Siblingly Binding Ch. 05

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Two weeks had gone by, and Brooke and I hadn’t spoken, nor had I seen her as she was staying at friends’—or so I hoped. The thought that she might have spent her nights with her boyfriend was breaking my heart asunder. But she was right. I couldn’t give her a good reason not to give her cherry to her boyfriend. I was a hypocrite. I wanted her to save herself for me, yet I wasn’t willing to take her, either. I wasn’t ready to commit to her, to bind my life to hers.

My erectile problem was still present although my cock had shown some encouraging signs that it might snap out of it soon. I was able to get hard once or twice a week by myself, even if I needed to visualize my baby sister’s goddess of a body to achieve that; nevertheless, it was a step in the right direction.

I was hurting bad every day because of Brooke, because of Shannon, because of me… I was resolved to get over my sister as soon as possible and to start fucking whatever I could get my hands on—provided my cock played along. I had no shot of being happy in this life anyway. If I couldn’t be with my sister, there was no hope for any form of happiness. Certainly, my hope for happiness had already died if she gave her virginity to her boyfriend.


It was Friday night, and my friends—who had begun taking notice of my increasing depression—wanted me to go out with them to a bar we had visited once before, and since I hadn’t been outdoors since I was out with them last time, and since they didn’t leave me much choice in the matter, I was out on a bender with them. Upon sitting at the bar, one of my friends was quick to note that my sister was there, as well. I glanced at her table and saw that her precious boyfriend was there with her along with a large group of friends, Veronica included. My celebrative mood instantly took a nosedive.

Brooke looked stunning. Absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. Her cherry red lips were noticeable even from that far away, and so were her deep cleavage and lush body. She was a head-turner, and my friends were kind enough to continue reminding me of that. I tried persuading my posse to migrate to a different bar, but since I couldn’t give them a reasonable excuse as to why I wanted to leave, they refused. Brooke was aware of my presence from the second I’d gotten in, and her bitter scowls were as versatile as plentiful. I ignored her completely and engaged in a drinking stamina contest with my friends, who didn’t seem to care that I didn’t even say hello to her.

Sometime after my third pint, I received a text, “You look even worse than last time :(“

It was Veronica. I cut my eyes at their table and caught her smiling at me. Brooke looked away the second I met her eyes.

I texted, “What are you talking about? I was at the top of my game last time.”

She laughed as she texted, “You and your sister… wanna talk about it?”

I texted, “No. Not really. I doubt she’ll let you talk to me regardless.”

Veronica texted, “I don’t take orders from no one. I do what I want. Get me a beer.”

Once her beer was placed on the counter, Veronica joined me. “What’s shaking, homeboy?”

I cocked a brow, smiling. “Homeboy?”

“I got you to smile.”

I chuckled.

“And to laugh. That’s worth another beer.”

“Well-played. But maybe first start with this one?” I gestured at her beer and glanced at Brooke, who stared back at me quite despicably. “I think my sister is less than pleased to see you here. It’s best you get back to your table. I don’t want you two—”

“Josh, I know how to handle Brooke.” She sat next to me. “No need to worry.”

I shrugged my shoulders. “If you say so.”

One of my buddies joined us. “Oh… it’s you.”

He clearly remembered Veronica from the movies, when she’d pretty much ridiculed him.

“Yeah, it’s me.” She darted a hostile look at him. “Now go away.”

He gave her the evil eye and went to sit farther down the counter.

“You two really hit it off.” I laughed, and Veronica giggled along.

“So I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that you’re still in love with whomever that girl is and that it hasn’t gone well thus far.”

Brooke and I traded another bitter look.

I turned back to her as I swigged my beer. “Veronica, I think you’re psychic.”

“I’m not psychic, just observant. I’m really good at reading people. It’s like my gift.” She took a sip from her beer.

“Trust me, you are a girl of many gifts.”

“Too bad that some people can’t see that.”



“Then it’s their loss, because you can overflow Santa’s sack with your gifts.”

“Is that so?” She smiled. “Do tell.”

“I find it hard you need me to tell you about your gifts.”

“And still…” she started, patiently waiting.

“Alright. Let’s start with the obvious: you’re attractive, you’re—”

“Attractive?” she echoed, her brow arching at the insult. “Wow, you’re really not interested in me.”

“I wanted to go with hot, but I wasn’t sure if that’s cool.”

