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In the Big Apple, New York City, where just about anything and everything goes from the upper-crust wealthy who have their inner city castle-apartments in the East End and those overlooking Central Park to the bohemian lifestyle in Greenwich Village between Bleecker and West 3rd Streets, and, of course, Times Square, there is in the Village the Club Sappho. It is a private nightclub catering to the lesbian community to which one must be a member in order to enjoy what they offer to the Sapphic community. However, there are nights once a month when all women are welcome whether gay or straight, bi-sexual or bi-curious.

Club Sappho, owned and operated by Deirdre O’Reilly, is a night club where lesbians can go and feel comfortable with the surroundings, where they are accepted, and where they can enjoy the nightlife as well as the intimacy and ambiance of friends and lovers.

One of the highlights of Club Sappho is its stage show every Friday night, a stage show filled with eroticism and sensuality, a show for women performed by women. The regulars have a name for it. They call it a “Sarx Show,” “sarx” being the spelling of the Greek word for “flesh.” This is appropriate since the name of the club honors Sappho, the progenitor of Sapphic love.

The interior of the club is quite plush. The walls are covered with drapes of different colors, and along the top where the wall and ceiling meet are fixtures that cast subdued lighting that is picked up by the drapes which radiates it throughout the large room, including the long bar that is the color of ebony. This light is reflected back by large mirrors behind the bar. In the center of the large mirrors is an engraved etching of two women lying together and making love. They are holding one another in a sweet embrace, sharing a warm, intimate kiss. Above the etching in soft, green lights is a neon sign that reads “O’Reilly’s,” and below it in soft, red lights is written in neon lights “Club Sappho.”

To make the place as comfortable and amenable as possible two rows of booths of alternating red and black leather run along the sides and back walls, the top row being three steps higher than the floor level ones near the stage so everyone has a good seat to watch the performance.

There is a large square stage on which the performances are given. It is carpeted in red with black markings running sporadically through it, and in the center of the stage is a thick mattress covered in blue leather. The floor around the stage and the booths is also carpeted, but it is black with red markings running through it. The two carpets are reverse images of one another, but both are red and black.

Inside and to the left of the entrance doors of the club is a small dance floor that couples use before the show begins, and beyond the dance floor is a hallway to the restrooms. One restroom is marked “Lesbians” and the other restroom is marked “Straight.” Deirdre thought it was a cute idea, and it did give any woman who was straight and who was a guest of a member or who came on “Open Night” when all women were invited a ladies room of their own.

As usual on this particular Friday night the place was packed, but, again, Deirdre had made it so no one felt cramped or crowded. The women had their favorite drinks while they waited for the show to begin, filling in the time with casual girl talk. Some danced. Others were there to see if they could find someone with whom to hook up for the evening, and then in the dim light there were some who let their hands roam over their dates or steady lovers. Of course, there were those who found one to their liking and chose to be together that night whether just for the show or both the show and after. Woman’s choice.

There was the usual murmur this night throughout the club when Deirdre went on stage.

“Ladies. Ladies!” she called out to get the crowd’s attention in her somewhat deep, throaty voice. “Ladies, it’s time for our show to begin, so stop the talking, and if you wish, get in your order for drinks before the performance begins. You know there will be no serving during the performance. There also will be no talking, but certain soft sounds are permissible,” Deidre said coyly.

A nervous twitter went throughout the room after they heard this last comment Deirdre made.

Once all the orders for drinks were filled and it became quiet once more, Deirdre looked at the crowd, seeing mostly members, but there were a few unfamiliar faces, so she said, “It’s good to see so many of our regulars here this evening, but I do see some new faces, too. So, whether you are a guest of a member or one who came in this Open Night when all women are welcome, “Welcome to O’Reily’s Club Sappho. I’m sure you will enjoy the show. So, ‘Let the show begin.'”

Deirdre left the stage and took her regular seat near it. Once she was settled, the house lights dimmed even more than they had been, and the stage lights came on, illuminating it in sharp, contrasting light.

