Simon Says

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Aj Applegate

Adam worked during the summer and was able to live on his own and attend college. He still lived in his hometown and attended most family events. That Thanksgiving Adam’s mother asked if he minded Jenny crashing with him. Jenny was the same age but was attending college out of state.

They were always close as kids; very competitive. ‘Simon says’, always became a who couldn’t actually complete the task, as opposed to the standard play. When they started college, both would jab the other on who’s college was better at what. Adam agreed to the situation. Thinking there would probably be a drinking competition in his future and reminiscing. Little did he know.

Jen walked into his apartment and the view took him back. In the few years she was gone, Jen went from a bean pole tomboy to a smoking hottie. She was wearing a cute sundress complete with tan nylons and white Keds. Somewhere at college, Jennifer found a perk rack and round ass. Her sundress hung gorgeously off her plum behind.

“What’s wrong couz? Did I sit in something?”

“Sorry been so long since I have seen you. Just making sure it’s you.”

With a punch to the arm Adam felt his over staring was covered up.

“You ready for Thanksgiving Adam?”

“It’s the drinking holiday of the year and my fridge is stocked.”

“Hmm what you packing?”

“9 inches.”

“You perv, in the fridge?”

“Keystone lights.”

The afternoon ended in a game of beer pong. Both getting to a point of feeling good. Jen suggested they play their old favorite, ‘Simon Says’.

“I’ll win.”

Adam retorted.

“We shall see.”

Jen responded back.

“Rock, paper, scissors for who’s Simon.”

Shot back Adam. He was confident he would be Simon; he was good at getting into people’s heads.

1 2 3 shoot

Adam and Jen both shot scissors. Knowing Jen’s competitive state Adam shot paper, Jennifer picked rock.

“1-0 guess I’m on top.”

“I bet you wished.”

1 2 3 Shoot.

Adam chose scissors, Jen chose paper, hoping he would be aggressive and pick rock.

“Looks like I’m Simon. Same rules as before?”

Jen nodded.

“Yes. Nothing impossible. You go till you tap out or fail a task.”

“Sounds good. Simon says, do a hundred Jumping Jacks.”

“Really, you want to play hard?”

Jen was a very fit athletic built body type. Hundred jumping jacks, Adam would have to pick up his game to win this. Meanwhile Adam was enjoying the view of Jen’s dress bouncing up to the top of her thighs. Adam was torn this was his cousin. But she was hot. Would he regret not taking advantage of the situation? It wasn’t like this would go anywhere. Maybe he would push it as far as she would go. He could enjoy the visual ride as it went.

“Simon says take off your shoes.”

Jen bends over and starts untying her Keds.

“Need to come up with better things than this.”

“Maybe I think you will slip in your stocking covered feet.”

Really Adam wanted to see her beautiful feet clad in nylons.

“Simon says do a split.”

It had been a while since she had done a split. But she managed to get there. The whole time Adam was enjoying the view of her feet and legs.

“Simon says stand up.”

“Simon says turn around.”

“Simon says touch your toes.”

As Jen bent over to touch her toes her sun dress rode up. Now showing all her legs, Adam knew she was wearing sheer to the top pantyhose. He didn’t see the tail tell sign of the line that control tops showed. He wondered if he could get her to show more to prove his own point.

“Simon says twerk.”

“You little pervert. You want to see me shake it.”

“No. Simon knows you have no moves.”

With that verbal challenge Jen bends her knees and leans towards Adam, she arches her back and begins slowly making circles with her ass. As she does, she slowly moves to a sideview for Adam. Now showing him a full picture of her moves she starts bahçelievler escort popping the left and right cheek of her ass up. The sundress dancing around as she twerks, Adam gets a good peak at her hip seeing that he was right she was wearing sheer to the waist pantyhose. Adam’s cock started making a bulge in his pants. This didn’t go unnoticed. Much to Jen’s surprise Adam’s bulge was bigger than she ever would have guessed.

“Okay Okay you got some moves.”

“Simon says do a cartwheel.”

“I think someone is trying to sneak a peek.”

“I get it you can’t do anymore, that’s fine.”

“Trying to win by playing to my modesty?”

And with that hand after hand she was full swing in a cartwheel. Adam almost fell over. The sundress falls below her waist and Adam gets a fleeting glance of a bare shaved pussy pressed against the tan material of Jen’s pantyhose.

“I guess not. But we will see.”

“Just remember you can always back out.” Adam even added.

“We could call a truths right now, and get into a drinking game.”

“Nice try I thought you were better than that. Offer a truths, weak.”

“Simon says stand on your head.”

“I guess you’re really going to test my modesty.”