“Hot ankara escort works.” She giggled. “Still a long way to fill Santa’s sack. Carry on.”

“You’re smoking hot, you’re hilarious, you’re sharp, you care about people, you’re sensitive, you’re intelligent, you’re a good friend, and clearly, you’re quite observant, just to name a few, and I barely even know you.”

There was an awkward silence for a moment or two.

“Jeez…” she murmured, a bashful simper crossing her pretty mouth. “Apparently, I have more gifts than I thought.”

I finished my beer. “Yes, you do.”

“It’s weird, you know…” she mused a minute later and pensively sipped on her beer.

“What is?”

“You, me… this.”

A worried look furrowed my brow. “This?”

“Don’t freak out; I wasn’t implying anything. I’m just saying that… I normally don’t have such good conversations with guys, but with you it feels…”

She pulled her blond hair back as she nervously looked away.


She turned her head back to me, locking our eyes together. “… effortless.”

Another tense silence took over.

“Veronica, you’re ruining this. I don’t have female friends, and I’m enjoying your company, but—”

“My bad; won’t happen again.”

“Good girl.”

I got another beer, and we continued to drink, silently ruminating.

“Did you really mean what you said before?” she asked out of the blue after a minute or so. “What you said about me?”

“Every word. I don’t lie to my friends.”

“Just to your girlfriends.”

I slowly bobbed my head, staring blankly at my beer. “Sometimes.”

She emptied her beer in periodical sips, deep in thought. “Then how is it that you think so highly of me—I mean I understand you’re in a tight spot, but”—she shot me an unequivocal look—”there’s something here, Josh… isn’t there?”

I looked into her expressive blue eyes. “What happened to it won’t happen again?”

“Oops,” she said, though not seeming sorry at all.

I ordered a shot of whiskey and glanced at my sister, who again viciously glared back at me. My heart dispersed shocks of hurt throughout my body. “I think that… it’s time for you to get back to your table.”

“Wow,” she sighed, her tone hurtful. “You can be one serious dick when you want to.”

“Veronica, I don’t know what to say to you. You’re well aware of my predicament, and this talk isn’t doing any good to my fragile state of mind. Actually, it kinda makes me feel worse.”


“Because… trust me when I tell you this: If I’d met you six months ago, I would’ve been all over you. You wouldn’t even need to speak; I would be following you around like a puppy. You’re incredible, but I’m damaged, and you’re now making me feel even more damaged.”

“You’re not that damaged, Josh; not to me you’re not.”

I heaved a sigh. “Veronica, I’m begging you: run for your life.”

She nodded as she stood up and dashed away. She suddenly halted halfway to her table and strutted back to me with a look of resolution on her face. “You wanna know what I think, Josh? I think you’re scared. I think you don’t want to get hurt again, and you’re pushing away anyone who might hurt you in the future.”

I snorted. “Please, don’t act like you know me. What, we’ve talked a couple of times, and you’re already an expert at me? You couldn’t be more off. Just ask my sister.”

“And what would she tell me?”

I took a long draft from my beer. “That this is beyond your powers.”

“That’s what you think. A month from now, you’ll be so hung up on me, I’ll have to get a restraining order.”

I did the shot of cheap whiskey and shivered at the disgusting burn. “Veronica, you don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re playing with fire here.”

“The foundations are already here: we are attracted to one another, we have ridiculously great conversations, and we really like each other. All I need is just to get that girl out of your head long enough for me to squeeze in.”

“If it were that easy, my ex-girlfriend, who shared with me all of what you just said, would have long made it happened, and trust me, she gave it her all. You don’t stand a chance, so run along to my sister, calm her down before she kills me with her evil stares.”

“I’m not your ex-girlfriend.”

“No, you’re not, and I’m not downplaying your obvious qualities, but sadly, I’m right about this.”

“Then prove me wrong. I want you to prove me wrong.”

I looked at her in bafflement. “Are you fucking kidding me? Veronica, this isn’t a game! I will hurt you! I don’t want this on my conscience.”

“I thank you for your due diligence. I’m aware of the risks and absolve you from any future guilt or hurt you might cause me. Now when are we going out on our first date?”

“Jesus Christ,” I sighed, frustratingly shaking my head. “You’re way over your head here! Why don’t you go find yourself some other hobby? I’m not going to participate in this.”

“Because you’re scared.”

“What do I escort ankara have to be scared about?”