There antalya escort was a hushed silence-of-expectation, a silence that was almost palpable in the large room. Even the collective breathing was heard.

A red door opened in the back on the left side, and a beautiful young woman in a long white, flowing gown that went up around her neck and had long sleeves down to her wrists was ushered in by six equally beautiful women dressed in long, black flowing gowns that scooped around their necks. Each dress had long sleeves, too, but all had a hood on it that flowed down the back, lying in folds around the shoulders and back.

The young maiden in white had medium length, wavy, strawberry blonde hair that fluffed about her ears from which one could see post pearl earrings. She had a soft, smooth complexion with luscious red lips that were glossed that made them look full and sensual; eyebrows and eyelashes that were much darker than her hair; and very dark green eyes.

As for the six young women who ushered this young maiden into the room, all had different features that made them beautiful to see. Red or reddish auburn was the predominant hair color, but there were two who had dark hair, one whose hair had curly ringlets flowing from the sides of her head past her ears. One of the redheads had very long hair, another had long hair parted down the middle that flowed over her shoulders and down her back, and another’s hair was quite short and frizzy.

As they entered the room, there was a young woman on each side of the beautiful, young maiden in white. They were holding her by her hands and had their hands on her upper arms. Two women in the black gowns walked behind her and two of the redheads, the one with long, flowing hair and the other with short, frizzy hair walked in front of her. The six women in the black, hooded gowns made the young maiden in white stand out in stark relief.

The six brought the young maiden in white forward towards the stage and stopped when they were in line with the middle of it. Once there, the six slowly removed the maiden’s white gown, sliding it from her shoulders and down her slender arms. They then brought it down to her middle where the gown had stretch, elastic folds sown into the material at the waist. Once they had the gown gathered in her middle, they slid it over her slender but well-curved hips and down her legs until they had it at her feet. The two women in front had knelt down, gathering the dress as they went until they had the young woman step out of the dress, and then they tossed it to the side so it was out of their way.

Now the beautiful, young maiden stood completely naked in front of the captivated audience.

She had small, pert breasts that were crowned with pink areolas and nipples. Her waist was slim as were her hips even though they were rounded and well formed, and her hips flowed into ample thighs and slender calves.

Of course, her most outstanding feature lay between her legs in the “V” of her womanhood. Her mons was covered with long, curly, reddish pubic hair, and it was difficult not to be captivated by this vision of loveliness.

When her dress was removed and she stood before the audience completely naked, there were many sighs and softly uttered moans heard throughout the audience. Most, if not all, wished they were the fortunate ones who were up there with the maiden.

The six in black didn’t remove their gowns in order to keep the stark contrast between them and the naked young maiden.

Their still being dressed in their flowing gowns with hoods, however, did not stop them from making love with her. The maiden was like a sex toy to them, allowing them to do whatever they wanted with her and to her.

With the young maiden standing in place, the six began to make love to her with their hands, their various ring-covered fingers, their tongues, their lips, and their mouths. These combined parts of their bodies were moving all over the maiden, never resting except in one place. The woman in black with the long, red hair had knelt between the maiden’s legs that were now spread enough for her to be able to get her face into the maiden’s hairy pussy.

Here she gave her full attention to licking and sucking the maiden’s clit and the flesh around it. She then was replaced in turn by the other five in turn so each one of the women in black worshipped at the gates of Nirvana of the maiden’s womanhood, smelling her aromatic musk and tasting her fleshy clit and the upper part of her pussy inside their mouths and on their searching tongues.

Once having had a chance to eat her pussy while she was standing, they escorted the maiden up onto the stage; walked her over to the blue, leather mattress; and gently laid her down in the middle of it.

Once the maiden was in place, the six women in black surrounded her lovely, fresh body, each finding a place to put her lovemaking skills to work.

The first one between the alanya escort maiden’s legs was the redhead with short, frizzy, red hair. The color of her hair and the color of the maiden’s pussy hair were about the same, so much so that when she had her face buried into the maiden’s pussy, the two melded together as if one.

