Shy wife becomes a hotwife

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Shy wife becomes a hotwife
Two years ago I approached my wife about the possibility of a threesome with another man or me watching her with another guy.

It completely threw her at the time and she wasn’t very happy with me. She had an awful lot of questions and a lot of soil searching to do. We had been married 12 years at the time and we married when she was 18 and I was 20.

During our entire marriage I had never even seen her so much as look at another man such was her mongamous attitude and she absolutely adores me as I do her. Not only this but she has little to no confidence and doesn’t particularly like herself due to past history as a k**, so she has ignored previous advances by men.

Over the past two years she has spent time, let’s say, interrogating me asking me lots of questions why I want it, don’t I love her, is it because I secretly wanted another woman? Etc and I had to explain to her that I most definitely did not want another woman. My wife is literally my everything – she is the most incredible woman I have ever met and the sex is mind blowing. Her oral sex skills are simply phenomenonal. I love her that deeply that I just don’t feel that it’s fair for me to keep her all to myself like she is my property or something.

Anyway, after doing lots of research and reading and watching videos etc I had kind of putting it on the back burner and stopped asking her about it because she didn’t feel comfortable. Then about 3 months ago during sex she told me she was ready to fulfill my fantasy but she couldn’t just sleep with anyone and she wanted someone long-term such as a boyfriend. Which I’m totally fine with and completely secure about.

We didn’t sign up to any dating apps until we got back from holiday about 8 weeks ago and then decided we would set up a profile. She literally got hundreds and hundreds of likes and she asked me to speak to the guys as her if I wanted this because she wasn’t doing all the leg work. Once I had found someone decent I was to give him her number canlı bahis siteleri for WhatsApp messaging. Well after speaking to probably a hundred men and working out who would fit and dealing with some right weirdos, I finally found an Italian chef not far from us.

He was making her laugh over message and within four days of talking he asked her for a date. Saturday they went out into the country side to a pub we really like. I asked her if she was going to do anything with him and she insisted she wouldn’t. So, he came and picked her up and drove her there and apparently he did not stop talking and she felt a really strong connection with him immediately. He treated her like an absolute princess.

After four hours of her being out, I get a message (I’m not allowed to message or call first, I’m not allowed to interrupt) asking me where she can go for a walk with him somewhere secluded. I knew instantly what was coming but I needed confirmation – I just needed to see the words for myself – so I asked, “Are you going to suck his dick?” She messages me back after I waited eagerly for a few minutes ‘Probably’ then another message – ‘get me the postcode for the common’ (a huge wooded area near to the pub but she couldn’t remember the way) within a minute another message with little patience ‘please’ so I send her the screenshot of the postcode.

I then hear nothing back from her for an hour and then she messages me saying ‘oh my days’

My cock is rock hard with excitement and I was desperate to talk to her but I knew the rules, so I didn’t.

Then she messages to say she’s 10 minutes from home. He drops her off down the street so neighbours can’t see but neither can I! She comes in with her hair all out at the back and all flushed and sweaty, and with the biggest grin she sits down and tells me to come to her. I come to her and she slips her tongue in and rolls it all around my mouth and then she pushes me back on the sofa and proceeds to tell me that on the drive to the common perabet giriş Luca was getting extemely excited and told her how a walk in the woods usually means sex and that he was extremely horny. So my wife massaged his cock through his jeans and she was shocked by how thick it was. She was dying to suck it there and then but she waited because she didn’t want to risk an accident.

Apparently they then walked to the common but struggled to find somewhere secluded enough because of the amount of dog walkers and that she nearly fell down a badger hole in her high heeled boots.

After 10 minutes of searching she looked at him, they locked eyes and kissed, he slipped his two fingers under her jeans and panties and into her and she was wet immediately. She doesn’t usually get wet easy and it takes her a little time so I was very surprised when she told me this. He then withdrew his fingers and put them in his mouth sucking her off his fingers.

She told me she slowly crouched down which is difficult to do in her boots and unbuckled him slowly. She pulled out his cock and he was actually a little smaller than me but much thicker and she couldn’t believe how thick it was, she could hardly get her hand around it. She put him in her mouth and my wife gives incredible deep throat but she gagged and she was shocked. (my wife can deep throat a banana with ease) he had been in her mouth less than 30 seconds when a dog comes running into them and sniffing around them. They realise there is a family walking towards them, so he quickly pulls his trousers up and they laugh and walk off and find somewhere else. She finds somewhere more private and goes back to sucking his dick. She is uncomfortable so she works his cock hard and fast pumping it with her hand and mouth and she told me she gagged on it 5 times until she got used to how thick he is. He get demanding she slow down, she ignored him and sucked his head really hard and his legs were shaking and buckling. Within three minutes perabet güvenilir mi he was ready to cum and asked to cum in her mouth but she refused because she doesn’t like to do it. She stood up and pumped his load out of him and all over the wild ferns. She then told me she went back to his cock and continued to rub his cum into his cock and then sucked him clean. He screamed and told her to stop because he couldn’t handle it.

My wife then told me her mascara had run all down her face from the gagging. They cleaned themselves up and realised they were lost, so they stopped a passerby who was walking her dog and asked for directions. The woman looked at my wife’s hair and mascara and smirked, she knew exactly what they had been doing! She told them where the car park was and eventually they found it and she came home.

Luca messaged her as soon he got back home to Birmingham about 30 minutes away and didn’t stop messaging her the rest of the evening and into the small hours. He asked for my number and told me how amazing my wife is and he’s so excited to see her again and actually get to fuck her. He asked if he could come over Tuesday to fuck her in our bed and said he wants to see her regularly and as much as he can.

A day later he’s messaging as soon as he wakes up telling her he’s missing her and he can’t stop wanking after their date and he’s desperate to see her again.

They now have booked in Tuesday for him to come around here whilst I’m also at home so they can go fuck for hours in our bed whilst I have to sit down stairs and listen. I can not begin to tell you all how excited I am that my dream is coming true.

Luca is so damn excited too and wants to do videos for me and he said in the future he wants to do a video call when she’s ready and that he wants to see her exclusively. They have now both came off Tinder and deleted it from their phones. He is now as hooked on my wife as I am!

My wife says if I’m good I can watch them on the smart camera in our bedroom and she will point it at the bed.

I can’t believe my wife shy wife with no confidence has gone from 0-100 in three months and now is embracing the lifestyle emphatically and she actually excited by the whole prospect and now understands why I wanted this lifestyle for her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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