas right?”

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. I know.”

“That’s what this is then,” she said looking into my eyes.

“I agree,” I nodded.

“Never again.”

“I agree.”

“No Vegas jokes.”

“I agree.”

“As far as anyone back home knows, we fought all night until we were exhausted and then passed out.”


“And somewhere along tomorrow’s travels I need to get the morning-after pill.”

“Yes you do,” I agreed. “But Kate, before this is over, can we make out some more?” I asked sounding pathetic to my ears.

“Are you a teenager?” she asked somewhat scathingly.

“I feel and probably sound like one. But this was the single most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced, morally wrong or not. I’d like one more moment before we both spend the rest of our lives pretending it never happened.”

“Aw you’re making my heart melt,” she said in a soft voice. Then Kate came back to me, I’d never had this before and by both of our agreements I never would again so I made out with my sister like she was the last woman on earth. Eventually she pushed off me and started collecting her clothes. I did the same. We fixed the bed and laid back down in the same positions we’d started in. But neither one of us had any trouble going to sleep after that. Our mom woke us up at past 10AM by yanking the covers off us. Thank God we got dressed before falling asleep!

Aunt Mable’s wedding was the usual fiasco. Half the guests didn’t show up. Kate did manage to slip away after the after party to find a drugstore. We got home three days later. And because we both agreed it would never happen again we never touched each other at all during the rest of that trip. By the grace of God the morning-after pill worked and a week after getting home Kate got her period, so we were in the clear!

It never happened again, ever. Other than sibling-like hugs, we never touched each other. But we both have the memory of it. I can’t speak for her but when I masturbate I think of that night in the hotel.

What happens in Vegas right?

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