While she was performing cunnilingus on the maiden, two of the women were fondling and sucking her breasts, causing her pink nipples to stand and become hard and erect. Their oral attention to her nipples also brought goose flesh to form around her areolas, and when each sucked off her nipples, they made a slurping, popping sound with their mouths.

The remaining three women in black used their hands to caress the maiden’s body wherever they would, and sometimes each took turns kissing her lips; licking her lips with their tongues; darting their tongues inside her open mouth; and enjoying a passionate and sensual kiss, the kind only one woman can give to another woman.

They also kissed and sucked on the side of her neck or licked inside her ears and sucked on her earlobes.

As the women had done when the maiden was standing, they exchanged positions and what they were doing with her and for her. It was an orgy consisting of six women making love to one woman who was the center of attention in this act of lovemaking. It seemed as if not an inch of the maiden’s body was missed by their lingual and digital attention.

Of course, the six women in black knew what the maiden who had been in white was experiencing since each one of them had been in her place at one time or another. Each of them had their night of initiation into this select group when six other women in black made love to her, but now this night belonged to the newest maiden. This was her first night. This was a night she would long remember and never forget, a night that would be repeated when she would be one of the women in black who would get to help initiate a new novice.

Not surprisingly, all this attention caused the maiden to writhe with erotic sensations throughout her body, erotic sensations that sent ripples and waves of sensual pleasure in non-stop excitation. There was so much attention to her erogenous zones she barely was able to keep her body under control since she was feeling these pleasures from her toes to her head, but mostly in her breasts and pussy that was now so very wet with her pussy cream that had been building and seeping out from her vagina for sometime since the six women worked on her.

While this erotic display was being enacted upon the stage, the arousal effect on the audience was discernible by the audible, rapid, deep breathing and soft moans, groans, and sighs one heard throughout the room. Of course, the sexual excitement of the performance was such it had patrons kissing and caressing one another or playing with their own pussies.

By now some couples had articles of clothing off and were engaged in their own lovemaking in the booths. There was sucking of hardened nipples; touching, rubbing, fingering of clits; insertion of fingers into vaginal sheaths to explore the sensitive areas and to collect pussy cream so it might be enjoyed in the licking and tasting of it; and there were even those who had gone down on their partners to eat their pussies and make them cum. Most took turns kneeling on the carpeted floor with their heads between their lover’s legs and eating each other out, and then reversing the position.

There was much interaction among the patrons who exchanged their time between watching the performance on stage among the maiden and the six women in black gowns and in the audience who were involved in all manner of sexual endearments, from kissing to eating pussy. There was so much sexual energy in the room and so many women giving off their individual womanly musk and pheromones the room was permeated with erotic, sensual fragrances of lovemaking.

Back on stage the six women continued their combined, wanton acts of love on the young maiden whose body was now covered in a combination of her sweat and the saliva of the women from their having fondled and licked her body all over. The beads of sweat caught the stage lights and glistened like early morning dew on leaves of grass. Each woman worked her way between the maiden’s splayed legs to get at her very wet pussy and aroused, hard clit that had been out of its hood so they had been able to suck on it with vigor, shaking their heads back and forth to add to the sensations to the maiden’s enlivened pussy with erotically transferred lingual, artistic acts of cunnilingus. Adding to their mouth-worship of her hairy pussy, they fingered her pussy in every manner possible, from sliding fingers between her puffy pussy lips to inserting them far into her vagina where they circled her vaginal sheath and thrust in and out, making sure to rub against her expanding G-Spot to stimulate the formation of liquid ejaculate. belek escort And in doing so, all heard the squishing sounds of a very stimulated and overly wet pussy.

As the six women continued their combined loving of the maiden, they had her into a spread eagle position with her arms outstretched from her sides onto which they held while massaging her breasts and sucking her turgid nipples.