Jen walks over to the wall and knelt down. Thinking she could push her butt against the wall and stop her dress from falling to far down, she placed her elbows on the ground and starts walking her butt up against the wall. Kicking off, she rests her legs on the wall. The sundress bunched up on her midsection just above her tits. Adam was almost hoping to see her bra but settled with getting an un-interrupted view of her lips still pressed against the sheer fabric. Kicking back down she recovers from the stand.

“See you won’t win that easy.”

Well maybe she will back down from having to touch.

“Remember I gave you an out. At any time you can tap out.”

“Fat chance.”

Almost a pun looking at Adam’s bulge.

“Simon says give me a lap dance.”

“You will freak out before me.”

“Famous last words. Seems like you’re stalling.”

With that Jen plants her hand on his chest and walks him back into a chair. Sitting down, Adam throws a sexy song on his phone. Jen keeping her hand on his chest walks around to the back of the chair. Her arm wrapped around his chest she slowly runs the other hand over his neck down his chest and whispers in his ear.

“Can you handle this cousin.”

Her goal was to end this fast. Thinking if she got too sexy too fast, he would back out. She blows on the back of his ear and pulls away running her hands up his chest.

Jen walks out front stage, keeping her back to Adam. Slowly she bends at the waist, keeping her back straight. Grabbing her ankles she looks passed her legs and sees her moves are making him uncomfortable. Adam was lost in a trance. Jen starts slowly twerking. As she pops her ass up and down. she allows her dress to start riding up. Adam had front row seats to Jen’s pussy dancing back and forth under her ass. Jen little by little backs up until she is almost rubbing her ass against Adam. She sits down in his lap and starts grinding into him.

Her plan clearly wasn’t working. He had a raging hard on and he wasn’t backing down. In fact it was now backfiring. Feeling Adam’s massive dick under her and turning on all her sexiness, started getting her worked up.

Jen turns around and straddles Adam, now her grinding is rubbing her pussy underneath the nylons. She wraps her arms around his neck. Leans in and softly moans in his ear.

She gets up walks to the middle of the room crosses her arms.


“Last chance for a truths.”

“As if.”

“Simon says remove your dress.”

Reaching down, she grabs the hem of her dress and pulls upwards bringing it over her head and tosses it to Adam. Anticipating the next command Jen reaches back.

“Simon says remove balgat escort your bra.”

Before even finishing the sentence, Adam was getting hit by her bra. Standing in the middle of the room Jennifer was bare breasted and wearing only see through pantyhose. Jen pulled up the waistband passed her belly button, “now what?”

Adam responded back.

“Simon says reach down under your nylons and play with yourself.”

Jen, past the point of no return, dives down below her pantyhose and starts touching her lips. Worth the effort in Jen’s mind thinking that a win for her would be seeing Adam’s sledgehammer of a cock. Adam still not sure if she was committed to winning or just enjoying the attention.

“Simon says with your other hand unzip my pants and pull out my cock.”

Jen still rubbing her lips, reaches out and slowly starts pulling down Adam’s zipper. She looks up to Adam with an ‘are you sure about this’ look. He nods and she unbuttons his pants and pulls them down to reveal his cock.

She was taken back at its length, bigger than she had seen before. Jen now struggled with how far this will go. Worried about how far she would want it to go. How far will he push it? As she looked upon his member a desire to feel it inside her rose.

“Simon says grab my cock and play with it.”

With one hand Jen was now pushing her fingers into her pussy. With the other she starts rubbing Adam’s dick. With all the excitement Adam quickly released enough precum to let Jen’s hand slide easily up and down.

“Simon says talk dirty.”

“Mmm such a big cock. You getting hard over your cousin’s pussy? Mmm, you like the look of my pussy lips underneath my pantyhose.”

“Simon says grind your nylon covered pussy on my hard cock.”

Adam sits back in the chair. Jen straddles him placing her pussy lips over his dick. Sliding up and down. Adam could feel the wetness of her pussy soaked up in the nylons. She pulls up his shirt and presses her bare chest against his. Wraps her arms around his neck.

“Simon says kiss my neck.”

Jen starts lightly kissing Adam’s neck. Starting at the collar bone she worked her way up to mid neck and began to suck. Her evil little thought was seeing Adam explain that tomorrow at Thanksgiving dinner. Nibbling up to his ear she whispers, “Your cock feels so good against my pussy.”

And with that Jen pushed herself further down the rabbit hole. Wanting to feel her lips grinding against his cock without her nylons in the way, she reached down and ripped her pantyhose, releasing her pussy. Sitting back down on Adam’s lap she positioned her lips so they would straddle him letting her clit rub freely up and down his shaft. Jen not wanting to go further than she may regret started speeding up her grinding. Getting close to climaxing on her cousin’s dick she asks in his ear.