“That I’m right. That you might fall in love with me. That I’ll have total power over you. I know you felt it: at the movies, two weeks ago, now… there’s something here, Josh. I’m not imagining it.”

“You’re getting this all wrong. I’m not—”

“Ron, can I talk to my brother in private, please?” Brooke cut me in after she showed up out of nowhere.

“Sure.” The blonde grabbed her beer, and before returning to her table, she added, “Josh, we’re not done.”


“Stay away from her.”

I kept facing the bartenders and avoided eye contact. “Good to see you, too, Sis.”

“Spare me the pleasantries. I don’t want you to hurt her.”

“I don’t wanna hurt her, but she’s basically coercing me to take her out. Maybe you can knock some sense into her ’cause I sure hell couldn’t.”

“I’ll take care of it. You just keep your distance.”

“Done.” I raised my beer and resumed drinking. “You’re still here,” I stated half-minute later.

“This is your idea of being happy? Getting drunk? Are you feeling happy now? God, you’re pathetic…”

“Brooke, get lost.”

“You’re such a sad, sad person…”

I turned my head to meet her eyes. “Why don’t you get back to your boyfriend there and leave me alone. Veronica was right: you do look good together.” I gave her my back.

“That’s not the only thing we’re good together at.”

Her wicked uttering pierced through my heart like a poisonous arrow. My blood pressure instantly sored as my body began flaming internally. I wanted to die, but I wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction of seeing how badly she was hurting me.

I kept my back to her. “Yeah, I bet he’s having the time of his life with that slutty mouth of yours.”

“You’ve seen my bag of tricks. What do you think?”

“I think you’re a fucking whore. I bet you swallow every day.”

“Try twice a day… though I’ll admit that his cum his disgusting, nowhere near as tasty as yours. But what can you do? It’s not like he gives me much choice, and you know how I aim to please.”

I did another whiskey shot to try to quiet my loose nerves. “Oh, we know… we know.”

“He filled me up so many times that I can smell his cum in my breath sometimes. It’s really nasty. I’m fucking sweating his jizz at the gym. He’s probably drained fifty gallons of his revolting cum down my throat so far, but I can’t say anything. He’s my man.”

I turned to look at her for the first time since she’d started perforating my heart. “You’re such a dirty fucking slut.”

“You don’t even know the half of it.” She mashed her thighs together, as if she had been holding in her pee. “God, my pussy’s sore…”

She was skinning my heart alive. I started trembling out of ache and rage. The thought she had given him her virginity was, literally, killing me. I wanted to murder her on the spot, yet I did my best to disguise it.

I looked away. “So, how was your… first time? Was it everything you hoped for?”


I gulped, clinging to composure for dear life. “I’m… happy for you. When was the… the special occasion?”

“Actually, it was the night after you gave up on me. It was very special though. He lit up candles and put on some music… and then he rammed his giant cock into me while I was screaming from the unbearable pain.”

I was seriously beginning to lose it. Every word she uttered was like a spear thrust into my chest, skewering my already bleeding heart. I accidentally shed a tear, but I wiped it off tactfully, so she might not have noticed.

“Josh, are you okay? You don’t look like you’re feeling well,” she said as demonically as possible.

“You’re such a fucking whore.”

“Why? Because I let my boyfriend pop my cherry? It was amazing, Josh, though I was so embarrassed since I bled so much. I kept bleeding for hours, but he didn’t mind. He just kept fucking me all night long. I begged him to stop. I told him it hurt too much, but he didn’t care. God, he was horny… he didn’t stop even when I cried.”

“Get the fuck away from me.”

“Why? Does it hurt?”

“Don’t flatter yourself. Your filthy mouth can’t hurt me. You’re scaring the girls away.”

“It’s been almost two weeks since he cracked me open, and I still cry sometimes from the pain. Is it normal, Josh? I don’t think it’s normal… he already told me he was going to fuck me hard tonight, and I have to admit: he scares me. I just hope he won’t get too rough with me, like last night when he got carried away, and he tried fucking me up the ass without lube even. Thank god he’s too big,” she sighed in relief. “It bought me some time.”

I looked at her fleetingly, genuinely pondering whether I should punch her in the face. I couldn’t control myself anymore, and if I stayed a second longer, I would either kill her, me, or the both of us. I got up, put my jacket on, and walked out. Veronica was walking my way, but luckily, my whore of a sister ankara escort bayan stopped her before she could reach me. I took a cab home and drank until I passed out in my bed.