The maiden laid her head against the back of the blue mattress where her red hair lay against her sweaty forehead and around her ears. She had her eyes closed from the sheer excitement and sexual arousal that had been going through her tender body for some time now, and she felt the stirring of her orgasm welling up from deep inside her, beginning with the very thought of it and sensing it within her abdomen that contracted in and out with her short gasps for air as her breathing became faster and deeper as her state of arousal increased in intensity which, for some reason, she hadn’t emitted audible moans or sighs even though she felt them within her.

Each of these sensations she kept bottled up inside her and silently spoke them by body movements: Her writhing from side to side on her ass cheeks; the pulling of her arms as they were held by the women, but not to get away, but as a means of having other supports from which she could strain against her rising orgasmic sensations; the small lifting of her thighs as she responded to the tongue and mouth working on her clit and surrounding pussy flesh that was covered with cream; the tossing of her head from side to side as she reacted to the overall stimulating attention her body had been and was being given by the six, lovely women in black.

This is the way the performance went that evening There was so much sex in the room it could be cut with a knife. It definitely could be smelled. And it could be felt.

Deirdre herself was not unaware or unmoved by the performance on stage. In her private chair, she had unbuttoned her jeans and unzipped them. She then slid them and her thong panties down past her knees so she could get her hand between her legs and reach her soaked pussy with her fingers. Once there she worked her hand and fingers all over and through her pussy hair, inserting her fingers into her vaginal sheath to collect her own pussy cream so she could suck it off her fingers. She also paid attention to her over-stimulated clit that was close to giving her what she had been working towards, her orgasm, rolling it around with her index finger.

However, she wanted to hold off on her orgasm until it coincided with the orgasm of the woman on stage, and she could only imagine how hot and bothered the six women in black had to be while sexually satisfying the needs of the single young woman. But that is the way the show went, and she knew after the show, the other six women would take care of one another behind the red door.

She also was aware of all the sexual activity behind her as she heard the sighs, the moans, the groans of desire and then the sporadic muffled cries of someone cumming. It was, indeed, something to hear, and she often felt quite satisfied with herself she had come up with the idea of opening a private club that catered to the lesbian community and gave them a place where they could come and enjoy themselves in a number of ways, including the special performances every Friday night.

Deirdre’s attention was drawn back to the stage when she heard a low, slow, moan coming from within the group of woman, and she knew, of course, it had to be the maiden who was nearing her orgasm.

Now, for the first time that evening, the young maiden, spoke, “Oh, my, yesssssssssss. Oh, ladies. Your mouths and hands are driving me crazy with wanton desire, and my over-stimulated body is so close to orgasm. I don’t know which of you is eating my pussy now, but whoever it is, oh, please, suck my clit really hard and make me cum.”

The woman with long red hair answered the maiden’s plea by grabbing onto her thighs near her ass cheeks and pulling them forward as she buried her face into the maiden’s furry pussy. She opened here moist, salivating mouth and repositioned it around the maiden’s vibrating clit, the tip of which was sensitive now to the touch, and pushed her face into the maiden’s reddish bush covered with long pubic hair. She then moved her head very rapidly from side to side and while doing so moaned herself from being excited by giving sexual release to her and knowing her mouth would be filled with pussy cream.

“Ohhhhhhhhowwwwwww, myyyyyyyyyessssssss. That’s it. That’s ittttttttttt! Ooooooooooyeahhhhhh!” the maiden cried out the beginning of her climax.

“Ngggggg. Oh, Ngggg. I’m…I’m…goinggggg to cummmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Yessssssssssssssssss!”

With renewed effort the woman with long red hair sucked the maiden’s clit up into her working mouth and really sucked on it and the sensitive flesh around it. She even pulled it into her mouth with the suction created by it, and that sent the maiden over the edge.

“Oh, damn! Here it cummmmssssss!” she wailed as she rocked her head from side to side in her throes of sexual ecstasy and lifted her hips and pushed her pubic mound into the woman’s face as much as she could.

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