“Can I cum on Simon’s dick?”

The anticipation brought her to the edge as she fought back the oncoming climax, slowing down her grind so she wouldn’t lose, “Simon… says… suck my dick.”

Mid grind Jen stopped, got up and walked towards the bedroom door. Adam’s heart sunk, he thought he went too far. Jen got to the door turned around and bit her bottom lip at the same time curling her finger in a get over here motion, then disappeared into the room. As Adam gets to the door, he sees Jen laying on his bed facing him. Her knees bent and nylon covered feet up in the air above her butt. Adam walks in and places his 9-inch meat in front of her face. Jen grabbed his shaft and starts licking around his tip. Tasting his pre-cum and her juices as she licked up and down his cock. After wetting his cock with her tongue she plunged her mouth down and began bobbing up and down on his dick like a cock-sucking champion.

“Seems like my cousin is a little cock-slut. You like sucking cock?”


Muffled Jen, as she continues to suck his cock. Truly a master ankara escort at her craft, she deep throated his full 9inches. Adam lost in pleasure starts rocking into Jen as she deep throats his cock. Reaching behind her head as he begins to face fuck her. Adam looks down to see Jen starring into his eyes with lust and wanting. Right before the point of no return Adam pulls his dick from her mouth. Adam enjoys the view of his slobber covered dick slipping from her lips. The string of spit from his dick fell from his tip on to her chest.

“Simon says sit on the edge of the bed.”

Jen repositions herself on the edge of the bed straddling Adam. She purposely rubbed her nylon feet down Adam’s legs, while placing her dripping wet pussy right in front of his massive dick. Jen rubs her hand across her breasts, lubricating them with her spit, and taking hold of them, pinches her erect nipples between thumb and forefinger as she pulls up and out. With the same lustful wanting eyes, she looks up at Adam,

“Mmmm can I cum now Simon?”

“Simon says No.”

And with that Adam gets to his knees. Putting his hands on her knees he spreads her legs farther. He slowly rubs from her knees to her inner thigh. Taking the time to cool down also allowing himself the moment to enjoy the feel of her legs clad in nylons. His hands slide effortlessly over the silky material. Moving his hands higher he reaches the bottom of her pussy lips with his thumbs. They glisten with wetness. He runs his thumbs up both lips and back down again reaching her entrance he slowly pushes inward. Methodically he pushes deeper at the same time pressing outward to expose the canal that lies beneath her lips. Looking on he sees a well of juice. Pulling out he continues the process a few more times spreading Jen’s lips further each time. Moans being to escape her mouth. Confident he can in one push go balls deep he says.

“Simon Says get on your hands and knees.”

Knowing what was coming next Jen didn’t even hesitate. She longed now to be filled by Adam. She was burning with desire and waiting to be told cum. She backs up to Adam this time touching her pussy to his tip. Adam grabs his cock and plays with her lips with his head. He places just enough pressure to slip in the tip. Reaching up her back with his other hand he grabs her hair from the back and whispers “Simon says don’t fuck me.”

“Mmmmm. I need to cum.”

“If you want to win the game walk away.”

“Oh fuck but I want to feel it.”

“If you want to continue, tell me you’re a little slut who wants to be drilled by her cousin’s fat dick.”

“Fuck me Adam.”

“You want to be fucked then say it.”

“MHmm. Mmm. Adam I’m your little slut and I want your fat cock to drill your sweet little cousin’s pussy.”

And with that Adam pulled back on her hair as he pounded forward, filling her up with one push. His hips rammed her ass and she bounced forward screaming

“Fuck me. Fuck me.”

She pushes back on to his cock, wanting it harder and faster. They quickly get into a rhythm as they slam into each other with passion. Adam couldn’t bear it any longer. Her screaming ‘mmmm fuck me, mommy, oh fuck, oh fuck’, put him over the edge. As he pounds her deeply, he releases his seed, load after load he dumped deep inside her pussy. Jen feeling her pussy being filled with Adam’s sperm, cums all over his dick. Both a mess as they collapse on to the bed. Adam reaches for his phone on the side of the bed and records as he pulls out, seeing his cum drip from her ravaged cunt. Jen yells

“Hey send me that video, and take a picture of your dick for me too!”

Adam happy to please, does so. Cleaning up they poke fun at each other about twerking and Adam’s apparent stocking fetish, her deep throating skills…

They end the night cuddling on the couch while watching a standard cartoon about a pumpkin and a white dog.

Next morning Jennifer was gone. He noticed a text from her. Thanks for the pic, I sent it to a friend, they didn’t believe I had a big cock last night. The text had a screen shot of the message with the recipient’s name blurred out. The conversation included the video of the creampie as evidence and the recipient asking for more photos.

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