The next few days, I kept myself as occupied as possible with my trading and staying over at friends’. I couldn’t face Brooke. I was so hurt that I couldn’t even bring myself to look at her. I couldn’t believe she had given her virginity to her boyfriend, and I was even more shocked by how vicious she was about it, fully knowing she was cutting at my chest.

I toyed a couple of times with the idea of getting back together with Shannon since my cock was now producing more boners by the day, but I couldn’t go through with it since I knew I couldn’t give her, emotionally, what she so deserved. She meant too much to me. I then thought about Veronica. I knew I had promised Brooke to stay away from her, but she was able to make me laugh, and that was a hell of a lot more than what my friends could do for me. I needed someone to help me forget my sister, and I was desperate.

“I can’t believe it,” Veronica answered her phone.

“Believe it.”

“Are you sure you didn’t misdial? Because I’m not cool if you hang up.”

I chuckled.

“So, what can I do for you, Josh? Aside from making you laugh.”

“I don’t know. What can you do for me?”

“Less than you might think.”


“Your sister has forbidden me from having any romantic contact with you affective four days ago, when you stormed out without even saying goodbye.”

“I thought you don’t take orders from no one.”

“I don’t, but I don’t wanna lose one of my best friends; especially, when her damaged brother has shown so little interest in me.”

“Then how about a non-romantic contact? Did she say anything about that?”

“Actually… no, she didn’t.”

“Is that something you might be interested in?”

“I might… but if we’re going to be friends, it might be best to keep it from her. I don’t want her to give me another ultimatum.”

“That’s doable.”

“Good. Now, when do I get to see you?”

I chuckled. “A little eager there, aren’t we, friend?”

“What can I say? I really like my new friend.”

“Well, tonight there’s—”

“Great. Pick me up at 8?”

“You don’t even know what I was going to say.”

“You had me at tonight.”

We laughed.

“Wear something pretty,” I said.

“Don’t I always?”

“Text me your address. See you at 8.”


I returned home later that day to get ready and to take my mother’s car. I entered the house and saw Brooke sitting in the living room with my dad and her boyfriend.

“I thought to report you to missing persons by now,” my dad said. “Where have you been?”

I walked to the stairs. “At a friend’s.”

“Have you met your sister’s boyfriend?”

Both Brooke and Mark kept quiet. Mark was obviously aware we weren’t speaking.

“Yes, I have, and though I’d love to stay and chat, I have a date to get ready for.”

As I was scrubbing in the shower, I heard the bathroom door squeaks open, and someone no doubt entered. I quickly worked out that only my sister would do such a thing as my parents would always knock. I ignored her presence, even though I couldn’t be sure it was her since I couldn’t see through the shower curtain. After a couple of minutes, I decided to say something since my mystery guest remained in complete stillness.

“What do you want?”

“To brush my teeth,” my sister replied.

“You’re unbelievable… get out.”


“God, you’re so juvenile.”

She opened the curtain.

“Brooke, what the fuck?!”

She glimpsed at my cock before she stared into my eyes.

“There’s something seriously wrong with you, Brooke.”

“No one is more qualified than you to know—since you’re the one who’s fucked me over and ruined my life.”

“Yeah? Was it also me who told you to spread your legs and let your boyfriend’s giant cock pop your cherry?”

“You gave up on me.”

“Don’t you fucking dare! I didn’t give up on you!”

“Then what were you doing? You sure hell didn’t fight for me!”

“I was… you know what? Why don’t you take your sore pussy back downstairs? I have a date, and I’m going to be late.”

“I don’t know what you’re so excited about. Your squishy dick doesn’t even work. Only I can make you hard, you fucking pervert.”

“Wrong, my slutty sister. My dick has now resumed working, and although I can’t claim it to be fully operational, I’m slowly getting there. I don’t need your skanky mouth anymore. I can get it nice and hard by myself; that said, I do thank you for your whorish services. You’ve been of great help. My future girlfriends will forever be in your debt.”

I gloated inwardly when I noticed that I finally succeeded in piercing through her armor as she was clearly starting to get rattled.

“You’re bluffing.”

“Am I? This is not poker, Brooke. I never bluff when cunts are involved… speaking of cunts, get the fuck downstairs. Give your boyfriend a good blowjob before you go out. That’s all you’re good for anyway… you disgust me.”

“I wish you die, Josh. For what you did to me… you should die.”

“Whatever, whore.”

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